The four of them were sitting in the cafeteria once again. It had been about six months since the last game of Dares, and today was their wedding day. They were calm and collected, while everyone else in the Order ran around getting things together.

Komui, after being convinced that his sister was absoluetely going to marry Lavi, decided that he would make this the best wedding ever, albeit grudgingly. Once it had been decided that it was a joint wedding, it got a bit harder. He had ordered everyone to take a break from work and help put together the wedding. So basically, the rest of the Order at Central was working on the wedding, while the four of them relaxed and only intervened at certain parts.

Because they had nothing to do though, they were bored. The reception would take place later in the day, and they didn't have to start getting ready until noon. Each of them had finished breakfast an hour ago, and were now pouting slightly at the boredom, except for Kanda who was pissed off by the situation.

"How about we play a round of Dares?" Lavi suggested.

They all stared at him, then broke out into smiles of varying sizes. Lenalee kissed his cheek, which made him smile. "Great idea. A round of dares would be great right about now," she said.

"Restate the rules, Allen." Lavi said with a grin.

"You must do the dare that's given to you, whether you like it or not. Anything fatal or physically harmful isn't allowed. You can't dare your fiance. I'm bringing one back from the first game too, whoever had the worst dare gets to dare the other three once more."

"Can we start now?" Kanda asked boredly.

"Sure, Yuu," Lavi piped up.

"Don't call me that you damn rabbit! Only Moyashi can call me that..."

They all shut up and thought, really hard, to make the best dares to make their wedding day even more exciting.


"Okay, do we all have one?" Lenalee asked. The guys nodded, and she smiled. "I'll go first then. Kanda, I dare you to call Allen, Allen, at the ceremony."

Kanda huffed, "Fine. Usagi, I dare you to wear rabbit ears to the ceremony."

Lavi laughed, "Sure! Allen, you have to wear a wedding dress instead of a tux."

Lenalee burst out laughing and Kanda chuckled while Allen blushed a deep shade of red. "Then Lenalee has to wear a tux."

Lenalee scowled, she really liked her dress, but she knew there was no way out of it. "Fine. Lets go see Johnny so we can get them."

They all stood. Allen held onto Kanda's arm and Lavi put his arm around Lenalee's shoulders as they walked to the Research Department. It had been changed into a wedding planner's office over the past few months. Johnny looked up from the dress that had been meant for Lenalee, he had been working on it still, adding last minute touch ups.

"Hello, what can I do for you guys."

Lenalee sighed, "We've decided something rather strange. I want to wear a tux to the wedding, instead of this goregous dress, and Allen wants to wear a dress instead of the great tux."

Johnny stared at them, then looked down and sighed. "How about I let out your old dress so Allen can fit in it, and take in Allen's old suit so you can fit. I can still make you both look wonderful."

"Thanks Johnny, I know it's really late and you worked so hard." Allen said, truly sorry.

Johnny looked up and smiled, "I can't seem to work hard unless there's a deadline anyway. I've had worse changes when I worked at my family's shop. I'll work hard."

The four of them left the Research Department and went to Lavi's room. They helped rummage through the junk to find what Lavi was looking for. He told them that he was looking for a large red trunk, and that he hadn't seen it for a while.

After about four hours of searching, and Kanda's obvious disgruntled attitude about helping Lavi, they found the trunk. Lavi unlocked it and flung it open. It was full of colorful, strange, and abstract clothing. He threw out clown outfits, animal paws, a belly dancer costume, several police badges, a shirt that looked like a traffic cone, a cheese hat, and a pair of shoes that looked like they belonged to an elf.

"What is all this stuff?" Allen asked.

"The Old Man had this stuff forever, no idea what for. I'd play with it when I was way little though." He chuckled reminiscently and held up the item he'd been looking for. "Aha! I knew they'd be here!" He was holding a pair of fluffy white bunny ears rather triumphantly.

"Bookman is kinda..." Lenalee said as she shivered from the strangeness.

"Creepy," Allen finished for her.

"He sure is, but he helped us. I didn't have to load more work onto Johnny, asking him to make a pair of ears."

"Whatever, it's almost time to start getting ready." Kanda said.

Each of the couples kissed goodbye and went to change. Lavi stayed in his room, since he already had his tux, and Kanda went to his, since he also had his. Allen and Lenalee went to the Research department and saw Johnny.

He was asleep next to a slightly largened dress and a slightly shrunken tux. They shook him awake, and he smiled widely at them, "They're done! You can put them on now."

The two of them went into seperate rooms and dressed, walking out so that Johnny could put on some finishing touches. Even if they were each cross-dressing, they truly did look good. Johnny fixed a few things, added a few, and helped Lenalee pick out a necklace, earings, and hair piece from the ones that her brother had suggested. Allen was looking rather distressed in the mirror, upset that he had to cross-dress.

Lenalee came up behind him in the mirror and smiled. She was wearing a pitch black suit, a light pink silk tie, a white silk dress shirt, a pair white high heels, a diamond necklace, a pair of dangly diamond earrings, and a pink flower was tucked behind her ear, sticking out against her short hair.

"You look good, Allen-kun," She said.

"I look like a guy in a dress, Lenalee," He sighed and pulled at the fabric.

He wore a white strapless dress that came down like a ball gown, pearls fell in waves around it. It really did look good on him, and Johnny was quite proud of the way it had worked out. It was simply Allen's body type, he was slender and slim, almost girlish in the way he was small.

"You look good Allen, really good," Johnny said from behind them.

The ceremony was rather funny, to say the least. Lavi was his usual peppy self, looking pretty normal with the bunny ears, although every time someone saw him for the first time, they cracked up. Lenalee looked beautiful, albeit the suit, and no one commented on it, although her brother was a bit upset that she had switched outfits with Allen. Allen had been laughed at for a while, but Kanda scared everyone into stopping. When Kanda was stating his vows and said "Arren", Allen blushed and glowed as he smiled, it obviously made his day.

For the reception, Allen and Lenalee changed, while Kanda and Lavi took off their ties and undid the top buttons of their shirts. Lenalee came back in a short, flowy, baby blue, halter topped dress. Allen changed into a suit, no tie and the top buttons undone. The couples hugged each other tightly when they met up again, giving their respective spouses deep kisses. They smiled at each other and partied for a while.

"Oh! We forgot to find out who had the worst dare!" Allen said, suddenly remembering the game.

"You're right! How are we gonna do that?" Lavi asked, since he hadn't participated in the first game.

Lenalee turned and called out across to the tables, "Johnny-kun! Can you come here?"

Johnny walked over smiling, "What do you need?"

"Who acted the weirdest today, Johnny?" Allen asked, Kanda's arm draped around his shoulders.

Johnny thought about it for a moment, "Allen, you did. You wore a wedding dress, I think that speaks for itself."

Allen smiled and nodded, "Thank you." Johnny nodded, then left as he was called away to dance.

"Okay Moyashi, what are our dares?" Kanda asked, his breath on Allen's neck.

Allen smiled devilishly, "These are just gonna be rather stupid, okay? Lavi, go tell Komui 'Go fuck yourself, sister complex'."

Lavi sighed and walked over to Komui, and when his new brother-in-law said hello, he replied, "Go fuck yourself, sister complex," then walked back. Komui was stricken, then angry. He had to be held back by several Order members.

"Lenalee, only say moo for the rest of the party."

"Moo," Lenalee responded, then pointed at Kanda. "Moo moo moo moo moo moo moo?"

"Kanda's dare is..." Allen suddenly stood up and pulled Kanda up with him. He led the Asian man out of the reception and all the way back up to Kanda's room, which he had forced himself to memorize the way to.

They weren't seen for the rest of the night...or late into the next day for that matter.

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