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Chapter One

"Mr. Ormanni," Charles said. "there's one more applicant. I believe you might be pleased with her."

Erik groaned and replaced his mask. "Send her out here." Erik preferred to conduct his interviews outside instead of inside a stuffy office. It was a hot day in Los Angeles, but Erik liked the sun.

"She seems pleasant." Charles seemed as if he were trying to cheer Erik up.

"I hope so. Finding the perfect woman, is virtually impossible."

Charles chuckled and opened the door. "you're just fussy."

Erik took a drink from the glass of water and turned back to the woman. Erik hesitated, there was nothing really attractive about her, she appeared to be 130 with a short, curvy figure. She had curly, dark chocolate hair and the freckles on her skin showed that she liked to be outside a lot. She appeared pleasant; Charles was typically right about such things. He had a good sense of people.

"May I have your name please?"

"Christine Martin." Her voice was firm, strong and pleasant.



"And why have you applied for this job?"

"Well, I need the money Sir. The ballroom school where I had been teaching relocated to another county and I can't drive that far. Nor can I afford to move."

"Understandably so." He folded his hands and studied the lady. She didn't appear intimidated by the mask. "Do you like children?"

"I have one of my own, so yes, I do."

"How old is your child?"

"He's ten. The same age as your little girls."

"First off Ms. Martin, they are not my children." He explained. "They're my sister's, who recently passed away, and I've spent my life here away from the world and I cannot stand their distractions."

She nodded. "I see sir."

"Now, have you any medical training?" He asked. "Like if they had an emergency, would you know what to do?"

"Yes sir, my mother is a nurse. She taught me everything I need to know in case of an emergency."

"Good. Can you cook?" She nodded. "Keep house?" She nodded again. "When your boy is disobedient, do you punish him?"

She hesitated. "Yes I do."

"How so?"

"This is getting rather personal."

"Look," he stated leaning forward and staring at her directly in the eye. "I'm paying almost a hundred a day, so I need to know what kind of a person I'm paying for."

She nodded. "I understand." She cleared her throat. "If he's done something that's very bad, I spank him with my hand or a ruler." Erik glanced at her references and he found them all favorable. No one had anything bad to say about her. "If not so bad, I ground him off video's for a week or make him sit at the table for two hours. It all depends on the deed." She straightened her shoulders. "Now, I know people don't approve of spanking children or punishing them. But I was raised that way and I intend to train him up to be a good man."

"I'm actually impressed." Erik said. "These girls are rowdy and need a firm hand. You're also very honest."

"Thank you."

"This job wil take up most of your time. Now, I doubt your husband will like you gone all day."

"I'm not married." She stated calmly. "I was attacked and Erik is the result of that attack."

"I'm sorry." He inhaled. "Did they catch the man?"

"God knows." She said. "it was ten years ago, and I love Erik very much. I resent the circumstances, not him."

Charles knocked on the door. "Excuse me Sir." He turned to Christine. "Your boy looks miserable out here, with both your permission, could I show him the grounds?"

Erik nodded. "By all means. If your son's suit fits, he could go for a swim." He turned to Christine. "With your permission of course."

"I guess it wouldn't do any harm." She said hesitantly. "He's a good swimmer."

"That's that." Erik said standing up. "Where are Janice and Anita?"

"They're going to swim." Charles said as he turned to leave. But he stopped halfway and turned to address Christine. "By the way, a very polite boy you have. Calls me 'Sir', say's 'thank you' and 'please'." He gave Erik a telling look. "Unlike most children I've met."

Erik scowled and Christine laughed nervously. "Thank you. I've done my best."

"I told those girls not to swim that unless I'm present." Erik turned to her. "Are you available to start work now?"

She stared at him."Yes sir. I-I am. Do you need anything else of me?"

"No I do no need anything else. I'll take you down to the pool."

"thank you sir. Might I ask what your name is? You didn't say."

"It's Erik Ormanni."

She laughed lightly. "As I mentioned my son's name is Erik. Isn't that odd?"


Christine could only stare as she peered at the huge deck and swimming pool. Fountains and rose covered trellis's with lights made the area's charming.

"There's two, one for ladies." Erik pointed out the pool cabana to her. "There's a variety of female suits in the cabinet. You should find one to your size."

She nodded, trying not to think how odd that was. "All right."

"And, in the other cabana," he stated, as if he were reading her mind. "there are a variety of men suits. Some of my visitors forget theirs, so I have three of each size in the cabinet's just in case."

"I didn't say anything."

"No, but I felt it." He said. "Go get dressed. The girls should be out here soon."

She nodded. "All right."

She entered the cabana for the ladies and examined the suits. Finding a one-piece yellow suit her size, she began to pull off her clothes. She wished she had trimmed down to a size twelve instead of a size fourteen. However, she was certain if she was tutoring two girls and Erik, that weight would start to come off.

"Hey!" Erik snapped. "No running around the pools!"

"Aww!" Came a girlish whine. "Mommy let us."

"Well, I'm not your mommy." Erik's irritation was growing with each word. "I don't want you two falling in so I have to jump in and wreck my clothes!"

"We won't fall!"

"I said no running!" He shouted before he groaned. "Hurry up in there, please!"

She stepped into the suit and pulled it up around her waist. "Almost ready."

She heard a girlish scream and a huge splash. Startled, she jumped up onto the seat in the cabana and peered over the wood to see one girl had fallen in! She pushed up one sleeve as Erik dove in the pool after her!

Suddenly, something happened to Erik. He shot straight up into the air, his eyes wide and he thrashed for a moment. She opened the cabana door and raced around the corner to see her Erik dive in after the girl who was holding onto a floating ring in the pool!

She jumped in after Erik, who was no longer swimming. She pulled him up up and out of the pool keeping his head out of the water. "Mr. Ormanni?" She asked. "Are you all right?"

She got no response. She pulled him out of the water onto the step which he'd thankfully had the foresight to install. Fear gave her strength and she pulled him up on the side. She glanced across to see the girl was sitting up and she looked fine.

Sure enough Erik shouted, "She's ok mom!"

She turned back to Erik. He was shaking and clutching his chest. She turned to Erik and shouted. "CALL 911!"

Erik took off like a shot into the house and Christine immediately turned Erik on his side and he began to vomit some foam and blood. Some was also leaking out of his nose. Christine inhaled and forced herself to stay calm. Erik stopped vomiting and she checked his vitals. he didn't appear to be breathing on his own.

She checked his airway, then she began to administer CPR. When her lips touched Erik's foamy one's, she couldn't help but notice that his lip curled slightly. When she pushed on his chest she noticed how his face was severely deformed. It startled her for a moment, but she shook it off and continued pumping life into him. the two girls, Janice and Anita were standing there, their young eyes wide in horror as they saw their uncle unconscious.

The butler and Erik ran out. "What happened?" the butler shouted. "Is he all right?"

"Is the ambulance coming?" She shouted as she pushed on his chest before forcing air into him again.

"Yes, the fire department is right down the street! But what happened?" The butler gasped. "Oh good God!" He reached for Erik's mask and secured it to his face again.

She removed it. "I can't administer air with it on!"

"Madam! I must protest. He'd rather die than let anyone see his face!"

"Then he'll have to sue me as soon as he's well!"

The sound of sirens was music to her ears. She continued giving Erik CPR and the butler ran to direct the medics. "Are you all right mommy?" Erik asked as he stood behind her.

"Yes." She gasped out before giving Erik more air.

A woman a few years older than Christine came running up to Erik's form, her red heels clicking. "You stop that!" she shouted. "You're no medic!" Christine ignored her and continued breathing into Erik's mouth. "I said stop it!" She shouted grabbing Christine.

Christine kicked the woman in the leg and flung herself back to Erik's form. The woman shrieked and fell backwards into the pool! The woman's shrieks assured her that she was all right.

"Ma'am?" She glanced up into the kind, blue eyes of a man in a deep blue fire department uniform. She glanced back down at Erik's form. "Keep doing that. The team is right behind me."

She nodded and breathed air back into Erik's mouth.

"You stop it!" the woman shrieked.

"You get out of here!" The butler shouted as he grabbed the woman. "Confound it! You're not his wife!"

"Get your hands off me!"

The woman screeched things as she was dragged away. Christine continued administering CPR and she kept doing it until she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Ok, we'll take over here now."

She stood up and inhaled shakily. She turned to the coordinator and trembled slightly. "What happened here?" He asked.

"I believe he he had a heart attack."

He frowned and turned to the team. "Possible heart attack." He glanced at her. "Are you sure?"

"Yes! I've seen this happen to my father at a party." She'd never forgotten it. "He jumped in the pool, shot up, started thrashing and then stopped swimming."

"Where were you?"

"I was in the cabana changing when one of the girls fell in the pool." She glanced at the paramedics still working on Erik. "I jumped up and peered over to see if all was well. He jumped in, had the attack and I jumped in and pulled him out."

"Who got the girl out?"

"My son did." She stated. "She appears to be fine."

"Pardon me," he said leaning forward and whispering in a confiding tone. "but, you didn't really finish dressing."

Christine blushed and pulled her arm into the sleeve. "Thank you."

"Who called 911?"

"I believe the butler, Mr. Charles." She stated. A loud noise startled her. She turned to see Erik's body jump and that they were trying to jump start his heart again. "Oh dear God!" She breathed. "His heart stopped!"