Here's a new story! It's going to be drabblish, each chapter 500 words or less. I'll update every Monday-Friday, and get the next weeks chapters ready over the weekend. I'm trying out third person with this so it may sound a bit different than my other stories, but it's the only way to really tell the story like it needs to be told. I hope you all enjoy.

Hear Me Chapter 1

Walking into Forks Hospital, Edward did his best to block out the multiple voices he heard, especially those that were pained or anguished. Sometimes his abilities did come in handy, but at times like this, he wished he could just turn it off and not have to hear the haunting words.

Hear me… a feminine voice sounded out in his head, the tortured sounding tone chilled him to the core.

He shook it off and kept walking, heading toward Carlisle's office. He had left some files at home and needed Edward to bring them to him.

Edward finally reached Carlisle's office, only to find it empty. He sniffed the air and opened his mind up to search for Carlisle. Catching his scent and hearing his mental voice, Edward followed the trail down two corridors until he came up to the door that Carlisle was behind.

Edward leaned against the wall and decided to wait for him, hearing Carlisle scribbling on charts and adjusting machines, he knew he would probably be done soon.

But as Edward waited, the light burn that was always present in his throat began to grow, flourish in life as it started to consume his every being.

Hear me… that same tortured voice from before broke through his mind and Edward bowed under the pain in it.

He was just able to right himself when the door next to him opened, bringing with it a surge of the most mouth watering scent he had ever encountered. The venom surged into his mouth, literally dripping off of his teeth in anticipation of finding and draining the source. He knew his eyes had switched to pitch black, and he fought to not seek out whomever was behind that door.

"Edward? Edward? Get control over yourself. You need to get out of here. Go home and I'll be there soon," Carlisle's voice broke through the desire to feed and Edward turned and bolted from the hospital as fast as he could manage while keeping up pretenses.

In his haste, he had forgotten to give Carlisle the files in his hands, and decided that it wasn't worth the risk to go back and face temptation once more. Letting them spill out on his passenger seat, Edward sped out of the hospital parking lot, not stopping until he was safely at home, where he quickly surged into the woods, eager to quell the driving hunger that had nearly taken him over.

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