You should have expected this...Especially after the awesome opening to the first of (hopefully) many awesome summer movies.

My Marvel answer to Kitsune: Son of Catwoman. But like every chapter of that story was a 'episode', this will have an Issue.

DISCLAIMER: I own neither the Marvel Film Universe nor Naruto...this is my own idea.

The Youngest Avenger

Issue 1: Anger

A small blue light shined in the penthouse of the in-progress reconstruction of Stark Tower. The light came from the center of a man's chest, his sleeping form being sprawled on a small futon in the center of the room. The man had a neatly trimmed goatee and a thin dark mustache on his face, his dark hair was sticking out randomly from his tossing in effort to find comfort. This was the famous billionaire/playboy Anthony Edward Stark, preferring to be called Tony by those close to him.

To the world he was also known as the armored hero, Iron Man.

A robotic voice spoke in the tower, "Mister Stark. Doctor Banner is asking for your presence in Lab 8. He says its urgent."

Tony groaned and rolled to his other side, throwing his arm over his shoulder and waving it tiredly, "...Mm, tell Bruce I'm sleeping Jarvis."

"I'm sorry sir, but Dr. Banner is rather insisting that you join him," J.A.R.V.I.S. (which is an acronym for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) said, almost pleadingly.

"Grow a spine..." the inventor yawned out as he rolled with a grunt, "What could be so important?"

"He says that it has to do with...The 'Other Guy'." The artificial intelligence stated in finality, which made Tony's dark eyes snap open. The man sat up and looked out the window.

"...Come again?" Tony asked with furrowed brows.

A new voice cut in over the PA system with a chuckle, "Sorry Tony. I really need to talk to you, though. In a way, it does concern the, uh, Other Guy."

"I shouldn't have let you have access to Jarvis' PA system. Fine, I'll be down in a snap," Tony grumbled as he stood and rubbed his eyes with his finger and thumb. Another chuckle came from across the PA and Tony shook his head before walking to the closet and pulling a Iron Maiden shirt on. Scratching the back of his head, Tony went to his personal elevator and went down to the lab his 'temperamental' friend.

What could he want? Don't tell me he's trying to create a form of control over Hulk...I thought I convinced him that he was better off, the billionaire thought to himself before shrugging and pulling his cell phone out. The flimsy, high-tech device flickered on with a simple touch and turned it onto its side, the screen following like a certain business' phone, before sliding his thumb across the screen. He stopped and selected the image of a redheaded woman with blue eyes, underneath the image was her name: Pepper.

The phone rang for a moment, Tony rocking on his feet due to his impatience, before a tired woman picked up, "Ngh...hello?"

"Hey Pepper," Tony greeted with a purposely over-chipper tone in his voice. He stifled a snicker when he received a growl from the woman. Virginia Potts, whom he and her friends affectionately called 'Pepper', was not a morning person. Now being the CEO of Stark Enterprises, his former-assistant-turned-girlfriend had more responsibilities than just making sure he kept himself 'clean' because as the original CEO and face of the company, he still had to keep out of negative press.

"Tony...It's four-thirty in the morning. I have a meeting with Rhodey's bosses in six hours. Why, in the name of God, would you call me at four-thirty?" Pepper asked with a noticeable growl in her voice. A small part of Tony felt bad at disrupting his girlfriend's sleep, but he brushed it aside.

Where's the fun if he feels bad?

"Oh, sorry I forgot," Tony lied before he continued, "Bruce had Jarvis wake me up over something and I...well I did want to wish you luck in the conference."

Pepper sighed, "Yeah, fine. Tell Bruce I said hi. Oh, and did you send those flowers to Phil's cellist girlfriend?"

At the mention of the dead S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Tony's mood fell, "Yeah. She sent us an invitation to his funeral."

"Did Director Fury release his body?"

"So he says," Tony muttered as he shook his head, "I think I'll-"

"You're NOT doing anything to his body before, during, or after Phil's funeral, Tony."

The inventor chuckled, "You know me too well. I might have to hire one of Fury's spy friends to kill you."

Pepper tiredly giggled, "I'll call Natty for help then."

Tony frowned, "How'd you two get so pals-y-wals-y behind my back?"

"Similar interests, Mr. Avenger," the woman tittered out with an unseen but heard smile, "Listen Tony...I really have to get back to sleep."

"No, yeah, I understand," Tony said as his elevator started to slow, "I'm almost at Bruce's lab anyway. I'll call you later."

"Goodbye Tony. Love you."

Tony internally winced. Expressing emotion was hard for him, and even though he did love Pepper, saying it was another story. He mumbled into the speaker, "I (unintelligible) you, too Pepper."

The conversation ended with a click and the dark haired inventor frowned as he pocketed his phone. The man shook his head before looking up at the opening elevator doors. Putting a smile on his face, he walked over to the brown haired man wearing a flannel shirt and dark brown cargos. The man was looking down with a frown at his phone.

"What's wrong Bruce? Your, uh, friend keeping you up?" Tony asked as he approached the mild-mannered man. Doctor Bruce Banner, a scientific genius in his own right, looked up and gave a nervous smile. Well, nervous was how the man always acted, considering he was pumped full of Gamma radiation and turned into a rage-fueled monster that some referred to as The Hulk.

Personally, Tony thought the Hulk was incredible.

"Sorry about this Tony," Bruce apologized before pocketing his phone and offering the man his hand, "A friend of mine just called. He and his, uh, associate helped me when I was trying to get rid of 'The Other Guy'. You may know him; Dr. Stephen Strange."

"The neurologist?" Tony asked with an arched brow, "I thought he lost his license?"

"Actually, he was forced to quit after an accident," Bruce said as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Please don't bring it up. Now he's an...well he's a highly influential advisor."

"What, is he a shrink?" Tony asked with a smirk, "That's gotta be fun."

"He' have to see it to believe it," Bruce replied with a strained smile. Tony rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, sure, but if he has a suit of combat armor I'm suing," the billionaire joked. Bruce chuckled.

"I highly doubt it'll come to that...ever," the scientist replied, "Anyway, he's asked for my-our help."

"My help?"

Bruce gave another strained smile, "Actually he asked for the 'Other Guy' and I, but I'd be more...comfortable if you came with me."

Tony gave his colleague and friend a grin as he threw an arm over Bruce's shoulders, leading him into the billionaire's personal elevator, "I've always wanted to meet the brilliant Dr. Strange. That and you've peaked my curiosity with your chosen words."

Tony had JARVIS send the MK 7's wristbands down to the garage, and put them on when he and Bruce got down there.

"Just in case," the inventor told the curious scientist. Bruce told him to drive to New York's Greenwich Village, 117A Bleecker Street to be specific. Tony nodded and led the scientist to his 2012 Acura NSX. A short drive later, they were walking up the steps to a wooden door of an old building. Banner knocked on the door and a young man of Asian descent immediately opened it on the second knock with a shaved head answered. He wore a blue robe and gave a small smile to the two men.

"Ah, Dr. Banner, you've made it-Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Stark," the man said apologetically, "I wasn't expecting you, nor was Master Strange. Come, come, Master Strange is struggling and I must swap out with him so he may explain the situation."

"Thank you, Wong," Bruce said with a grateful smile, Tony giving a small nod before they followed the man in. Tony leaned over to Bruce.

"Since when is Strange running a dojo?" he whispered with confusion. Before Bruce could respond, Wong released a chuckle and looked over his shoulder at the two geniuses.

"Master Strange is not a sensei in martial arts...but he is a Master," Wong cryptically answered the sarcastic question. Tony looked at Bruce, who merely nodded in agreement, before he shrugged.

"Whatever. Lead the way, Wong-Kong," Tony said to the apparent servant. Bruce shook his head at his friend's antics and if Wong took offense to Stark's words, he didn't show it.

Walking down the stairs to a cellar, the two Avengers became more and more unnerved before Bruce stopped on the stairs, making Tony and Wong look at him. The scientist was literally shaking in place and was wringing his hands, his eyes glancing everywhere at once. He felt like he was running from General Ross again, like a squad of Hulk-busters (as they called themselves) were about to pop out at any moment.

"Hey," Tony said, poking him in the side. Banner jumped up a step and Tony gave a concerned frown, "Banner, you ok?"

Bruce sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "No...No I'm not ok. Something's got my nerves working over time."

Tony looked down at an equally concerned Wong, who glanced away and murmured to himself in a foreign tongue. The servant looked up and asked, "Does it bother the beast?"

"No, well...kind of," Bruce admitted, pinching the bridge of his nose, "It's making my head hurt. A sign that the, uh-"

"Hulk feels threatened?" Tony supplied with his brows up before they narrowed and he pulled his phone out, "Jarvis, I need the MK 7 ready to deploy."

"Of course, sir," J.A.R.V.I.S. replied in his proper tone before a confused one took over, "Sir...where are you? The GPS in your car says you're parked on Bleecker St, but your implanted GPS is being...blocked."

Tony's eyes went to Wong, who held a hand up, "All will be explained. Come, my Master needs us."

Tony looked at Bruce, who shook his head, "I'm fine now. The feeling passed."

The three continued down the stairs before they came to a door with a pentagram on it. Wong muttered under his breath and the silver pentagram glowed a light yellow before it faded and the door opened. Looking at the awed duo, Wong gave a stern warning, "Whatever you do, please keep your distance."

Tony arched his brow before he entered the room. A feeling of death washed over him and he quickly looked to his right, his eyes widening at what he saw. A man with dark hair, silver streaks along the sides and a beard much like his own, stood across from a snarling teenager. The man wore a blue tunic over dark slacks, red gloves on his hands and a red cape with gold fringe on his back. The teenage boy had blonde hair, which looked wild and unruly, slit red eyes, and enlonged fangs and nails. The most striking feature was the jagged scars on his cheeks, three on either one, giving him a feral appearance.

Well...that and the blonde teen was nude.

"Bruce...are you seeing this?" Stark asked with disbelief in his eyes as the boy struggled against the flickering yellow cage that was projected around him.

Bruce removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes before he replied, "I'm seeing it, Tony...Still working on believing it."

"Master, switch!" Wong called as he ran past them and held his hands in the same manner as the caped man. The man dropped his arms at his sides before collapsing to his knees.

Looking up, the man gave a grin before he got to his feet and approached Bruce. The man offered the scientist a hand, and got a numb handshake from him, before he spoke to the billionaire, "Ah, Mr. Stark. Welcome to my home, the Sanctum Santorum. I am Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. You've met my assistant Wong."

Tony numbly nodded before looking at the assistant, "What...What are you doing to that boy?"

Strange looked over at the blonde and a frown came over him, "I'm subduing his demon. I'll be brief, because Wong isn't as strong as myself. The boy appeared only forty-five minutes ago, unconscious and nude. When I woke him, he began speaking in Japanese, leaping at me and interrogating me. He demanded I tell him where I hid someone, but when I continued to ask who, he started to lose control. I can tell he recently lost someone, but his rage made him lose himself to the demon that resided within."

"What is he?" Tony asked with a frown, "Alien? Asgardian?"

"Neither. All I know is he is possessed by a demon." Strange said, looking to Bruce before he continued, "Who draws power from intense emotions..."

Banner gave a frown before he spoke, "I try to avoid stressful environments."

"I saw that news report a month ago that says otherwise," the Sorcerer replied with a pointed look, "Banner. You need to change and knock him out. Killing or trying to is ill advised."

"In the middle of Greenwich Village? You saw what happened to Harlem and New York City, right?" Tony intervened on his friend's behalf. Dr. Strange gave the inventor an amused look.

"Yes, in fact I did see, but Bruce knows he can let 'himself' out in the Santorum," the Sorcerer replied. Tony looked to a sheepish scientist who wrung his hands again. Bruce looked from Tony to Strange before he sighed.

"You're sure he needs to be knocked out? Can't you use sedatives?" Bruce asked almost pleadingly, only to receive a negative shake of his head. The top scientist concerning Gamma radiation sighed again before pulling his glasses out and giving them to Tony. The two men stepped back as he walked towards the caged blonde, but unknown to the two Avengers Strange had cast a spell under his breath to make the room longer than it looked. He knew that Dr. Banner's 'other half' preferred a running start.

I can't believe I'm going to do this...Banner thought before he focused on his anger and began to change. His body grew until he was nearly nine feet tall, ripped, and green. The green skinned being gave a snarl before he growled and ran towards the caged blonde. Wong heard the stomps and released the containment spell, leaping back as the blonde was tackled by Hulk.

"...You know, he's gonna need a new pair of pants after this," Tony said as he watched Hulk stand and pick the struggling blonde up. Strange gave an amused snort.

"I'm aware."

Hulk growled at the blonde in his grip. His other half, Banner, was telling him the blonde was the target. The Gamma Beast snorted and slammed the teen into the concrete, being careful to keep from completely destroying the floor and killing the human. Banner was adamant about not killing humans, but Hulk didn't care most of the time.

"Humph," Hulk snorted again, looking over at the three men watching him from a distance. Recognizing them, Hulk smirked and prepared himself to run towards them. They were all strong and Hulk wanted to fight.

He didn't notice the glowing red fist until it was too late.

"(DIE)!" snarled the blonde as Hulk was sent through the wall. Tony's mouth popped open and he looked at Strange, who was already chanting under his breath.

"What the hell just happened?" the billionaire asked as he looked back at the snarling and glowing blonde. His nude form was now surrounded by red energy, two long rabbit-like ears sprouted from the top and a thick single tail-like appendage appeared at the base of his spine.

Wong's answer was drowned out by Hulk's infuriated roar. Tony looked back to see the large being tackle the blonde again, grabbing his arm and throwing him over his shoulder through the hole he had made. Hulk gave another growl and braced himself as he saw the blonde flip in the air, land on his feet, and fly right back at him. Hulk roared again as he cocked his right fist back.

Hulk smash red boy! Red boy weaker than Hulk! The Gamma being thought as he threw his right hand out, catching the blonde in his jaw. The blonde soared back once again, but his tail grew and wrapped around Hulk's neck. Immediately, Hulk grabbed at the appendage, his arms straining to remove it from him as the blonde continued to fly. The teen landed on the wall of the other room, his body curled up like an animal waiting to pounce, before he did just that.

The blonde drove his shoulder into Hulk's gut, making Hulk release the blonde's tail. Hulk landed on his back with a groan, but his hand tightened when he felt the teen attempting to leap off him. Swinging his arm away from his allies, Hulk sat up with a grunt before baring his teeth at the equally snarling teen.

"(Just die, damn you! I have to kill him! He has to die!)" the boy said in a strange language. Hulk growled and ran towards him with his left fist ready to strike him.

"Puny red boy be quiet!" Hulk roared as he threw a left hook. The blonde took the blow in his jaw before he skid back and slammed into the wall. Dazed he shook his head, but before he could ready himself, Hulk was on the boy with a large fist to the gut. The blonde bent over and the red energy surrounding him faded. The boy's red eyes became half-lidded and he fell to his knees when Hulk removed his fist.

"Puny human," Hulk scoffed as he clasped his hands together and drove them onto the boy's skull. Rather than being split open, which mildly shocked the Hulk and completely awed the others watching, the boy simply fell face-first to the ground, out like a light.

Hulk snorted and picked the teen up, carrying him over his shoulder to the three watching. He dropped the boy before eyeing Tony, grunting as he began to change back into the puny Banner.

Bruce stumbled and instantly grabbed his oversized pants, keeping himself decent in front of the three other men before looking down at the blonde, "I...Got him?"

"Yeah...Yeah, I think you did," Tony said as he watched Wong cover the boy with a blanket before he picked him up.

Dr. Strange looked at the two and motioned for them to follow while he in turn followed Wong. Wong went up the stairs and stopped outside a door, which he opened with a simple nudge with his foot. The assistant to the Sorcerer Supreme laid his package on the bale of hay in the center of the floor before he bowed to Strange.

"The boy is unconscious, Master," Wong said, "It is safe to begin the soul-walk."

What do you think? I was persuaded to add in the X-Men series. I will be introducing some other Avengers later on though.