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"Lieutenant." Said a nameless metalbending officer.

"Yeah?" asked the voice of a teenager.

The teen was a handsome youth. Spiky shoulder length sun-kiss blonde hair with jaw-length bangs framing his face, along with a pair of emerald green eyes and a lightly tanned skin. The young man was dressed in the standard metalbender uniform.

The young lieutenant was in the middle of writing out some paperwork when he was interrupted.

"The culprit to the property damage incident has been brought in and is currently being interrogated by Chief Beifong."

"I see." Hummed the teen, "Description?" he asked

"Female, Water tribe, roughly around your age I would say Lieutenant." The officer said

"Identity?" the young Lieutenant pressed.

"No idea sir."

"Rumors?" the teen asked with a smile.

The officer covered his mouth and leaned forward, "Some of the guys are saying she's the Avatar, but that's just through the grapevine sir." The officer then returned to his standing position, awaiting further orders.

"The Avatar huh? The Chief is going to have a field day if it really is her." The teen muttered as he rubbed his eyes with his hand.

"I'll go in and see what's happening. Return to your duties officer." The teen said as he stood up and head to the interrogation rooms.

"But sir, your paperwork?"

The teen turned around, walked backwards and gave a shrug, "It'll be here when I get back." He said with a smile.

The teen walked down the hall and opened the interrogation door and saw both his Chief Officer and a pretty water tribe girl talking.

"Fine then, I want to talk to whoever is in charge." The water tribe girl said.

"You're talking to her Lady Avatar, this is Chief Beifong." The teen said

Both turned to see the boy.

"Lieutenant Naruto, what are you doing here during my interrogation?" the Chief asked in a hard tone.

"Wait, Beifong? As in Lin Beifong? Your Toph's daughter!" the Avatar exclaimed in happiness.

"What of it?" Lin said in an uncaring way, "And again, Lieutenant, what are you doing here?" she asked Naruto.

Naruto gave her a neutral expression, "I had some paperwork that needed your signature Chief." He said

"Wait wait wait, back on topic! Why are you treating me like a criminal? Avatar Aang and your mother were friends. They saved the world together." the Avatar girl stated.

"That's ancient history and it's got dittile squat to do with the mess you're in right now. You can't just waltz in here and dole out vigilantly justice like you own the place. Lt. Naruto you knew I was in the middle of interrogating someone."

The Lt. shrugged, "I admit that I knew, but I was curious to see the new Avatar."

"We'll discuss this later Lieutenant." The Chief said with finality.

Naruto nodded, "Understood Ma'am."

A window opened, "Chief, councilman Tenzin is here." Said a nameless officer.

Lin sighed, "Let him in." she said in a dull tone and rose from her seat.

Naruto turned to see Tenzin walk in.

"Tenzin…sorry I got a little sidetracked on my way to see you." The Avatar said

Tenzin took a deep breath and turned to Lin and smiled, "Lin, you are looking radiant as usual and Naruto, excellent to you see my boy."

Naruto nodded and gave a small smile, "Tenzin, always a pleasure."

"Cut the garbage Tenzin, why is the Avatar in Republic City? I thought you were supposed to be moving down to the South Pole to train her?" Lin asked aggressively.

"My relocation has been delayed. The Avatar on the other hand will be heading back to the south pole immediately, where she will stay put." He responded

"But!" The Avatar tried to argue but was cut off by Tenzin.

"If you would be so kind as to drop the charges against Korra, I will take full responsibility for today's regrettable events and cover all the damages." He said

Lin looked at Korra and then back to Tenzin, she sighed and released Korra's cuffs through metalbending, "Fine, but get her out of my city."

"Always a pleasure Lin, Naruto. Let's go Korra."

"I'll escort you out Councilman Tenzin." Naruto said

Lin said nothing about it and gave Korra the 'I'm watching you' hand sign and Korra returned it.

Naruto just gave a light chuckle to this.

As they walked through the hallway out of the station Tenzin spoke, "You don't need to escort us Naruto, I know the way."

Naruto placed his hand over his heart, "I'm hurt Uncle Tenzin, can't I at least spent time with my godfather?"

"Godfather?" Korra questioned the relationship between her Airbending master and the handsome Lt.

'Wait…Handsome?' Korra thought with a small blush.

"Korra let me introduce Lieutenant Naruto Beifong, Lin's son." Tenzin said

"Wait, the Chief's son?" she asked, 'How in the world did a hard-ass like her have a kid?' she thought

"You're probably thinking how did such a hard-ass have a kid, right?" Naruto asked with a knowing grin.

Korra looked shocked, "How did you know?"

"Korra!" Tenzin shouted in indignity.

Korra laughed sheepishly and scratched the back of her head.

Naruto shrugged, "Easy Uncle Tenzin, she just met Mom at work so it's understandably really. But she is a good person."

"So why are you escorting us Naruto?" Tenzin asked

"I wanted the meet the water princess here of course." The teen said.

"Water princess?" Korra muttered

"I like to give nicknames out to my friends."

"I don't even know you though?" she answered as she crossed her arms.

Naruto took her hand and gave it a light peck, "A pleasure to meet you Avatar Korra, I'm Naruto Beifong."

Korra quickly took her hand back and fought down a blush, which she failed miserably at.

"Always the charmer." Tenzin muttered

"So where are we going?" Naruto asked

"We?" Tenzin said with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto nodded, "I said I would escort you and I would like to get to know my new friend better."

"Don't you have to return to your duties Naruto?" the elder questioned tiredly.

"I already punched out for the day, so mom can't complain." He said with his usual grin that reminded Tenzin of his grandmother.

"Tenzin, please don't send me back home." Korra pleaded

"You blatantly disobeyed my wishes and the orders of the White Lotus." He said

"Katara agreed with me that I should come. She said my destiny is in Republic City." Korra argued

"Don't bring my mother into this!" Tenzin said with anger as his face turned red.

Naruto laughed and Tenzin turned to glare at the blonde, but his head was turned and was whistling innocently.

"Look, I can't wait any longer to finish my training. Being cooped up and hidden away from the world isn't helping me become a better Avatar. I saw a lot of the city today and it's totally out of wack. I understand now why you needed to stay, but it needs me too." Korra said

Tenzin struggled with coming up with an argument with Korra's words, but was tongue tied.

"Is this your polar bear dog miss?" asked an officer who was being licked by said polar bear dog.

0 Republic City docks 0

Naruto watched as Korra started to head towards the White Lotus members so she could return the South Pole. Personally he wanted to get to know the girl a bit more…stupid Tenzin.

Suddenly two air gliders landed next to Korra and Tenzin's three children, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo ran to the young Avatar.

"Korra!" they each shouted

"Are you coming to live with us on the island?" asked Ikki excitedly.

Korra knelt down and placed a hand on both Jinora and Ikki's shoulders, "No, I'm sorry Ikki, I have to go home now."

"Aw." Said Ikki

"Hey guys." Naruto said as he walked up to them.

"Naruto!" they said in happiness.

"Are you going to try and keep Korra here? You always said how it would be awesome to meet her?" Ikki asked in hope.

"Sorry Ikki, it's not my call, but I can say it was great to meet her." He said as he flashed the water tribe girl a smile.

Korra returned it and walked to the ship ready to take her home.

"Wait." Tenzin said as he stepped forward, "I have done my best to guide Republic City towards the dream my father had for it. But you are right. It has fallen out of balance since he has passed. I thought I should put off your training in order to uphold his legacy, but you are his legacy." Tenzin said as he placed a hand on Korra's shoulder, "You may stay and train airbending here with me, 'Korra gasped' Republic City needs its Avatar once again." He finished

"Yes! Thank you! You're the best!" Korra cheered

The kids cheered also and she hugged them all together.

Naruto walked up to Tenzin and grinned, "You are such a big softly."

"Be quiet Naruto." Tenzin said plainly.

"I'll try and keep her out of trouble. But I can see why grandma wanted to travel with Aang, she knew it was going to be an adventure and I know it's going to be the same for Korra here." Naruto said smiling.

Tenzin groaned at that.

0 The next day at Republic City town hall 0

Naruto stood in uniform next to his mother as Korra stood on the podium as she started her speech.

Korra cleared her throat, "Hello, I'm Korra, your new Avatar."

The crowd cheered.

"Does this mean you're moving into Republic City?" asked a reporter

"Were you trying to send a message to the triads yesterday?"

"Will you be fighting crime or the anti-bending revolution or both?"

"Will you be working with Chief or Lieutenant Beifong and the police?"

"Um, yes, I am defiantly here to stay, but honestly I don't exactly have a plan yet. See I'm still in training, but look… all I know is Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world and…I believe we can make his dream a reality." Korra said sincerely, "I look forward to serving you. I'm so happy to be here! Thank you Republic City!"

"Alright, that's all the questions the Avatar can answer for today." Tenzin said as he rushed Korra off the stage.

Lin started to head back to the station and turned to Naruto, "Naruto? Are you returning to the station?" She asked

He shook his head, "No, I best watch over my new friend, seeing that she's still new and all to the city." He said with a grin.

Lin sighed and rubbed her temple, why must her son be so much like her mother when she was a child, "Very well keep an eye on her…professionally of course." She said with a small smile getting a raise out of the boy.

Naruto blushed, "Mom!"

Lin laughed and walked away.

"Now she gets a sense of humor." He muttered with a twitching eye as he followed Korra and Tenzin.

0 The next day at Airbender Island 0

"And in the final round the buzzerwasps won with a decisive knockout." Korra said excitedly as she read the paper, "What do you say we go to the arena tonight and catch a few pro-bending matches?" she asked excitedly.

"That sport is a mockery of the noble tradition of bending." Tenzin argued

"Come on Tenzin, I've been dreaming to see a pro-bending match since I was a kid and now I'm just a ferry ride away." Korra said as she pointed at the arena across the lake.

"Korra, you're not here to watch that drivel. You're here to finish your Avatar training. So for the time being I want you to remain on the island." He said

"Is that why your keeping the White Lotus sentries around to watch my every move?" she asked as she pointed to the WL sentries guarding the dining hall.

"Yes, in order to learn airbending, I believe you require a calm and quiet environment free from any distractions." Tenzin lectured

"Alright, you're the master." Korra said reluctantly.

"Eh, those matches are overrated if you ask me." the voice of Naruto said.

Korra turned around and saw Naruto at a nearby table.

"Naruto? What are you doing here?" she asked in surprise.

Naruto was out of his uniform and he was wearing a green tank top, black shorts along with a pair of green wrist and ankle protectors. What really caught Korra's eye was the black bracelet on his left bicep.

"I stayed the night." He replied like it was nothing as he ate a piece of bread.

"Wouldn't your mother worry?" she joked

"Ouch, mama jokes already? Your mudslinging water princess and you should know that when it comes to mudslinging an earthbenders got no equal." he said grinning.

"Yea, well I think the Avatar beats that argument." She shot back.

"Master Airbending then you can play the Avatar card." He replied smoothly.

Korra winced at that, "Ok you got me on that one. But that will be the only one you get." She said as she pointed at him.

"And my witty charm wins again." He said grinning at her.

'Stupid pretty boy.' She thought

"Don't you have work?" questioned Tenzin with worry as his godson would have to feel his mother's wrath. Which could be very frightening he noted.

"I'm already doing it."

Tenzin sighed, "She assigned you to watch Korra, didn't she?" he asked already knowing the answer.

"Yep." The blonde said as he took a bite of bread.

"So you're basically spying on me?" Korra asked with suspicion.

"Not really water princess. I'm killing two birds with one stone. I get to hang out with my newest friend and can keep an eye on you from doing something that could backlash on Tenzin, mom, or both." Naruto answered as he looked into her eyes.

0 Air Temple training ground 0

"So so, what do you think of Korra, Naruto huh huh huh?" Ikki asked excitedly as they waited for Tenzin and Korra.

Naruto hmmed as he threw Meelo into the air and the young Airbender landed on his shoulders with airbending, "Well, she's definitely headstrong, adventurous, a bit naïve to how Republic City works-"

"Why's that?" Ikki asked interrupting him.

"Her grand entrance into the City." He simple stated and the three airbenders in the area nodded.

"Any way, she's definitely the eager type too. But I think that's cool, oh and she's got an awesome ponytail." He said nodding.

"Yeah! Korra and Naruto are going to get married!" Ikki shouted

"What?" he said in surprise.

"You always said that you like girls with ponytails and both of you are super strong benders and and and Korra could stay longer if you do and I could be the flower girl!" she continued excitedly.

"Ikki calm down." Jinora said

Ikki just grinned impishly at her older sister, "Why? Are you upset that Naruto and Korra are gonna get married because-" Ikki was stopped short as Jinora covered her mouth.

"Not another word." Jinora hissed quietly.

Ikki nodded and her sister let her go.

"Don't mind her Naruto, she's weird like that." Jinora said with a smile.

"Yes, yes she is. But in a good way." Naruto smiling at the two.

They saw Korra in an Airbender uniform and Tenzin entering the training ground.

"Korra's gonna airbend, Korra's gonna airbend!" Ikki said excitedly while jumping up and down.

"What is that contraption?" Korra asked as she looked at the large training device.

"A time honored tool that teaches the most fundamental aspects of airbending. Jinora would you like to explain this exercise?" Tenzin asked his oldest child.

"The goal is to weave your way through the gates and to make to the other side without touching them." Jinora said as she gave a textbook answer.

"Seems easy enough." Korra said confidently.

"Jinora forgot to say that you have to make it through while the gates are spinning." Ikki added

Tenzin stepped forward and released an air blast and the gates started to spin.

Tenzin took out a leaf, "The key is to be like the leaf." He said as he sent the leaf through the device, "Flow with the movements of the gates. Jinora will demonstrate." Tenzin finished.

Jinora wove through the gates with easy as Tenzin added commentary.

"Airbending is all about spiral movements. When you meet resistance you must be able to switch directions at a moment's notice."

Jinora exited the gates on the other side and sent an air blast to get the gates to rotate again.

"Let's do this!" Korra said with determination.

'Why do I feel the need to get the first-aid kit.' Naruto thought

They watched as Korra tried to go through the gates as she bounced off each one and was flown out the entrance.

Korra got up again to try for a second time.

"Don't force your way through!" Jinora said

"Dance! Dance like the wind!" Ikki said

"Be the leaf!" Meelo said

"I'll go get the first-aid kit." Naruto commented

Tenzin nodded, "Thank you Naruto." As he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

0 Later that night 0

"Airbend." Korra said as she shot her hands forward at a picture of Lin Beifong.

"What is wrong with me? Airbend!" she continued

She growled and shot a fireball at the paper.

"Something you're not telling me water princess?"

Korra turned to see Naruto eating an apple.

"Hey Naruto." Korra said awkwardly knowing that she just used his mother's picture as target practice.

"Don't let what happened today get you down water princess. It's just day one." He said as he threw her another apple he was carrying.

Korra caught it and took a bite, "Thanks, but I feel like I'm just not cut out to be an Airbender you know."

"That's what I first thought when I tried the gates when I was younger."

"Wait, you tried that the gates? But you're not an Airbender." She stated

"I know, but that doesn't mean you can't learn from other styles of bending. It was a good learning experience."

"So basically, even though you're not an Airbender, you can go through the gates." She said with a pout since she was supposed to be an Airbender and she couldn't do it.

"Yep. Took about a 2 months though, since I had to get out of my earthbending mentality." He said with a grimace.

"So how does that help me?" she asked curiously.

"Simple, if I, one of the best earthbenders can do an airbending training exercise, then you as the Avatar can do it too. Just give it some time." He said reassuringly.

"Cocky aren't you?" she asked smiling.

"When you've learned from the greatest earthbender of all time and the creator of metalbending, you can say things like that." He said grinning.

"So Toph taught you?" she asked excitedly.

"When I was little. She even taught me how to feel the vibrations in the earth."

"That has to be awesome!"

"It does help when interrogating someone." He responded with a grin.

"I've been meaning to ask, but what's with the bracelet?" Korra asked

Naruto looked at his left bicep, "Oh. Have you heard the space earth story?"

Korra smiled, "Yeah, master Katara said how a flaming rock fell from the sky when they were in fire nation territory and how her brother Sokka forged a sword out of it."

"Yep, but he saved a small piece and gave it to my grandma and she gave it to me before she left on her trip." Naruto sullenly said.

Korra looked at his face and could see that he missed the famous woman, she was going to ask where she went until she heard some static.

The two then heard the radio chatter in the distance talking about pro-bending.

Naturally Korra decided to listen in and Naruto followed her.

The two were sitting on the roof as Naruto laid down and Korra excitedly listened to the radio.

And just as it was getting to the best part…the radio was unplugged.

"Korra, Naruto, come down here please." Tenzin said holding the radio cable.

Korra jumped down and entered the booth. While Naruto just slide off the roof and landed on a soft pile of earth and walked in too.

"You shut it off at the best part!" Korra complained

"I thought I made myself clear. I don't want you listening to this distracting nonsense." Tenzin said with authority.

"But it's their radio." She said as she pointed to the White Lotus guards, "And technically you said I couldn't watch a match. You didn't say anything about listening to one." Korra argued

"Ah, loopholes. Gotta love em." Naruto commented and the WL guards laughed a bit.

"You…you know what I meant. Anyway should you be in bed, that goes for you too Naruto." He said as he used his airbending to flip his cape.

0 The next day 0

Naruto was in his Southern Praying Mantis stance with his eyes closed.

He turned to his left and shot out three earth columns and then followed with making branches of earth sticking out of them.

He reversed the motion and made an earth line to his right at a tree and then levitated several small rocks and tried to compress them.

He then proceeds to firing the compressed rocks at another tree and ripped holes into it.

"Damn, still to slow in compressing." He muttered as he wiped his brow with a towel. He had been practicing for three hours straight.

"Wow that was cool." Said the voice of Korra.

He turned to see her still airbending clothes, sipping what seemed to be a glass of lychee juice.

"Hey water princess, how are you doing?" he said while panting.

"Meditation sucks." She said plainly.

"It is relaxing though." He countered as he fixed the terrain of his training area with earthbending.

"You sound like Tenzin. So what are you doing?" she asked

"Eh, just practice. I'm trying to compress large rocks quicker." He said

Korra finished her drink and started to help fixing the area with her earthbending, "Why?"

Naruto grinned, "Watch." He said as he brought up a medium size rock, compressed it in about 7 seconds and punched it sending the fragments of the rock forward and pelting into a tree.

"Whoa." She said in awe.

"I call it a scatter shot. It's much more powerful than using an earth gloves individual tiles for firing." He said

"That does seem useful." Korra admitted and may try it some time.

"Yep and that's why I want to get the timing down quicker." He said

"Well I'm going to head off to bed. See ya in the morning Naruto. And try not to work to hard!" She said

Naruto looked around and saw it was already dusk.

"Man time flies." He muttered and headed to his room.

0 Later that night 0

Naruto watched as Korra snuck out of the temple and headed to the pro-bending arena.

Naruto sighed, "I need a boat."

0 At the arena 0

Naruto was walking around looking for Korra when he heard her in the contestant booth.

"…think you can so me a few tricks?" Korra said

"Absolutely." Said one of the two boys in the booth with her.

"Right now? Come on Bolin." Said the other boy.

"Just ignore him. Yeah, I could so you the basics. I'm just not sure how my earthbending would translate to your waterbending. But we'll figure it out." The boy named Bolin said.

"Won't be a problem, I'm actually an earthbender." Korra responded

"I'm sorry. No no, I didn't mean to assume. Its that, since just figuring with your water tribe getup that you were a water tribe gal." Bolin said

"No your right, I'm a waterbender and a firebender." Korra said confidently.

"Hmm, I'm very confused right now." Bolin said

Naruto just laughed in his mind as he listened in.

"You're the Avatar and I'm an idiot." The other boy said.

"Both are true." Korra said with a nod.

"Do you know what else is true?" Naruto asked as he entered the room.

Korra whirled around and 'eeped', "Naruto…hey, how's it going?" she asked awkwardly.

"Fine, just fine. Had to sneak around and take a boat to get here and find you." Naruto said with a smile and it wasn't his usual one.

"Um, Korra, who is this?" Bolin asked with confusion.

"This is my friend Naruto." Korra answered

"I'm also her glorified babysitter." Naruto said plainly

"Naruto, I'm really really sorry, it's just you know. I wanted to see a match, really badly." Korra said trying to salvage the situation with her friend.

Naruto sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, "Korra, I'm supposed to keep an eye on you, not confine you. Next time you want to go somewhere, tell me."

Korra's eye went wide at this, "Seriously?" she asked in hope.

"Yeah, just tell me, so I can come with you, ok?" he asked

Korra run up and hugged him, "Yes, yes, yes! Naruto you're the best!" she cheered

"Alright water princess, hope you can keep up with your new friend and his tips." Naruto said as she let him go.

"Come on." Korra said in excitement as she grasped Bolin's hand and ran to the training room.

0 Training area 0

Naruto was sitting off to the side with Bolin's brother Mako.

"Didn't think they would stick someone like you with a babysitting job." Said the firebender.

"And who is 'someone like me'?" Naruto questioned

"Lieutenant Naruto Beifong, Republic City's golden boy and poster boy of the police department." Mako answered as both he and Naruto watch Korra and Bolin practice.

"True I am those things, but I'm also Korra's friend. Personally I find it to be a vacation to watch over her. It was either this or catching wannabe thugs and writing paperwork all day." Naruto said with a shudder.

"Heh, funny. I thought since you're the Chief's son you got some of the better cases?" Mako questioned with interest.

Naruto glared at him, "I don't ask for special treatment. I work my ass off like any other officer to get where I am today. If I do end up running the police department then I'm going to earn it by going from the bottom up." Naruto said with determination.

Mako just stared at him for a moment and spoke up to Korra, "Not bad." He said in a dull tone as he complimented her strike.

"What does it take to impress this guy?" she asked Bolin.

"What? I said not bad." Mako said

"Don't worry water princess. I think Mako here is just a man of few words." Naruto said

Mako gave him a grin, "Someone understands me. I'm gonna turn in. It was nice to meet you Avatar Korra, Lieutenant Naruto." He said as he walked to his room.

"Yeah, it's been a real pleasure." Korra said sarcastically.

"See you upstairs bro." Mako said as he walked out the room.

"Upstairs? You guys live here?" Korra asked with interest.

"Yep. In the attic, but it's nothing fancy. But we have some great views. So back to bending, why don't you throw that combo one more time?" Bolin asked

"I got an idea. Hey Naruto, why don't you try?" Korra asked

"I'm not really a pro-bending earthbender. I'm more of a full blown combat one." Naruto stated

But Korra wouldn't have any of that and dragged him over.

"Try." She said/ordered and Naruto sighed.

Naruto entered the stance he saw Korra using earlier and bounced on the balls of his feet.

He unleashed a two hit combo like Korra did and followed up with a spin kick to send another disk into the net and finished off with another two hit combo and did it all this in rapid succession.

"Like that?" he asked innocently.

Both Korra's and Bolin's mouths went wide.

"You've…done this before, haven't you?" Korra asked plainly.

"It seemed interesting when I was a kid so I tried it out." Naruto said with a shrug.

"Okay…awe inspiring moment over. Now it's Korra's turn." Bolin said trying to make heads or tails of what he just saw, it was like a blur.

0 Next day at the arena 0

Naruto and Korra were walking to Mako and Bolin's booth when Naruto spoke up, "I heard you destroy the gates today? Want to talk about it?" he asked

"Not really." Korra said gruffly.

"You know you're not the only one to destroy them, right?" Naruto said

Korra stopped mid-step and turned to him, "You destroyed them too?" she asked in shock since Naruto didn't seem the type to do that.

Naruto shrugged, "When I was young and I destroy about two or three. Nowhere near your number, but I know it can be frustrating to do it." Naruto said in sympathy.

Korra nodded and they entered the booth.

They saw Mako and Bolin looking somewhat down.

"We didn't miss your match, did we? You guys look like you lost already." Korra said

"We might as well have." Bolin said

"Hasook's a no good, no show." Mako said in irritation.

"You got two minutes to come out ready to play or you're disqualified." The referee said as he stuck his head through the door.

"Well there goes our shot at the tournament and the winnings." Mako said somberly.

"Can't you ask one of those guys to fill in?" Naruto asked as he pointed to the other three players in the room. He didn't want his new friends to loss without even a fight.

"Nah, the rules say that you can only compete on one team." Bolin said in sadness.

"Well then, how bout me? I'm a top notch water bender if I do say so myself." Korra stated

"But…you're the Avatar, isn't that cheating?" Bolin asked in confusion.

"It isn't cheating if I only do waterbending." Korra added

"She does make a good point." Naruto added

"No way! I'd rather forfeit, then look like a fool out there." Mako said aggressively.

"Hey." Naruto said with narrowed eyes.

"Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence." Korra said as she too narrowed her eyes at the firebender.

"Times up! You in or out?" asked the referee

"We're in!" Korra said

"We are?" asked Mako

"Yes!" Bolin said as he pumped his fists.

"Hey, I didn't agree to this!" Mako argued

Naruto snorted, "Sorry Mako, but once she gets an idea in her head, she does it." He said as he patted the firebender on the shoulder.

"What he said." Korra said as she got into uniform.

"This girl is crazy." Mako said plainly.

"Normal is overrated anyway." Naruto told him.

Naruto watched from the booth as Korra tried and failed to help the Fire Ferrets.

Then she performed earthbending, leaving the crowd speechless.

Naruto suddenly felt a chill go up his spine. How...ominous.

Korra apparently was allowed to continue as long as she only did waterbending.

The opposing team focused on Korra till she hit the drink.

Naruto stared down and remembered that ominous feeling and saw Tenzin standing over Korra.

"Well, this is going to be interesting." The blonde muttered.

Round three started and Mako and Bolin were cornered by one member of the other team as the remaining members focused on Korra.

Naruto walked up to Tenzin as he watched the match.

"Great evening for a match right?" he asked the bald man.

Tenzin narrowed his eyes at the blonde, "You were suppose to keep an eye on her."

"And I am. You can't keep her locked up Uncle Tenzin; you're doing what my great grandparents did to grandma Toph. She needs to see the world not hid away from it." Naruto said as a smile graced his face watching Korra.

Tenzin turned to see Korra rotating around the attacks aimed for her just like an airbender would, "How about that." He muttered

"Told you." Naruto said as he lightly punched him in the arm.

Tenzin rubbed his arm as the two continued to watch the opposing team run out of gas and the Fire Ferrets capitalized on this and won the match.

"WOHOO!" Tenzin cheered, then clear his throat and promptly left.

"Hee, that's Korra for you. Always making things interesting." Naruto said as he watched Tenzin leave.

0 Later at Air temple island 0

Naruto and Korra were laying against Naga the polar bear dog watching the stars.

"So you joined the team right?" he asked her


"And you apologized to Tenzin?"


"And you promise to buy me lunch for an entire week?" he added

"Yep. Hey wait, don't add things like that in when you're asking questions!" Korra said as she got up and looked over on the other side of Naga.

"Still too naïve at times water princess. But I think this will be good for you." He commented

"Yeah. Hey Naruto?" she asked


"Thanks for not telling Tenzin when I was sneaking out." she said sincerely.

Naruto shrugged, "It would have been boring if I told him and we wouldn't have made new friends."

"Still thanks."

"Anytime water princess." Naruto said

"I'll keep that in mind earth prince." Korra said


That's right! I did that, there is no other Legend of Korra x Naruto crossover. So I will say FIRST!

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