Hey all, so decided to add more to the story. Truth is I am bored. It's my birthday and I am bored. Thought I'd entertain you all. Hope this and all my other stories are liked.

I been trying to think when this would take place. I guess after season 7 for most part.

The team left him alone for a few days. They had a case and they knew he needed to think.

They never told him how long though. After the work week passed and Saturday came, he knew it was time for a chat.

"Open up McGee…I know your in there" he yelled out.

Tim tiredly opened the door. "Surprised you waited this long" he said.

"Got busy" Tony answered as he strutted in.

"What do you want DiNozzo?" Tim asked. Tony turned to face him. "To ask why?" he answered.


"Don't huh me Mr. MIT" Tony answered. "You cowardly ran off on Monday and haven't faced us since!" he snapped.

Tim sighed. "Tony…my sister is dead…are you really that much an ass?" he asked.

Tony sighed. "I'm not trying to be an ass Timmy" he said and Tim scoffed.

Tony stepped forward and grabbed his shoulders. "I mean it Timmy, I am just wondering why my best friend is running away again…especially after everything we been through" he said.

Tim nodded. "That's just it Tony…" he said and trailed off. Tony sighed. He wasn't getting anywhere like this.

Time for a sit down he decided. He put his arm around Tim and led him to his bedroom. He kicked off his shoes and got comfy.

Tim sat too but didn't speak.

'Guess I'll have to talk' Tony thought. "What's scaring you Tim? Come on buddy please talk to me…I won't leave till you do" Tony prompted.

"You really care that much Tony?" Tim asked.

He nodded. "Course I do probie…you're my SIC and you always will be…hell you are…or were...the only one who never left me" he answered.

"Sorry Tony…I really am"

Tony shook his head. "Don't apologize…you're a damn good brother and I am proud of you for leaving to stick to Sarah" he said.

Tim smiled. Tony smiled too. "But now…Tim…we need you back" he added.

"Really? Isn't Thomas a good agent?"

Tony nodded. "Tommy is cool…but he isn't you" he said.

"That's nice to hear…I'll think about it" he answered. Tony sighed. "Didn't work did it? You still may not come back" he asked.

Tim shrugged. "It helped Tony…I was scared to face you all again and then no one saw me after…""We had a big case…could have used your help…Tommy isn't a genius like you…no one in NCIS can work a computer like you" he said.

Tim chuckled at that. "Yeah…boss even hit his with a bat once…like a caveman"

"A caveman?"

McGee flinched as he heard the boss speak.

"Boss…I mean Gibbs…how?" he stammered then saw Abby and Ziva. "We knocked but then I got bored" Ziva said.

"Hey, we got a party now…I am ordering pizza" Tony said and ran off for his phone.

"So…you want to come home yet Tim? Or does the caveman need to get his bat out?" Gibbs asked.

Tim shook his head. "I think you'd kill me Gibbs" he said. The marine smirked.

"Yes or no Tim? Tony is right…we need you…" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah…Thomas is our sixth replacement…he's been here a month but he isn't you…no one is you" Ziva added.

"Please come home Timmy…you're the only one I ever liked working with in my lab…the only one I didn't want to kick out" Abby supplied.

Tim sighed. "I really don't know yet…I only been back in my place a few days and still have stuff to do" he said.

"So that's a no?" Gibbs asked. Tim could tell he wasn't pleased.

"It's a maybe Gibbs…I need time is all…" he answered.