Approximately a fortnight into his reign as High King, Peter awoke in the wee hours of the morning to one of Narnia's infamous summer thunderstorms. Out his window, he groggily watched as lighting split the sky in a magnificent display, accompanied by the timpani sounds of thunder that shook the castle down to its very foundation.

After a moment, as the haze of sleep wore off and conscious thinking returned to him, he thought of Lucy, all alone in the cavernous room at the top of the tallest tower in the castle. She slept in the room that had been meant for him; upon seeing her reaction to the space, he had graciously allowed her to take his room, opting for the slightly smaller but just as grand space two floors below.

But he figured his sister was regretting her decision at the present moment; she'd always been terrified of thunder, and indeed of loud things in general. He figured it made sense, her being such a meek and mild mannered child.

Sighing, he knew what he ought to do. Silently, he slipped out of bed and into his dressing gown. The castle was sometimes very drafty, and the fire had completely died down. He grabbed a candle from his bedside table, and made his way up the two flights of stairs to his youngest sister's bedchamber.

He slowly pushed the ornately carved door open, and wandered into the room. Sure enough, Lucy was huddled in the center of her round bed, a tiny mass in a sea of red and gold tapestry, hugging her newly found teddy bear to her chest. Her eyes darted about in panic, before coming to rest on the figure of her eldest brother.

"Peter!" she breathed, her eyes shining with unshed tears.

"Oh, Lulu, come here," he said gently, holding out his arms. She scrambled over the side of the massive bed and into his arms. He hugged her to him, picking her up and rocking slightly back and forth. Over her shoulder, he saw lightning light up the glass panes in front of her window seat, and was struck with an idea.

Slowly, cautiously, so as not to alarm his little sister, he made his way over towards the window. After a moment, however, she realized where he was moving to, and struggled to be free from his grasp. It was to no avail, however, as his arms were much stronger than hers.

"No, Peter, what are you doing?" she wailed now, giving up on the physical assault and going for the verbal one.

"Lucy, trust me," he said, sitting down on the silken cushion of the window seat and placing her on his lap. "Would I let anything hurt you?" he asked. Slowly, begrudgingly, she shook her head.

She rested her head on his shoulder then, and watched out the window, taking his lead. She visibly winced each time thunder rattled the windowpanes, but her reaction lessened over time.

"See, Lu, thunder isn't anything to be scared of. It's just a lot of noise, like the sky's way of celebrating something," said Peter, citing what his mother had told him when he was near Lucy's age himself.

After a moment, she nodded slowly, a small smile upon her face. "I guess it's not so bad," she acquiesced.

"It's really not," said Peter, laughing slightly. "In fact, someday you'll probably enjoy thunderstorms, like I do."

"Yeah, but you're not afraid of anything," Lucy stated matter-of-factly. It caught Peter off guard, for some reason.

"I'm afraid of some things," he mumbled, mostly to himself. Lucy said no more on the subject, simply staring out the window in a kind of glazed over calm. He was sure she was tired by now, but he was glad to have made some sort of progress with her fears.

He stood then, and carried her over to her bed, tucking her in for the second time that night. She looked mostly asleep, and he turned to leave, but a small hand was tugging on his shirtsleeve, anchoring him to the spot.

"Peter, will you stay here? Just until the storm's over…" she said, her voice tremulous. He knew he would never be able to say no to her pleading eyes. Resigned, he crawled onto the bed and laid beside her, listening to her tell him all about her day, until she was quiet, having literally talked herself to sleep.

A/N: Yep. So, when I was in fifth grade, I found an article about Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago in an old copy of an American Girl magazine, and I was simply obsessed with it. I read and re-read that article over and over again the entire year.

Then, in seventh grade, I actually got to go see it and I was overjoyed. Anyways, if you're wondering what I'm babbling about, as am I, my point is, the princess's bedroom has a round bed, and it was the first I'd ever heard of such a thing. I was entranced, and I wanted one desperately. I never got one, of course, but when I started brainstorming for this, that was one of the first things that I thought of: that Lucy should have a round bed like that.

And indeed, much of my mental images of Cair Paravel look a lot like the Fairy Castle.

If you're interested, here's a link to the room I was talking about, as well as the rest of it: whats-here/exhibits/fairycastle/the-exhibit/princess-bedroom/

Also, to the anon reviewer a couple of days ago, a chapter where Lucy looks after Peter for a change is in the works, don't you worry. Great idea!