Chapter One

Your name is Dave Strider and you hate places like this. The artificial smoke from the smoke machines lies thickly in the air and makes you feel like choking. Primary color lights flash on in a set pattern to shitty pop music that plays in the background. Your Bro obviously picked the most ironic place he could think of for you to spend a Saturday night- a gay singles' club. First thing first, you are definitely not gay despite your Bro's constant offers to hook you up with a relative of his boyfriend. You think his name is Jeff or Justin… no it was John definitely. However, you are single, so you didn't want to turn down an offer to go out. Although, you wish you had because you're on your second rum and coke and feeling pretty miserable.

You look over to the dance floor and see Bro and his boyfriend, Jake pretty much sucking each other's faces off. Sometimes you wonder if a person can suffocate from making out too hard, but the way they're going at it you're pretty sure it could happen. Once Jake slips his hand into Bro's back pants pocket you suddenly feel nauseous and step out for some fresh air.

You're in the shitty part of LA where you can't go a block without finding someone sleeping in their own vomit on the side of the road, but you decide not to let that bother you because something or rather someone catches your eye. You can't help but stare because this chick has a weird quality to her that seems to contradict everything that society and porn has told you to want. She's pretty average looking as she leaps out of her car and runs towards the club door in 5 inch heels. You know this isn't the girl you'd normally give two shits about, but somehow even the way she trips and falls flat on her face is enticing.

Your name is Jade Harley and you are incredibly late for work! You can't believe that you fell asleep and your rotten roommate, Rose, didn't wake you up. Apparently writing fanfiction about wizards is a serious process that involves her undivided attention and bluh bluh bluh bluh. You stopped listening at that point. You're more worried, however, about what you're boss is going to say. You really respect him for building this club for gay singles, such as he was. He tells you though that he secretly likes to see relationships form, which is why, you suppose, he watches so many Romantic Comedies. He has really strange ideas about relationships though and you love to hear him talk about it. As you pull up to the only parking lot close, which is a block away, to the club you check the clock and realize that you are- oh no! At least an hour late!

Quickly you exit your car and begin running in your new heels that your boss requires you to wear. You find that running in them is a lot harder than you expected though because right as you make a final bound for the door, your inexperienced feet cause you to make a dorky tumble into the disgusting gum caked pavement.

"Oh shit! Are you ok?" a voice call from above you, but you can't turn to look at him yet

"Ermm yeah. Just give me a sec." you feel like you're on the brink of consciousness right about now, but suddenly the fact that you're late seems to pop immediately into your head. This prompts you to try to sit up, but the task seems a bit difficult at the moment.

"Uh do you need help? I can get help or something."

"No I think I'll be okay. I'm just really late for work" Maybe saying this to yourself will help you believe it, because your head is spinning as you shakily make yourself sit up. As you start to tip over the mystery voice guy catches you. You let out a little embarrassed laugh.

"Um, okay." Now that you're in an upright position you can finally see the mystery guy. He's extremely pale and skinny with light blond hair that brushes the top of his aviator shades. You can't help but flush when you realize that he has his arms around you supporting you from having a subsequent fall. You feel incredibly attracted to him and suddenly very hot against his the t-shirt he's wearing.

"Uh I guess I will be going inside now" you rush to say and break away from his slim arms. You wish you hadn't though because something about him seemed almost too comfortable for him being a stranger. You collect the things you dropped and head for the door slowly. He opens it for you and you both walk inside.

The sights and sounds greet you with their familiarity and simplicity. You see your boss talking to an attractive guy and suddenly your heart drops. He's noticed your late entrance and you can see his mood switch from calm to the extreme anger only he is capable of.

"Harley! Where the fuck have you been!" He firmly states.

"Sorry Karkat! I fell asleep and Rose forgot to wake me up."

"Is that the truth Harley?"

"Yeah man. She was running to get here and totally ate it like a minute ago. Maybe you should cut her some slack" Mystery Guy says in a calm manner.

"I knew you were clumsy, but I can't have my employees oversleeping and injuring themselves. Just go to the fucking bar and try not to break anything else"

You feel a bit relieved to say the least. Lucky in fact, that this strange guy pretty much just saved your butt and you don't even know his name.

"Uh I'm Jade by the way. Sorry for all of that" you frown as you say the last part.

"Oh no problem. My name is Dave" He leans nonchalantly against the bar before taking a seat.

"Would you like a drink, Dave?"