Author's Note: If you want a timeframe for this then I'd probably say... early 80's?

Wesker cocked his head to the side, as though the sight he was seeing could be better interpreted at 45 degrees, "What on earth is that?"

Birkin flicked a cursory glance in Wesker's direction, holding a palm in the black-clad scientist's direction, "Okay, sweetie, love you too. See you tonight, bye." Conversation complete, he lowered the subject of Wesker's musings and smiled, "It's a cell phone! Pretty nifty, huh Al?"

Shades were lowered slightly to evaluate the foreign object as he leaned forward. Evaluation complete, he glanced up at Will, "Did they not have one in your size?"

"Oh, ha ha ha." Will muttered sarcastically, "Why aren't I surprised that you're so technologically deficient once more?" He hefted the black plastic object in his hand whilst gazing at it admiringly, "This baby means I can talk to Annette even when I'm on the move."

Wesker shook his head disbelievingly and waved for his partner to follow him. As the pair walked, the tall blond saw fit to reply, "A communications relay would do the same." He examined the heavy cell phone in his friend's hand, "And I daresay it would be smaller."

Birkin huffed indignantly as he followed his lab partner to their workspace, "Men of limited vision always tend to ridicule things that are new and frightening to them. You said the same about my walkman." Will tapped his chest pocket as he spoke the final word of his diatribe.

A sigh issued from Wesker's lips, "The only way that thing would frighten me is if you dropped it on my toe... and I stand by what I said about the walkman, what kind of ludicrous culture needs incessant access to music?"

Birkin's eyes gleamed as he formed a response, "The culture of the future Al! Look at this amazing stuff! We're living the dream of all those sci-fi nerds in the 40's and 50's, computers that are smaller than a house, communication on the go! The way things are going, maybe one day I'll get a cell phone that..."

"...Is smaller than your head?" Wesker interrupted with the faintest hint of a smirk.

"No!" Will snapped, he paused momentarily, "Well yes, that too but also one that has a processor inside and can connect to the internet." Wesker scoffed, "Yeah, that's right, I know the internet is going to be huge too, and it's already building up a head of steam, Al!" Once more, the brunette's eyes grew distant, "Think about it, a worldwide network of information and data; an endless stream of knowledge accessible to all."

Wesker turned to face his friend as they continued on the long walk to their laboratory, arching a sceptical eyebrow, "You're assuming that the population of this world wants to learn and better themselves. I daresay it will be used to look at pictures of cats and nude women."

Birkin snorted with laughter before realising the counter-argument he had evoked from the blond, "Bullshit. You're such a pessimist Al." He scrabbled around for a further point, stopping a redheaded scientist as she walked in the opposite direction, "Caitlin, what do you think about the internet?"

The Irish female didn't skip a beat, speaking over her shoulder as she walked away, clearly in a hurry, "Reckon there's gonna be an awful lot of porn on it when it gets commercialised."

Will could feel rather than see his comrade's triumphant smirk as he watched Caitlin walk away, "Shut up, Al."

Wesker took on a tone of mock offence, "I believe I kept my mouth firmly closed."

Birkin turned to face the smug bane of his existence, confirming that Wesker's smirk was firmly in place and beyond triumphant in the process, "Yeah... well keep it that way." Will stroked the light stubble on his chin, "I still can't believe that you're such a technophobe, Alby. I mean, I know you're not as bright as me but you're still pretty smart."

Wesker rolled his eyes at the backhanded compliment and the use of his most hated of all nicknames, "Technology serves a useful purpose, to compliment the achievements of mankind. Man was incapable of doing thousands of calculations at once so he invented the computer." He glanced at both the large brick of a phone his friend was carrying and the conspicuous bulge in his lab-coat chest pocket, "These just attempt to solve a problem that doesn't exist in order to take the money of morons." He smirked patronisingly at Birkin, "No offence."

The shorter of the two waved his arms in the air in an exasperated fashion, "Gah! You're absolutely impossible." He spotted a portly scientist with well-polished round spectacles approaching from the opposite direction and decided to rapidly ask him a question as he and Wesker passed by, "Havisham, what do you think of the internet?"

Havisham ran a hand through his thinning hair in contemplation, "I think there's going to be a fair few pictures of people's pets on it in 10 years time."

Havisham ended up baffled as the pair kept walking, the tall blond snickering quietly to himself and the mousy brunette erupting in a string of curses.