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The citizens of the South Pole heard the sound of footsteps as they turned to see northern troops marching forward towards them. They continued their march as the man leading up front spoke up.

"Everyone clear the street and go back to your homes" the leading troop said with authority in his voice but none of the civilians responded as they kept staring at them. Seeing this he signaled the troops to stop before gesturing ahead where the 2 troops behind him stepped forward and then water bended at the civilians, creating a small ice wall like the kind you'd see in a road block between. The wall then split in two and pushed the civilians apart and away from each other clearing the path for the troops to walk forward again.

However that wasn't the only thing that was happening. Out at sea just outside the shipping docks, northern military ships were now blocking the exits. The water benders onboard began to create large ice walls covering the entire outer docking area where ships would sail out as they began to lock down the South Pole.

High up above overseeing all this was Naruto, Korra and Unalaq. Needless to say they were both questioning this sudden arrival and course of action they've taken.

"Uncle I don't understand, why have you brought you're troops from the north?" Korra questioned without suspicion since she figured he must have some good reason for doing this. So far he hasn't given her any reason to doubt him so she figured he deserved the benefit of the doubt.

Naruto frowned at the sight, "I have to ask the same question sir." The green eyed boy asked, his eyes narrowed at the blockade being made.

"Now that you've opened the southern portal we need to protect it from those who would do the spirits harm." Unalaq said with certainty in his eyes.

"I can protect it." Korra argued as she didn't think she needed the northern troops to protect the portal. She was still feeling confident after successfully opening the southern portal and restoring the lights in the sky.

"I'm sure she can, but this seems a bit, radical." Naruto added as he swiveled his head to the Chief.

"It is." Korra nodded with her boyfriend, making a near impossible frown mare the Chief's face.

"I need you for something more important." Unalaq said to Korra before he walked forward to look out the horizon and turned to both of them, "You see, the portal needs to be protected, who knows what someone can do with it, if the wrong characters get a hold on this gate. That is why the North's troops are here." He answered with a tone of importance as he addressed Korra, "There is another portal at the North Pole where you will need to open it as well. Once it has been open, spirits and man will be able to move freely between the north and the south in a matter of seconds."

Naruto's eyes widened along with Korra's, "But the solstice has just ended, how am I suppose to open the other portal?"

Unalaq nodded in understanding and answered. "The spiritual energy is far greater in the north." He said as he walked to the railing and looked over the city, "And now that you have opened the southern portal, your energy is stronger as well." He told her with a kind smile.

"With both portals open…our tribes will be reunited again." Korra spoke in a low awe tone, seeing the possibilities.

"The world will be united again." Unalaq corrected.

'In what way?' Naruto thought in his mind as he gaze at Unalaq, a frown of his own come upon his face.

The blond turned to walk away as Korra noticed, "Hey, Naruto, wait up." She said, walking away from her uncle and walked side by side with her boyfriend.

Kurama trotted along with a grin on his foxy face, "Hey, kit, you know back there in the cave there were these tentacles and-" he said before Korra air blasted him away.

"I regret nothing!" the fox cried out in the distance.

"What was that about?" Naruto asked with a golden brow raised to his girlfriend as Korra had her arms behind her back and looked innocent.

"Oh nothing. Forget him." she said snaking her arms around Naruto's, "Let's go." She said dragging away.


Over at Tonraq's home a meeting was taking place with her father leading it. The meeting was about the northern troopers invading and closing the area off. Needless to say everyone wasn't pleased about it at all as tension was high among them.

"Thank you for coming everyone. I know these last few days have been troubling due to the arrival of the northern troops who have closed off the area" Tonraq said calmly to all the members who were present. However one member was not calm in the least.

"Troubling? Troubling is when I get an itchy rash that won't go away and Zhu Li isn't around to scratch it. This isn't troubling it's shocking and sickening" Varrick said while dropping and breaking by stomping it in anger before he suddenly looked calm again as he raised his other hand which held a small cookie. "But these cookies are the opposite" he turned to Zhu Li. "Remind me to get to recipe later" he told her which she nodded silently.

Tonraq looked annoyed at his outburst. "What's your point Varrick?"

"My point is that Unalaq has already booted our chieftains out of their palace and sealed off the harbor from any ships leaving or entering. How long before he starts telling us what to do and what to eat!?" he said while putting more food on his plate which ended up getting flung to the ground by his rigorous movements of displeasure.

"Probably a couple of days." Zhu Li answered.

"It was a rhetorical question Zhu Li, you need to keep up." Varrick said turning to her before looking back to others. "Not to mention that I have a cargo ship full of fish that's now rotting thanks to this lock down. WHO WANTS TO BUY A SHIP FULL OF STINKING FISH!?" he ended by smashing another plate on the ground. It's a good they all belonged to him otherwise someone would already protest for destruction of property.

Varrick calmed down again before leaning on the table. "Seriously it's not rhetorical I need to sell these fish so is anyone interested in purchasing them?" he asked and no one raised their hand to volunteer at his offer.

"Look I get that you're all uncomfortable because of the lock down but Chief Unalaq is here to help us. He wants to show us how we can restore with spirits so they'll stop attacking us." Korra said as she tried to reason with them as she didn't like these secret meetings. It was almost starting to feel like they were planning a revolt.

"The only spirit I'm interested in restoring is our spirit of independence. AM I RIGHT PEOPLE!?" Varrick asked as everyone minus Korra and her parents shouted in agreement.

"All Unalaq is trying to do is make our tribes unified again" Korra protested while defending her father's brother from their anger.

"No what Unalaq wants is control of our wealth, my wealth and I like my wealth. If Unalaq doesn't pull his forces out then we'll have no choice but to fight for our freedom!" Varrick shouted the last part as everyone shouted in agreement.

Korra was in disbelief. "You want to start a war! Are you crazy!?" she angrily asked at the audacity of hearing their desire to start a war. After everything she went through with Amon and his war in Republic City, The pro bending rings destruction, Lin being taken prisoner plus losing her bending and seeing Naruto die. She did not wish to see another war start up.

Tonraq stood up. "Unalaq started this not us Korra." He said which resulted with Korra glaring at him with fierce blue eyes. He sighed at her glance and held up a hand. "I'm sorry. Maybe you could speak with Unalaq, tell him how frustrated we all are. He'll surely listen to what the Avatar has to say. Do it for me?"

For a moment Korra said nothing as she kept her head down. "I'll do it for the tribe." she said without looking at her father as she turned and left to find Unalaq.

Tonraq remained silent looking at the door his daughter exited before the silence was broken.

"Man I cannot stop eating these cookies." Varrick said before he stepped towards Tonraq. "Look we all know where this is heading and if the Avatar can't get Unalaq to back off then we'll have to start preparing for war." He said with a serious face before taking a bite out of his cookie and hum at how good it was.


Korra walked inside the palace looking for her uncle urgently as she was hoping the talk with him would solve the tension the south dwellers were developing against him. She had already gone through war once and she didn't want to repeat that again. She had nearly lost so much from it and was thankful to Kami or spirits that she didn't lose Naruto.

She walked inside the throne room to find Unalaq sitting down quietly on the throne with his eyes closed as if he was meditating or in a trance.

"Your next training session isn't until tomorrow Avatar Korra" Unalaq said before he opened his eyes revealing that he had been awake the whole time.

"I'm sorry to if I'm interrupting you uncle. But I need to talk to you about our conversation this morning." Korra said with a hint of discomfort in her voice.

"Yes what is it?" Unalaq asked.

"I know why you brought your troops here but I'm afraid that it's sending the wrong message." Korra revealed.

"Hmm your father has been talking to you hasn't he?" Unalaq questioned back with calmness.

"It's not just my father, Varrick too, there was a meeting at my house and a lot of southerners feel like they're being invaded."

"I'm their Chief, I'm uniting not invading." Unalaq responded with no change in his demeanor.

"I know but I'm afraid that if something doesn't change then we'll end up having a civil war." Korra said while showing concern for the matter as she didn't want her own people to fight against their sister tribe.

Unalaq shut his eyes in thought for a moment before reopening them. "If the water tribes were at war then the other nations would take sides and the dark spirits would thrive with all that negativity energy and the world would be thrown into a battle between man and spirit. A war like that could produce unimaginable disastrous effects on the world."

"Then how do we stop it from happening?" Korra asked urgently as she wanted to resolve this matter before it escaladed out of hand.

"We? No Korra this a war only the Avatar can prevent." Unalaq said as he finally stood up.

Korra looked away with uncertainty. "I'm usually the one who's starting fights. I don't know how to stop them from happening."

Unalaq began to walk down the steps leading to Korra. "As the Avatar you must remain neutral in this conflict. You will naturally want to help your people but showing favoritism will not help them find unity."

Korra eyes became downcast. "Maybe Tenzin was right about me, maybe I'm not ready yet to be the Avatar."

"Tenzin is wise but he is too emotionally concerned attached to you and lacks the faith for you to find the answers yourself. But I on the other hand know that you will become the most admired Avatar the world has ever seen." Unalaq said while placing his hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

Korra looked up at him and smiled thankfully. "Thank you uncle."


Naruto was walking around with Kurama on his shoulder as the saw the tension flying around as he just finished lunch.

"Why are you all huffy?" Naruto asked the spirit.

"Your mate air blasted me off a building! She was lucky I landed on my feet." The fox spat.

"What were you going to say anyway?" the blond asked with interest in his eyes.

"Nope! Saving it so I can get little Miss Bridge back for the flight."

"Fine." Naruto pouted a bit before hearing some shouts. He walked around the corner and saw some of the Northern troops arguing with the resident Southerners and sighed, "Great." He muttered as he walked up to them.

"You can't just tell us to get off our streets!" A southerner shouted.

"Yes we can. Now do as you are told or we will use force." The northerner troop said in a calm 'I'm so sure of myself' tone.

"You don't own us!" another southerner shouted.

"Men." The trooper said to his three other soldiers.

A wall of earth as tall as their waists divided them as it split and pushed them back from each other. They all turned to see Naruto in an earthbending stance.

"Let's calm down people and talk this out. You're all water tribe here." Naruto said as he walked up between them, "Now what's the problem."

"Apparently we all have to curfew! For what reason?" a southerner demanded.

"Because it is ordered by Chief Unalaq." A trooper answered crisply.

"Just because he's the Chief, doesn't mean he has the right to tell us when to go to our homes." Another southerner said in a growl.

"He is your Chief, you do as you are told." The lead trooper said with cold narrowed eyes.

"So what? He comes here twice or three times a year and suddenly we have to bend to his will? Forget that!" mocked a southerner.

The northerner troops took offense to that and got into stances as did the southerners, before Naruto stomped the ground making it shake, "Enough!" he shouted to them as green eyed teen growled. He turned to the southerners, "You guys just keep doing what you're doing." And he turned to the troopers, "And you guys leave'em be, you're guests here. You don't own them." He said as he shook his head and continued to walk.

The matter done in his mind, before the head trooper grabbed him by the shoulder, "You're coming with us for obstructing the duties of an officer outsider." The northerner said in a stern tone.

Naruto grabbed the hand off his shoulder and turned to the man, "No, not really. Unless you want a riot to happen, then back off a bit. Like I said, you're guests here. And I'm not an 'outsider', what is this? The Hundred Year war?" the blond asked in a mocking tone, "I was invited here, by the Avatar mind you, and am trying to enjoy my vacation." He said while walking away. He was not going to start a fight. That was plain and simple.

He just noticed how high the tension is and was trying to stop someone from doing something stupid.

The troop seemed to stiffen at the mention of Korra and Naruto winced. Spirits, he just used his own girlfriend's status to get out of a jam. He mentally scolded himself for that.

"Then off you go." The trooper said in a void tone, but still glared at Naruto, who just shrugged him off and continued to Korra's house. He continued to see all the faces of the southerners and shook his head.

'At this rate the people are going to revolt.' the young earth bender thought to himself before he heard a sound and looked up to see Korra riding Naga and heading towards him. He put his thoughts aside for now as he saw his girlfriend frown which clearly showed that something happened that riled her up.

"How was your day Princess?" Naruto asked cheerfully to try and get her to smile. Sadly at didn't work as she jumped off Naga angrily.

"Oh just fabulous, my tribes about to go to war and I'm supposed to stop it somehow but will anyone listen to me? NO! And I didn't ask for my father's help but he just had to butt in again. Can't he just let me be the Avatar like I'm supposed to be!?" She said with tension as she laid her back on Naga with her arms crossed in frustration, her brow knitted in anger.

Naruto sweat dropped at this. This was one of the problems he had in their relationship. When she got angry over something he had no idea if he was supposed to give her advice or simply listen to her rants in silence so she can release all her frustration.

"Umm…should I give you advice or just listen to you because since I don't know what happened. Thus leading me to having no clue what I should do?" Naruto said dumbly as he didn't want to step in the landmine that was Korra's anger.

Personally, it was kinda sexy too, but he was going to keep that to himself…for now at least.

Korra turned to her boyfriend and then closed her strained eyes for a beat before taking a deep breath and reopening them to meet his green ones. "I'm sorry, it's just that my dad get's my all worked up." She said while apologizing if she seemed harsh on him.

"Do you want to talk it?" Naruto asked wanting to see if she'd discuss what happened with him.

Korra shook her head. "No, maybe later, but not now. I just want to clear my head of all this." She said while placing her fingers on her forehead as she felt like she was on the verge of getting a migraine.

Hearing that she wanted to clear her mind, Naruto smiled at the perfect opportunity. "Hey I got an idea. How about you take a break from being the Avatar and let me take you out to a nice romantic dinner, just the two of us?" he offered.

Hearing that instantly made Korra smile in eager happiness at the prospect. "Yes! Let's go!" She said happily as she took his arm around hers and they headed into town to enjoy themselves.

0 A Few Hours Later 0

It was now late at night where both Naruto and Korra were walking together. Naruto had offered to walk her home in order to spend a few more minutes with her before having to leave to his temporary residence.

"Well that was the creepiest date I've ever been on. I'm sorry that it wasn't as great as I promised." Naruto said a bit depressed since his plan to take Korra out on a romantic date ended up being ruined with Bolin and the creepy Twins joining in. Seriously just being around those two made his skin crawl.

Korra placed her hand in his shoulder reassuringly. "It's okay; I don't blame you for it. Besides at least my mind was preoccupied and I forgot all about my troubles for a bit." she said gently as despite their ruined date, she got to at least spend time with her boyfriend even if it was around Bolin and her twin cousins.

Naruto smiled a bit at that as they approached her home. "I swear the next date we go on will be one you won't forget and will enjoy to the fullest." He said with determination. "And if Bolin tries to join us again I swear I'll kick him into the ocean and tell Desna to rescue him." he said the last part with seriousness and mischief twinkling in his emerald eyes.

Hearing that made Korra laugh a bit at the threat and the visual she got. Bolin would definitely be creped out by that.

They both stopped in front of her house as they turned to face each other.

"Well I guess this is where I say goodbye until tomorrow." Korra said with a tiny small.

"Yeah, hopefully we'll have a better day tomorrow and..." Naruto said before Korra suddenly cut him off and kissed him without any warning. He was a bit surprised at the suddenness of it, but figured that she wanted some comfort before going to bed. Without hesitation he kissed her back as she wrapped her arms around his neck to bring him closer while he wrapped his own arms around her back as they trailed down to her hips.

He brought her body closer to him as her chest was now pressed against his and he could feel her breasts despite the all the clothing they both had on from the cold snow. Korra felt Naruto's tongue grazing her lips asking permission to enter her mouth which she gladly accepted as she opened it and then their tongues met for a clash as they deepened their kiss.

They continued for a few short minutes with both of them neither winning the tongue fight as their hands explored each other's bodies. Korra's hands trailed over Naruto's chest as she felt his strong chest and the muscles of his biceps while Naruto's hands traced over Korra's back entirely before they trailed over the sides of her chest where they accidentally touched the edges of her breasts eliciting a moan from Korra before they stopped at her waist again.

Eventually they separated from lack of air as they were both breathing heavily from their intense make out.

"Wow, I've really missed that." Naruto panted with a huge grin at how great that felt.

Korra had a slight blush from her sudden action but didn't regret it in the slightest. Although her body was definitely starting to feel hot and like she needed to relieve herself. The thought of what her body wanted intensified her blush before she shook her head.

She may love Naruto with all her heart but she didn't feel ready for that level of intimacy, yet. Although she would be lying if she said that she wasn't tempted sometimes to experience what it's like. But she wouldn't, especially not at the South Pole, where if her father ever found out he'd probably do something horrible to her beloved boyfriend.

Not that Naruto would go down mind you, ah, she was getting ahead of herself.

Korra nodded still a bit flustered from the make out. "Yeah me too."

Naruto's grin grew a bit. "So would you like to invite me in to spend the night?" he said teasingly, his hormones on high alert. Man, being a teenager both rocked and sucked at times.

As soon as those words left his mouth Korra's face suddenly lit up like a red lantern. Her mind suddenly showing images of what it'd be like to have Naruto stay with her. However before Korra could answer a new voice spoke up.

"I don't think I would enjoy seeing that happen in front of me."

Both of them jumped in surprise as they turned around to see Senna who had her arms crossed and carried a small smirk on her face.

"MOM!?" Korra shouted in surprise.

'Oh crap!' Naruto thought in shock at being caught.

"How long have you been listening inside my house!?" Korra asked frantically.

Senna closed her eyes in amusement for a moment looking back to the young couple. "Long enough to have heard you two start your make out session and hear dear Naruto's bold little question." She said the last part slowly while narrowing her eyes at the blond.

Naruto's eyes widened with nervousness at that. "Oh…I…her…with the…and…I think I better leave now." he said with nod to himself and had no intention of staying for another second.

Senna nodded before smiling kindly. "I think that's best since you wouldn't want to risk having me tell Tonraq what nearly happened here." She said the last part a little darkly, but there may have been an undertone of teasing.

Now Naruto's eyes showed a little fear as his mind flashed back to then when he first met him and clearly threatened him about advancing too far with his precious daughter. So with that in mind he pecked Korra on the cheek and left in a speed walk pace.

"Naruto wait!" Korra shouted to no avail as Naruto kept going until he was gone from sight, most likely heading to his own little hut. She suddenly heard chuckling and turned to see her mother laughing lightly as she tried to calm herself.

"That wasn't nice mom." Korra berated a bit angrily at how she made her boyfriend run off with the threat of her father. Although her angry look wasn't that fierce looking since her face still looked a bit flustered.

Senna kept chuckling for a moment before she finally stopped. "I'm sorry dear but I just couldn't resist. Besides you should be thanking me for not interrupting your tender moment with him." She said slyly which earned another blush from Korra.

"I...I just…wanted to feel our love for each other." Korra said shyly as she with everything that was starting to happen and how their date was ruined she just wanted to have one special moment together to brighten up her day.

"Ahh sweetie I know the feeling. However I do not approve of having you and Naruto moving onto this level of a relationship." Senna said sternly.

"If you're going to do it then make sure it's in a place outside the South Pole." Senna suddenly said which made Korra stumble in her step from the shock.

"Say what?!" Korra yelled with a sputter.

Senna turned to her daughter. "Oh don't be surprised dear. I already came to accept Naruto after I met him; he is such a nice young man with a kind and caring heart, along with good manners. Quite frankly I believe you couldn't have found a greater boy for you to be with. I just don't want you to be here when you move further in your relationship. I don't like keeping secrets from your father so if you wouldn't mind. I'd appreciate making sure I don't find out about it where I'll have to hide it from him." She said surprisingly calm as most mothers wouldn't talk like this when concerning their daughter's virtue.

"Are you serious!?" Korra asked dumbfounded and in disbelieve at what she was hearing.

"Yes, however Korra I don't want you to suddenly think that intimacy is the only thing that'll be involved in your relationship. That is something that should only be done with someone you truly love. While I give my blessings to Naruto that doesn't mean I want you two to be doing this frequently. Especially with the risk of having me become a grandmother. You're still very young and I don't want you burdened by the responsibilities of being the Avatar and a parent." Senna said as if lecturing her.

Korra however remained silent with her mouth agape.

"Now come inside before you catch a cold sweetheart." Senna stated with a smirk as she went back inside as her eyes danced with mirth.

Korra messaged her head with pained blue eyes, "My head, it hurts so badly right now." As she entered the house, "Mom, did dad send you to talk to me?" she asked, getting over her previous embarrassment.

Senna's playful attitude faltered, "Your father doesn't know I'm here." She assured and sighed sadly as she sat down along with her daughter, "Korra, what's going on between you two?" she asked, saddened from what was going on.

Korra huffed and turned her head away, "Ask dad." She grunted, irritation filling her.

"I tried, but he won't talk about it." Senna answered with a frown, "Honey, it breaks my heart to see our family torn apart like this." She said in a soft tone.

"You want to know what's going on?" Korra asked, turning to her mother with anger in her eyes, "I found out dad's been lying to me, my whole life." She said in anger, "Unalaq told me everything. While dad and Tenzin kept me trapped down here to train! How dad got banished from the north!" she ranted until she was breathing hard.

Senna looked to the floor, "So, the truth is out." she said with sadness.

Korra blinked and turned to her mother, "You knew?" she asked in surprise before she looked with anger, her hand clinched, "And you never said anything?" she asked harshly.

"We were trying to keep our family together." Senna answered calmly, "Give you a normal childhood."

"I never wanted a normal childhood." Korra answer while looking to the ceiling, "All I ever wanted to be was the Avatar." She stressed, "But people just keep holding me back. Even my own parents!" she said while looking to her mother once more, hurt in her blue orbs, "The only people who believe in me are Naruto and Unalaq."

Senna turned sternly to her daughter, "That's not true Korra." She argued.

"No?" Korra asked with a raised eyebrow, "Then why is everyone in the South Pole turning against me when all I'm trying to do is help them?" she asked harshly.

"The problems between the north and south started long before you were born. You can't expect to undo them in a day." Senna answered with a factual tone.

"So I should just sit back and watch the water tribes go to war?" the Avatar asked her mother, a bit of mockery in her tone.

"No." Senna answered quickly before calming herself and sighed, "But the situation may be out of your control. Varrick's been plotting a rebellion against Unalaq." She said turned away from her child, "He asked your father to join and…"

Korra shot up, "Dad is part of a rebellion?!" she asked scandalized.

"I don't know." Senna said, "But I don't want you caught up in the middle of it." She stressed

"It's too late mom." Korra argued as she turned for the door, "I'm already in the middle of it." She answered and ran out and jumped on Naga.

Her mother rushed out, "Korra!" she pleaded, but her daughter was already gone.

0 Next Morning 0

"Easy Korra." Naruto said riding on Naga as Korra rushed to her parent's home.

"Sorry, but I have to talk to my dad." Korra said, mushing Naga some more.

"Still a bit peeved you didn't get me to help." Naruto pouted, "I've stopped a few revolts."

"Aw, so sweet of you." Korra cooed playfully, "But I was in kind of a rush and you were in the other direction." The blue eyed girl explained.

"Meh, I'll take it." Naruto said hugging into her a bit as they rode.

They got to the home and dismounted and Korra rushed in, Naruto in a more steady pace behind her.

He stood next to her as the Avatar looked to the side a bit and asked, "Is it okay if I come in?"

"Of course." Senna said with a smile as her father gave a small one too, "We heard what happened. Are you okay?" the mother asked.

Korra swallowed a bit before tears started to steam and she rushed to her father, hugging him tightly, "I'm so glad you weren't there." She choked out as her shocked father soon returned the hug, "I don't know what I would have done."

"Aw." Naruto said in a quiet tone as he walked into the warm house.

Tonraq pulled her back gently and looked at her, "I had no idea how far Varrick was willing to go." Before he bowed his head, "My brother and I have our differences, but I would never attack him." he assured to his daughter.

"I'm sorry I thought you had anything to do with the rebels." Korra cried, "And all the pain I've caused you and mom."

"I'm the one who should apologize." Tonraq argued gently, "After I saw the southern lights return, I was so proud of you." He praised with a smile on his face, "I should have never held you back."

"When your father and I found each other, all we wanted was to live a simple life and raise a family." Senna said, but looked down, "But then we discovered you were the Avatar, and simple was over." She said, but not sounding sad at all, "We knew the world one day would need you and you wouldn't need us anymore." She said, this time with sorrow.

Korra shook her head as her blue eyes looked on at them in pain, "Mom, dad…of course I still need you." She said as they all hugged.

Some sniffling caught their attention and they turned to see a weepy eye Naruto, "I'm not crying." He assured them, "It's the cold wind." He argued feebly.

"Come over here Naruto." Senna smiled as her husband grunted.

Naruto was in the hug in the second, "You guys are beautiful, you know that?" he said to them as he hugged them tighter.

"Three second rule." Tonraq stated and Naruto let go.

"And that's all I need." The blond answered cheekily until he looked at the door, "Uh-oh."

Standing there was Unalaq and some of his soldiers.

"We weren't expecting you." Tonraq said with a blink of surprise.

The younger brother looked at his older brother and spoke, "Tonraq, Senna, you are under arrest and will stand trial."

Tonraq narrowed his eyes, "Trail? For what?" he asked in a crisp tone.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the Chief.

"For conspiring to assassinate me."


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