Keen aurulent eyes stared down into the darkened basin of water, the tarnished gold of the tub decorated ornately, holding vivid images of another place, down in the hills of Long Island, hidden by the protection of a pine tree and it's guardian. Outrage and disgust colored his features, mind churning violently behind the ochre orbs and alluringly thin, yet strong features of the god.

It was an odd sight really, seeing such an attractive face painted with such vehement disdain and hatred, an even stranger sight to the gods and goddesses that knew the man. The god leaned back in his golden throne, bringing a hand up to the bridge of his nose, pinching gently as an expression of resignation warmed over his face. He rolled the wire frames of his sunglasses contemplatively between his fingers, bringing his hand over his mouth as he leaned forward once more, staring into the images that rippled silently in the wide basin.

He glanced over the demigods features, the slightly long mop of hair that barely brushed over his red tipped ears, the shock of white that peaked out from the dark sable locks. His bright eyes fluttering nervously around the room as he held the small velvet box tightly in his flexing hands.

A sudden flash of jealousy and sadness came over him as he watched the man flip open the box once more, forcing him to pull back from the images, a scowl etched over his face.

Apollo's fascination with the godling wasn't something that the god liked to admit, he wanted to say that it was Aphrodite's fault, but the god knew she didn't work that way. Of course the sun god hadn't immediately gained this intense attraction to the man immediately, no it started when the boy had walked into the throne room with Zeus's master bolt and boldly claimed he had not stolen the weapon, was where that inkling of curiosity came from, and over the next five or so years, Apollo didn't know, being millenia's old did that to a person's sense of time, it spread. The young godling had done so much in the past years, continuing to do so as the years came by, and he had been the first in a long time that had caught his interest like this, then again, he had caught the interest of many other gods though.

The god couldn't help that feeling of jealousy that came up in his chest every time he saw the man with Annabeth. Apollo of course didn't have anything against Annabeth herself, no, just what she had; until three months ago that is, when some dark haired, blue eyed seventeen year old demigod from Aphrodite's cabin came into the picture.

That's when Apollo began to pay Percy himself visits, nothing much, just coming down to the beach at night and absently talking with the boy, that's all. Really Apollo didn't mind, he liked talking with Percy, the boy, however slightly awkward the eighteen year old was, he was still pretty intelligent, excellent warrior too. Percy had been wary at first, wondering what the god could possibly want, but after a couple weeks, the godling began to notice that Apollo never asked him for anything. The one time that Percy asked why, Apollo told him, "Gods and Goddesses are people too, we crave companionship and friends just like everyone else, contrary to the popular belief. And I'd like to talk to someone without talking about Olympian level bullshit spewing out of their mouth. Plus you make good talk, you are the only dude I can think of that won't sit there and just gape at me, barely saying anything because you are afraid I'll toss you into the sun or something like that. See, you my good friend, don't take my bullshit, aren't afraid to speak your mind if I say something you don't like. That's what I want, someone who can joke around with me, besides Hermes of course, but he's busy and shit."

Percy saw his point, nodding his head in agreement, so the demigod let him continue, and they would just sit around, talking with the god comfortably every other night; laying under the trees next to the lake, talking about everyday things, sometimes for hours on end until dawn began to call, and Apollo had to go, but that was only on Sundays. Percy would talk to Apollo about what happened that day, new campers, though he rarely ever spoke about Annabeth, he could sense that the Olympian would get irritated, and in return, Apollo would talk to Percy about his sister, the fights the Olympians would have during meetings, and the common narcissistic comments here and there. It was nice... But Apollo knew that soon might be over, with what was planned to happen tonight.

Apollo rubbed at his eyes once more, resting his chin in his hands as he watched Poseidon's son jog out of his cabin towards the lake, the small velvet box in hand.


Percy nervously fiddled with the shield watch Tyson had given him, a nervous habit he had picked up in the past couple of months, as he stared down at the curved sapphire velvet box in his hands. Anxiously he sent a glance down over to the clock on his bedside table, toying with the idea of going down to the lake early to meet Annabeth. The demigod sighed, letting his shoulders sag as he tried to ease the nerves that were slowly building up. He looked back down to the box and simply stared at it for a couple minutes, thinking over the many scenarios that were popping up in his head.

His fingertips paused their drumming on the box, trembling over the brim of the ring box in trepidation; carefully, his fingernails eased underneath the lid and watched it snap open to reveal the ring sitting innocently on the white silk cushion. The band was light reflective silver, engraved with owls and olive branches; a smoky gray pearl was set into the top of the band with the silver curling around it like ivy.

Percy sent another glance at the clock, the mental debate in his head winning out with the argument of, "Screw it, the sooner I get this done, the sooner I can get rid of these stupid nerves. It's Seven Thirty and I am supposed to meet her in half an hour, maybe the lake will help me think.", and slipped the box into his pocket.

Percy stood up, smoothing down his camp shirt, best thing ever to propose in right? and beginning his walk, which turned into a jog as his anxiety began to get the better of him. He ran through the shortcut in the woods where he told Annabeth to meet him, feet pounding down onto the forest floor. He slowed down as he neared the edge of the forest, the back of his neck clammy with tension, ears twitching as he heard two voices, giggling and talking quietly to each other... before he recognized the voice, was that Annabeth?

Softly, he tiptoed behind a tree close to where the voices were coming from, and peaked around the tree, trying to get a glimpse of what was happening. Percy fell still, muscles tensing and fingers clutching to the tree, scratching over the wood hard enough to leave marks.

The demigod furrowed his eyebrows and swallowed heavily, trying to rid the pressure that was rising up in his throat as tears stung at the back of his eyes.

He shut his eyes as whimpers and gasps rolled out of her, arms tossed lazily around the guys shoulders and head tipped back as he pushed her up against the tree, picking her legs up and wrapping them around his waist; hands were wandering up her shirt and hips pushing forward into Annabeth.

Then anger bubbled up inside him, pushing up past that lump in his throat, and then the gears in his head clicked into place, spurring him into action.

The first words that came out of his mouth, coated in vitriol and confusion were, "How could you?"

The two jumped apart, the man twisting around to stare wide eyed at Percy as Annabeth scrambled to pull down her shirt, wiping silently at her mouth as she gave this moonish, guilty stare, swallowing as Percy's glare boiled furiously, his eyes dark and churning violently behind his cyan iris's.

The three stood in silence for a long moment, Annabeth frozen still as she watched the humid air around Percy simmer, the temperature rising significantly from it's cool surroundings.

Eyes still trained on Annabeth, he reached into his pocket, pulling out the velvet box and growling, "How could you?"

He flicked open the box, exposing the slim band of silver, his hands shaking with fury as the two gaped at the ring; mechanically he looked down at the box, and dropped it.

Annabeth stuttered, stumbling over her words as her hazy eyes flickered back down to the box, "P-Percy, I can-"

The hero let out a soft, chilling laugh, shaking his head as he turned his gaze down to the box, and the silvery band, stating hollowly, "You know what? I don't want to hear your fucking excuses, go take whatever bullshit you are about to tell me, and shove it. I'm not taking this, you have been acting weird for the past months, how in tartarus I didn't notice it, I will never know. Don't talk to me, I don't... Just don't talk to me."

Percy let out a vicious growl, expression turning harder as he watched Annabeth gape silently, mouth opening and closing as she struggled to find words, "You know what I don't understand? I gave you my everything, one of the reasons I gave up being a god was you, you were my fucking anchor in the River of Styx, why would you throw that away, I would have happily spent the rest of my life with you, but no, that's not enough apparently. If you didn't want me anymore, why didn't you just break up with me, instead of leading me on? It's fucking ridiculous."

With that, he turned on his heel, legs carrying him in full strides across the sand, mind swimming in the toxic whirlpool of thoughts that were sloshing around in his head. His hand flexing angrily and inching near his pocket where riptide was resting securely in.


Apollo had watched through the basin, fingers and knuckles white as he clenched them tightly around the arms of his throne, eyes burning with rage and power. The fury rolled off the sun god in a thick unearthly heat, a deep hiss down low in his throat as he watched Annabeth stare unthinkingly after the fuming demigod. The gold in his eyes had engulfed his iris's, burning past into his sclera and pupils, smoldering with a white hot anger. Enraged thoughts and snarls made their way past his lips, shattering a glass fixture hanging ornately off the high ceiling of the room as he let out a particularly angered shout.

The god froze, eyes shutting closed as he took a deep shuddering breath; almost like he was rebooting and wiping clean his memories. He held it for a minute, brow creased finely as his expression twitched, body strung taut and restless. Apollo released the breath, posture slouching and shoulders shaking as he struggled to regain control of his rampant emotions.

A slim, manicured hand rested itself onto his shoulder, squeezing gently as to draw the god out of his reverie. Carefully, the owner of the hand took Apollo's chin in her fingertips, forcing the God to face her.

Aphrodite sat herself down onto the arm of his throne, crossing her legs and speaking quietly, "Apollo, calm yourself, now."

Apollo begrudgingly did so, though bordering on the edge of seething still, before inquiring roughly, "What do you want Aphrodite?"

The goddess smiled sweetly, hair shifting from the pale curled locks that framed her face, to dark, wildly messy hair, Apollo could have sworn he saw a streak of white somewhere in there.

She chuckled softly, lips pulling into a warm smirk, chiming saccharinely to the fuming Sun God, "You and I both know what I am here for, and it's not me."

Apollo turned away, latching his gaze back onto the rippling water of the basin, staying in silence for a long moment, before growling, "I don't get it... Why? Why in all that makes sense, would she do that?"

Aphrodite leaned forward, eyes flickering over the image quietly before answering, "It'll all make sense later Apollo, but for now, you need to go."

The sun god tore his gaze from the portal, eyes narrowing at Aphrodite, "You know something don't you. Something about why Annabeth cheated on Percy."

The goddess smiled benignly, her gaze amused and full of laughter, "Of course I do, I am the goddess of love. Right now, I am not allowed to tell, I'm bound by the River of Styx."

Apollo glowered at her, his eyes now but a darkened dull yellow, contained to his iris's, before standing up and swatting his hand through the water and walking towards the door.

Abruptly, he stopped, and cocked his head over towards Aphrodite, "You better not be meddling and force my hand, I never intended to act on this."

All the goddess did was smile once more, shooing the god away with a smile. With that, Apollo disintegrated into a dark gold mist, blowing away out of the doorway and down towards the bay.

Aphrodite gazed lazily after the god, gliding over towards her ivory throne and sitting down, her eyes cunning as a smile graced her lips once more. She began humming to herself as she pulled out a pocket mirror, and blew softly on the powder cake that laid opposite of the mirror. With that, the powder engulfed her, leaving behind a fine layer of makeup in its wake.


Pale vapored wisps twisted airily through the tree branches of the forest, searching out their companions on the bay of the lake. The golden flashes of mist gave careful fleeting glimpses to the wood nymphs and creatures in the forest, before it paused at the tree line, hovering there uncertainly, it's entirety forming a haloed shadow of gold dust, outlining the vague shape of a man.

Apollo trailed his eyes after the teenager, curiosity filling him as he watched the demigod pace back and forth, clutching a pen in his hand as he ran a hand through his disheveled locks. Percy let out a distressed little groan, angrily rocking back and forth on his heels, tossing a wild look over his shoulder towards the bay, as if debating whether or not to just dive in and swim down to the bottom.

Anxiously, he ran a hand down his face, holding it there as he struggled to control his ragged breathing, taking in uneven harsh breaths and clutching back at his hair, an out of breath sob slipping out. Percy let his arms tremble wildly against his head, rocking his entire body back and forth before ripping his hands away and letting a rough scream tear from his throat, the water at the bay churning violently, its tide rolling up closer towards Percy. He uncapped riptide, launching the sword a couple feet into the ground in front of him with a cracked scream, voice stuttered with hiccups and inhalations. He stumbled slightly, knees shaking as he stared hollowly at the sword, breath coming in short tattered strokes, fingers absently fiddling with the pen cap.

Slowly, he raised his arm, about to launch the pen cap over into the churning pit of the bay, anger overwhelmed by the shock. At that point, Apollo stepped out from behind the brush, body solidifying as his hand slipped around Percy's wrist. Immediately, the godling seized, body jerking and legs flailing against the god, a hoarse scream leaving his throat as Apollo pulled Percy against his chest. The sun god grunted as Percy's fist clipped his chin, coming back down to knock him against the head. Carefully, Apollo pulled Percy's resisting limbs back into place, curling the godling against him as to keep him from hurting himself.

Apollo could hear the hoofbeats behind him and Dionysius's rough voice as Apollo fought to keep the demigod from escaping his arms, and honestly, he couldn't give a flying fuck about it right now.

"Percy! Percy you need to calm down!", Apollo hissed, fists clutching into the back of Percy's shirt.

In return, Percy let out more incoherent shrieks and screeches, pounding his fists against Apollo's chest, attempting to twist his body out of the god's arms.

Apollo had honestly no idea what he was doing when he did this, it was a sort of heat of the moment thing, and by gods it was one of the best decisions he had ever made, regardless of consequences. He pried Percy's jaw into his hands, and smashed his lips to the demigods, pulling one arm tightly around his waist and held his breath as his mind short circuited.

Adrenaline ran up Percy's spine, curling like smoke in his brain, before it got sucked away, crashing in like ice cold water. His head span for a moment as he froze, trying to figure out who in tartarus was kissing him, and why the hell it felt so good.

It wasn't the best first kiss, but they'll be damned if it wasn't fucking amazing, it was heady and warm, they could feel the slight scrape of teeth through their lips; the slight moistness to their lips was downright intoxicating and it took them a moment to process everything.

Percy's knees buckled under him, Apollo taking advantage of that, tipped him backwards, curving his body against his, the gods other hand coming up and cupping the back of the godlings neck. Percy let out a breathy gasp into the kiss, his arm coming up to drape over Apollo's shoulder, brain blanking out for except brief flickering images and pleasured signals tingling up his spine.

Apollo pulled away slowly, his lips lingering and his breathing slightly erratic as he found himself staring down at Percy, mind rushing and high off of the feeling of demigods lips. Percy himself was still hanging onto Apollo, both arms wrapped around the gods neck and back arched against Apollo's body as the god unconsciously tightened his arm around his waist.

Dionysius's sharp voice barked out, "Apollo!"

The god quickly shifted his gaze over to Dionysius, eyes glowing as he unconsciously shifted Percy to his side, glaring protectively at the wine god, before he dissolved into a mist, pulling the demigod along with him.


Apollo's mind rushed past him as he darted around the east coast, before settling down in front of an apartment in Manhattan. He had his arms snaked firmly around Percy's abdomen, hands resting on his ribs, carefully gripping the godlings sides gently. Apollo stared at the ground in front of him, mind taking in everything, the feel of the hot night air, the softness of Percy's sides, and how the muscle glided smoothly beneath his hands, tensing and untensing uncertainly.


The god stiffened, before letting go reluctantly, arms falling away to his sides as he backed away from Percy. His eyes were trained on the ground, afraid to look up at the demigod; it was funny, he could face hydras and not break a sweat, he could go toe to toe with the strongest of warriors, but he clammed up at facing Percy Jackson.


Swallowing, the god slowly brought his gaze level with the son of Poseidon, nervously shoving his hands into the pockets of his windbreaker. He clutched his hands into the cloth of his pockets, looking away at once when Percy raised his brows. He shifted his weight onto the other foot, scraping at the ground with his shoe instead of looking him in the eye. Internally he groaned, it was like he was a fucking lovesick teenage girl, it was ridiculous.

Apollo tipped his head back, scrubbing vigorously at his face, turning back to stare at Percy morosely, "Percy... I just..."

Percy raised a brow, staring intently at Apollo, "You just what? Apollo... You just what?"

The god took a deep breath before looking at Percy, "Look, Perce, I know you are confused, and-and fuck, I am too, everything is moving so fast and just... fuck I don't know."

The demigod stared him, before questioning, "Wait... The great Apollo doesn't know something?"

Apollo chuckled weakly, letting out a shaky breath as he looked away, "Shut up..."

Percy let a weak smile come onto his face as they slipped into a familiar banter, knees still slightly weak. They both stood in front of Percy's apartment, standing in silence, the background noise of the city filling in the space.

Percy sighed, uncertain in the continued silence as he ducked his head, rubbing at the back of his neck.

The demigod let the smile slip, a jaded look replacing it, showing the nights toll on his normally youthful features, "Look... Apollo, so much has happened tonight, and... I am just so tired right now, I don't really trust myself to make any decisions right now. Give me some time. I-I just need to think. Okay?"

Apollo looked a little crestfallen, but nodded in acceptance, eyes flickering from the ground and back to Percy.

"Percy...", Apollo paused, floundering for words, before swallowing, "Goodnight."

The godling smiled, waving weakly as he walked up the steps of his apartment, before he stopped and turned on his heel, "Apollo!"

The god turned around, holding his breath as he stared at Percy, "... Yeah?"

Percy held his hand on the door handle, looking speculatively at Apollo before looking away and sighing, "Look, Apollo... I-I'll come to you when I am ready, just... just be patient."

The god gave him a wide smile, mood turning deliriously happy, "Of course, no problem! No problem at all!"

Percy stared at the god for a moment, before letting out a quiet chuckle, his lips quirking upwards, "You are such a fucking dope, you know that?"

Apollo only beamed brighter at him, waving at him once more before he dissolved, leaving Percy alone on the apartment steep.


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