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It was the day of the concert, and Remus was ecstatic.

No, he wasn't ecstatic about seeing the Weird Sisters, but he was glad he got to spend time with his best friend one on one.

When Remus was younger at Hogwarts, everyone made fun of him for having a girl for a best friend, but eventually they had laid off. Lily hexed most of them, and the ones she didn't, she glared at them hard enough for them to get the point. Lily had never ceased to support him, and he hoped one day he could repay her for even half of the support she had offered him all these years. Remus appraised his features in the mirror. He smiled at his jeans and black T-shirt. It wouldn't get much better than this. He ran a brush through his hair, combing down the crazy curls, and spritzed cologne over his body.

He made his way down to the entrance to the Great Hall, where he had promised Lily he would meet her. He grinned seeing that she was already there, and offered his arm to her.

"Best friend, you're escort."

Lily curtsied playfully and giggled, linking arms with Remus.

"How do you always make me laugh?"

"With my stunning charm and wit?" Remus suggested.

No, he had never been sly on his feet, but when he was around Lily, the punch lines came quickly and easily. His whole being just flowed easier when she was near him.

"So, I figure dinner after the concert?"

Remus nodded. "Sounds wonderful, and those were exactly my plans."

"You're plans?" Lily questioned curiously.

Remus smiled. "Yes, my plans. I'm taking you to Burdom's Broom Nook."

"No way! Rem, that's my favorite restaurant ever!"

"Not to mention the reason you're so fat, mudblood."

Bellatrix came out of the shadows, taunting Lily once again. Remus groaned.

Not tonight! Why tonight? Why any night? Lily wasn't fat in the slightest! There was no flaw that Remus could find in her, except for the simple fact that she could no longer stick up for herself.

Immediately, as Remus knew she would, Lily slunk behind him, burying her face behind his back. Remus stepped forward and glared at Bella.

"You should really start sticking your nose in places it belongs, Lestrange."

"You should keep your snout out of other people's business."

"HEY! Knock it off!" Lily screeched, jumping from behind Remus.

Remus's eyes flared, surprised. Was she really defending him? Bellatrix laughed mechanically.

"Oh, so you can defend others, just not yourself, huh girl?"

"She can defend herself just fine but who would want to speak to you unless absolutely necessary?" Remus shot back quickly, taking Lily's wrist. "Come on, Lily, we have a show to catch."

Remus drug her out of the hall, leaving a stunned Bellatrix shouting something about 'him being sorry', and walked to the outskirts of the castle.

The concert was being held in an auditorium just on the outside of Hogsmeade village, and the walk there was quite enjoyable. Lily loved walking with Remus, talking about everything they needed to catch up on, school work, and James. Remus listened to all her stories about his git of a friend who had given up the best thing that ever happened to him. Remus couldn't, and didn't think he would ever, be able to understand why James had left Lily. She was beautiful, bright, and so kind-hearted. Remus would give anything to have her as his own. Walking together, though, through Hogsmeade, pulling her close to him whenever he noticed her shiver, was enough for now. He would never want to jeopardize their friendship, so loving her from afar was fine for him for now.

Eventually, they made it to the concert, and more than once throughout the ordeal, Lily climbed onto Remus's back and then made her way to his shoulders. He laughed as she climbed up and wrapped her legs around his neck. For a moment he stood there, with his eyes close, indulging himself in thoughts of being her boyfriend: treating her the way she should be treated. Remus wished he could punch James in the stomach and Bellatrix square in the face, but neither one would have any sense knocked into them, and what did he care? He wanted Lily happy, was all, and right now, with him, she was just that. Remus held her legs tight, studying her as she pumped her fists to the music.

"Remmie, you know you like this song, come on, sing!"

So, for the encore, Remus spent those last 15 minutes learning the song, and then singing it three more times with her. He pulled her over his head then, and let her fall into his arms. She laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck. Remus had picked Lily up several times before, and tossed her slightly back and forth in his grasp, noticing a considerable amount of weight loss. Yes, he could see the thin skin showing her ribs under the skin-tight, half shirt she wore. Why had he not noticed this before? Why had he not been right on top of what was happening to his best friend. She steadied herself on the ground and looked into his eyes. They had always had some kind of communication that neither of them had with anyone else, and as Remus's eyes drifted back to her small frame, Lily shook her head.

"Remus, please," she lifted a finger to his lips. "You're lips are-"

"-Sealed," he finished painfully.

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