Ignosca illatinismum meum. Habeo unus latinum annum. Puto fabulam meam est insulsam. Ignosca! Opto exercere.

Linus ambulavit. Lucia apparuit! Lucia oppugnavit Linum et amovit vestem.

"Opto dos panes et fructos," Lucia dixit.

Linus terruit. Linus ambula domui. Linus creavit coenam. Coenam habeavit dos panes et fructos. Linus dedit coenam Luciam.

"Spero dabis vestem meem," Linus dixit.

"Dabo vestem," Lucia respondit.

English Note: It's annoying that the Latin word for "blanket" mainly means "clothing".

That was probably terrible Latin. I just want to practice Latin however I can, and this seemed like a fun way...anyway, if you know any Latin, PLEASE critique me! Don't critique the story (I already know it's terribly boring), just critique the Latin...that's the entire point of writing this.

I could've written that note in Latin, but I was lazy. :P