The New Hero of Chaos here to tell you that I have returned. With a new fan-fiction. This time of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Variety. This story is the Prologue of my new story "Avatar: The Shadow Bender Rebellion. Which introduces benders from beyond the four Nations. And shows Aang a taste of the Chaotic Elements. Which are the opposite spectrum of the Four Basic Elements of Balance. This story takes place about 3 years after the Defeat of the Phoenix King. Team Avatar will meet new friends. Foes, and a brand new Adventure as they face the new Enemy. The Shadow Benders.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Shadow Bender Invasion


The King Veiled in Darkness

A man slowly walked through a darkened hallway. He wore black armor, covering his forearms, shoulders, chest, and waist, as well as a pair of grieves around his shins. It was an armor unlike any other nations. Also at his waist was a sword. It was different, it was straight bladed like a Jian, but longer, and the blade was wider, the hilt design was different. Instead of ending in a short guard, they flared out like a cross. The man also looked unlike any man of the four nations. His hair was long, and golden in color, his eyes where narrow, hawk-like, and cold. Grey in color, matching the darkness in which he walked in. As he reached the end of the hall way he was greeted by two men in lesser versions of his own armor. They gave him a quick nod before they opened the door.

"You wished to see me my lord?" the man asked as he got down onto one knee before a man who was sitting upon a high throne. He was indiscernible, his entire body covered in shadow, but an outline of him noticeable.

"Ahh, General Malthus. I am glad you made it. Have you read over my plans?" the King asked the man, named Malthus.

"Yes my lord. I believe it is a good plan, but for it to work I will need more troops." he said as he had yet to raise from his knee.

The king hidden in seemed to stir a bit "More? Is the number's I offer you not sufficient?" he asked Malthus.

"No, I believe that I will need at least 150,000 soldiers for this to be successful" Malthus said as he stood up.

For a moment there was nothing but silence, before a soft chuckle escaped the King "Very well. You have served me diligently and honorably for nearly ten years now Malthus. I shall grant your request for the additional troops. But it will take about two more weeks before the army will be prepared." the king said cooly to his general

Malthus smiled before he bowed before his King "Thank you your Majesty. I will not fail you. The four nations foolishly believe themselves alone in this world. Oh the shock when they meet us" he said as he began to back way as to leave, before completely turning his back to the king

"Oh, Malthus." the king said as his general left, causing Malthus to stop "Tell your wife I wish her well with her newest pregnancy. Hoping for a daughter this time?" he asked casually

"I will your Majesty, thank you, and yes. I have my son, now my wife wishes for a Daughter" he said as he continued walking away.

After leaving the palace he looked up at the midday sky and sighed. He knew that this mission could mean death, but as long as he could bring honor to his nation. As he walked he saw the many Citizens of the Kingdom of Shadows. His home. One of the four Kingdoms of his Land. He then looked back at the castle for a brief moment before he walked off to get to his manor

Meanwhile in the outskirts of the southern Water tribe. Aang was sitting upon an ice block. Looking out upon the horizon he took a deep breath as Katara walked up to him. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders and smiling softly as she kissed his cheek. He nuzzled her back as he looked at the horizon.

"Katara. I'm getting a strange feeling. As if something bad is about to happen again" He said as he sighed.

"Aang. I'm sure no matter what it is, as long as we all work together, we can overcome it." she said as she smiled at her boyfriend. Who nodded as he smiled at her.

Meanwhile in the Earth Kingdom Toph was sitting alone in her Academy as she shuttered suddenly. She then looked up, her blind, pale green eyes closing as she felt the earth

"Something big, and dangerous is coming...And I don't think we are ready" she said with a sigh as she looked around.

In Yu Dao, a Fire Nation Colony which was been converted into a Sovereign nation called The Republic Lands. Sokka, Suki, and Ty Lee where all standing outside as they felt a strange chill in the air. Almost shivering at the same time as Sokka looked about

"I didn't know it was winter, what an odd chill. Is Momo on my back?" he said as he looked around to see if he furry friend was near by.

"No dear, I think all three of us felt that" Suki said as she put her hand on top of Sokka's.

Ty Lee nodded as she also felt kinda odd "That was spooky. I have a feeling that we may be in for another change."

Both Sokka and Suki nodded as they looked up to the sky.

Meanwhile Zuko was standing out on his balcony as he looked out at the horizon. His eyes where narrowed as he was unsure about this feeling which had been plaguing him for days now. It had kept him from properly sleeping. It was worse then during the Yu Dao nightmares he suffered two years prior. At that moment Mai walked up next to him and took hold of his arm.

"You weren't in bed when I woke up this morning." she said as she nuzzled into his shoulder.

"Sorry. I felt I needed to get up early" he said as he looked at her, feigning a smile

"You have also done it every morning for the past three days." she said as she looked into his eyes "Zuko? Is something wrong?" she asked as she was truly concerned for him.

"I...I don't know. But for the past few days I have been having odd nightmares, an odd feeling. I have been scared. And I cant stay asleep." he said as he looked at her. Turning his head away from her as he felt oddly ashamed at his weakness. "I, I feel weak Mai. And its driving me mad" he said as he sighed.

She smiled softly and pulled him into a kiss "Zuko" she said after she broke the kiss "You need to stop hiding your nightmares from me. And besides. I have something I need to tell you" she said as she placed his hand upon her stomach.

For a moment Zuko seemed confused, but then his eyes lit up "Are you saying?" he asked as a smile crept upon his face.

Mai nodded and smiled "Your heir is growing inside of me, I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl?" she said with a soft smile.

Zuko then pulled her into a deep kiss "Mai...I love you, and I happy. I'm going to be a father." he said softly as there foreheads remained placed together as they held each other close upon the balcony.

Little did these two know of the shadows looming on the horizon. As a new day of war was coming to the Four Nations, but not a war of Harmony out of Balance, but of Chaos disrupting Harmony.