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Human life is very complicated. We go through a lot of things in our lives that can be an amazing memorable occasion or hardships that will never be forgotten. For Avatar Korra however, she was experiencing the latter as it started when she reconciled with her dad who she tended to argue with and hugged it out as her mom joined in.

Then her boyfriend joins in too, but that's something completely different.

Then, oh then! Her uncle comes in (with a few guards flanking him, he's the chief of the water tribe after all) and tells his older brother he's arrested along with your mom for the attempt of kidnapping him.

Or having talks with the people that tried to kidnap him.

Sweet guy, right?

Korra oddly wondered just what sort of situations her past lives got into because these situations of her own were seriously starting to suck!

…Well, suck more.

Oh you get the point!

Korra was just standing in her house dumbstruck as the fact that her own parents were arrested for attempted kidnapping, which she knew they had no part of (for the most part), and was registering it.

"Well," Naruto said with an owlish blink, "that was a thing."

Korra's blue eyes flashed with irritation at the statement, "A thing? Really, Naruto!?"

"What?! It was!" the blond argued swiftly as he looked a shade of embarrassment, "Dude just comes in and arrests his own brother and sister-in-law for kidnapping. I mean, I've seen some weird stuff and I mean really weird. In fact this one time this guy was… arg I'm getting side tracked, but seriously, what the hell?" he exclaimed with his arms waving in the air.

"Who arrests their own brother like that?!" Korra shouted.

"Well, there was Azula, but from what I know she was some old crazy chick from my grandma's younger days, so maybe that didn't really count as an example." Naruto responded with a thoughtful expression at the memory as he wondered what happened to her after she got arrested. Maybe he should look that up when he gets back to Republic City.

"Come on," Korra said, tugging his arm as they sped walked to Naga, "We got to do something."

"Yeah I know we do," Naruto nodded as the mounted the polar bear dog, "And I don't like the sound of this guy, Hotah, either."

"You've heard of him?"

"No, it's just his name," the blond scrunched his nose, "Ho-tah. Seriously, not the name I would like a judge to have."

"I think you're just being superstitious." Korra pointed out and mushed for Naga to move.

"I'm a cop, of course I'm superstitious… and it has nothing to do with spirits either." He added quickly from seeing her look.

Korra pouted, she had a good on the tip of her tongue, "So where are we going?" she asked him, riding was just a spontaneous move, something she was well known for, and was still in a bit of a daze from the whole parents going on trial thing, "The courthouse?"

"Nope," Naruto smirked, "We're gonna see-"

"Where is Varrick?" Asami asked with her arms crossed as she paced around the business room of the businessman's office, "We should have closed the deal already." She checked her watch, "Like, an hour ago."

"Would you relax?" Bolin waved off as he was kicked back up on a couch with Pabu resting on his chest and arms behind his head, "This place is great. And best part? No Eska in sight." He grinned as the double doors banged open, letting out all of Bolin's sense of security.

Eska and Desna were there, along with a few water tribe guards.

Bolin shot off the couch, sending Pabu scurrying off to the side, "Eska! Hey!" he waved as a chill went down his spine, "…I wasn't hiding." He said quickly, but his quivering lip told otherwise.

Eska turned to regard him, "I am not hunting you…for now." She said pointedly as her blue eyes scanned the room, "We are looking Varrick."

"Why?" Asami asked, seriously, she had a business deal going on, she didn't need this.

"Our father wishes him to stand trial as Varrick is a traitor to the water tribe," Desna informed as the guards looked around the room, "Along with our aunt and uncle."

"Korra's parent were arrested?" Mako asked in surprise.

"Yes, your deductive skills are astounding." Desna said with dry sarcasm.

"He's a cop," Bolin bragged with a smirk, the sarcasm going right over his head.

"Varrick's not here," said one of the guards.

"Very well," Eska said and turned to her twin, "Desna, let us continue on elsewhere." She announced as Desna and the guards left. Though Eska turned to Bolin, a glare in her eyes, "Boyfriend." She ordered, getting the earthbender to stiffen, "Bow to me when I exit." She commanded.

"Yes." The boy said, "Yes my sweet Koloa otter." And he got to his knees with arms in the air and kissed the ground.

"You are so cute when you gravel." Eska said with a ting of sadistic smug as she left.

Asami turned to the side to still see Bolin bowed to the floor and said, "Don't let that girl walk all over you. Stand up for yourself, Bolin." She encouraged. Seriously, she's seen a few girls like that in high society, but wow, this one took the cake.

Bolin stood up as he dusted of his pants and glare at his older brother, "I tried to break up with her, but Mako gave me terrible advice." He crossed his arms and turned to the side, "Thank you, Mako."

"Wait," Mako said with his arms in the air, "How are your girl problems my fault?" he asked while giving his brother a light glare, "And what happened to oh, I don't know, Ayame? I thought you and her were hitting it off?"

Bolin blushed at her name and the implication, "We've chatted." He rushed out, "But, well, that's pretty much all we've done so far." He muttered weakly.

"I feel so sorry for you right now that I can't even put them into words." Mako said in a deadpan tone for his brother. Seriously in the past he was set on dating Korra before finding out she was interested in Naruto and then when he finally meets another great girl who's single, he gets nowhere with her.

"Can't blame the kid for going for a princess, all guys have that kind of dream." A muffled male voice said getting everyone's attention, "Not me though, too clingy. But seriously, you want her out of your life? Run, run, and never stop running kid…she's got those crazy eyes."

"Varrick?" Asami asked while looking around for him as the brother's did too.

"Where's are you?" Mako asked as the mouth of the platypus bear opened, showing Varrick's face.

"Some place Unalaq would never find me. Inside Ping Ping!" He grinned that flamboyant grin of his, "How you doing?"

"The coast is clear." Mako said as the kids walked up the stuff animal, "You can come out now."

Varrick scoffed, "No way mister, not until I am sure it is one hundred and fifty seven percent safe."

Suddenly, a tea cup of steaming hot tea held by what looked like a feminine hand moved up to his face, "Ah," he said taking the cup gingerly, "thank you Zhu-Li."

"Your assistant is in there too." Asami asked in amusement as she placed a hand on her hip.

"Zhu-Li never leaves by side." Varrick said in a serious tone and pleasantly took a sip but then spat it out in disgust, "Bleck, blah, you forgot the honey." He stated sternly while looking down.

A voice came from the stomach of the stuffed beast, "Sorry sir, there isn't any in here."

"No honey?!" Varrick cried out in anger, "We're in a bear for crying out loud."

The door banged open once more and Varrick closed Ping Ping's mouth to hide.

Korra and Naruto entered the room, the blond crossing his arms as he looked around the room for something.

"Alright where is he?" the blond asked with no room for jokes.

As if knowing who he was referring to Asami answered the question by pointing to the stuffed animal… or is this case the emptied animal.

"Huh," the earthbender rubbed his chin, "Unalaq would never think of looking in that." He said in honesty.

Varrick's head came out of the mouth with a grin, "I know. I am a genius." He boasted and looked at the blond, "What's up kid?" he asked, knowing the boy wanted something.

"We need help." Korra answered for her boyfriend, "My parents…" she trailed off with clenched fists as her shoulders shook. Asami came over to her and gave her a half hug, one that Korra returned.

"Yeah," the businessman stated, "I heard."

"So we thought you could help us. You got any team of lawyers we can borrow for the trial?" Naruto added hastily.

Varrick snorted, "Lawyers, ha! Like I've ever needed one of those Yuan vultures." He barked with a laugh and glared down, "Zhu-Li, no sassy thoughts." He stated.

"Sorry sir." Her muffed voice said.

"Forgive and forget." The boss waved off.

Naruto and Korra blinked, "Is she…" the officer trailed off.

"Zhu-Li never leaves his side." Bolin parroted for the man, who nodded sternly to the words.

Naruto whistled at that, talk about dedication to the job… he somewhat wondered what she was getting paid.

Korra shook her head and stepped up to the stuffed animal, "Come on, you have to have something we can use to help my parents."

Varrick rubbed his chin before he turned to Naruto, "How about you let the Golden Boy of Republic City play lawyer. He can borrow one of my less amazing suits." He stated as Korra turned to Naruto in surprise.

"Can you?" she asked with hope.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, "Well, I've never lost a case."

"Really? How many cases have you won?" Mako asked as he never knew Naruto was also defense lawyer.

"Zero." Naruto said flatly.

"Zero! Then why did you say you've never lost a case?!" Korra exclaimed with her arms in the air.

"Because, I've never been the lawyer of one. So technically I've never lost nor won." Naruto said sheepishly.

"A good score if you ask me. Nothing better than starting fresh with a clean slate." Varrick grinned wildly.

Korra pointed to him, "Hush you." She rounded on Naruto, "And that isn't the same thing! How can you expect to defend my parents if you've never taken on a case before!?"

"Well, if I do do this, we have a fifty fifty chance of winning, so all is good." Naruto said nervously.

"No it isn't! And how do you even know the odds are fifty fifty if you don't have a record of wins to show for it!?" Korra counted and rubbed her face with her palms, "Oh spirits."

"But Naruto's the only one with law knowledge." Asami told her, getting the water tribe girl to groan.

"Do Miranda Rights count?" Mako asked his blond superior, who just gave an iffy motion with his hand.

"Then just bullshit it." Varrick told the kids with a gleam in his eyes, "A courtroom, is like a conference room, just bullshit as much as possible. Works wonders for me." He bragged.

"Yeah," Asami said in a dry tone as she blinked her green eyes, "Being stuck in platypus bear, amazing."

"I try. You should see where I hid the last time from my ex," the man shuddered, "That one was one crazed fruit loop. Right, Zhu-Li?"

"Yes sir."

"What other choice do we have available?" Korra asked and got nothing. She turned to Naruto, "Do you really think you can pull this off?" her tone held a bit of hope in it.

A twinkle entered the blond's green eyes, "Well if I can win discussions against my mom then I'm sure I can do the same with a jury so I got this…I think... maybe." He added with an uneasy chuckle.

"Best of what we got, right here." The Avatar muttered and pinched the bridge of her nose. Why did it feel like they were doomed?

A few minutes later, Naruto was wearing a surprisingly tamed outfit Varrick had supplied, despite it being a bit big on Naruto due to the man being taller. It was earth kingdom green for the jacket and a darker shade for the shirt and sleet grey for the pants along with a pair of purple shoes… apparently Varrick's lucky pair for when he did business.

"Dammit now I remember why I hate wearing these things." Naruto argued while struggling against the suit as if it was a snake trying to strangle him. "I feel like a dang monkey in a suit."

"Don't say that, I think you look pretty good in it. In need of some adjustments sure but otherwise you're alright." Asami said before she stepped in front of Naruto and began to help adjust the suit to his size.

"Why do you have earth kingdom colors?" Bolin asked as Asami helped Naruto with his saffron neckerchief.

"Simple, I was going through a phase. Plus I like to be trendy. Like that time everyone was doing the fish, man, I was a master of that!"

"The… fish?" Mako asked with a raised brow and crossed arms.

"…You kids these days, you lack proper culture." The man said, feeling old all of a sudden. As soon as he got back to Republic City, he was going to get into the latest hip thing to get rid of the feeling.

"Done." Asami said as Korra whistled, her boyfriend looked ready for something, but she wasn't quite sure it was a courtroom.

"He's dress for success." Varrick said from the mouth of the hollow beast.

"Don't you mean, dressed for defense? Eh? Eh?" Bolin smirked to the man in the currently stuffed animal.

"Oh, good one!" the businessman's eyes lit up with a broad smile as he looked down, "Zhu-Li, write that down!"

"Yes sir." The muffled voice of the secretary answered as the sound of a pencil scratching followed.

"Can he really pull this off?" Korra asked Asami as Bolin was hyping Naruto up.

"Well…" Asami trailed off as Bolin was acting like a pro-bending coach.

"I wanna see that game face!" the black haired earthbender cried out, his green eyes stern.

Naruto did so, but Bolin was not satisfied, "Meaner!" Naruto did so, "Uglier!" again, Naruto did so as his face twisted. Bolin moved back, his hand resting on his elbow and his other hand on his chin with narrowed green eyes. He held out the hand on his chin and nearly pinched his index finger and thumb, "A smidge prettier."

Naruto did so, as a serious brood was on his face.

"Winning smile."

Naruto showed his white teeth with a pleasing grin that made girls including Korra blush when she first met him.

Bolin gave him a thumbs up, "Perfect." He said in a low whisper.

Asami looked to Korra, "Yeah, I have a feeling this might not go well, but at least you're not giving up without a fight." Korra just looked up and muttered why.

"Now give me a war cry!" Bolin demanded while looking like he himself was going to shout.

"Bo!" Mako exclaimed at his brother's so called 'coaching'.

"What?" the earthbender said in irritation, the war cry was always important.

"Let the kid do his thing," Varrick smirked, "He's got the right idea, that's for sure. Now, I think the biggest thing would be the booming 'Objection'."

"No." Korra cut him off, getting the man in the platypus bear to pout. She grabbed Naruto's arm, "Come on wonder boy, we have a trial to get to." She said while dragging him outside the room.

"You got it, Korra." Naruto smirked, time to save the day… just not the way he was used to.

But seriously, how hard could a courtroom be?

"Bolin," Varrick said, getting the boy's attention, "I got a little something for you 'round back." He winked and below Ping Ping, a wad of Yuans was, er, expelled from the stuffed animal's backdoor.

"Wow," Bolin awed as he went to pick it up as Asami blinked at the manner of the exchange.

"Now," the businessman said, "listen up. Unalaq is likely going to rig the hell out of this trial, no doubt. So I need you to help Golden Boy keep my trusty rebel out of prison."

"What's the money for?" the earthbender asked.

"Why, bribery of course!" the man exclaimed with glee, "There's always someone willing to look the other way for a few Yuans."

Bolin gained a sly look, "I think I catch your drift, Varrick bear." He waved the bills a bit.

"Don't you have any faith in Naruto?" Asami asked displeasingly with her arms crossed.

Varrick shrugged the best he could, "I like to increase my chances is all. Besides, when you're betting on a long shot it's best to try and rig things in your favor."

Naruto fixed his neckerchief as he stood next to Tonraq, Senna, and the rest of the rebels.

"Thank you for doing this, Naruto." The Tonraq whispered to the blond.

Naruto waved him off, "It's the least I can do," though he had a bit of a nervous look on his face, "You don't mind if I wing it, do you?"

"If it helps us then not at all. Although try not to overstep your boundaries." Tonraq said before judge Hotah walked into the room and took his seat.

"This court will now come to order, judge Hotah will be presiding." The bailiff announced.

"Time to get started." Naruto muttered.

"The case will commence." Hotah announced. "What're the charges for the accused?"

The prosecutor approached with a clip board as he spoke. "The accused are Tonraq and Senna as well as other members of the southern tribe. The charges are assault, kidnapping, and conspiring against the northern tribe."

"Acknowledged." Hotah said. "How do the culprits plea?"

"Not guilty your honor." Naruto answered for them and was not liking this, where the hell was the jury? This smelt rotten alright.

And with that the trial began with the Judge questioning the men who Korra caught in the act of kidnapping Unalaq. They had all given their statements and answered whatever questions were asked. Then Naruto was up as he called Unalaq before the judge.

"So Chief Unalaq, what can you recall from your kidnapping?" Naruto questioned since he didn't know about it since Korra arrived after he was already captured.

"I was asleep in my chambers when the rebels attacked." The chief started, "They overpowered me and then next thing I know, I was waking up in the snow when Avatar Korra had saved me."

Naruto walked forward and clear his throat, "Chief Unalaq, did you by any chance see either Tonraq and Senna among the arrested rebels that attacked?" he asked the man.

The chief turned his head to look at the blond, "No I didn't but my attackers were wearing masks to hide themselves which is why I couldn't see their faces. However I did recall seeing someone who I believed was my brother based on his height and body size, however it wasn't until I was told he was unmasked by Avatar Korra that we both found out it was another man." he answered in a neutral tone before looking at said man. "That man sitting right there."

"Let the record show that Unalaq has identified one of his kidnappers." Naruto said while another man took notes of that. "No more questions for Chief Unalaq, your honor."

"Very well then you may step down Chief Unalaq." Hotah said as Unalaq stepped to the side of the court alongside Korra.

"Thank you." Naruto smiled as he started his plan. So far things didn't look so bad for Korra's parents. The men responsible for the kidnapping made them only out to be as former accomplices and coconspirators. However he knew that even with those charges they could face some jail time. He had to find a way to get them cleared of those charges. At the very least maybe he could get them a light sentence or possible probation.

Korra was the next one to the stand.

"According to the gathered testimonies, a group of men attended a secret meeting where they were conspiring against Chief Unalaq, which included your father and mother being present as well. Is this correct?" Hotah asked Korra.

Korra looked down for a moment before her eyes glanced over to Naruto who gave her a small unnoticeable nod. Before the trial started, Naruto had told Korra not to do anything dishonest like lying for her parents' sake or making threats. After all if she lied and was proven to have done so then that would only make it harder for him to try and get her parents cleared.

"Yes," Korra answered.

"And were these very men present at that meeting?"

"Well, yes, but-" Korra tried to say but the judge cut her off.

"And where exactly did this meeting take place?"

"My parents' house." Korra answered with saddened eyes.

"And who led this meeting?" Hotah asked as Korra gripped her hands on her pants legs, wishing she didn't have to answer.

"My father." Korra answered with clear sadness in her voice that made Naruto feel upset at seeing her like this. He wished he could embrace her to help comfort her but now wasn't the time.

"According to witnesses, they said that it was your father and Varrick who was leading the meetings for conspiring to cause a civil war." Hotah mentioned.

"Objection your honor!" Naruto suddenly interrupted.

"On what grounds?" Hotah questioned.

"On the grounds of it being mere speculation. Avatar Korra's father is seen as a leader of the southern tribe so it's only natural the southerners would go to him to voice their complaints to him which would include their idea of rebelling in a civil war. There was no indication that Tonraq was actually planning these conspiracy plans to kidnap Chief Unalaq himself."

"Do you have proof of this?" Hotah asked.

"I believe Korra can answer that." Naruto said before walking to her. "Is it true that your father asked you to speak to Chief Unalaq to try and get him to see how the southerners were feeling to try and reach a peaceful solution?"

Korra nodded. "Yes. I was arguing about the insanity of starting a civil war so my dad asked me to go tell this to Unalaq which is when I left right away."

"Is this true Chief Unalaq?" Hotah asked the chief who nodded conforming that it was indeed true.

Naruto smiled at this feeling he made a good step forward in clearing her parents. That is until the judge spoke up again.

"There's one problem with that." Hotah suddenly said getting their attention. "Even if your actions to find a peaceful solution are true, this means that you left the meeting unsupervised. Therefore there's a part of the meeting you can't account for due to leaving before it was finished. This means that your father could have planned the kidnapping of Chief Unalaq while you were gone while and not participating in it."

"That's only speculation as well your honor!" Naruto remarked.

"Perhaps but this does raise the question of what happened in the meeting after the Avatar left since she was the only known person against the civil war."

Naruto bit his lip as that did have a point despite knowing it might not have happened.

"You may step down now Korra." Hotah asked.

"I would like a character witness, your honor." Naruto stated and the judge gave him a small nod.

The leader of the rebels was before the judge as Naruto face him, "Can you tell me what occurred during the meeting?" he asked politely.

"Yes," the man said, "We didn't want Unalaq here, at all. We've done just fine on our own and he only comes about once or twice a year, but for what? We don't need him or his little-"

Naruto cut him off, "Thank you, now, can you tell me. Did Tonraq in any way show aggression during the meeting?"

"No," the man spat, "He only wanted to talk to Unalaq, but we knew that wouldn't work. The guy literally blocks off our ports. How do we get things here in the south? By trade. And by his decree we have to close off our home? Hell with that."

Naruto had a pensive look on his face, "So Tonraq only wished for diplomacy?"


"Thank you, and Senna?"

"Um, nothing much really. She was pretty much silent throughout the entire meeting."

Naruto nodded, "Good good. You can sit back down." He sat as the man grumblingly did so as Naruto faced the judge, "As stated, Tonraq and Senna had shown no aggression during this so called meeting."

Hotah nodded to this.

"Next I would like to question Chief Unalaq."

"On what grounds?" Hotah asked with narrowed eyes.

"Mere questions to help us gain a better understand of the situation, your honor." Naruto answered simply.

Unalaq walked over before the judge as Naruto regarded him, "Chief Unalaq, what were your intentions of blocking off the ports?"

"I was merely closing them off until the spirit troubles were at an end," the spiritualist answered, "With more and more people coming in, lives could have been in danger."

"I see." Naruto nodded, "But surely, you would have thought this would have caused some issues with the people of the South."

"I did, but not to this extreme. I was merely trying to help them." Unalaq answered.

"Help," Naruto mused, "Did you even bother asking?"


"So you just assumed you knew best."

"As Chief of the water tribe, I do what I must to aid my tribe."

"Funny, Fire Lord Sozin thought the same thing." Naruto commented, "Where did that get us all."

"Let me ask you something Mr. Beifong." Unalaq stated with a glare. "Do you know how many ships have been recently attacked by dark spirits so far?"

Hearing this question, Naruto developed an interested expression. "Umm… no?"

"Then let me tell you." Unalaq remarked almost coldly as he began explaining. "In the past few short weeks there have been over a dozen ships being attacked and sunk by dark spirits who also caused the deaths of innocent people who drowned to their deaths in the cold waters of the arctic. As a result there has been a loss of merchandise and business. So tell me what kind of chief would just let people keep sailing to their demise when I can keep them hear where it's safe until I find a proper method to ensure safety on all future ships."

Naruto, Korra, as well as everyone else who was present were stunned by the news.

"Have you made any progress in finding a safe way to ensure safety against the dark spirits?" Naruto asked curiously.

Unalaq sighed, "Unfortunately no. Due to the fact that the dark spirits are impervious to the four bending elements, there doesn't seem to be any available options I can implore. Only I have the skills to stop them but I cannot do everything myself."

"My apologies then." Naruto said apologetically and cleared his throat, "Chief Unalaq, as I am sure you have noticed, that the monarchy has slowly declined over the years, the people have voices now. The South has been on its own during the Hundred Year war. They have learned to depend on themselves, so, can we truly say this was not an expected out come?" he question.

Unalaq was silent for a beat, "Perhaps so." He begrudgingly admitted.

"Thank you, I have no further questions." Naruto said and turned to the judge, "As you can see your honor, my clients, while extreme in their methods, were merely fighting for their freedom, isn't that something we all desire? The way to live our life freely?"

Hotah gave no indication of answering, but turned to Unalaq, "You may step down, Chief Unalaq."

The chief did so as Hotah stood, "I will return shortly once I have reached my decision." He then left the courtroom.

"Holy crap." Naruto swore quietly, his face beaded with sweat as he loosened his neckerchief while leaning his other hand on the defendants table.

"You did good Naruto," Tonraq complemented to the blond.

"Thanks, but I was winging that." The officer stated, "Never again am I doing a court case." He muttered as Tonraq gave a light laugh.

Korra flashed him a nervous smile, one he exchanged as they waited for the judge's return.

Unalaq held a face of neutrality, as expected of a man like him, Naruto supposed.

It was about twenty minutes later that Hotah returned to his seat and all the defendants rose before the judge.

"Senna," he stated, "Step forward." And Korra's mother did so in her restraints, "I have found you innocent."

Korra gave a silent cheer as Naruto and Korra's parents looked pleased.

Senna walked to the side as her restraints were released and hugged her daughter tightly.

"Tonraq, step forward." And the man did so, "In light of the evidence viewed in this trial, you are also innocent, but on a six month probationary period in case of more talks of civil war."

Korra and Senna hugged each other, pleased with the result and Tonraq himself looked surprised. He walked to the side and released of his restraints and gave his brother a side glance, one that was not returned.

"As for the rest of you," Hotah said in a tight tone, "Your actions would normally call for execution." He explained.

"Your honor!" Naruto exclaimed as the crowd gasped, but Hotah raised his hand.

"But in light of your actions and for independence and by the opinion of Chief Unalaq." he explained, "Your sentence has been changed to serving ten years in prison with possible early release for good behavior."

That got some looks of the relief from the rebels as they were escorted out of the courtroom.

"Court is adjourned." Hotah said as he stood up and exited as well. The crowd stood from their seats as well and left while talking about the case.

"Naruto!" Korra cheered and flung her arms around her boyfriend's neck, pulling them in close together, "That was amazing." She praised and peeked his cheek a few times and she tightened her hug as his arms wrapped around her hips, "Thank you, so much. I mean it." The Avatar said, resting her head on his shoulder.

"I was really winging it." The blond laughed sheepishly as he kissed her forehead.

"Well, you are good at that."

Naruto arched a brow at her teasing tone, "Really now?"


"So say I wing, this?" he said as he stole a kiss from her pretty lips, "I'm good."

Korra hummed with pursed lips, "Well, I'd have to test that out with a few more times to be sure."

"I like this test."

The clearing of a throat got the two teens to turn their heads. Senna had an amused face while Tonraq's was stony.

Korra just hugged her man tighter, "Hi dad." She smiled cheekily.

The father sighed and ran a hand through his hair, he's had enough stress today to play tough father, "Naruto," he said, clapping the teen on his shoulder, "Thank you, honestly."

"It was no trouble sir." The earthbender stated with assurance as he gave a smile.

"How'd you like to join us for dinner?" Tonraq asked.

"I make a mean sea prunes stew." Senna winked.

"Well," Naruto answered, "How can I say no to that." Besides, he had been meaning to try some more water tribe cuisine.

"Then let's go." Korra said, literally dragging him by the arm as they dashed ahead.

"I like him." Senna told her husband, getting a broody look that made her roll her blue eyes, "Oh, let it go."

"No," Tonraq said somewhat childishly, "I'm a father, I'm allowed to make him sweat a bit more…even if I like him too."

"Men," Senna rolled her eyes once more, but still smiled as she and her husband linked arms and walked out of the courthouse with their freedom.

Judge Hotah was packing up his things for the day after finishing the trial.

"You did your job well, Hotah." A new voice said startling Hotah causing him to drop his papers before he turned around to see Unalaq coming out of the shadows and walking towards him with a neutral expression on his face, however Hotah could feel discomfort in the atmosphere around him. There's was always something about Unalaq during the night that gave him a more intense presence.

"Thank you sir… may I ask what brings you here?" Hotah asked nervously.

"Just wishing to talk about the possibilities of any more future trials you'll hold concerning the southerners attempts at rebelling against me." Unalaq simply said.

"Tell me something before that." Hotah questioned. "You were originally planning to have me find your brother guilty and send him to prison, so why did you have me instead set him free?"

"Sometimes things don't go the way you originally planned them." Unalaq replied dismissively, "In any case the trial has served its purpose. Any doubt or suspicion Avatar Korra might've had about me is now gone as her trust in me has been restored. Varrick obviously thought I would rig the trial but now that it has been shown as a fair one they'll start doubting him instead. As for my brother, this incident has begun to lower the hostility he feels against me for teaching his daughter. So with that I've killed thre birds with one stone."

Hotah said nothing after hearing everything Unalaq had planned. It showed just how manipulative and crafty he was. Considering how he had been the one that set his brother up for banishment it was no wonder he hadn't been caught yet. "You said something about future trials, what are they?"

"Nothing for you to be concerned with right now. Just know that from this point I want you to have all trials go fairly and justified." Unalaq replied before he took a more serious face. "However what I would like for you to do is leave the southern tribe for a while."

Hotah looked at Unalaq in surprise. "What!? Why!?"

"I can't afford the possibility of you being captured for questioning by the southerners. You may be loyal to me but I know you're not courageous." Unalaq said before he seemed to develop a darker look that began to scare Hotah who took a step back in fear. "You would end up spilling secrets about me under the right forceful methods so I want you to leave the southern and return to the north."

"Are you firing me!?" Hotah asked in worry.

To his relief however Unalaq shook his head. "Nothing as extreme as that. Just consider this the perfect time for you to go on a little vacation so to speak. Your absence will be done by someone else I have who isn't so easy to break."

Hotah looked at the northern chief in suspicion before he replied. "How long would I have to stay away?"

"A few long weeks but once my plans are in order your free to return." Unalaq commented before he picked up one of the papers on the ground and looked at it on mild curiosity.

"What will you do about Beifong?" Hotah questioned getting Unalaq's attention back to him.

"Nothing right now, he is merely a figure of interest for me. His personal spirit ally Kurama is one of the main interesting things about him. His performance as my brother's lawyer was amusing to watch. However now that the trials over I plan to move onto the next phase of my plan."

"What plan?" Hotah asked since he only knew about Unalaq's past but nothing about what he was planning for the future. He had been keeping that to himself since the day he recruited him to work for him as a judge to tamper with special cases.

Unalaq gave Hotah a smirk of amusement. "That's something I won't be telling you. After all you already know information that would be bad for me if it ever got out, so why would I bother telling you more?"

Hotah remained silent as he bent down to begin picking up the papers. Unalaq gave him the one he was still holding before he stacked them away in his bag and picked it up before heading out, but not before he asked one last question.

"How soon do you want me to leave?" Hotah asked without turning around.

"As soon as possible, before the sunset of tomorrow." Unalaq replied before Hotah walked away without another word.

Unalaq was now alone in the courtroom as he walked to the archive room for something. "Time for me to do my own little investigation." He said to himself with a small smile, before starting his search.

Done and done!

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