So this is a fanfic I began to write before series 3 came out so apologies original thoughts on how I thought Mr and Mrs Holmes would be! This fic is set in modern day (before there's any confusion) and there are a few mature themes throughout the fic. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

The Baby

A tall woman walked into her mansion from the cold winter rain, sighing in annoyance as the water dripped to the floor, a mess someone would have to clean up after her later. The sound of her heels echoed loudly as they hit the floor as she entered.

"I'm home!" she called down the long hallway. She took off her coat and gave it to the young maid waiting. "Never again..." she muttered to herself.

"Mummy!" cried a young boy running out of the play room, immediately hugging her around her waist as he reached her.

"Hello, dear." she said tapping the boy on the head before peeling his arms away from her.

"Where is he mummy?" he asked, excitement in his eyes.

"Coming..." she said turning to her husband who had emerged from his library. "You are never making me go through that again..." she said in an angry hushed tone to him. She stopped in her journey to the stairs as the man gripped her upper arm, making her look up at him. The cold look they shared lasted for a few moments before she pulled her arm from his grasp and continued her original path up the stairs. "Jessica!" she called to her maid, disappearing at the top of the staircase. "Run me a bath!"

Their butler carefully opened the front door with a small bundle in his arms, having tried to protect it from the harsh rain outside, and an umbrella dripping even more water onto the hardwood floor.

"Jonathan, is that him?" the boy asked excitedly.

His father took the bundle from the butler, meeting the two light blue eyes barely open from the baby's early age.

"Hmm." the man said and passed him back to the older man. "How disappointing." he walked away back into his library. The remaining pair could hear the faint sound of water running as the bath was run.

"What's his name? Can I hold him?"

The elderly gentleman smiled at the boy. He carefully passed the baby into his arms. "Of course, master Mycroft. His name is Sherlock."

The seven year old smiled down at the baby boy in his arms, revealing the gaps where he had lost his teeth. Sherlock looked up at him and reached out his small hand, touching his face.

"Hello, Sherlock..." said Mycroft. He turned to his butler. "Thank you."

"That's not a problem, master Mycroft." he said as he held out his hands to take the baby back. "He needs to rest for now. You can hold him later." he said with a smile. Mycroft nodded and handed the boy back to him. Jonathan walked up the stairs to the baby's newly decorated nursery.

Mycroft ran up to his room, anticipating for the baby to wake up so he could hold him again.

"...and then if you mix red with blue, you make purple! But it's different with light because red and blue light makes magenta." said Mycroft excitedly at the baby, who was currently fascinated with his new toy. He was slotting the circle shape easily in the circle hole when he looked up and smiled at his brother. Mycroft sighed. "Are you listening to me?"

Sherlock had been with them for quite some time now. Mycroft and the family butler, Jonathan, tended to see him the most. Their parents weren't exactly the best parents on the planet so to speak, even Jessica saw him more often than his parents did and it was rarely her duty to look after him.

Sherlock quickly put the square block in the square hole and pushed his toy away, crawling over to Mycroft. He squeezed his index finger in his small hand and Mycroft smiled.

"You're going to be really smart, Sherlock. All my teachers say I'm really clever so you have to be too then everyone will think you're a gene…genus…genene… Really really clever too." He said with a grin, watching as Sherlock reached up and held onto his arm as he tried to climb up him.

"Being a baby is so easy." he said to Jonathan with a sigh as he entered the room.

"Well he will not be one for long, master Mycroft. Make the most of it." he said as picked up the baby and put a bottle to his mouth. "Before you know it, he'll be a big boy like you."

"Can I feed him?" he asked, hope shining in his eyes.

"If you want to sir." he said, cautiously placing the baby in his arms and giving him the bottle. "Be careful..."

"Jonathan!" called Julie Holmes from the hallway. "Jonathan, where are you?"

She walked into the games room where the boy was feeding his brother.

"What on Earth is going on?" she yelled at him.

Mycroft looked at his mother. "I'm feeding Sherlock." he said looking back at his brother who just ignored his mother completely.

"I know, Mycroft. I can see that." she snapped. "Now give that child back to Jonathan and get on with your school work. Jessica has laid out your suit on your bed for later."

Mycroft sighed and passed the baby back to the butler. He left and walked to his work room.

"Jonathan, hurry up and feed that child!" she looked in the mirror and checked her hair. "Put it to bed, the guests will be arriving soon. I don't want a baby ruining my night." she walked out the room with an overly dramatic sigh.

"Yes, Madam..." said Jonathan, giving the baby a pitiful look. The poor child didn't deserve to live in such a broken home. He took the empty bottle out of its mouth and walked up the grand staircase to put him in his cot.

Mycroft ran up the stairs. He was fed up with talking to a group of boring, uninterested, uninteresting adults. He heard the faint sound of crying and walked towards Sherlock's nursery, opening the door to find Jessica rocking the baby in her arms.

"Shh..." she said softly to the young child. She jumped slightly as she saw the elder boy enter. "Oh, master Mycroft, you made me jump!" she said with a small smile before desperation returned to her face. He felt sorry for her, being given the burden of looking after a baby all night. She had been working hard all day too.

"Let me try?" he asked.

"Erm..." she looked hesitantly at the boy. "If you think you can get him to sleep..." she said while passing the crying baby to him.

Mycroft looked at his baby brother, gently rocking him in his arms. "Sh,Sherlock, it's okay."

The baby ceased crying after a little while and sniffed as he looked up sleepily.

"Oh thank god for that!" said Jessica with a happy tone. "Thank you, master Mycroft..." she stepped closer to take the baby and put him in the cot. She yawned.

"No it's ok, Jessica..." he said, still holding onto the boy. "I'll put him to bed. You should rest."

"Erm... Okay... Be careful..." she said before hesitantly leaving the room.

He looked at the baby in his arms.

"My...cwoft..." Sherlock said sleepily, the baby's eyes closing slowly.

A proud smile spread across Mycroft's face. His little brother's first word...

"Don't worry Sherlock, I'm going to look after you. Whatever happens, I'll be there for you..." he whispered, gently kissing the top of his head.

He put the baby in his cot and turned the light off before he returned downstairs, his mood much better than before.