I'm sorry this is so short, but it is about the beginning of the Prince of Egypt where the mother, in desperation, throws her child to the advances of the river. At the thought that she felt better giving him to the unknown rather than giving him to the people that want to kill him is mindboggling, but it just goes to show that desperate people do desperate things.

She would rather watch her son die by the stream, then by the hand of evil. That is a horrid choice to make and I'm sure one that nobody would want to have to choose for themself.

She was young and she was bold, but that daring spirit was slipping away as she neared her destination.

The river. It was proud and lengthy and she honestly didn't know where it would go. Where it would take her most precious child, she had not a clue, but there was nothing else she could do.

At first, she had wanted to take the child's life by her own hand and not give those evil enough the chance. But she couldn't bring herself to do it. She could never kill the one she loved more than anything, much less hurt him. So, here was her last option.

Her heart jumped in to her throat at the sight of the water, gleaming in the distance, and she had to keep reminding herself that this was the only way. If she didn't let go of her child in this stream, then she would ultimately end up handing him over to the people that would willingly destroy his life.

This was his only chance.

She clutched him close to her body and cried while whispering a sweet melody in to his ear. Then, she laid him in a wicker basket and let him fall asleep to the sound of her voice. Praying to God her son would remember who that song belonged to, she walked him out and let him drift slowly from her shaking fingertips.

And she watched him float away, carried and rocked by the sway of the waves. She swallowed her sadness with every tear that strung down her cheek. There was nothing in her heart left to give.

There was no love left for God, who she had faithfully prayed to everyday. She was only a simple slave, rung out by life and left to dry in the unforgiving sun.

She didn't understand, but who was she to question the actions of fate. It had already been decided and she had already let him be taken away by the gentle flow of the stream... there was no turning back.

Sorry, it was so short. After seeing a mother take a chance that great, I couldn't just turn away from writing about it. Thank you for reading.