Monsters In Love

A/N Hey Guys Ii Am back With Another Fanfiction Story. This Past Week Or Two weeks Ago Ii Saw This Show Called Monster High And Fall In Love With It. So My Next Story This One Is It.

Chapter One

I raise from my coffin. I flipped my hair out of my face. I turned my head to look at my Icoffin to see what time it was. It was a Monday morning. The worst day of the week for any ghoul. I looked over to see my lovely pet bat Count Fabulous. Count Fabulous is my world. I love him with all my heart. I got out of my coffin to walked over to Count Fabulous to see him still sleep. He was so cute. I grabbed my towel. To go in the shower. After ten minutes of being in the shower I walked back in my room to see Count Fabulous on my bed. He was waiting for me. I walked over to my closet. To get whatever I was wearing to school. After I was dress for school I went downstairs. To get breakfast. Being a vampire you would think I love blood but I don't I hate it. I am a vegan. The smallest thing of blood will make me fall to the flood. After breakfast my father Dracula took me to school. Being 1599 years old is okay but on my next birthday I would be 1600 years old. Yay! Once I got to school I walked to my locker. As I was opening up my locker my best friends Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein come over to my locker. "Hey Claws and Frankie." I said with a big smile. "Hey Draculaura." Clawdeen said. "Hey Ula D" Frankie said. " What are you ghouls up to?" I said Cladween and Frankie. "Nothing much Ula D." Frankie said. "Same Here." Clawdeen said. While Cladween and Frankie were talking I took out my small 'mirror to put some of my pink lip stick on. Being a vampire it is very hard to put make up on in mirror being that we can't see ourself in it. But as I was putting my lip stick I saw my best friend s brother Clawd Wolf walking down the hall. I had a big smile on my face. I had know Clawd all my life he was my best friends brother. The only thing was that I had the biggest crush on Clawd. But I don't want to mess up our relationship as friends. Then the bell for first period went off. Everyone rush to their classes.

After my first three classes it was time for lunch going to Monster High was great cause It was some many different type of monsters in these school. After I got my lunch I went at seat with my ghoul friends. At the table was Frankie, Clawdeen, Cleo de Nile, Lagoona, and Ghoulia. After I seat down I saw Clawd with his best buddy Deuce Gorgon. Deuce was Cleo's boyfriend. Just before Frankie would say what she was about to say Deuce and Clawd came over and seat with us. Just as Deuce seat down Cleo had pushed her lips right up to Deuce. The rest of us ghouls look away. Not wanting to see them. While looking away Clawd smiled at me. I smiled back. Then after Cleo and Deuce finish making out Clawd came and seat right next to me. I looked down the table to see Clawdeen eyeballing me and Clawd. I looked back to my food. Trying not to look back down there at Clawdeen. Then Clawd leaned over and whisper in my ear. "Draculaura you look very pretty today. I started to blush a little. I leaned over and whispered in Clawd's ear. "Thanks. You look very handsome today." After I said that Clawd started smile very big. Clawd was one of the most hottest guys at Monster High. Then the bell went off to us to go back to class.

It was three clock school was over. Thanks God. As I was walking out the school Clawd came running up behide me. "Hey Draculaura." I truned around to face him. "Yes Clawd." I said looking into his gold eyes " I just wanted to see if you would like to come over my house today." I thought to my-self for a moment. And then answered him. " Sure Clawd I would love too. Then Clawd grabbed my books . And me and Clawd started walking to his house.

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