So, I was kinda upset with the lack of Supernatural/Avengers fics, and then I realized that the movie just came out, and then I realized that there really wasn't any feasible way for them to interact because you know the Levi's got into SHEILD a long time ago, and the Avengers were the first thing they took down, but anyway, that's beside the point. Anyway, please, if this gives you an idea for a fic or something, please tell me in like a comment or a message, whatever. Because I want to read it. I already know that it's something I want to read. Anyway, if you soldiered through this note, then thanks. Hope you enjoy the story.

Tony hangs up his phone and turns to look at Thor, unsure of whether to thank him or chastise him.

"So, what exactly was Dick Roman?" he asks the god of thunder.

"He was Leviathan. And so it was written that should the head fall, the body will wither."

"And he was the head?"


It's at this moment that three men, one short stocky and blonde, the other outrageously tall, and one in a trench coat appear literally out of nowhere.

The tall is holding a bone drenched in something that looks a little too much like blood for Tony's taste, while the blonde guys got a gun in one hand, a knife in the other, and a sawed off shotgun slung over his shoulder.

They all look tense and angry. Wait, take that back, Trenchcoat didn't look angry, he looked, well, out of it.

That anger is immediately deflated as they notice the black goo covering the walls and Tony's favorite suite.

"Lemme guess, you guys are here for…." Tony looks at a battle ready Thor expectantly.


"Yeah, that's right, Leviathan! Anyway, you're too late."

"You killed Dick Roman?" asks the tallest of the three.

"I didn't. Thor did. Sorry to burst your bubble Bulwinkle, but you, Rocky and 4/20 over there showed up a little too late to tango."

"But, you can't kill Leviathan without- the weapon!" Rocky halfway shouts, halfway sputters.

"HA!" Thor laughs, suddenly un-tense. "Mjolnir has faced many mightier a foe than Leviathan." He regards the men carefully for a moment. "You are warriors. I am sorry for taking this victory from you, had I known this battle was already being fought, I would have refrained. I apologize."

"It's fine, we probably all would've died anyways." Says 4/20. Then he disappears. Rocky facepalms, and Bulwinkle looks at a loss for words. Both of them jump when JARVIS suggests that a drink might be in order.

Two beers and one long conversation later, Tony now owns SucroCorp. The media went crazy after he immediately shut it down and ordered a recall of all shipments of the corn syrup upon purchase.

"Bruce and I should have a counter agent to whatever the hell Roman put in that stuff by the end of tomorrow, if not tonight. And don't worry about damage control either, SHEILD should have a way to explain the spontaneous liquidization of two fifths of the population. You guys are golden."

As it turns out, Rocky and Bulwinkle, sorry Dean and Sam, don't really know what to do with themselves now that the world isn't in danger. Upon hearing that they don't really have any other place to go, Tony invites them to stay at the mansion.

"Clint and Tasha need a new shooting buddy, and I can tell your brother's gonna explode if we don't give him the chance to talk to Thor for a few minutes." Tony says to Dean.

"And what is it that you wish to ask of me friend Winchester?" asks Thor, putting down his mug and throwing an arm over Sam's shoulder.

"So, you're like, the Thor?..." Dean loses track of the conversation as Thor allows himself to be led out of the room.

"You sure it's cool if we stick around?" Dean asks, getting up and walking over to a bookshelf filled with records. He stops when he sees Black Sabbath.

"It really depends on whether or not you're looking at that record in disgust or admiration."

The two men grin at each other.

"This might be fun."