Just Another Sunday

By Angelfan15

Disclaimer: I own nothing! If I did own then Buffy and Angel would be married with a soccer team of kids by now… which I did in this story!

Pairing: B/A

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Spoilers: This is completely AU

Rating: PG

Summary: Mother's Day for the mom's who have a handful or two of kids.

Authors Notes: Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

Chapter 1: My Day

Buffy Angelus rolled over in her bed and snuggled closer to the pillow, today was her day, she didn't have to get up. One of her eyes popped open when she heard a baby crying, she waited for the crying to stop. 'You better get her before she wakes him up.' She thought to herself, if she felt her husband next to her then she would have said it out loud. When the crying got louder and she heard a second baby crying she shot up in bed and ran to the room where the crying was coming from, almost tripping over a few toys in the hall way. As soon as she got to the doorway of the bedroom the crying quieted down but still didn't stop. She hurried over to pick up her daughter to quiet her in hopes her son would fall back to sleep. No such luck. They were both wide awake. Walking over to the crib on the other side of the room she picked up her son. Both were happy to be in their mothers arms and cuddled their face into both sides of her neck. "Where is your no good father?" She asked them with a playfulness in her voice, like they knew what she was saying. "Just see if I am going to give him a break on his day." She murmured as she gave her twin babies each a kiss on the head.

Taking both her babies into her bedroom that she shared with her husband, laying them on her bed she claimed back in to bed. Maybe they would go back to sleep for a little while if they were in bed with her. She loved to just lay and cuddle with them in the big bed, even though she knew it was wrong because then they will always want to sleep with them and her husband would have none of that. He was already talking about having more! He said they couldn't practice making more babies if they had their 10 month old twins in bed with them. They hadn't planned for twins but they wouldn't trade them in for the world! Buffy had a little panic attack when they found out it was twins, she didn't know how she was going to do it but her husband assured her that she would have a lot of help and everything would be okay. She looked down at at her son and daughter trying to fall back to sleep, James and Jena were so perfect. Everything was okay. She loved her life and wouldn't change it for the world.

Just as she was thinking everything was so peaceful and serene, she heard loud voices, feet stomping as if an out of synce army was running and they were! Then a loud crash and someone yelling. Four kids came rushing into her room and jumped on the bed causing James and Jena's eyes to shoot open and they began to cry again. "Shhh." Buffy told the other four children that were now jumping on her bed, when the kids stopped jumping and sat on her bed she turned back to her babies. "It's okay babies, go night night."

"Mom! Come on!" Whined her 6 year old son, Landon. "You can't stay in bed ALL day."

Buffy pouted at her kids. Didn't they know what today was?

"Don't you know what today is?" Came a voice at her bedroom door.

Buffy looked up and smiled at her oldest son. 'That's my boy!' He was so much like his dad that it was scary! He was smart, like scary smart for his age. Buffy was sure he was smarter than she was! He looked a lot like his father too, girls were going to fall for him in an instant... if they weren't already. He didn't really like to talk about girls. He was 12 years old after all, he still thought girls had cooties. That is where he differed from his father, at 12 years old his father had already confessed his love for her.

"You guys, get out!" The voice said sternly, the four kids ran out of the room. Her oldest son smiled back at her. "Do you need anything, mom?"

"Your father." Buffy joked.

"I'm sure he will be back soon." Connor nodded. "You know he is always here, it's a special day. I bet he just went to work for a little while. Do you want me to make you breakfast or anything?"

Buffy shook her head. "No, that's okay. Just give me a minute and I will get up."

"You don't have to. I have everything under control." Connor walked into his mothers room. "Do you want me to take them?" He asked nodding to his baby brother and sister.

"It's okay, Connor. Really." Buffy couldn't help but smile at her oldest son, she was so proud of him. Every time she looked at him she got a sense of pride and tear up. He was such an amazing person and it was hard to believe that he had grown so much and so fast. Looking at her oldest son, she now understood what her Grandma meant when she said she was going to put a brick on Buffy's head to keep her from growing. It was bitter sweet.

"Well I am taking them anyway." Connor said reaching down to take his little sister in his arms. "You take a nice long shower or something." Picking up his brother next, in the same way his mother had, he walked over to his mother giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Happy Mother's Day, mom."

"Thank you, Sweetie."

Buffy grabbed a few things she would need to take a shower and made her way into the bathroom connected to her bedroom. Turning on the water she started to get undressed. She had a really good life, she had to admit. She was a stay at home Mom, her husband took care of everything. She took care of the kids and the house, heck her husband even helped with the kids and cleaning the house too! He fixed everything that needed to be fixed and he never complained. She had it good, he got the short end of the stick.

She had known her husband all her life, they went to the same Daycare when they were babies and grew attached to each other at a very young age. They always played together and when they were 5 years old a woman that worked at the Daycare told everyone she was getting married, on that day without even knowing what marriage was he had asked her to marry him. She said yes of course! They were attached at the hip. He never even asked her out, not once. They were just somehow automatically a couple. When they were 10 they shared their first kiss, at 15 they made love for the first time and at 16 they had their first kid. She wouldn't recommend that to people, it was hard being in high school and having a baby but with a lot of help from her mother she got threw it. They got married as soon as Buffy turned 18, they were still in high school but being married didn't change much for them, it was just a piece of paper that made it legal. In their hearts they had been married all their lives.

Flash forward 10 years after high school graduation they now had a beautiful home with a large yard and a white picket fence, which if they had anymore kids then they would need a bigger house, two German Shepard dogs, two cars.. well her husband had a convertible and she had a mini van, she had to with their seven kids! Yes, that's right, SEVEN kids. Sometimes she couldn't believe it herself. At 28 years old she had seven kids. By looking at her no one could tell that she was 28, everyone always thought she was so much younger and she was just babysitting all those kids that were with her.

Even though Connor had told her to take a long shower she couldn't help but feel bad for leaving her 12 year old son with his six siblings. She took a fast shower, got dressed in shorts and a tank top then quickly ran out of her bedroom while throwing her wet hair up in a ponytail. Reaching the bottom of the stairs she heard her twins laughing hysterically over something, she peaked around the corner to look into the kitchen. She saw her 4 year old daughter, Alana and her 2 year old daughter Khloe making silly faces at their 10 month old siblings. Buffy smiled at the sight of Khloe interacting with her younger siblings, it was about time! She had found out she was pregnant with the twins only 6 months after Khloe was born. She didn't have much time to be the baby, for that reason Khloe acted like her younger siblings never existed. Seeing Khloe play with her baby brother and sister as they sat in their high chair was the best Mothers Day gift she could ever get.

All of her children looked just like their father, dark hair and dark eyes, all except Khloe. Khloe had the blondest hair she had ever seen with bright green eyes, she was the spitting image of Buffy. Landon had blonde hair and brown eyes when he was younger but the older he got, the darker his hair got.

Buffy watched as Connor put cereal bowls in front of his 8 year old sister, Layla and his 6 year old brother Landon then went over to guide Alana and Khloe over to the table where he had already put two bowls for them. He then put a few pieces of cheerios on the high chair trays in front of James and Jena. Her little boy wasn't so little anymore. Buffy clapped her hands and smiled when she got all of her kids attention. "How about I make pancakes!"

"Mom, it's Mother's Day. You need to relax." Connor reminded her.

"Hey!" Landon shouted. "If the woman wants to make her kids pancakes I say more power to her!"

Then a chant of "Pancakes" from her four children ranging from the ages of 8 to 2 years old filled the room.

"Pancakes, it is!" Buffy laughed. "Unless you want something different Connor." Her other kids let their disappointment known.

"He always gets everything he wants!" Landon said getting upset.

Buffy gave her second oldest son a stern look. "He doesn't ALWAYS get what he wants, I would still make you pancakes too."

"Pancakes are fine, mom." Connor said quietly as he went around to pick up all the bowls off the table. "I just wanted you to have a nice relaxing day."

"I know, Sweetie." Buffy smiled at her oldest as she watched him put the bowls back in the cupboard and help her get the ingredients out to make homemade pancakes. "It was a nice thought."

Buffy made breakfast for the kids, once they were all settled and eating she stood watching them from the counter where she nibbled on a pancake. 'How did I get so blessed with such an amazing family, a big family but amazing.'

"Hey Baby." Came the smooth voice of her husband as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. 'Oh yeah, that is how she got such a big family. The man wouldn't keep his hands to himself!' He placed a manila folder on the counter next to the plate with her pancake on it. "Happy Mother's Day."

"Oh, so you did remember…" She joked turning around to face her husband, giving him a kiss. "I missed you this morning."

"Mmm, I always miss you." He smirked as he slowly slid his hands down her back to squeeze her ass.

"Angel!" Buffy laughed. "You are lucky your 20 kids over there are so engrossed with their pancakes."

"We have 20 now?" Angel asked scratching his head. "How long was I gone?"

"Long enough to miss Khloe actually acting like she likes Jena and James." Buffy smiled wrapping her arms around her husbands neck.

Angel's eyes widened in shock. "Your kidding? Took long enough! I was convinced they would grow up and she wouldn't even know who they were! The things you miss when you get called into work. Gunn called me at 4:00 this morning saying he needed help. I didn't want to wake you." Angel said nodding towards the folder on the counter. "I'm the boss, what could I do?"

Angel owned his own Private Investigation Agency, when he first started it they didn't think it would bring in much money but apparently a lot of people in Los Angeles thought their spouses were cheating and would pay very well to prove it. Angel Investigations was now a very well known agency that was doing very well for themselves. Charles Gunn was Angel's right hand man, if Angel needed anything done and done right he went to Gunn for it. Angel trusted all of his employees but Gunn knew everything Angel knew about the PI business, inside out. It took a while for Angel to trust Cordelia Chase with anything other than answering phones because well, she wasn't even any good at that at first. Cordelia was one of Buffy's best friends in high school though so when his wife came to him asking if there was a job for Cordelia to do, he couldn't help but give her a job. Wesley Wyndam Pryce and Winifred Burkle were the go to for research and Allen Frances Doyle was the one to go to if you needed any information on the seedier part of town. There was a time when Gunn would have taken care of the dangerous jobs on the street and once in a while he would still go out with Doyle just in case he found himself in a jam. Gunn was the muscle but often joked that he didn't want to mess up his good lookin' face. And Lorne… well Buffy didn't really know what Lorne did, whenever she went by the office Lorne was either singing as he filed papers or was making coffee.

"Is everything okay now?" She asked her husband. If he had been up since 4:00 then he must be tired.

Angel nodded. "Yeah, we have a new case though."

"When don't you?" Buffy smiled. "Do you want some breakfast? and then you should go back to bed."

He shook his head laughing. "You remember this is Mother's Day right? Why don't you go back to bed?"

"Because I'm a mom, I don't get to sleep until I am dead."

"Speaking of… the twins are 10 months now, with our history you should be getting pregnant again."

"Funny." Buffy said poking him in the chest.

"Seriously Baby, we have a baby every other year." He reminded his wife.

"You think I don't know that?" Buffy exclaimed. "By body is still taking a hit from the twins."

"No more kids for a while, Dad." Angel glanced over to see his oldest son looked at them.

Angel narrowed his eyes are Connor. "Why is that?"

"Give mom a break. She is the one that has to have them in her stomach for 9 months and deal with them every day ALL day." Connor said chewing on his pancakes. "At least let a few of us out of the house before you bring more in. I think 7 is way to many, it's like you are trying to keep up with the Duggars."

"You have that boy watching TLC?" Angel asked his wife. "If he is watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 we are going to have some problems."

"That show got cancelled because they got a divorce." Buffy informed her husband. "It became Kate Plus 8 but that got cancelled too."

"Maybe it is because they had 8 kids." Connor teased.

Angel shot his son a glare then turned back to his wife. "We could just go for twins again and skip over the whole 8th kid drama."

"Your such a suck up." Landon whispered to Connor.

"When you are done being certifiable then you can talk to me again." She teased her husband as she started to make Jena and James' bottles.

Giving his wife a confused look he asked. "Have either one of us ever been un-certifiable?"

Buffy rolled her eyes and handed the babies their bottles. "Finish your baba's and then we will put you in the bath."

"A bath sounds good." Angel said. "I'm going to go shower."

Walking out of the bathroom rubbing a towel over his head, Angel heard his wife talking to James and Jena in one of the other bathrooms. Before he could say anything to her, she said. "The kids are outside playing, they promised not to kill each other while I give the twins a bath, could you go do a head count really fast?"

Angel nodded even though she couldn't see him and walked outside to make sure all of his kids were still alive.

"Baby! I only counted 5 kids, we are missing about 12 or 13." Angel smiled as he walked back into the bathroom. "Need help?"

"Can you grab her?"

"Of course I can." Angel picked up a towel and wrapped it around it around her with a smile on his face. "Hey there, Jena Bell!"

"I don't know why you call her that." Buffy said wrapping a towel around James.

Angel bounced up and down causing Jena to laugh. "You mean that's not her name?"

"If I wanted her to be named Jena Bell then I wouldn't have named her Jena Marie." Buffy smiled at Jena as she walked past her husband and daughter to go into their room and get them dressed.

Angel started drying Jena off with the towel. "Do you want to go to the beach today? The kids could run off some steam and you could relax in the sun. I know your Mother's Day hasn't exactly been very good already and it is only 10:00 but we could pack a picnic and eat on the beach. Could be fun."

"Okay, the worst thing that could happen is a few of our kids get surprised adopted." Buffy said sarcastically.

Buffy laid on a towel in the sand with Jena and James on a blanket next to her. She looked out into the water where Connor was paying close attention to Khloe and Alana. He was far too responsible for a 12 year old. Landon and Layla were splashing each other to very far away from Connor, Alana and Khloe.

Angel set two sippy cups of Apple Juice on the blanket near Jena and James, than sat down next to Buffy. "You couldn't give me something to look at? I gave you something!" He said motioning to his shirtless chest.

"Your kidding me, right? I have given birth to seven kids and there are people around. I am never going to wear a two piece bathing suit again in my life!" Buffy replied as she adjusted her sunglasses on her face.

"Your beautiful." He smiled.

Buffy turned to look at her husband. "Thank you."

"Remember when we used to come here before we had kids?" Angel said laying down next to her.

"No." Buffy shook her head with a smile. "There was never a time when we didn't have kids."

"We had so much fun." He laughed. " Playing Volleyball, Catch… until you killed the football, having bomb fires.. and making love in the sand."

"I think I got pregnant that night!"

"You get pregnant every time we have sex!" Angel joked.

Buffy shook her head. "Mountain Dew kills sperm, right? You are taking that up."

"I think that is a myth." He smiled and looked to see what his kids were doing in the water. "What do you want to do for dinner?"

Buffy shrugged.

"Do you want to go to Chili's?" He suggested.

"If the kids want to."

"You are not in a good mood." Angel noted.

Buffy looked over at Angel with an offended look on her face. "Why am I not in a good mood?"

"After knowing you for 28 years I know when you are in a bad mood, and you my beautiful wife are in a pissy mood." He said with a half smile.

She knew what was wrong but she didn't want to tell him.

"Would it make you feel better if I told you that your mom is going to take our Army tonight and we will be alone?" Angel tried to make her feel better.

Buffy gave him a small smile. "Maybe a little."

Dinner was stressful but it always was when you have that many kids. James and Jena were fussy, Khloe was crying because she was hungry, Alana was coloring on the table, Landon was poking at Layla with the classic "I'm not touching you" causing her to scream… Connor was such a good boy, granted he was older but he sat there nicely talking with his dad about a poetry book he had checked out of the library, when Angel would have to stop talking to him in order to do something with the other kids Connor sat quietly until his dad was ready to continue their conversation or he would talking with his mother.

Once their food got there all the kids quieted down and ate fairly well, the whole table was covered with food. There wasn't an inch of table left in view. They always had to order a lot of food, these kids never stopped eating it seemed like! Bottomless pits, that's what they were! Luckily they got out of the restaurant without any drinks being spilled, which for the Angelus family, that was a HUGE accomplishment.

Once they were done with dinner they got all the kids into Buffy's mini van and Angel drove them to her mothers house. Joyce Summers was a God send for the past 12 years.

To be continued…