By Shadowgate

Authors Notes: This story is being continued by me due to a request from someone and I have been given permission by the original author. The first part is four chapters long and it was popular with a handful of people but was abandoned. I will now pick up on that story.

Wendy Testaburger also known as Matt Parker got off the phone with Bebe Stevens a long time friend of hers and was picked up by her. They went off to have a big dinner.

In the mean time Craig and Tweek met up at a McDonalds and had dinner.

Craig said "hey Tweek where did Matt Parker end up?"

Tweek answered "home of course."

Craig said "well after that shit on the road I can imagine."

Craig puts his arm around Tweek and says "you've come along way over the years. You've struggled with ADHD but you've come along way."

Tweek said "well along with medication I try to focus on positive things. For instance I focus on cats, apple pie, oh and I focus on a grandma taking her nap. Then her grandson comes in the room quietly and the little rascal picks up a 357 magnum and blows her head off. Then he starts finger painting with grandma's blood and his mommy comes in and likes how the wall is covered in red."


Craig calms down and says "easy Tweek just relax now and take a pill."

Tweek calms down and they both eat dinner. In the mean time Wendy is chatting with Bebe about plans to expose Matt Parker for whom he/she really is.

Bebe states "well I must say I sure didn't get a sunshine feeling when you told me how you got into it with your mom."

Wendy states "I can't believe I was able to put up the act this long."

Bebe goes on "Stan Marsh has got to be feeling pain. He seriously must be feeling pain over missing you Wendy Testaburger."

Wendy says "so be it I shall return."

Bebe is enthusiastic over the report Wendy will be presenting but wondered if she got enough information. Did she play the role of Matt Parker long enough?

Back at McDonalds Tweek is enjoying his milkshake for desert.

Craig stated he was growing impatient and wanted to head over to Matt Parker's house.

Tweek agreed and they both jumped in the car and headed over to Wendy's house expecting to find Matt Parker. Wendy had just finished dinner with Bebe and had gotten home. When she opened the door Tweek and Craig were surprised.

Craig said "WOW! I see you got back from your trip where's your cousin Matt?"

Wendy says "Craig, Tweek, I have some explaining to do."

Wendy shows the two how she faked being a boy. She explains everything and they are in shock.

Tweek turns to Craig and asks "hey Craig do you think you'll ever pretend to be a girl? I mean will you get in touch with your feminine side the way Wendy got in touch with her masculine side?"

Craig smacks Tweek over his head.

Wendy goes on to say "I'll be presenting a report on which gender has it easier."

Craig was still dumbfounded and he said "will you get a grade for this report?"

Wendy says "no but you know I've always been into feminism and equality."

Craig says "well in third grade you touched my thigh and I think feminists are against sexual fucking harassment."

Wendy gives Craig a smile and Craig says "don't come on to me Stan will kick my ass if you do."

Wendy says "well I don't know how Stan will react to all this."

Tweek replied "Stan will says 'dude this is pretty fucked up right here' like he often does."

Craig suggests that Stan be called on the phone and told to come over immediately.

Wendy gets on her cell phone and she calls Stan.

"Hey Stan I'm back from my trip and you need to come over to my house right away."

Kyle and Stan are in a car and Stan tells Kyle to turn around and go straight to Wendy's house.

Stan is shocked when he gets over there and Wendy tells him everything.


Wendy tells Stan "I did this because I was curious and you know I've been into gender equality for years."

Kyle says "I remember during Valentines Day in third grade I said you were acting like a freak. Wow and here you are now you put one over on us."

Wendy gives Kyle a dirty look and then Kyle asks "are you bi-curious?"

Stan shoves Kyle and tells him to knock it off and Kyle says "alright I'll knock it off."

Stan said "Wendy ever since I was eight we've been close. There was that one time you left me for Token and I said horrible things I wish I hadn't. I want to be with you always."

Craig and Kyle smile and Tweek had to take a pill to keep from going wild over Stan being so passionate. He couldn't help but shake.

Kyle had to say "hey Wendy anytime you want to have another tennis match I'm up for it."

Wendy said "no thanks Kyle" and everyone laughed.

Wendy tells them "I'll entitle my report "the boy's only club" and it will be about how boys just might have it a bit harder than girls. Girls usually don't try to kill each other on a tennis court or football field. Well except in the ghetto neighborhoods."

All the guys laugh.

Stan takes Wendy's hand and Wendy puts her hand on his shoulder.

Stan demands "please tell me Matt Parker is gone. I don't even think Craig liked Matt Parker half as much as he led on."

Craig laughs as loud as he can.

Wendy suggests they all go into the kitchen for soda.

Kyle says "I sure could use one."

Tweek chimes in "I'd shake and be scared to death if I were your boyfriend Wendy. People at school might think Stan is gay because you pretended to be a boy."

Stan turns to Tweek and says "Goddamn it Tweek you've always been one to shake and freak out. Seriously you get scared over the littlest shit."

Craig laughs and says "it's true Tweek."

Tweek becomes annoyed and twitches and they all laugh.

Stan says "see what I fucking mean?"

After they guzzle down their sodas Craig turns to Kyle and says "hey Kyle you have to agree on one fucking thing."

Kyle asks "what's that Craig?"

Craig answered "it's a good thing Matt Parker never had to get a circumcision like you did."

Kyle spit out his soda and fell over laughing.

Wendy yelled "SHIT KYLE!"

Wendy then commented "you got Doctor Pepper all over the rug."

Stan decided to get serious and he asked Wendy "what will this report mean for South Park? You know any little thing in this town can set off major events."

Wendy said "well I don't know but I'm sure Cartman will be a pain in the ass over my fucking report like he is over every fucking report I submit."

Craig stated "remember in fourth grade when you beat the living crap out of Cartman?"

Wendy answered "do I ever!"

Kyle chimed in "that was a good day. Sometimes people need ass whippings."

Stan said "you should know I hear your mom bought a nice wooden paddle last week."


Wendy said "now days corporal punishment isn't used as often but when it is it turns out to be even among girls and boys."

Craig stated "my dad wanted to beat my ass a few times but my mom wouldn't let him."

Stan said "my dad never spanked me and he sure as hell wouldn't try it now."

Wendy said "today I blew up at my mom and she slapped me right across my face."

Kyle snapped "well Wendy you shouldn't be disrespectful to your mom."

Craig said "yeah don't be disrespectful to your mom."

Tweek said "yeah."

Kyle then demanded she clean up the Doctor Pepper he spit on the rug and Wendy screamed.


Everyone starts laughing.

Wendy's mom comes in and says "well Wendy I see the boys realize you're back."

Wendy says "yes mother and things are great between me and Stan."

Stan tells Wendy's mom that Wendy's report will deal with the different medical exams that boys and girls go through when they get their sports physicals.

Wendy promptly stated "my boyfriend is an idiot."

Craig and Tweek laughed as loud as they could.

After Wendy's mom left Stan grabbed her and they both kissed. After they were done kissing they held each other.

Stan asked "who else knew of your plans?"

Wendy said "only Bebe knew I was doing this?"

Stan said "I could have figured that much it was just her?"

Wendy answered with a nod.

Craig, Tweek, and Kyle left and Wendy and Stan fell asleep on the couch.

To Be Continued