Manipulation and Affection
Yu-Gi-Oh! Drabble

"Ryou, I love you."

Her last words to her ten-year-old son before she and her daughter, Amane, left for preschool. On that day, much like all days, she called her boss, who depended on her greatly, to let him know she was on her way. He picked up the phone a second later than usual and heard one thing as the lines fully connected: a horrendous CRASH!


I am with him when he receives the news. His breakdown occurrs predictably. Likewise, his father collapses to his knees and bawls like a four-year-old.

Well, I do not give a damn about his father; him, on the other hand, I do. Sadness and misery are a waste of time. With an attempt at being gentle, I advise him of this.

Apparently children of the modern day are not as… sturdy… as the ones of my time.

Tears stream down his face when he implores, "Y-You said you c-could gra-grant me one wish, right?"

I judiciously prepare myself. I know what his wish is.

"I wish for my mother and sister to not be dead."

Sighing, I pat his head with my transparent hand. "Sorry, kiddo, no can do. The thing is… I can't bring back the dead."

My words crush him, I can tell. Still, maintaining my neutral expression, I carefully weave my words with my enticing tone.

"But, Landlord, I could do something else."

While wiping away tears and sniffling, he manages to sob, "Wh-what?"

I can sense his interest, so I put on a smile and lean forward. Soft and kind, my hands glide through his hair and over his cheeks.

In a whisper, I promise, "I can give you love, Ryou, my landlord. I will love you on behalf of your mother and sister. That's what you want, right? Love...?"

He hiccups against my hair as I hold him in an embrace. "Y-Yeah, but…!"

"Let me love you, Landlord. I'll take care of you," I purr and kiss his cheek with tenderness that startles even myself. "In fact, just to prove how much I love you, dearest Ryou, I will give you another wish. How does that sound?"

His frail body melts into mine. Our souls intertwine. I know with absolute certainty I have succeeded. Ryou Bakura is mine now.

And, more importantly, so is his body.

A/N: And now for some tendershipping fanservice. Sort of. It can be taken as one-sided, forged, etc.

Point is you got the good Bakura and the bad Bakura. Therefore... Fanservice. Happy Mother's Day.