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Burned Spirits


there was complete and utter darkness the god Zaros came into view he started speaking "Glenior is changing.. once during the first of the ages mankind was in unison, after the god, Guthix brought humanity to this realm, but until the end of the third age then humanity wasn't united any-more it became a loose confederation of states often at war, now however the realm is ruled not by kings nor republics but clans three of these clans have emerged as contenders to take over the world, one being The Wasteland Kings a clan made out of the worst rapists, murderers and child killers, the other is the Legion of Valor with some of the strongest fighters in the realm on their ranks, and they never, ever say the word "Retreat" and the last being the Knights of the Mask sporting the most advanced gear of this realm, allowing them prominence over the air and the sea but they have the most advanced defense systems in the realm, meaning that any attempts to capture their territory will be blasted to pieces and if they get past that they will be be eviscerated by the guards of the mask none are sure if they are human are not but they seem to lack emotions even emotions such as anger, agony or of joy they just kill the opponent without remorse no matter what race, age, Mental and physical state they just killed which bring us on to the leader of the Knights of the Mask, known only as the Masked Mage a gifted combatant in ranged magic,melee and psychic combats it has been rumored that he defeated an entire battalion of Wasteland Kings' soldiers without being hurt at all but now they are at a stale mate, only two individuals can change the course of this world but I do not know who they are but I will look around with great interest mortal." the god disappeared,

* 1 hour later*

The smoke blew gently in the breeze as there was only death, destruction and a lot of fire was left and only one living could have been spotted, and that thing wasn't a man or a common beast because it was a dragon it marvelled at its work while searching for any survivors. There was one survivor that was hiding under what remained of a tent. This girl couldn't off been older than sixteen years old and had long hair with a fringe that was coloured blood red, she looked like she had been burnt which she had because at one point she dodged the dragons fire but she barley dodged and had several burn marks round her legs and face, her name was Destiny Death-Stalker. As the dragon left the area Destiny left her cover and searched for some weapons she only found a iron short sword and a long bow with twenty bronze arrows after a bit more searching she said "well I better get out of here before the dragon comes back, I sure hope I don't run into it again." With a frown on her burnt face, she eventually decided to head south.

Chapter one completed with an add on, so who are these individuals keep reading' and find out.