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Nine years later,

Christine held her breath and studied Erik's nineteen-year-old face. he was taking the news quite calmly. Raoul and Lauren had come over to talk with Christine about Erik's birth. Raoul had fallen in love with Lauren and they'd married a year after meeting. They had two children; a boy and a girl.

Christine had one child, a girl. The birth had been hard on her and the doctor said she'd never bear children again. Andrea was precious to them and she was afraid that she was very spoiled. However, Andrea obeyed them, she was a little bold, but she had sense enough to obey her parents.

Erik cleared his throat, "so, you were actually considering…marrying him?"

Christine nodded, "I was but…Erik won my heart and we both went our separate ways."

"it turned out for the best." Raoul said.

"Daddy!" Anita yelled as she entered the room.

Erik jumped and held his chest. "Anita." He said. "don't scare me like that."

Christine glared, "indeed. I want to enjoy your father for twenty more years!"

"sorry," she said glancing behind her. "but…there's this guy…he won't stop following me around!"

Erik stood up, "who is he?"

"some guy I met at the fire station." She said. "I dropped off cookies and he won't leave me alone! Daddy, he just pulled up into the driveway."

Christine stood up, "excuse us." She shook her head. "Anita."

"mom, I didn't encourage him."

Erik snorted as he opened the door for her to pass through. "Anita, a smile from you is encouragement enough." Anita was very beautiful, but uninterested in getting married. "I'm getting too old for this."

The doorbell rang and Anita cowered behind them as Erik opened the door. Christine smiled at the young fireman holding what appeared to be Anita's purse. He didn't really notice Erik or her, he had eyes only for Anita.

He held out the purse, "you dropped this."

Anita scowled and took the purse. "thank you."

He glanced at her and Erik, then back to Anita. "well, aren't you going to introduce me?"

"young man," Erik stated. "before you're introduced to us I must know your reasons for pursuing Anita in this manner."

The man blinked for a moment, thinking before saying. "matrimony."

Erik turned and looked at her in amazement. Anita appeared to be in shock as well. Christine cleared her throat, and held out her hand. "my name is Christine Ormanni."

"how do you do ma'am?" he said shaking her hand.

"And this," she glanced at Erik. "frowning old man is my husband."

"how do you do sir?" he extended his hand. Erik frowned slightly. The young man was undeterred and kept his hand out until Christine elbowed Erik. He shook the boy's hand. "my name is Erik West."

Christine started laughing hard and the young man frowned. "I'm sorry…but… this is a case of too many Erik's. my husband's name is Erik, my son's name is Erik."

"And my name is Erik." He stuffed his hands in his pocket. "any objections for one more?"

"not at the moment." Christine said. "but, only God can predict the future."

"mommy!" Andrea came running in the room with a Barbie doll whose head was missing. "fix it!" she said with a pout on her lips.

"ask daddy." She said.

"daddy?" Andrea said.

"all right pumpkin." A twist and the dolls head was back on. "here you go."

"thank you!" she kissed him and then ran off to play. Erik cleared his throat, "come on in."

"daddy!" Anita said.

"now Anita," Erik west said. "don't be so silly!"

"silly? You've been stalking me!"

"I just want to get to know you better. You're a hard person to talk to."

"well, I want nothing to do with you!"

at least that's what she kept telling him. two years later, Anita Ormanni became Mrs. Anita West.

Janice, she was such a shy and quiet woman, she preferred to stay close to home. However, during a trip to the national forest, a turned ankle caused her to meet a park ranger; Brett Powers. He was able to get an email address from her and they began an earnest courtship. A month later, he expressed interest in meeting her family and Erik was bound and determined to scare him off. Janice had been his favorite out of the twins and he was very protective of her. Brett proved his worth by refusing to back down and Janice found some nerve to get tell Erik to back off.

Erik, her son, became a doctor and he tried to keep his feelings out of his work. However, a girl with two broken legs caught his attention. When her legs were mended, he'd invited Holly over to meet his parents. Then, he began to court her in earnest and were expected to wed soon.

Andrea, well, she had a while to go. So, she stayed with her parents in their little forest house where they retired to and spent a content life full of joy, peace and prosperity together.

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