First thing's first, I'm so incredibly sorry for keeping you all waiting for so long. Not soon after the latest series ended I had a lot of problems arise in my personal life which I'd rather not get into but as a result, writing was the last thing on my mind. However, I'm back now and I'll try and update when I can. The rewrite has been scrapped and I'm just going to continue this version. Thank you for being so patient and still leaving me such kind reviews over the last year.

Chapter 82

Victor Trevor

Starting university was something Sherlock had not expected to do at the age of seventeen. Well, recently he had thought it possible, of course, but when he was younger, he believed he'd be following the same path as everyone else. But now he was here, walking onto the Cambridge University campus for the first time. There were plenty of other first year students making their way to the accommodation too, just like him, their families also trailing behind them too to help them settle in. Well, that's what most families did anyway.

"Do you have your key, Sherlock?"

"Yes, Mycroft."

"What about your books? You are sure you packed them?"

"Yes, mummy."

"Good. Good... What about your laptop?"


"What about-"

"You asked me all of these questions before we left." Sherlock said, exasperated. "I haven't forgotten anything. And if by a slim chance I have left something behind, I can easily go and buy a replacement."

Julie nodded, sighing a little. "I just cannot believe you are already going to university. It seems so soon..."

"Well I am going a year early." he replied bluntly.

"As you keep reminding us..." Mycroft muttered, earning him an irritated look from his brother.

Sherlock found his accommodation building and stepped inside, leading the way to his room. The rest of the flat seemed completely silent, meaning he was the first of the six flatmates to arrive. He unlocked the door to the shared flat before walking to his room, unlocking that door too and smiling to himself. It didn't seem too bad. Small, like he'd predicted as all university accommodation was these days, but he still had a spacious wardrobe and large desk, along with a bed of course. He peered his head into the en suite, finding a reasonably sized shower inside. He could live here easily. He dumped the case he'd been pulling along on his bed, Mycroft following suit as his mother put down a box on his desk.

"Well, this is lovely..." Julie commented as she looked around. "Curtains could be nicer though."

Sherlock rolled his eyes a little but started to unpack, feeling his mother's and Mycroft's eyes on his back. "You don't have to stay, you realise." he said bluntly. "It's not as if I was at boarding school for five years and never done this before..."

"Sherlock-" Mycroft began.

"No, no. He's right." Julie interrupted, sighing a little. "I suppose we should go then."

Mycroft nodded, not moving from where he stood. "Don't hesitate to call if you need anything, brother."

"I won't." Sherlock said simply, continuing to unpack without looking at them.

"Good luck, Sherlock. I'm sure you'll be fine here." his mother said with a nod before pulling him into a hug, kissing his cheek. "And you had better call me once you've settled in." she said pointedly.

Sherlock rolled his eyes a little as he hugged her back but a small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. "I'll call you tomorrow then at this rate." he muttered.

She lightly hit his arm and shook her head. "See you soon, dear."

Sherlock nodded, giving her a brief smile before turning back to his unpacking. "Of course." he said simply.

The next time he looked up, his family had left him in peace.

Once the unpacking was finally done, Sherlock decided that maybe he should go for a walk around the campus. The weather was nice enough and he hadn't actually looked around the place yet. Also the map was dire so he preferred to create his own one in his mind.

It was fine at first, just avoiding people with large bags so he could avoid getting run over by a suitcase. He was walking across one of the many grassy spaces when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his ankle. He glared down at the dog as he fell down, wincing in pain.

"Buster! No! Bad dog!" he heard a young man's voice call and thankfully the bull terrier let go. Sherlock lifted his trouser leg and saw that thankfully the dog hadn't bitten hard enough to puncture the skin. Some impressive bruises were beginning to appear though.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry." he heard the same voice say again before he looked up. "Are you alright?"

The young man was clearly a first year like him, holding a box of his things along with a map. It didn't take someone with the deductive skills of Sherlock Holmes to work that one out. His features were soft yet angular, predominant cheekbones below bright blue eyes. At first glance he seemed rather average until how attractive he was became clear. He looked to the hand offered to him and took it, pulling himself up.

"Fine." Sherlock said sharply.

"I'm sorry. Usually he's a good dog but it must be the crowds... I told my dad not to bring him." the student said to him, giving him a slightly embarrassed smile.

"Clearly." Sherlock replied, pursing his lips a little in thought.

The young man nodded, licking his lips slowly. "Victor Trevor." he introduced, holding his hand out again.

Sherlock looked to the hand before hesitantly reaching out and shaking it. "Sherlock Holmes."

Victor smiled at him. Strange. Sherlock hadn't seen someone's whole face light up from just a simple smile.

"Well, Sherlock Holmes, do you have any idea where I can find-"

"You're in the same flat as me." Sherlock said bluntly, having looked at his map and the rough handwriting at the top of the page, indicating they were in fact living right next door to each other.

Victor frowned a little before following Sherlock's glance to the paper. "Oh right." he said in realisation. "Great. Is it okay if you show me the way? I mean, it's fine if you don't want to. My dog did just maul your leg."

"My leg is hardly mauled." Sherlock said, slight smile on his lips. Someone had worked out his deduction without him having to explain it to him. It was a simple one, but still, many people seemed to miss it. "This way." he said before starting to lead the way, having earned a slight limp from 'Buster's' attack.

Victor walked with him with Buster following at Victor's side.

"You realise pets aren't allowed." Sherlock told him bluntly.

"Yeah, but dad was adamant to bring him to say goodbye." Victor answered with a sigh.

"Instead he just attacks people's ankles." Sherlock smirked.

Victor laughed. "No, that's just you."

Sherlock found himself smiling too which was odd. It must have been the fact that someone was being genuinely nice to him with no ulterior motive.

"You have a rather young face." Victor said a few moments later as he looked at him.

"That's because I'm still seventeen." he told him, waiting to be rejected because of his age.

"Seriously? Damn, you must be pretty smart to be here a year earlier."

Sherlock paused. Was that supposed to be a compliment? This really was new...

"What are you studying?" Victor's voice piped up again, distracting Sherlock from his thoughts.

"Chemistry. Same as you."

Victor thought for a moment. "My books. Right." he smirked, looking to his box. "Smart and observant then." he commented. "I bet you could tell things about people by only looking at them."

"Yes. I can." Sherlock replied simply, opening the door to their flat.



"What can you tell about Buster then?" Victor asked, smiling at the corner of his mouth. "He's not a person obviously but yeah, go on."

"Other than the fact he has a stupid name?" Sherlock asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Aw come on! I was ten!" Victor chuckled, opening his door and holding it open for Sherlock to join him.

"No excuse." Sherlock replied as he walked inside.

Victor rolled his eyes, putting down his box. "Go on then, genius boy." he teased but it didn't seem to be spiteful.

Sherlock looked to the dog and glanced over him. "Well, the obvious is obvious. Eight years old, given a stupid name by you, bull terrier in breed." he began before crouching down and looking at the dog. "No, nine years. Adopted not bought, cheaper, even though money is clearly no concern for you. So after an expensive ordeal, most likely your parents' divorce. He was a gift to you after their divorce from your father considering he was the one who brought you both here. He had an accident before you were his owner, broken back right leg, looking at the shape of his leg. You and your father have looked after him well over the years, especially considering the state of his teeth compared to most dogs." he said, glancing up at the student and pausing at the look on his face. "What?"

"That's incredible." he said with a small shake of his head, looking at him in amazement. "You're completely right."

"Of course I am." Sherlock replied, standing up to his full height again.

"Bloody hell... I wish I was as smart as you." he chuckled, shaking his head a little. "Right, I've got get the last of my stuff from dad's car and drop Buster back with him. I suppose I'll see you when I get back then?"

Sherlock nodded, stepping out of his room with him.

"Thanks for showing me how to get here by the way." Victor said with a smile.

"You're welcome." he replied simply, licking his lips slowly before retreating to his room.

"See you later, Sherlock." Victor said as he passed, leaving the flat in deadly quiet again.

Maybe university wasn't going to be too bad after all.