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Korra woke up in a gasp, holding a hand to her face as she breathed heavily with beads of sweat running down her forehead.

"A dream?" she mumbled to herself. That's what it must have been, just some crazy dream.

Seriously, what did some hippie kid, two kites of white/blue and black/red tangled together have to do with planets aligning?

The Avatar got up and walked to the bathroom where she washed her face a bit and got dressed to head to her parents for breakfast.

She walked out of her hut and saw Naruto playing with Naga and silently chuckled. She moved behind him and put a hand on her hip, "So, having fun, Naruto?" she asked him.

Naruto turned around and blinked in surprise but grinned, "Morning Korra." And rubbed Naga's face, "I think we're getting along just fine." Naga licked his face, getting slobber all over him, "…maybe too much." He grimaced as Korra laughed into her hand and coughed to cover it when he glared at her.

She held her arms behind her back, "Well, I was heading to my parents for breakfast." She was connecting more with her dad as of now after the whole trial incident, "Care to Join?" she asked with a smirk.

"Sure, after I clean up a bit." He said as Korra started to bend the snow and turned it into water. She washed the slobber away and removed the water from him that was left over, "I love you." He said in a serious tone.

"I know. You just can't live without me." She said smugly and winked her blue eyes.

He gave an easy smile and said, "Hmm, I think I have to agree." She kissed his cheek and got up on Naga, "Thought so." She said to him as he got on behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist as she snuggled back into him a bit.

"Let's go, Naga!" Korra mushed and the polar bear dog barked and moved through the snow.

The two remained silent for a while simply enjoying each other's company and being pressed against one another as they rode through the snow. Eventually the silence was broken.

"So how's you spiritual training going?" The blond asked to start up a conversation.

"It's going alright, Unalaq says that I've been progressing well and may soon be ready to face Dark Spirits." The Avatar spoke up as she felt like she was closer to reaching her full potential.

"He isn't by any chance having you test your skills against actual dark spirits is he?" Naruto asked out of curiosity and a small level of concern.

"No, although I wouldn't mind doing that just for a test drive." Korra said wishing she got to see some action to try out her practiced skills. She then turned to the blond with a smirk. "My dad seems to be getting along better with you."

Naruto snorted, "Yeah, well, when your boyfriend acts like his lawyer and prevents him from going to jail, a guy can't help but grow more accustomed to the guy in his daughter's life." He said with a small trail of humor before he got a questionable expression. "Although your mom once told me something I didn't get."

"Hmm, what was that?" Korra asked wondering what her mom had said.

"She said that she was glad I was around and that she hopes to see the family continue to prosper like it has so far." The blond asked confusingly wording of it. Seriously, third zone of a bending field much?

Korra on the other hand developed a shocked expression that was thankfully hidden with her back turned as her face got red with blood rushing to her cheeks and embarrassment coursing through her mind as her mind flashed back to what she was told from her.

"Say Korra, how cute and adorable do you think your future children would be with your beauty and Naruto's handsome looks?" Senna asked her while she was looking through Korra's baby pictures in an album.

I swear she's trying to drive me crazy or kill me with embarrassment! Korra could only think to herself in frustration as her body started to feel warmer with Naruto's hands and chest on her back.

What should've been an average ride felt like a long time for the young Avatar.

Unalaq was in his chamber, quietly scanning a report from one of his troops with another complaint about fighting almost erupting in the streets with them getting attacked by the southerners.

It seemed that things were still tense between both tribes and it wasn't going to clear up anytime soon.

As he continued to go over the papers his body tensed up as he felt the presence of someone or something in the room with him. He put the paper down on his desk and rose from his chair, "Come out." He commanded sternly, his eyes scanning the room for the intruder.

"Lean over, just a bit." A gruff voice said mockingly.

Unalaq did so and to his surprise saw the small fox spirit, Kurama.

The chief blinked in surprise, "Why, Kurama, what may I do for you?" he asked pleasantly.

Kurama jumped atop his desk, pacing a bit until he sat on his hind legs, his tail wagging a bit, "Oh, just a chat is all." The spirit said with a wide vulpine smile, showing his teeth.

"About?" if possible, Kurama's smile widened.

"Why, you're amazing performance of course!" The fox said cheerfully with an all knowing attitude.

"Excuse me?" Unalaq said with a sorry smile.

Kurama narrowed his eyes, not fooled in the least by his act, "Now now, no need to be modest. The way you actually believed your words in that courtroom and that you actually cared for all those people that died in the recent Dark Spirit attacks. I mean, why would you care since you're the one who summoned those dark spirits and all?" The fox spirit said with mirthful eyes.

Unalaq frowned, "I find it insulting that you would-" Kurama cut him off.

"Stop acting like a saint, human," the fox said with powerful eyes, "The rest of the humans and even that Avatar cannot sense it, but as a spirit, I can feel the lingering darkness you've been touched upon. I believe this is what they call, check."

Unalaq's frame was rigid as he narrowed his icy blue eyes at the fox spirit and leaned a palm on his desk, "And if I did?" he said in a terse tone.

"Then nothing." The fox spirit replied to the surprise and confusion of the Northern Chief.

Unalaq nearly lost his poker face, "Nothing? Why?" the fox had him cornered and in a position of submission if the fox had told someone about it since he was so close to the avatar.

Kurama jumped off the desk and started to walk out the room, "Simple really. I'm a spectator, an observer you could say. Someone who's only purpose is to be a witness to the events that are eventually going to unfold. You are just mere figures for me to be entrained with. And I must say, you play the villain card far better than Amon ever did, bravo good sir."

Kurama missed at how Unalaq's jaw tightened at the word villain.

As the fox spirit continued to head for the door, the ice melted around him and the water started to spin around him, like Unalaq had done to the other dark spirits to send them back to the spirit world.

"I am not the villain in this script of yours, spirit." The chief said in a tight voice as his eyes reflected blue pools that could freeze blood.

Kurama shook his head, "Ah, the one who believes in his cause type, even better for a laugh." He said as he turned to face Unalaq and bubbles of crimson and orange started to foam from the fox's body and a presence entered the room.

Unalaq stood rigid as a trickle of sweat dripped down his neck as his instincts screamed at him.

Kurama let out a roar that should not have come from something so small. It was followed by a shockwave that sent the chief through his desk, sending papers flying and into the ice wall, hard enough to crack it. The spiritual rings that had been used to try and send him back to the spirit world were blasted away as well.

"Ugh." The man groaned and blinked his eyes as everything was blurry and his head throbbed as he peeled off the wall and fell to his knees.

Kurama trotted up to him as his padded feet echoed on the floor.

The fox shook his head, "Honestly, that was dumb of you. You tried to send me away? Like if I was a merely another spirit you could decide their fate." He frowned as he seemed to take offense at being underestimated so much, damn this small disguise, it sucked. "You may have some impressive skills but they're still not enough to conquer more ancient spirits like myself and others who still reside in the spirit world."

"T-Then why did you come here? Was it to just rub it in my face?"

"That's partially the reason but as for the rest I'll keep it to myself. Just remember that I'm merely an eye that'll see to everything you plan on doing and that I intend to see which side emerges victorious and at what consequences." The fox said before he left and Unalaq didn't try to stop him this time.

Korra and Naruto got to enjoy breakfast together at her parents place and things seemed to be going good. Her mom was happy the trial was behind them, her Dad was getting back his connection with her, Naruto was more welcomed and she was feeling like life was going great for her so far. After finishing the meal and Naruto helping clean the table the two went into the city to meet up with the guys and surprisingly Varrick who seemed to have decided to stay inside the stuffed platypus bear which they found to be very weird considering his assistant was also in there with him and they had to sleep while standing up.

"So, rigged huh?" Korra asked Ping-Ping, the stuffed platypus bear, which hid Varrick and his assistant.

Naruto and Korra stopped by as the man was chatting with Asami as Mako lounged around.

Varrick made his displeasured face, "Well, if Golden Boy didn't get in there…" he muttered off, annoyed at being wrong about Unalaq, the guy was just wrong, but was very good at hiding it. But regardless his Varrick senses were tingling, and they were never wrong! NEVER!

Well, there was that one time with… no, nope! NEVER!

Never wrong.

"Yeah, really dirty guy that Unalaq." Korra nodded to humor the man.

"Trust me girly, you'll see what mean soon enough." Varrick said before a radio flared up from within Ping-Ping's stomach.

"You have a radio, in there?" Asami blinked.

"Of course I do!" Varrick announced as if it were obvious, "Got to know what's going on out there, plus, I can hear my easy listenings." He grinned dazzlingly.

"Uhh…where is it plugged in?" Naruto asked since he didn't see a cord.

"Haha! Trade secret!"

The teenagers just looked at him with blank faces.

The radio crackled once more and it sounded like a distress call.

"Make that louder." Korra said and from the sounds of it, a ship was calling for help. It was under attack by dark spirits.

"They're giving coordinates." Mako pointed out.

"And they aren't far." Korra added as she looked out towards the dock, eyes narrowed.

"You going?" Asami asked her as Korra nodded.

"Damn right I am. Let's go, Naruto."

Naruto nodded as they rushed out the building.

"Hope we make it in time." Naruto said, holding onto Korra on the large slab of ice she had made and was propelling on a wave.

"We have to." The Avatar said sternly, "It's only about thirty miles out." She said, moving the wave faster.

"You practice that purification thing down?" The blond asked feeling like they wouldn't have much luck winning without it.

"Oh yeah." Korra grinned, "Those dark spirits aren't going to get the drop on us this time."

Naruto gave a chuckle, "Good attitude, let's hope we're not severely outnumbered."

The two sailed across the sea with Korra putting as much speed as she can to reach the sailors in time. They continued to ahead until they saw a bunch of lights emanating from a distance.

"That's gotta be the Dark Spirits giving off that glow! They must still be attacking the ship!" Naruto speculated as it looked like they were staying around an area.

"Time for some payback for our last match!" Korra proclaimed before she accelerated their pace and they closed in on the damage and nearly sinking ship.

It appeared to be a large fishing ship which over a dozen crew members on board as they were trying to fight off three Dark Spirits that were assaulting the ship. One of the spirits looked like a jellyfish with 3 pairs of green eyes on the top of its body as it was using it's stinger tentacles to try and bash the ship apart, the second one looked like a large serpent with a mouth that split open into four corners and had quills on its back as it used its tail to slam and try to constrict the hull of the ship, the last one looked like some humanoid fish with a wide mouth full of teeth, fin covered limps like flippers and a sail fin on its back.

"There's three of them and man they are all ugly." Naruto commented on the three dark spirits.

"It doesn't matter because we're not letting them sink another ship!" Korra shouted as came onto the ships side and jumped on board as Korra blasted water onto the Fish looking spirit, pushing it back while Naruto took some metal containers on the ship and used them to whack the other two spirits on the head which made them stop and back away for a moment before they screeched at the two in anger.

"Well…we got their attention, what now?" Naruto asked as he and Korra were not back to back to cover each other.

"I can't purify all three of them at once; I need you to distract two of them so they don't disrupt my concentration until I finish the purification process."

"I'm gonna need some help with that first." Naruto grumbled as he knew he could keep them occupied without some assistance from Korra first.

The three Dark Spirits roared as they lunged towards them, intending to sink them along with the ship.

"You're going down." Korra said with bared teeth and the tide obeyed by raising the ship, washing over the three spirits as they scattered.

"Hey!" Naruto cried out, bending the metal of the ship to block one's escape, causing it to stumble. He reared back his hand with a Rasengan at the ready and crashed it into the stomach of the humanoid fish creature, sending it flying into the bow.

Korra flipped out of the way of a sweep from of the Jellyfish dark spirit's extending hands and lashed out the water on the deck with icy daggers, making the dark spirit stumble back. Korra planted her feet firmly as she rotated her arms smoothly as the water started to circle around the spirit, getting it to screech.

Naruto ducked under an extended limp of the humanoid fish dark spirits and swung his arms rapidly, getting the bow to contort and trap the spirit, until it went and ripped itself out, but Naruto was already on top of it and slammed it back down with another Rasengan, "Korra!"

"I got it!" she shouted and moved after him after purifying the spirit she was fighting and motioned for the waters below to help her out as Naruto beat the spirit down again with his chakra orb.

With circular motions, the water spun around the downed spirit in smooth motions as it became to groan and turn into light particles that dissipated.

"Go in peace." Korra mumbled and turned to look for the last one.

Which was gone.

"Dammit." Korra cursed as the bottom of her fist slammed the railing, "It got away!" it must have fled during the fight!

"Look!" Naruto pointed out in the distance as the dark spirit was surfing along the water and seemed to be heading back to the South Pole.

"It got some distance." Korra frowned.

"Go," Naruto told her, getting her to blink and before she could object he cut her off, "We're out in the middle of the ocean. You'll be able to catch it without me getting in the way. Mean time, I'll call in from the radio to the port…get some people to help drag this in." he stated softly and gestured to the few unconscious people that were still on the ship.

Korra gained a frustrated look in her eyes, but nodded all the same, "Stay safe?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" The blond smirked back at her.

Korra's lip quirked up, "Maybe." She stated and jumped into the water as she rode a great wave, chasing the fleeing dark spirit.

Naruto moved back into the cabin for the radio, "Testing, testing, we have a stranded ship here, thirty miles north west from the southern port, assistance needed, over."

The radio crackled a moment later and said, "Copy. We'll send a ship to pick you up, over."

"Roger over and out." Naruto said as he hung the radio back up looked into the direction of where Korra left and said, "Seriously, no recklessness, Korra."

Korra continued to follow the dark spirit, which was very elusive. The serpent spirit had continued to head for the South Pole for some strange reason. Maybe it wanted to hide underground or it was going back for help.

"Whatever the reason I can't let it escape." Korra muttered determinately as she continued pursue the spirit.

Eventually it reached land and headed into the mountains where Korra followed hot on its trail riding the air scooter to keep up with it. However things changed when the spirit turned to her and stroke her with its tail.

"Ahh." The avatar cried out as she landed in the snow harshly before her eyes widened seeing the spirit attempt open its jaws and lunge at her in an attempt to devour her.

She rolled to the side avoiding the harsh collision as she fired a burst of fire at the serpent but it didn't do much other than repelling it for a moment. The spirit slithered at her and tried to wrap itself around her, but Korra used waterbending to melt some snow and then used it to create a thick wall of ice that caused the spirit to crash its head against the wall and slowly fall down a bit.

Korra seized her chance by unfreezing the wall and turning it into rings that swirled around the dark spirit. The rings turned gold as they began to envelop the spirit in its glow. However as the light began to reach its head the roared in angry defiance and spat out a substance that struck Korra and broke her concentration. The purification process was undone and the spirit broke free and rammed into Korra head first as she was slammed into a snowbank as the wind was knocked out of her.

The spirit screeched and then slithered away again as Korra struggled to get back up.

"Urg…okay…now I'm pissed." She said as she got back on her feet and made another air scooter to follow after the spirit only this time using stealth so that it didn't see her closing in or hear her.

She began to catch up to it but then it suddenly began to slow down until it came to a complete stop in a clearing. Korra undid her air scooter and bent the snow to hide under it.

The serpent spirit stopped as it looked ahead and Korra followed its gaze wondering what it was looking at.

Why did it stop here and what's it looking at? Korra wondered.

"Why are you back?" A new voice said that Korra instantly recognized.

From out of the shadows between trees came out Unalaq who was looking confused.

Unalaq! Why is he here?! The young avatar thought.

"Ssssshaaaarrghhh." The Dark Spirit spoke which only sounded like a hissing sound to Korra.

"Ran into trouble you say?" Unalaq said with a raised eyebrow. "What was it?"

"Ssssaaaaahhhss." The serpent spoke out.

Unalaq now had a surprised expression, "The Avatar and a blonde earthbender you say?" he said before taking a more neutral expression. "She wasn't supposed to be out there. Did you manage to sink the ship like I asked you to?"

Korra's face turned to shock at what she just heard. No…it can't be…Unalaq is the one who ordered the ship to be sunk.

The spirit spoke again giving Unalaq his answer. "So you failed due to Korra purifying the other two and you leaving the battlefield." He stated as the spirit said nothing. "It doesn't matter, now that there's been another spirit attack people will hear about it and their fear will grow as they seek for a solution and will have no choice but to come to me for help. Once they do I'll gain their confidence and use their desperation to move into the next step of my plan."


Unalaq suddenly got an angry expression at what he heard. "What do you mean the Avatar followed you!" he bellowed angrily as the spirit spoke again. "She followed you from the ship and fought you in the mountains. What did you do to her exactly?"


"You knocked her out and then left?" Unalaq asked as the spirit nodded. "Good, then everything is still as it should be. It would be unsporting to have Avatar Korra perish before my plans are complete." He said before he turned and walked away. "Go back to the snowy mountains with the other spirits and wait until I summon you again."

The spirit hissed before it dug underground and vanished from sight.

A few minutes passed when Unalaq and the spirit left as Korra hadn't moved from her hiding spot. She was too shaken up by what she had heard. Unalaq, her uncle had been responsible for all the attacks on ships and was using her to achieve some ultimate goal.

Suddenly Korra's demeanor changed to one of anger, He's not going to get away with this!

Korra had immediately returned to the city and looked for her friends to reveal the shocker she had discovered. She managed to find Mako and Asami but didn't have time to find Bolin anymore. Thankfully she found Naruto when he was brought back by a southern ship that had been allowed to leave the pier to go and rescue them. It seemed Unalaq did this to gain a little positive public image much to her disgust since he was the one who ordered the ship to be sunk. The group met in the same room where they knew Varrick was residing since they felt he needed to know too.

"I can't believe I ever trusted him." Korra said bitterly after learning the truth.

"It's not your fault Korra, he fooled us all but the main issue is figuring out what our next move will be." Naruto said with his arms crossed in thought.

Varrick gave a mock sad sigh, "Well, I hate to say it, but…I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!" the businessman cackled, "This is what happens when you don't listen to Varrick, Miss Avatar." He grinned, getting Korra to scowl at him.

"If you keep rubbing it in then I'll flood the inside of that bear and then freeze its skin." Korra said as she was still in a bad mood from what she learned.

Everyone took a step back from her in slight fear at threat.

Varrick was unfazed. "But I did warn you, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did," Korra said in an irked tone, "Still, first things first, I'm getting my parents out of here and going back to Republic City." The Avatar said while punching her palm in determination.

"Is that the best move right now?" Asami asked thinking the sudden action was reckless.

"You do realize that once we escape with the Chief of the South that they'll be no turning back and a civil war will begin." Mako said in a knowing tone.

"You might want to get my rebels out of jail too." Varrick stated dutifully.

"If we can get Republic City's military to help us, then Unalaq won't stand a chance. We can end this quickly and before it escalates." Naruto mentioned, helping with the idea.

Korra nodded. "Then we're all in agreement, first thing well have to do is…"

Suddenly the door to the room opened and they all turned to see Bolin… only he was dressed differently. His hair looked like it wore gel that was now combed back and he was wearing a water tribe outfit like coat or robe and even Pabu was dressed the same with his own hair gelled.

"What…the hell…are you wearing?" Naruto slowly spoke up while pointing to what Bolin was wearing almost with disgust.

"I don't even want to know." Mako quickly said as he got the feeling that he was better of not knowing why.

"I'm guessing that the breakup plan with Eska didn't work?" Asami asked already knowing the answer.


"Sorry, guess it wasn't such a good idea." Asami apologized.

"I'm pretty sure the guy is the one who's supposed to give the girl the betrothal necklace." Korra said after seeing the pendant Bolin was wearing which she found creepy with the small skull that seemed to be looking at them.

Naruto suddenly got a fearful expression before he turned to Korra. "Please tell me that I'm not gonna have to wear that if I ever got engaged to you." He asked feeling like he would rather wear that damn monkey suit again than that water tribe robe, dress, coat…whatever the hell it was.

Before Korra could answer Asami got a mischief smirk on her face as she turned to Naruto. "Why Naruto, are you saying that you have plans for proposing to Korra?" she asked teasingly.

Suddenly Naruto gained a huge blush but not as big as Korra's whose face was completely flustered in embarrassment and looked at Naruto in wonder at hearing Asami's question as her mind began to wonder if her beloved boyfriend did have any such plans.

"SAY WHAT! I… her…no I don't…I mean…I'm just saying…that IF I did, I wouldn't want to wear that outfit cause it's hideous." The blonde stuttered out after getting his words together.

"HEY!" Bolin shouted in protest, feeling like Naruto said he was ugly.

"Hey nothing Bolin, that outfit is hideous and you know it!" Naruto shouted back.

Asami still had on her teasing smirk. "So you don't want to marry her?" she asked trying to poke more out of him.

"Can we please get back to the matters at hand." Mako interrupted, getting everyone's attention on him as he saw Naruto mouth a silent '"thank you" to him.

"Thing about women is you got to lie big and lie fast." Varrick said knowingly, "Now, gather around Ping-Ping, and let's talk rebellious plan."

As Bolin and Varrick made way to his boat, the rest of the Krew let Tonraq know what had happened.

To say that Tonraq was furious was an understatement.

It was simple to break out the prisoners since Tonraq knew every nook and cranny of it. So, with knocking out the guards and escaping down the hidden entrance they came in, the rebels were home free as the group discussed what to do next.

"Dad, come on." Korra gritted her teeth, "We need to get you and mom out of here." She pleaded.

Tonraq gave a sad shake of his head, "I'm sorry, Korra, but I need to stay here." He said as he looked at the rebels, "I need to lead them." He said sternly with hardened eyes.


"Korra." He said, smiling at her, "I'm so proud of you, but you need to do what you can as I do what I can. Talk to the president, tell him what's going on."

Korra's shoulders slacked and she gave her father a powerful hug, "Stay safe."

Tonraq smiled and hugged her back, "Of course." He promised as he let go and clapped Naruto on the shoulder, "Watch over her," he said and as Naruto was about to answer, he cut the boy of saying, "Or else."

"Yes sir." Naruto saluted out of reflex.

"Good man." The master waterbender nodded, "Alright, get going." He told the Krew as he and the rebels moved to start the real rebellion of the South Pole.

The group loaded onto Varrick's ship, as he was still inside Ping-Ping with a captain's hat on as he pushed the knobs and dials to start his ship up, "Hey, Avatar, we got a bit of a sea block from our Northern friends." He pointed out with a claw.

And indeed, the port was blocked off by at least a dozen Northern ships.

"If only we had a plane to get me closer to those ships, then I could waterbend our way out." The Avatar said feeling frustrated.

"A plane?!" Varrick exclaimed with wide eyes and grinned, "Well why didn't you say so?" he said and pushed a button. Alarms whistled as the deck split open and a folded bi-plane was set on the deck, ready for flight.

"Um," Mako blinked, "Why do you have a plane on your boat?" he asked questioningly.

"In case the boat sinks of course." Varrick said smirk as if it was obvious with a roll of his eyes.

Asami leaned forward, "But there's no runway," she said, making Varrick's eyes go wide and frown, "How are we supposed to take off?" she questioned her business partner.

Varrick looked down, "Zhu-li, take a note." He said with annoyance, "Build runway on ship."

"Yes sir." The young woman said from inside the stomach of the stuffed animal.

"You got to admire her dedication." Naruto muttered, seriously, what a woman.

"How does she even get enough light to write in there?" Bolin questioned since it had to be dark inside.

Korra narrowed her blue eyes and said, "I have an idea."

With Asami at the stick and Korra and Mako holding onto each end of a wing, the heiress started up the plane and moved forward.

"Now!" Korra ordered as she fire a blaze behind her as Mako did the same to give the plane some acceleration and flew right off the ship and luckily right into the air.

Varrick's ship speedily followed after the plane as it was soon atop the blockade.

Korra closed her eyes and summoned upon the Avatar State as she started to water bend a giant wave, pushing the ships out of the way for Varrick as if they were toys.

Korra smiled, it seemed they were home free.

After landing back onto Varrick's ship the Krew celebrated as Bolin thanked Korra. "Way to go Korra, we're through the blockade and on our way to Republic City."

"But I started a civil war!" the Avatar shouted, but Bolin grinned.

"Exactly, with a civil war, there's no way for me and Eska to get married. My problems are solved."

"People, we got company," Varrick announced, "And not the good kind!" he said looking through his spyglass.

The group turned to see a wave coming their way.

"What is that?" Bolin asked as Varrick solemnly gave him the spyglass. Bolin looked and choked on his own spit before looking once more. There far away and closing was none other than Eska who looked furious and like she might have been crying since her makeup was running. Either that or her face got wet as she was water bending her way towards them. "That would be my crazy ex-girlfriend Eska," he said as he turned to Varrick, "Please tell me this thing is fast enough?"

"Ha!" the business tycoon barked out, "Why did you think I made this thing?" he asked as the boat started to speed ahead, leaving Eska in the dust…water, something like that.

"Dude," Naruto said looking at Bolin, "Where the heck do you find these girls?" he question.

"It's a curse." Bolin sighed out miserable, his head hanging on a support beam.

It took them a bit of time, but they made it back to Republic City and docked in the port.

As the group disembarked and Lin, Naruto's mother, walked up to them in full uniform.

"Naruto," she smiled lightly at him with a nod as he greeted her back.

"Mom." The blond smiled back at seeing her.

Lin turned to Korra with her hands on her hips as her face was stern, "Welcome home, Avatar." She said before looking a bit displeased, "So, Civil War huh?" she asked and the Avatar scowled the moment she heard that.

"Mom." Naruto frowned as his mother shrugged.

"Sue me, I'm curious." The police Chief said.

"It wasn't my fault." Korra said, until her face grimaced, "Sorta, well, it's complicated." She rushingly explained as Lin turned to Naruto and Mako.

"I want you two back on the beat, there's going to be Southern Water Tribe peace march tonight. I need you two there to make sure things don't get out of hand."

"I'm all yours." Mako said stiffly.

Naruto nodded, "You got it."

Korra looked at them and turned back to Lin, face determined, "I'll go too." She said, "The people of the South need to see the Avatar is on their side in the fight against the Northern invaders."

Lin just gave a dull blink with her green eyes and sarcastically said, "Great, that should calm them down." And she walked down the dock.

"She's got a point." Mako commented.

"Why?" Korra questioned, eyes narrowed dangerously.

"I think what he's trying to say is that you being there for one side might bring in some conflict." Asami stated as she walked up to them.

Korra whirled to face her, "I'm done playing neutral, look where that got us in the South Pole! I've got to take action."

Naruto placed her hand on her shoulder, "Korra, we've got to go in with a cool head." He urged her gently.

The deeply tanned girl gritted her teeth, "My home is being invaded, the only reason I'm here is to get Republic City to send troops to support the South." Korra said with heat as her shoulders were tense.

Varrick walked up to them and said, "That's why I got Zhu-Li to arrange an appointment with President Raiko." He grinned and pointed his finger at Korra from his ship, "We'll get him on board." He said with assurance.

"Whatever." Mako shrugged, "I got to go to work." He said, walking away.

"And I have to join him," Naruto sighed, "I was hoping for a vacation, not more work." He kissed Korra on the cheek and winked, "I'll see ya later, Water Princess. Come on, Kurama!" he called out as he followed Mako.

"Yeah yeah." The fox trotted after him.

"I got to check on my factory." Asami said as she walked down the dock too.

Korra said, "I'm going to find out about this peace march."

"And I," Varrick said as he turned to Zhu-Li while pointing at her, "am dying for a pedicure." He said as his assistance gave him a blank face. He poked her nose and shimmed on down the dock too, Zhu-Li following with his luggage in hand as Bolin stood on the dock, alone.

"So, what should I be doing?" he asked and Mako answered.

"I don't know Bolin, figure something out."

Varrick turned slightly at Bolin as he thought of something while Bolin looked sullen. He zoomed next to him and wrapped an around the kid's shoulder, "Say, kid, have you ever seen Republic City at night?" he asked as his free arm fanned in front of him.

"Sure," Bolin said with his hands in his pockets while Pabu scurried into his shirt, "I live here."

Varrick grinned, "Have you really, seen it?" he asked in a more mysterious tone.


Varrick gave a laugh, "That's what I thought." He said as he marched forward, taking Bolin with him, "Come with me!"

"Just listen to them," Naruto commented in full metalbender uniform as he crossed his arms.

A major crowd had gathered around the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center as in the square of the building, a statue of Sokka, with his trusty boomerang, stood tall and proud.

Korra led the peace march on Naga as other Southerners walked behind her with candles and banners in hand. Behind the barricades stood all kinds of people, but mainly those from the North, who were booing loudly and mocking Korra.

Who was showing thick skin to them and pressed on towards the center.

The metalbender police force were fanned out on guard detail as Naruto and Lin stood by the square of the center with a few more officers.

"Geez," the blond frowned, "You'd think hearing about what Unalaq did would smear his name, but no, they still cheer for him." He referred to the Northerners.

"You shouldn't be so surprised," Lin waved off, "People are fickle, Naruto, this is just proof of that."

"Still," Naruto protested tightly, "I think-" he was interrupted by an explosion.

The Cultural Center had just blew up in multiple explosions.

Korra looked on in horror as even Lin and Naruto were stunned speechless as the explosions continued to go off until the entire center was in a blaze.

The crowd was screaming and watching on as the building burned, sirens blaring in the distance.

Korra shook her head out of her shock and started to bend the water that surrounded Sokka's statue and use it to try and take out the fire.

"Officers!" Naruto barked out as he planted his feet firm and twisted them, making the ground grainy. He started to fire sand blasts into the fire as other officers copied him, trying to quell the blaze.

The Avatar gritted her teeth and told Naruto, "The Northern Water Tribe is out of control." She stated as Mako ran up to them, hearing her and holding some kind of device.

"I saw a firebender running away from the blast," he told the two, "the North might not be responsible for this." He said as the sirens were louder now.

"Of course they're responsible." Korra firmly said and narrowed her blue eyes, "Who else would it be?" he questioned as the fire trucks halted in front of the scene.

"Let's just get this fire out." Naruto told them.

Korra rushed over to fire trucks to use the water from the tanks to take out the fire as the earthbenders continued to blast the building with sand.

It was a long night.

The next day, the news of the disturbed peace march raddled throughout the city greatly. Naruto had heard from Mako how he found some kind of detonator that might've caused the explosions. Naruto looked at it but didn't recognize it at all. He told him to see if Asami was familiar with the device since when it came to inventions she knew just about most of them. While Mako did that, Naruto had left the precinct to meet up with an old friend of his and get his help.

He found the home where the person resided. It was a moderate two story tall house with a garage and wideness to it. It was located in the upper side of town near the Pro Bending Arena strangely enough. Once he knocked on the door and was allowed inside, he began to talk revealing everything that's happened and what he needed from him.

"No way!" gasped a beautiful girl with brunette hair and big brown eyes as she hung upside down from a horizontal bar.

"Yep." Naruto nodded while leaning back as he sat in the living room.

Itachi, who was leaning against the wall, also had his arms crossed and eyes closed, "Would this be the right course of action?"

"I'm not sure. But it would give the rebels a good fighting chance. Unalaq brought quite a few troops from the north and as you know, it's always been the superior sister tribe in terms of size and military strength."

Yuki flipped to the ground with an elegant bounce that caused her breasts to jump as well before they settled in her step as she sat on a chair while grinning up a storm, "For real? Wow, this is going to be big."

Naruto nodded and said honestly, "And I need Itachi at the head of this."

Itachi cracked open his red eye, peering at Naruto, "I'm in charge?"

"Yep." The blond grinned.

"And I select the team?" The reincarnated Uchiha asked.

"Well…" Naruto stuttered, not sure how to say it.

The black firebender sighed and said, "Whose coming?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head with a sheepish laugh and told them.

Yuki's mouth was unhinged as even Itachi was stunned slightly until he and his wife recovered.

"Naru, sweetie, you know I love you like a lil' bro, but even I think that lineup is nuts." The chi-blocker grimaced as a chill went down her spine at the idea of this team.

Naruto nodded to this but gave a wide smile, "And I know Itachi can keep things tamed."

The firebender pointed to his wife, "I have enough of a time keeping her in line."

"Hey!" Yuki said in slight offense at that. She was nowhere near as bad as the people Naruto wanted to bring in.

The blond snickered at that, but focused his features to be serious, "These guys will fit the bill and can help turn the tides of the Civil War."

Itachi breathed through his nose, "You've seemed to have thought this out thoroughly?"

"Yep, on the way here." The Beifong said, "I even talked to Varrick, who said he could get a custom speed ship for you to use."

Yuki's brown eyes sparked, "I get a captain's hat?" she gushed.

"Well, Itachi is in charge so…" The blond was cut off.

Yuki snorted with crossed arms underneath her breasts, "Sweetie, I wear the pants in this relationship. So I get the hat, plain and simple."

"I concede it to you, dear." Itachi said without an argument. Although that was because he never argued against her and didn't want to upset her in any way.

Yuki cooed at him as she wrapped her arms around his arm and rubbed her cheek against his, "Aw, doesn't he have a heart of gold?"

More like the patience of a saint, Naruto thought to himself with a sweatdrop and he said, "So, you in?" he asked the married couple.

"Yes/Duh." They answered.

"Excellent." The blond was pleased with their answer.

Itachi walked up to the phone, "I'll tell Lin that I'll be taking some days off work for a while."

"Itachi, just quit already." Yuki waved off, "That detective job of yours keeps getting in the way of our snuggle time anyway."

"…We need income." The black firebender replied as if it was obvious to a four year old.

"I've got plenty of that. I invest wisely!" Yuki proclaimed.

More like recklessly. Itachi thought to himself.

Naruto stood up, knowing when to leave, "I'll let you guys have your moment." He said as he quickly fled the apartment.

He did not want to have to pick sides on this one. Especially when Yuki tended to ask him what he thought and he had to lie his way out.

The earthbender covered his head with a cloak as he entered the bar, as it played upbeat music and some seedy characters drank merrily as booming voices filled the building.

This was the far downtown area of Republic City where the law didn't extend as far. This was the place where criminals, gangsters, thugs and anyone else that should be arrested would go to.

Naruto leaned against the bar, his right shoulder was shook and he turned to see a large man with an unceasing scowl on his face glaring at him, "Can I help you?" the officer asked.

"He doesn't like you." Said the smaller man to Naruto's left.

"Really?" Naruto asked with a raised brow.

The short man grinned his crooked yellow teeth, "I don't like you either." He added.

"I see," the earthbender nodded and then slammed the tall dude's head against the bar, hard. Breaking his nose and knocking him out as he fell to the floor. All activity in the bar stopped. Naruto turned back to the short guy, "Like me now?" he questioned with a grin.

The little guy gave a sheepish laugh and scooted out the door.

Everyone shrugged and went back to doing their own thing, as if this was a regular thing. With the kind of people that resided here, it probably was.

"Oi, bar man! Give my dude a drink here!" a teenager with shoulder-length white hair with blue highlights, pale skin, and violet eyes said. He had a lean-built along with an average height as he wore a purple, sleeveless shirt with blue pants, sandals and a belt around his waist with three water skins attached to it. He also wore another belt strapped to his chest. The teenager leaned on the bar on Naruto's left.

"No thanks." The blond waved off.

"Ah, come on, Golden Boy. Geez, live a little!" the unknown teen recommended.

"Why am I your friend again, Suigetsu?" Naruto asked with a groan.

His fellow teen wagged his finger tauntingly, "Not friends, business partners. You know; you point, I cut, we laugh, I get paid. It's magic!" Suigetsu sang out with a wide shark-like smile on his face, "Now drink or we don't talk, metal britches."

Naruto rolled his eyes but did so when a shot glass was presented before him and filled. Naruto through his head back and drank it in one quick gulp and slammed the glass upside down on the bar, "Happy?"

"Merrily." Suigetsu nodded, "Now, let's step into my office." He said as they walked to one of the far away tables in the bar that wasn't any different except a small sign that said "Property of Suigetsu".

"Nice office." The blond remarked with clear sarcasm.

"Shut up!" the teenager said with crossed arms and sat on a chair and rested his legs on the table, "So, what do ya want this time?"

"A job, what other reason would I be here?" The earthbender remarked with obliviousness.

Suigetsu looked wounded as he held his heart, "Ouch, really, not even just to say hello…you don't even write anymore."

Naruto deadpanned, "I thought we were only 'business partners'?" he mockingly questioned.

Suigetsu blinked his violet eyes and held up a finger, "Ah, you're right." He nodded.

Naruto clicked his tongue, "Where's Mangetsu? He's at least the mature one of you two."

"Oi oi," Suigetsu looked irked at the jab, "We both run this group, thank you very much."

"Who does the money?" The blond questioned.


"Who gets the group prepped?" The earthbender questioned with arms crossed.


"Who usually saves your butt when you get in over your head?" Naruto asked with dull expression on his face.

"…Fuck you. Seriously, go fuck yourself man." Suigetsu jabbed.

"Who's fucking themselves now?" another voice said and joined the table. He looked like an older Suigetsu, just without the blue highlights. He wore a dark, sleeveless shirt, light-colored pants and striped leg-warmers. He carried a water skin attached to a belt around his waist and wore bandages around his neck, "Ah, Naruto, good to see you again. Work related?" he questioned with a raised brow.

"Finally, someone I can talk to and yes, it is." The blond cheerfully remarked.

"Lay it on me." Mangetsu said, Suigetsu's older brother.

Naruto explained the situation.

Suigetsu rubbed his chin, "Unalaq, huh? Always wanted to cut up that fucker."

"I knew he was crooked," Mangetsu snorted, leaning his chin on his palm as his elbow rested on the table, "It's why we left the North in the first place. He runs the place like a cult, creepy as hell."

"So," Suigetsu rubbed his palms together, "Let's talk price."

"We don't take I.O.U.'s," Mangetsu counted off his fingers as he did his mercenary group's basic guidelines, "No checks, only Yuans, that's half up front of course and the rest after the job's done. Fill details of the job, target, and location."

"But we do have discounts for returning customers." Suigetsu chimed cheerfully.

"Name your price," Naruto indulged as the brothers grinned at one another as Suigetsu turned around.

"Oi, assholes, we got a job!" he called out as several figures stood up in the background as the other customers instantly got out of their ways and allowed them to walk to their new customer before he turned back to Naruto with arms spread wide, "We are at your service, my good man." He proclaimed with a wide shark-like smile as the other figures shared the same smile in the poor lighting of the bar.

Mangetsu said firmly and with stern eyes, "We pledge to fulfill our contract with exceeding expectations as always."

"For we are the Band of Seven Swordsmen." All seven members spoke out in union.

It was Naruto's final stop and he knew it was going to be the hardest as he walked into the prison. He went through the security check and waved off the guards as he walked down the hallway of the jail in full metalbender uniform and stopped at a certain cage as he addressed the prisoner, "So, I've heard you've been behaving good compared to…the other prisoners."

A male voice chuckled, "Well, I am trying to be a reformed man, after all. All I can do is help better my fellow man from within these walls, no?" the man said dramatically with such faux serenity, it could give you a cavity.

Naruto rolled his green eyes, "Sure, sure." But he quickly schooled his features and said, "I have a proposition for you."

The man in the cell lowered his book that had obscured his face, "And that would be, Mr. Beifong?" asked Tarrlok, the former waterbender and ex-councilor of Republic City.

"The deal of a lifetime."

Done and done.


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