As he stood up my knees buckled. I couldn't breath as he walked toward me. "Now Todd you've got to believe me when I say I did this for you…for your own safety, please understand I did this because you're my best friend…and…I love you". As I said that he was right in front of me and he did something I never expected. He collapsed into my arms with his head on my shoulder and there I felt a warm wet sensation. He was actually crying. The unbreakable Mr. Todd was crying on my shoulder. "There, there you freed her, okay, you freed her" I was saying through my own sobs and trembling. I was still nervous, he could snap at any moment. "She was unhappy and suffering because of her condition". He was still sobbing. "Your right" He said through a deep breath. "Your right, she's safe now…she's better now" He wouldn't stop looking at her body. "Nellie" the first time he ever called me by my first name "I don't want to do this anymore" he cried "I'm done, no more killing, no more…God I was a monster" He jumbled all about. "No love, you were never a monster, you were angry and had every right to be, people go mad and do crazy things when they're angry" I explained. "Why did I ever let you do this to me" he cried and I backed away. "I don't know" I choked " I really don't know" I fell to the floor "I am the monster" I muttered. I couldn't believe what I just realized. "How could I ever…." He then again surprised me by lifting me up and saying "You were desperate, people do mad and crazy things when they're desperate" We chuckled through our tears. "We were both monsters" he said as he held me. We stood there crying together there was nothing more we could do. "How could we ever amend what we did?" I asked wondering if we'd ever be safe. "If we turn ourselves in and confess, our amends shall be made" He explained. "No, we're sure to be hung at the gallows, I don't want to go to the gallows!" I cried, my heart was pumping at the thought and I got the chills. "Don't you think that we deserve it?" He held me as the words hit me. "We do…" We stood there for what seemed like an eternity holding each other. "So" I looked into his eyes "So" He echoed "We need to confess and to a priest we need to show we completely regret everything we've done" He started to plan. "We've done too much to be forgiven…" I drifted into my own thoughts of what might happen to us and almost threw up. "Nellie, Nellie? Are you okay?" He caught me as I almost fell. "Fine, fine, I…I was just" He understood and I didn't need to say more.

Nellie Lovett