Inside the Fire

Harry Potter AU/The Three Musketeers


After defeating Morgana, Selena was thrown into another dimension and time from the after effects of the last magical attack that happens between her and Morgana. Now waking up in this dimension and realizing that her magic is almost completely gone, Selena must find a way to survive this new dimension while her magic slowly starts to come back and after waking Selena meets D'Artagnan, the young man who brought her into his home with his parents. Deciding to stay with the family and repay them for their kindness of taking care of her when she was injured. After a year of staying with the family, she becomes great friends with young D'Artagnan and goes to Paris with him with nothing but her pack, violin and sword, from which she receives from D'Artagnan's father, who found out that she could fight, sets out with D'Artagnan to Paris. When reaching Paris, Selena meets a trio of strange men that makes her feel like she finally whole but danger is around the corner. Follow Selena as she is thrust into an adventure full of danger, excitement and most of all love.

Pairing: Undecided! (Must review to see who you want Selena to be paired up with, or if you want her to have a harem! Let me know!)