Check out 'The Story of Annie and Finnick' by LRoseC. It is one of my all-time favourite stories ever! It is absolutely perfect and magnificently written. I started reading it again a few weeks ago and I remembered how perfect it was so I decided to share it with you guys. Finnick and Annie is my second favourite pairing in the Hunger Games and this depicts their lives perfectly! Please read it! If anyone was wondering, my third favourite is Katniss and Peeta. I feel so sorry for Gale but still I like Peeta better.

And please give suggestions of the different terrains that could be in the arena and other events/traps that I could incorporate into it.


Dynynia's P.O.V.





Here goes nothing…


Most of the tributes dived forward into the water but I didn't. I stood there frozen in time, for probably only one second, but it felt like forever. Everything happening in front of me was just a big blur and my mind was racing a million miles an hour.

Quickly, I turned around and dived into the water; swimming directly away from the other tributes and the supplies. The water wasn't too deep but if I was standing on the bottom there still would probably be a good metre above me until the surface.

By the time I reached the mainland, my legs were getting all cramped up. I wasn't the strongest swimmer but evidently not many of the other tributes were too, because when I looked around, a few of them were still swimming.

I quickly scanned the area for Xanthe but he was long gone. A breath caught in my throat when I saw a few dead bodies already; three floating face down in the water, blood all around the water surrounding them, and two cut up near the supplies.

No matter how much I wanted to know who were gone already, I had to keep running away from this place. Plus, if I looked at the bloodbath mess for any longer, I might gain a memory that would scare me for life.

After running for who knows how long, my legs were screaming out for me to stop and my heart was beating faster than a cheetah runs.

Tamaeta had put my hair in a single, high-ponytail on my head and I could feel it whipping my neck.

I just kept running until I met the harsh forest floor. My body was flat against the dirt beneath me and I turned to face the sky, which was blocked by the tree tops. I put my hands behind my head and tears started to fall down my cheeks, making it even more impossible for me to breathe.

'Be strong for me. Be strong for Xanthe. Be strong for all of your brothers. Be strong for district seven. You show Panem what you've got and know that everybody will be watching over you.'

My head shot up as the sound of Tamaeta's voice rang throughout my head. By now I was deeply panting and almost immediately I grabbed my throat. I needed water real bad.

I took a closer look at my surroundings and smiled widely; just like home. I inhaled the fresh air around me and recognised the familiar smell of pine.

I needed to get as far as I could but I decided that my body couldn't handle any more running. My walking turned into jogging occasionally but it went back to walking when I felt like mush.

Moss! There was moss on a tree and I decided to walk just a little bit further to find some water, there had to be some around here somewhere.

After another full minute of walking, more like dragging my feet across the grass, I reached a small lake. My body practically threw itself into it and I rolled around for a few seconds before letting the cool liquid enter my throat. Water never tasted so good before.

I knew it wasn't safe around here because other tributes needed water too, and in some previous Hunger Games there was only one safe water source. My thirst was quenched but I never wanted to feel dehydration again, so I stared at the lake longingly.

Right on cue, a little silver parachute came floating down and I caught it in my hands. There was a note on top of it.

'It only cost your sponsors a few dollars but it could save your life –Velon.'

I opened the box and inside was a metal water bottle. What surprised me was that I even had sponsors. I didn't do anything spectacular, did I?

Even though there were probably better things to watch than me drinking water, there was a slight chance that the camera crew were focused on me so I gently whispered into the air, "Thank you."

In no time, my bottle was filled with water and I swung it around my neck.

'Tree with a broken branch. Daisy patch. Heart shaped stone.' I whipped my wet eyes as I tried to memorise the area so that I could remember it when I needed to come back.

My mind ran over my family. How was Xanthe coping? Were the boys back home watching me right now? I also thought of Eleanor, Gretel and Nadia; were they still alive or were they one of those lifeless bodies at the Cornucopia? Where were the careers going to set up camp this year?

I stopped thinking and I slowly jogged until I literally could not take another step. There was a big tree in front of me with thick branches so I decided to stay there until the morning. Since I had heaps of experience climbing trees, I was at the top in no sweat. Sleep easily took over me.


I was woken up by large sounds.


In the sky was the faces of the district three tributes; the best friends who were thrown into an arena with no hope. The girl, Harleigh, had mahogany coloured eyes that bore through your soul. Mahogany coloured eyes that would never see another day. The boy, Jonah, had a baby face that reminded me of little Johanna back home.


My whole world shattered and a lump rose in my throat.


Nadia was dead. Her innocent face was floating in the sky, making the stars look ugly in comparison.

It wasn't fair. She didn't deserve to die! No one deserved to die, besides President Snow that is…


The boys from district eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve were all dead. That included Jago. Poor little Jago.

These kids deserved more than this. I hated the Hunger Games. I absolutely hated it but I was going to play the Capitol's little game, on my own conditions that is.

My stomach started to grumble and I realised just how hungry I was. It was too dark but right on cue, the sky started to turn light. It was almost unnatural, most likely done by the Gamemakers. In a matter of minutes the whole arena was lit, ready for another day of slaughter. How many were going to die today?

I shrugged these thoughts from my mind and carefully climbed down the tree. The water bottle around my neck was full so I decided to take a few sips before trying to find food. I started to walk forward, jumping at every sound that I heard. Suddenly, I heard a bird sweetly singing into the air. I looked around for the bird and it landed on my head. This made me giggle slightly but I abruptly stopped when I remembered that another tribute could be anywhere.

The bird jumped down from my head into my hands. I took a closer look at the bird in front of me, it was small and black. It had bright pink eyes and flecks of pink on its body. Its beak was hooked and it had a strange blue swirl on it.

A large flock of the birds flew over me and the one in my hands joined the group. I don't know why but I decided to follow them.

After about half an hour of fast walking, I wondered why I hadn't encountered another tribute yet. The arena must have been big…

My legs started to ache and one by one, the flock of birds started to disband, leaving me clueless in the middle of nowhere.

Suddenly, I heard a wave of profanities being spewed out from someone. My first instinct was to turn around and run but the person sounded like they were in trouble.

"It's the Hunger Games. Just turn around and leave them!" But I couldn't. I ran forward and I swear my jaw brushed the ground when I reached a huge patch of bananas. There was at least two hundred banana trees scattered around, each one most likely genetically altered by the Capitol as they were the same height as the forest trees around them.

Something wasn't right; why would they just give you an infinite supply of bananas? I trudged my way through the rows of banana trees until I saw a figure in the distance. If I wasn't mistaken, it was the district eight tribute, Iris.

She looked up and caught my gaze, her face was curled up in concentration, "I won't kill you if you help me."

I hesitantly walked forward. My only choices were to run and have her catch me or to help her and possibly gain an ally in the arena.

Iris grabbed my wrist and pulled me along until we reached a clearing in the middle of the trees. There were stones arranged to make words reading 'one in two hundred are safe to eat, the one with the bird will give you a treat'. Iris rubbed the nape of her neck with her right hand and turned to face me.

"I don't get it! At first I thought it meant that the banana tree with a bird on it has bananas safe to eat, but all of the freaking trees have stupid birds on it!"

Her clearly frustrated face turned into one of curiosity when I grew a happy grin.

"Follow me."

I walked around the rows of banana trees, tracing my fingers along the birds carved into them.

"What are you doing?" Iris whispered behind me, cautiously looking around to make sure no one was following us. I just turned around and gave her a reassuring smile.

After only one minute tops, I found what I was looking for; a banana tree with a small and black bird sporting bright pink eyes and flecks of pink on its body. Its beak was hooked and it had a strange blue swirl on it, just like the ones I encountered before.

I didn't think it was fair that I understood the riddle and the other tributes didn't, but hey, I couldn't complain.

I ran to the tree and said, "This tree. Trust me." To prove my confidence that these bananas were edible, I peeled one and stuck it into my mouth. My mouth was filled with pure bliss as the banana felt so good against my tongue.

Iris twitched a smile and ate one too. Her head darted from side to side before she reached into her backpack, grabbing out an empty bag and filling it with six bananas. She gave me a quick once over before sighing, "You don't have anything but that water bottle do you?"

I simply shook my head.

"Here, have this." She handed me the belt which was wrapped around her waist. It was holding two small throwing knives and one fairly large knife. She then took out a huge water bottle and refilled my bottle.

Iris shot me a genuine smile before giving me a good-natured salute, "Good luck. May the odds be in you favour." And then she was off.

I realised that there was also some rope in the belt she gave me so I got some bananas and tied them up to my body. Kind of like a DIY backpack.

I saw the familiar bird land in front of me and I spoke to it silently, "Thank you."

Small snowflakes hit my skin and I opened my mouth, capturing some on my tongue. It didn't snow often in district seven. As soon as the snow fell I knew that it was going to be cold soon. I pulled out a knife and cut off as many banana leaves as I could carry.

Silently, I made my way through the forest, trying to find a suitable enough tree to stay in for a while. All of them were too high or not covered enough.

'Tree with a broken branch. Daisy patch. Heart shaped stone.' I knew that my tree from this morning was near. I passed the lake and started to jog. The snow was falling pretty heavily by now. It didn't take too long before I reached my tree so I climbed up it and lay on a branch. Before I covered myself with banana leaves, I took a quick sip of water and ate some of my banana that I didn't finish before.


Eleanor's P.O.V.

It was snowing and I was so cold to the point where I was shivering. I had no food, no water, no shelter and my body was exhausted. My whole day consisted of running aimlessly through the woods and every time I tried to sleep, I just saw dead bodies being cut up into pieces. More specifically, Nadia's body being cut up into pieces.

I looked up to see a run-down shack and I decided to stay there for a while. At least it would cover me from the snow.

The shack was nothing special but it had some worn out furniture and, surprisingly, a running refrigerator. I opened the refrigerator cautiously and let out a sigh of relief when there was a baked cake in it.

My body just wanted to devour the cake but my head told me that it wasn't safe. I moved my head closer to the cake and sniffed it, only then realising that it had the distinctive smell of Vekkels. Vekkels smelled really nice but I knew for a fact that they were poisonous. When you bit into a Vekkel, the poison took about twenty-four hours to settle in and then rushed throughout your body, sending painful little shocks through you, torturing you until your last breath. My mother told me that eating a Vekkel was one of the most painful ways to die.

I threw the cake against the closest wall in frustration with all the little energy I had left. Tears started to pour out of my eyes. I was so hungry, tired and dehydrated.


Another tribute dead. At first I thought that the tribute was me until I was snapped back into life by various laughs were erupting from outside. I took a little peep outside the window only to see a pack of five tributes, most likely the careers. Kael. He wasn't there. Was the cannon that just cracked his? I hoped not…

Quickly, I ducked my head and looked for ways to get out. There was no back door or closets. The Careers were getting closer to the shack when I saw a floorboard sticking up. I grabbed the floorboard and, for once in my life, was greatful of my size as I could fit in the little spot underneath.

My heart was beating so fast I swear that the Careers could hear it. I could feel them stepping over the top of me and prayed that they wouldn't find out my hiding spot.

Something almost as bad as being caught happened when I heard a male Career declare, "We are staying here for the night".

I'll be dead before nightfall.


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