So I just thought of this. I am going to make the prologue brief. So brief you'll have to alert it if you want the full story.

As stated in summary, deals with a minor character death. Not here of course but eventually.

She gasped when she walked into her lab that morning. She couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing.

A year. He had been gone a full year and…yet he stood there. Or rather, sat there, like she found him when Cassidy's team was killed.

"Ti…Timmy?" she asked.

The man looked up and when he locked eyes with her, his held unshed tears.

"Hi…Abby" he said nervously.

"What…what are you…where have you…Why did you…" she stammered.

Tim McGee leaped to his feet and put a finger on her lips. "I'll explain later…can I have a hug first?" he asked.

He didn't need to ask twice. In less than a second, Tim found himself in a tight hug by the energetic Goth.

He hugged her back and smiled. "I missed this…I missed you Abs" he said.

"Me too" Abby agreed and then pulled back. "So…why?"

He shook his head. "I said later Abs…its early still, so when the team assembles…bring them to the directors office" he said and left.

He then turned and popped back in. "Don't tell them why, just say the director needs them" he said and left again.

Abby nodded. She watched him leave with mixed feelings. She hoped he had a good explanation for leaving.