Ordinary day, ordinary LA, little Anna Criss was watching her brother sing his heart out, filming the finale of Glee. Ever since she started coming here during season two, Anna had been accepted into both the New Directions and Warbler family with open arms. Slightly becoming bored of the scene that was being played out, Anna drifted off set and wandered around the studio, going through the costume and props department knowing that she was not going to get lost. Humming to herself as she did this, she barely noticed the figure behind her until he started to hum back the same tune. Turning around, she came face to face with the boy that had become familiar to her since his first scene here, which happened to be with her brother. Offering to walk with her, she gladly accepted and held in a gasp when she felt his hand take hers. Continuing to walk around nowhere in particular, Grant offered her his cardigan as he notice a slight chill go through her as day started to turn into night. Continuing going nowhere, their peaceful walk was interrupted by a text from her brother, informing her that filming was going over schedule and to try and get a lift home to the flat the two siblings shared. Sighing in annoyance, Grant looked at the girl and questioned her about what was wrong. Telling him about the text, he offered her to come back to his house to eat and watch the clippers play and then he would drive her home that night. Smiling and thanking him for the offer, she accepted and the two of them were in his car, driving back to his house. the conversation in the car was of general nothingness, and the car eventually came to a stop outside of his house, being a perfect gentleman, he opened to door for her and the two were inside on his couch watching the match. At half time, a trailer for the Hunger Games came on, starting a conversation between the two about the series and more importantly, Finnick Odair. Asking Grant if he had heard anything, he looked into her hazel eyes that were similar to her brothers and sadly shook his head. Half smiling, Anna reached over and placed her hand on his shoulder as a sign of comfort. Looking back at Grant, she was confused to see a slight smirk forming across his face. Cocking her head to the side, she asked him what was going on through that head of his. He simply shrugged and leant forward to push her bangs out of her eyes. Smiling at the blushing girl, he told her that there may be an issue if he was to get the part. Thinking he was serious, Anna asked the older boy, what it was and if she could help in anyway, secretly wanting to spend more time with Grant. Leaning even closer to the girl, whose heart is now beating beyond a normal rhythm, his face formed a parallel of the Smythe smirk she had seen so many times on the screen. Whispering in her ear, "I don't exactly know CPR." Looking back at the boy whose face was now inches from hers, she asked if she could help him somehow. With his smirk getting bigger, he just shrugged and looked into her eyes and brushed his lips over hers, before kissing the girl that he had not been able to forget since their first meeting, ironically at the Lima Bean set. Pulling apart briefly, his lips hovering over hers, he looked at the girl he had just kissed, smiling as she opened her eyes, gazing into his, only to look away, slightly embarrassed of her blush. Taking her face in his hands, he brushed his thumb over her cheek murmuring that "Practice makes Perfect," before kissing the girl once more, secretly thanking Darren for having to sty back on set.