Here's the Radio Rebel story this is kinda like Geek Charming. I do no own anything Radio Rebel or any songs that will be mention.

I'm Anna I'm a songwriter, musician, and singer. But for now I go to high school and have amazing friends.

I walk to Lincoln Bay High with my guitar case in my hand.

I notice Stacey sitting with her pop girls. I waved a friendly hello to her, but she ignored me. I never knew why.

I entered the halls and saw Tara and Audrey so I headed toward them. They been my best friends since sixth grade.

"Hey guys" I said opening my locker witch was next to Tara's.

"Hey Anna" said Tara

"Did you hear Radio Rebel last night?" asked Audrey

"I did and it was awesome!" I said

Radio Rebel always inspire me to do my own thing, not matter what anyone says to me. To the pops they considered me a geek probably because of my glasses, but that doesn't stop me from doing music.

"As usual, reject the status quo is my new life motto, she so inspiring so herself," said Audrey

"I wish I could be more like her." said Tara

"You should talk to your step-dad." said Audrey

"What? Why?" asked Tara

"Uh he runs Slam FM the biggest radio station in Seattle" I said

"Yeah, maybe he could give you an internship that would be a big coincidence booster." said Audrey

"Are you kidding me? He's been married to my mom for like two months, and he probably thinks I'm a total step-freak" said Tara.

"I freak out whenever he asks what kind of cereal I want"

We closed our lockers and walk down the hallway

"I just wish I could talk to everyone the way I talk to you two. Guess that's why you guys are my BFF's" said Tara

"BFFTLEWE" said Audrey. Tara and I gave her a confused look.

"Best friends for totally like ever without exception." she said.

"Catchy" Tara and I said.

"You should try my relaxation technique, when I'm memorizing lines for drama I imagine that I'm breathing in the words." said Audrey

"Audrey what does that even mean?" asked Tara. Audrey then cleared her throat and took a deep breath.

"You need to breath… your words" she said. I so do not get drama.

"How could you even breath at a time like this" said Barry pushing us from behind.

"Problem Barry?" asked Audrey and we all started to walk again.

"Last night Radio Rebel reveled the biggest clue of her identity, she goes to our school." he said

"She mentioned at 14:30 on Tuesday's podcast." said Larry

Then we walked into the elevator "Wow obsessed much Larry?" I asked

"Obsessed? Please I would hardly describe myself as obsessive" he said and he pulled out a wet wipe from his shirt and cleaned the elevator button and pushed it.

"What? It's flue season" wow I was right.

The doors opened and we all came out.

"This is so cool someone on radio who's actually one of us" said Larry

"Oh it could be that girl… no her… or her" said Barry point at random girls

"No that girl is too tall Radio Rebel voice sounds about 5'6 and her hair is reddish, like Tara's."

"No way she is nothing like Tara"

"Hey, What's that supposed to mean?" asked Tara

"Oh we love you but your nothing like Radio Rebel who is a blonde." said Barry

"And you know this how?" asked Larry

"Radio Rebel is my soulmate, I too got a minus in participation."

"How can that be you never shut up."

During their argument Tara and I saw Stacey kicking a boy's remote control car, he accidentally drove in front of her.

"How are supped to reject the status quo when the status quo is… status quo" said Tara

"Like Radio Rebel said, be ourselves" said Audrey and she headed over to Stacey and we all followed her.

"Hi Stacey how's it going?" asked Audrey

"This is what I was talking about, everyone thinks they can talk to us because of that eternally lame radio babble." said Stacey

"We thinks she protest too much." said Barry, he and Larry were standing next to Kim.

"Yeah we thinks… wait what do we thinks?" asked Larry sounding confused

"That she might be Radio Rebel."

"Please like I would ever encourage people like you to talk to us." she said

"Ah ha, so you admit you listen to her"

"This one's staring at me, make it stop." said Kim

"Please don't stand so close to us"

"You and I aren't any different, like Radio Rebel said-" said Audrey but was cut off by Stacey.

"No words, you don't think were different. Watch and learn, principal Marino" she said and principal Marino was heading towards us.

"Is everything alright over here?" she asked

"Actually no, Audrey was trying to get me to listen to some podcast in class, and I of course said no" she lied

"What? No I-" asked Audrey in disbelief

"You know that there's anti-distraction policy, let me see your bag" said principal Marino and Audrey handed her her bag.

"But I wasn't even listening to it"

"Well now you can't can you" said principal Marion in a mocking voice.

"You too young lady hand it over." and Tara handed her music player.

"Oh and so was Anna." Stacey lied again and I handed principal Marino my music player as well.

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention Stacey." said principal Marino and she left.

"Get it now? Your little DJ hero doesn't know what she's talking about." said Stacey

"Oh, does her royal shyness want to say something."

Tara wanted to say something, but she couldn't say it. I sometimes wish for her to come out of her shell. I know there's something in her.

"I thought not" said Stacey

"See ya around" I said to her, she gave me a look and left with the rest of the pops.

"I got to go" I said and left Tara and Audrey.

I was heading to my music class while on the way I pulled out my song book and pencil. Trying to write this new song. Then I bumped into someone and my music sheets scatter all over the floor. Then I saw it was Gabe. Uh, I hate that guy!

"What the heck?" I yelled and I picked up my music sheets.

"Watch were your going!" said Gabe

"Why don't you stop being a jerk!" and I left heading in the classroom.

Gabe and I have been arguing since middle school I never like him or his band the GGGG's. I knew Tara like Gavin who was also in the band, but I didn't mind I thought Gavin was cool. As for Gabe I always thought of him as a jerk, and I don't think he actually knows any real music. All he cares about is being popular.

Class started I love my music class, but I hate that Gabe was in the same class with me.

"Alright class we will be working on a duet assignment. I'm going to pair all of you up with someone and you two will write a song and perform together." said the teacher

A duet sound cool, I wonder who I be paired up with. The teacher started to pair everyone then called my name.

"Anna and Gabe" I was shocked

"What?" we said in disbelief.

"I can't work with Gabe." I said

"And I can't work with Anna." said Gabe

"You two will work together or you can get an F on this assignment." said the teacher

We didn't have a choice we had to work together. Oh great this going to be awful.

After the teacher paired everyone we all went to talk to out partners. So I went up to Gabe, I can't believe I'm doing this.

"Look I'm not happy with this, but we need to work together as songwriters" I said

"Fine how about you write the song and we can perform it together." he said

"Or we write the song together." I said sarcastically

"Okay then what do we do?"

"Come over to my place tomorrow and we can come up with the song."

"Fine as long as no one in school see us together." he said

"Only in class and at my place alright"

"Sounds good to me"

"The sooner we finish the song the sooner we'er away form each other" I said

"Good" he said and I walked away form him.

I went back to my desk and back to my song book. I hope nothing goes wrong.

There's my first chapter and I hope you readers will like it. Plus check out MBAV A Different Story. More chapters soon. xoxo