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Chapter 1: Death and Rebirth

Unplottable Location, England 20XX

It was in a clean stone room illuminated by the veins of precious and magical conductive material threaded through the stone walls, ceiling and floor that two people were located. The room was clearly a product wrought by magic for preforming more intricate rituals as there was no natural way for the stone to have such intricate and unnatural patterns and designs. That wasn't even accounting for how well the stones fit against one another and how the power from one stone could be directed from one to another.

Mostly, the stones just provided the room with light and a safe way to drain off any excess magic from a ritual and store it. They were also pretty. The old lady knew this because when she was younger she had designed the room. Admittedly, it had a different purpose then but with magic and knowledge it was easy enough to modify it to suit her current needs. Creator's privilege and all that.

"I still say you should have gone with the ghastly blue lights for this room. The white glow is not favoring this face." She heard the man, who was younger than the woman mentioned from where he leaned up against the wall. He had been forbidden from walking through the room as he could damage her work and rituals were tricky things to begin with. He changed his appearance slightly by darkening his complexion. His looks did improve with the slight bronzing but only slightly. He was a handsome man anyway. That did not mean that he could not get away without comment. Her lips curled up into an evil smile and she was grateful that he wasn't facing her.

"University has clearly had a bad influence on you Professor Lupin." The older lady replied wryly from her place on the floor. "That vanity of yours, all those wild parties and the fact that your students don't recognize you thanks to your metamorphic talents. You honestly have to be the only Oxford Professor who can get away with sleeping with your students."

"That was one-gah! Why do I even bother trying to defend myself against that anymore? Much less, why was I idiot enough to tell you?"

"You were a quivering wreck, she was gold-digging bitch and you wanted your favorite god-mother to help you before something horrible forced you to quit in disgrace from Oxford or to marry her. It's not like you knew her as a student before she took your class."

"That question was entirely rhetorical and you're my only god-mother. Besides, the vanity is something I got from you."

"I don't deny that you probably picked up on a number of my bad habits over the years Teddy. Besides, aren't you a favored professor for the fact that you blackmail your students into doing better? I'll admit that my moral education wasn't the focus for most of my life since you picked up such habits from me."

She let the tension in the room stagnate for a minute. "Do you think I'm a bad mum?"

It might seem like a random question but she knew how to move a conversation in the way she wanted without totally changing the subject. There was being obvious and then there was being misleading. Being misleading was far more fun as she had found and allowed her plenty of leeway when it came to the truth. She tended to always speak it, but it wasn't always the one a person wanted.

"You've had your moments." Teddy replied as honestly as possible. She knew she had her moments.

"So I am then." She stated playfully. It wasn't a guilt trip but a way to move conversation along.

"When did I say that? At least you learned from your mistakes. Some of my students, I've gotten horror stories from about things their parents have done. If I'm lucky it makes sense and follows grammar properly."

"Assigning memoirs of the most embarrassing thing a relative has done again? For shame Professor Lupin, for shame. You did bring up the fact that I read you the Brothers Grimm Collection of Fairy-tales when you were little and then I had the meeting with your teacher about you traumatizing your primary-school classmates with the 'true' version of Cinderella?"

"Not that. Never that. That was brilliant, as was riding on the various magical creatures once you thought I was big enough and knew enough to not piss them off. I was speaking more on my unfair grounding after OWLS."

"It wasn't unfair. You got a Poor in Arithmancy and an Acceptable in Runes."

"I passed everything else with E's and O's -including electives I didn't take and History!"

"Exactly!" She chirped far too chipper considering the situation.

"Need I remind you that typically a person usually does better when they're not busy trying to not bite someone's head off due to a mix of inherited lycanthrophic traits, the full-moon and late onset puberty? The retest I scored another E and O and on my NEWT was much of the same as you well know. Now explain to me this mess you've got all over the floor because I can only recognize a few things and I hope that I'm reading this right. It's been years since I've done much beyond the basics. Runes and Arithmancy are your strong suit. Not mine."

"You'll remember it easy enough, as I was the one that taught you it. Just let it come back. As you know, I'm dying. Not today, not next week and probably not within the next year. I'm getting this prepared before I'm not able to. You know my prognosis, and my will and all that."

"Yeah, that I do. I do also remember some of this, these runic commands, the ritual parameters... this looks a lot like a soul transfer ritual from one of the books in the Black Library, but you've modified it heavily since that one requires several human sacrifices, a still living body but previously soulless to inhabit and it kills you if I remember it correctly. This has something of an effect that'll start once you're dead...and that symbol there... Exactly what is this now?"

"It's a ritual, Teddy." She ignored his scowl and mutters. "It does involve a soul transfer, but not until after I'm dead as you've pointed out. Summed down to its basics, my memories, abilities and all that makes me be me up until the moment of my death are going to be copied and sealed into my soul. You remember the theories and laws behind soul magic right?"

"I remember them. So instead of having your magic imprint and tether your soul down like a ghost, or fracture it like for a Horcrux, you'd appear as a blank slate and then those runes there mean... Dear Merlin! You're manipulating the cycle of re-birth and re-incarnation! That's if I read those other runes right! Did I? A set time limit and conditions for remembering this life so as to prevent undue complications as a child, or so I suppose. No set location, why...? Ah, that's because location can't be specified without a sympathetic link which because of Consuetudo's law of ritual sympathy. It couldn't be done anyway thanks to that incident and your magic all those years ago -at least inside an established magical family unless you'd want to be a squib which you don't... so there you go. By Merlin and Morgana, this is unbelievable."

"Bingo Teddy-bear! You're such a smart lad. It makes an old lady feel secure that her boy won't be defenseless without her around."

"You say that like you're going to die next month! You're not that much older than I am! Not even two decades! You've double-checked all this out?"

"Who do you think I am Teddy?" She crooned.

"My god-mother and the ever-victorious and virtuous-" She let her godson's prattle comfort her. Most of what he was saying was the flattery that anyone that knew her knew she disliked. They also knew that she wasn't all that virtuous, and knew that her morality fell well below saintly. Eventually Teddy ran out of prattle and she gave him a fond smile.

"I checked it out as far as I could. There are things that I can't account for, like where in the world I'll be born and gender. That would require binding myself to a bloodline with this as you figured out. If that bloodline died out then I wouldn't be able to reincarnate anymore. I couldn't fix that problem as accidents do happen. That's even with me borrowing quite a bit of the Unspeakable's own research library for my own personal use. Binding myself to a family line is something I do not want to do. You understand why right? As for gender, it's a fifty-fifty chance for gender anyway and it'll be interesting to be a boy, I think if that ever happened. If not, then I already know how to deal with being born a woman. The ritual is set up so that wherever I end up, I'll have time to adapt to the locals and region and customs there. I know a lot but there's nothing like being a native to truly appreciate it, even if it's being the slightly odd native. There's a chance that I'll end up in something magical that's not-human but that's rather slight all told."

"So you could end up as a Veela?" Teddy asked with a lavicious grin.

"You've been a widower for how long now?" She asked. "Sweet Circe, I have no idea how she put up with you. You're incorrible, Teddy. You really should set a better example for your brat." She teased her god-son. Her godson's child was already grown after all.

"I really should, but no one will replace her in my heart. How did you ever recover from losing your own heart like that?"

"Slowly." She replied curtly. She didn't like talking about it. "Now I just updated my will last week so even if I die from the side-effects of carrying out such a ritual, you'll still get everything worth having and a few things not."

"That's not reassuring in the least." He replied with his hair turning a worried grey-blue.

"I'll just pass out from exhaustion. My mind is still sharp enough and my body strong enough to carry me through this. There's no certainty that I could do this next month after all."

"Your skill in comforting people is still non-existent, even after all these years and time spent raising me."

"I'm not a comforting person. I'd rather fix the problem, than comfort victims." Dear Merlin, all those people in the war she had to inform that whoever had perished. Some wanted details, some just accused her of letting them die in their grief and some just mourned. A few just broke, and those were the worst. Her meager comforting skills were no match to that sort of grief and no help, so she just stopped comforting people all together with a few exceptions. Even then, her skills in such an area were not the most developed even after raising her godchild. "I can put away my guns but that doesn't mean that I still don't have them."

Her god-son grimaced and took out a bar of chocolate, broke half off in his mouth and handed the other half to her. She took a piece out, handed the rest back, ate her small piece and rinsed her mouth out with conjured water.

"Teddy, how is it that you've had that shirt for years and yet you always have had chocolate?"


"You need new ones." She commented before stepping into the ritual circle as a way to end the conversation.

Then she began the ritual. It was one of the most complex pieces of magick -she felt that most rituals needed the more archaic spelling of the word- she had ever wrought and one of the simplest for all the aggravation it caused her during it. She then finished and as predicted -passed out.

She woke up in her bed.

She still hurt like a bitch from the effects of casting and going through the ritual by herself. She cursed her own youthful stupidity for the umpteenth time but probably not the last. If it weren't for that, Teddy could have helped and saved her considerable strain. Considering her pain-tolerance, she judged that ritual had managed to rank up there next to Voldemort's crucio.

"How long have I been out?" She croaked out. Teddy held out a glass of water with a straw. She found it amusing that it was one of those bendy straws. Those were always amusing to her for some reason.

"It's been four days. I told your secretary that you were being stubborn about going to meetings and work while sick with the flu, I stopped you and she cancelled everything. You've got the week clear. Aren't I a good godson?"

"Don't you have other things to do during your fall break? Like grade papers?" Four days and she still felt that bad? Voldemort's crucio had been surpassed or she was getting just plain ancient for all that she still looked to be in her forties at best. Magic was a wonderful thing.

"Done. They showed a remarkable lack of effort and understanding of the language for the majority. One or two were quite good. Now do you want anything to eat?"

"Something that'll settle my stomach before it remembers that it's hungry and you become food."

"On it."

He was such a good boy. Too bad that she would have to leave him so soon. Conducting such a ritual when already a little more than half-dead wasn't conductive to preserving health and she did have enemies who positively hated her. That was fine. She hated them too.

She figured that the world had an odd sense of irony when she died on Halloween by the killing curse. She was pretty sure that most would attribute her death to the actual and literal stab in the back she suffered -complete with poisoned blade. She did notice that it was a goblin work knife and somehow had basilisk venom in it before she used it against them. Someone did something risky and illegal to get or make that. It was also for nothing. That actually wouldn't kill her, idiots.

They wouldn't dare attack her at her home, but apparently the hallways of her workplace were fair game. The knife guy was pretty good to get the drop on her, but it was just sad that she had to be over halfway in the grave for him to succeed in stabbing her before getting killed himself by the same knife he had just stabbed her with. She had no remorse as she gutted him before tossing the nicely balanced knife into someone's leg. In short, her other six attackers didn't live either and she was died with a victorious and challenging grin on her face.

Really, after the War where she became quite the frightening figure to any opposition you'd think they'd learn how to properly plan an ambush. While these idiots weren't the neo-DeathEaters they were also quite dangerous because they weren't as into reigns of terror as opposed to Voldemort. It really didn't matter, at her will reading enough evidence would be provided so that the entire group of 'political activists' would spend time in a newly warded Azkaban. The wonders of politics allowed her to visit the prison and she had added onto the wards, specifically a few of the Black family's curse wards, and a few of her own creation.

Being dead was boring. Nice but boring. She had already visited those that she wanted to and felt more than a little out of place. She'd remember this after all and knew she would. Reuniting with Hermione however made being dead worth the lecture. Then Hermione left. So she drifted around aimlessly.

She wondered who had been most pissed about what she had revealed in her will. The idiots who had sent those noobs after her and were getting shunted to Azkaban, the wizarding world at her for not revealing that she was dying earlier or the other numerous surprises buried in her will to be unleashed in the reading of it and the conditions of getting them -some of which she knew would be violated the instant she died. Those offical idiots not putting on a grand funeral for her? Not happening.

Eventually she realized that she had made a mistake somewhere in her drifting. She had to have. This afterlife was assuredly not hers -she did leave it or at least the people she wanted to visit- as there were some truly odd people about. Had the Buddhist belief of multiple worlds been correct if misinterpreted? Regret over leaving and curiosity to explore waged war. Curiosity won. It usually did. That's why she got into Gryffindor in the first damn place.

East Blue

Ten Years Ago

It had been a nice week weather-wise which was about the only saving grace of it, a much aggravated and young bartender thought. She was starting to fully take over the bar that her uncle had owned and worked before his heart decided to spasm like a fish on dry land. It was the family's bar and had been for generations. Her uncle was only working it because her grandma had passed on, as otherwise he would have been out philandering. Admittedly only close –by distance anyway, considering the number of children her uncle had fathered- family remembered how they had got it now, but in a small town -even one with a harbor- that meant just about everyone. Before her Uncle had 'ran' it, her grandmother had, and before that had been her grandfather's parents. Her Uncle however, had always had rather poor timing as he gave up the ghost just before the contracts with the various merchants that stocked the bar were due to come up for renewing. It was a rather serious problem.

Dawn Island was a larger than average sized but still rather insignificant island in the East Blue. It had a plethora of rocky and mountainous terrain which made it unsuitable for building large tracts of developed land beyond that of the Gray Terminal, Edge Town and High Town which were parts of the same large and walled city of the Goa Kingdom. The parts that weren't mountainous instead were heavily forested with jungles that were full of wild beasts that could match those of the Grand Line -or so it was said.

This meant that any towns and cities were rather isolated from each other and were on the coast unless someone and their cargo felt like braving the jungle. This meant that aside from some local crazies, trade was utterly sea dependent. For a small village where her bar was the only damn bar for hours relying on foot trade was suicidal in the business sense. Fuusha Village was a damn dirt speck on the map of the world and so lacked a proper brewery. All of her alcohol was imported except for the bit of moonshine and homemade wines that she and everyone else made as well if they knew how and wanted to. At least the merchants that worked with the importing of the stock at least knew her since she would often go and pick up the deliveries -if person but not actually carry them. They were under the illusion that she couldn't carry the barrels. She let them keep it as who really thought about a girl carrying out the stocking and restocking by herself after the alcohol was shipped? It was a successfully kept immediate-family secret on how she had no trouble with heavy tasks.

She often recruited a few lads and men in town and off ship with a few promises of drink for the work done. This earned her a number of admirers that she didn't want. She didn't undercut them all that often when it came to paying them with drink either -at least as it was often out of her private stock that was rarely otherwise used. It was revenge enough that they got drunk so quickly off of it.

Since her uncle had passed on, that meant that the bar in its entirety had passed to her. Its upkeep, the management of stock and finances and a whole lot of responsibility that she wasn't sure she was ready for at only seventeen -even though she had already been doing it for years. She just wasn't sure that she wanted everyone to know that. She could have always written to one of her cousins and asked for help. A number of her uncle's children were friendly enough to write and send assistance if need be, but they weren't close by either. Nor could she borrow one of the men-folk in town for an escort as it was the start of summer and the fields needed them out working.

That was why she was on a semi-familiar island looking for a building that she only half-remembered and was furiously despairing about finding. She tried to place where it was in her mind, but the town had been rebuilt sometime in-between her last visit and now. Pirates probably.

She was so deep in thought was Makino that she didn't notice walking into a handsome young man with bright red hair who had been wearing a straw hat and knocking him down.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention-" She apologized.

"Yare, yare, it's alright. A pretty lady like you could only hurt a man's heart and ego by not giving him your name." The man grinned as he set himself on his feet and dusted himself off. His smile was easy and carefree as he placed his hat back on his head.

Makino was instantly at ease. He was a nice man, and handsome but he was her age. She knew what guys that age were after -every older man she had known since childhood had only warned her about that and embarrassed their own kids so thoroughly that it was no wonder that the majority of them had left elsewhere for a while before returning and settling down.

"Such a charmer," Makino replied. "However, it's only polite to introduce yourself first before asking for a name."

"Name's Shanks."

"I'm Makino. Nice to meet you."

"Nice name." His manner was friendly and easy. With a crooked smile that invited sin, he asked, "So where is this Miss Makino going so that I can see her safely to her destination. It's only polite to offer-"

"You don't have to as I'm the one that ran into-" She really couldn't do that to someone she had ran into!

"Nonsense! I'll take you to where ever you want to go. So where is it? To Paradise, the New World, the next island over? Oh! I know! You want to go to-" He babbled.

She chuckled at his nervousness –the one that old lady Shizume had made her practice for days to get just right since giggling was obnoxious- and manipulated his jaw shut with a click of his teeth sounding and placed a finger on his lips. He practically vibrated with suppressed chatter and excitement. It was endearing. It was like he was a little kid.

"None of those I'm afraid. I recently inherited my bar despite running and working for it as long as I care to recall and I only need to find Shiroseki so that I can renew the stock contracts. Can't have a bar without alcohol and lots of it."

"Then I'll lead you to there. It'll be an adventure!" Shanks proclaimed and he did so quite easily -after getting them lost once or twice.

She welcomed his presence during negotiations. Shiroseki's son had taken over his father's position and he obviously didn't believe in a girl being able to run a bar since he kept looking at her and then at Shanks nervously.

As thanks, after the contracts and orders were sorted out, Makino allowed Shanks to lead her to dinner, which then somehow led to drinks and then she followed him to his rented hotel bed. The waking up on the morning after was only slightly awkward as even with the alcohol they had remained clear-headed.

Shanks was clearly an old hand with alcohol and how could someone who owns a bar know when they're getting ripped off if they don't know their product? Lastly for Makino, it would be the last chance in ages to leave Dawn Island, much less do something so rebellious against everything she had ever known in her sleepy home-town without it being town gossip for time immemorial.

After the initial morning confusion was settled -which took some doing on her part since she wasn't anywhere used to doing things like this- she initiated and had a more sober repeat of the night's activities with the red haired man. While recovering after that bout, she told him that he should be a pirate if he's going to be breaking pretty girl's hearts like hers by leaving her for the ocean. Makino didn't quite know where the confidence to tease him was coming from but she was relishing in it.

He responded that he already was a pirate and had traveled the Grand Line as part of a pirate crew. He planned to do so again once he was a famous Captain of his own crew. Then, he'd come and visit her and the bar on Dawn Island with his crew. She told him, and probably against her better judgment, that he better not forget to visit and Shanks replied, "How could someone be such a fool as to not remember someone who gave them such a gift?"

That single line led to another repeat and Makino who was now long over her virginal shyness if somewhat sore took control over their actions for another round. Initially her ravishing of Shanks was rough and demanding with bites to the shoulder, chest and anywhere she could reach in their current position. She placed more scratch marks though and over the scratches previously left on the young man's back. Eventually, the touches grew softer and gentler and Makino tried to mark him with bruising kisses as equally as he did her earlier and the night before while she was slowly riding him to completion. The two of them knew that the last round was a parting gift as the Grand Line had and would claim many lives and piracy was a dangerous occupation. Bar-tending by comparison was positively tame especially in such a small town. Eventually she noticed the time by the position of the sun now shining brilliantly in the room, Makino dressed and brushed her hair with her usual bandanna charmingly acting as a scarf.

Shanks watched from the bed with interest as she freshened up and left the room at the inn he was staying at. He heard her take a few steps before she turned back towards the room. Did she forget something? She peeked back in the room with a saucy grin and wink, "Thanks for taking me to paradise, Shanks."

Shanks' grin widened as he felt laughter bubble up through him before he burst out laughing. After his laughter had subsided, he rolled out of bed and put on his pants. "Damn. What kind of woman is she?" A few moments of contemplation had his hat on his head again. He noticed that his hat felt a little off and found that yes, she did leaving him a parting gift in marking him heavily. Strange, most women weren't even able to truly scratch him, but he knew he'd get several comments for the marks that were showing up. Him being a redhead was just trouble at times. Sun burns being the worst of it.

"Guess that makes me a really lucky fellow and an even luckier one once I see her again. Should get on that now I suppose. I feel like I was supposed to be doing something else though, so what was it..." The red haired pirate asked himself. "Ah, yes. It was convincing that one fellow I had heard about to join... I need a crew to Captain after all since Captain Roger went and set us loose after we got back. Now, I have to wonder... did he have a lady love to get back to?"

East Blue, Dawn Island, Fuusha Village

Ten Years Later

It was a quiet day in Fuusha village as most days were. Makino wished that Shanks would visit, even though he had probably long forgotten about that day and night. She hadn't though. She had kept track of his progress as a pirate captain of his own crew through the news and the sporadic visits of Monkey D. Garp. She was proud of the man she had lost her virginity to over a decade ago. He hadn't left her exactly alone either, as she had carried a physical reminder of him and those precious hours insider her for nine months. The pregnancy was an easy one, which was a blessing.

It was a bit of a village scandal at the time given what was going on in the world as the Pirate King had been caught and then there were rumors about a possible heir, but Makino was over the moon at the time even if her responsibilities had easily been multiplied threefold. From that one night and morning in early May she had gotten her most precious gift. Her daughter.

She favored Shanks strongly. Her hair was as a vibrant red as his and styled similarly to the both of them. Unless covered by a bandanna her hair had a tendency to be more of a mess than what she remembered Shanks' hair being and her own typically straight hair. This could be partially attributed to the fact that she had bangs and unlike her parents didn't let them grow out and into the rest of her hair. In fact, the bangs were intentionally uneven and she wouldn't let anyone fix them, but she made it work.

Makino remembered Shanks having extremely light blue eyes, although the wanted posters she had seen always showed him with dark eyes. Her own eyes might best be described as dark chocolate brown. Her daughter's eyes were more of a bright violet color that could darken to black when she became serious, a trait that she must have gained from her father.

Her personality was similar to what Makino had seen in those hours spent with Shanks as well, if somewhat more somber at times and far more driven but always cheerful and optimistic. She was a curious and inquisitive child, who often studied the world around her with more intelligence and wisdom than a child should have. The mayor of Fuusha village had long ago declared her an old soul. She quite often proved it too with cutting insights into various discussions over a pint of ale for the Mayor and juice for herself. Her child's raw intellect was astounding as she had long ago found and read through all the books in the village which might have been why she received the birds and bees talk at seven along with knowing what nepotism is, among other things that most people don't learn about until they're grown.

Luckily, only a few people actually questioned her about her daughter's father and then they spread the word that when combined with the small-town rumor mill meant that she had met her supposed soul-mate and it was love at first sight and then he was taken away by the sea or something like that. They had gotten more outrageous before it settled on a truth that she'd allow the rest of the world to know -her father was an overly charming man with red hair that sailed the oceans. It was close enough without the stigma of pirate-blood. Her daughter was a pirate's daughter and he was a powerful pirate. It showed.

Makino had lately stopped questioning where and how she was getting the money for the various books that had been piling up in and out of her room or if she was paying for them at all whenever she went to the walled city of Goa. Makino had also long since stopped wondering for the sake of her continued mental health how she managed to cross into the city and back so regularly without issue.

Instead after Makino realized what her daughter was doing when she was 'out' Makino set some ground rules and guidelines to follow and made a mental note to see if there was a way to somehow, on accident, hit Garp in the head with a cast-iron skillet -again. Her guidelines were mostly common sense such as always having a ranged weapon and something sharp handy. These guidelines included knowing how to use said weapons and old lady Shizume had surprised Makino by knowing how to use a variety of weapons. They also included to always have extra ammo and to wear protective clothing which the old firecracker informed her daughter to make sure that it was at least form flattering. It also included the good sense to not show off if it's not necessary as no one likes a braggart. Don't antagonize the wildlife was eventually added, although that one Makino recognized was a lost cause. The number of 'pets' over the years was astounding as was the variety.

She loved her daughter dearly, but there were times that they couldn't connect and Makino didn't know if it was because she was also Shanks' daughter or if it was some quality that was distinctly her own or because of her startling and intimidating intelligence. So they found topics and hobbies in common and worked from there. Surprisingly, cooking and running the bar and other domestic chores were part of their common ground. Luffy-watching was another bit of common ground as the boy needed it. Garp could be so irresponsible at times.

Makino then watched as Luffy dragged in a familiar face. He was a bit older, his beard fuller than the last picture she had of him and three scars across his eye and a familiar straw hat. Shanks grinned, and Makino nodded to the unanswered question with a gesture to mean that they had to talk.

Makino quickly sent Luffy a look which meant business and told him to go find her daughter. She motioned for Shanks to sit at the bar while she poured him three fingers of whiskey with a unique expression on her face that said that he would need it. He drank it in a single shot and didn't cough. She raised an eyebrow at that feat. It wasn't the 'nice' whiskey she had poured. It was small revenge for taking around a decade to get back to her.

"You have a daughter?" Shanks asked more than slightly aghast and far more breathless than he'd like. The whiskey was stronger than he expected.

"So do you." She confirmed. "She knows, but the rest of the town doesn't. Try to keep it that way, would you?"

"She- she's mine?"

Shanks watched as the bartender with green hair that he had bedded around a decade ago, smile evilly as she nodded confirmation.

Shanks moved to say something, but the words got caught in his throat. Shanks then slid bonelessly onto the bar in a dead faint.

Makino looked at the whiskey bottle to see the label and brand. A good sniff confirmed her guess. This was something that someone in her family had made. It was a good imitation of the real thing but far more potent than the label. She filled the shot glass up again. She tossed it back with ease and grinned as it burned her throat. Really, who had ever heard of a bartender getting drunk? She could also charge him for it as well. Because, who had ever heard of a band of sober pirates?

A/N: The first posted revision of like the first twenty some-odd chapters. I hope to get the revisions of Part I done by Christmas Break. College kills my writing time. I write long and it takes many, many revisions before it gets posted.

By the way, I think this is the first time it's a Harry Potter cross-over with a decidedly different world that didn't involve dues ex machina/godly intervention, the Veil of Death or HP being immortal and surviving multiple apocalypses.

Important points:

1. Makino's age has been upped by a few years to make this work as her age has never been given but is assumed to be in her early to mid thirties in canon. If she's 35 in canon (now) she was 16 and managing the bar when Shanks visited (in canon). In this story she's the same age as Shanks now or technically two weeks older than him. Shanks is still of canon age for those willing to do the math. Makino is far more epic than one thinks and she's a mostly honest business woman.

2. For those that don't feel like doing the math or research I'll put it in simple terms for you. After one last run through the Grand Line, Roger deposited his treasure at Raftel (supposedly). Roger then ran back down the Grand Line and into South Blue to spend some of his remaining time on earth with his sweetheart Portgas D. Rouge. Before visiting Rouge he had disbanded his crew, which is why Shanks is on his own and meandering through East Blue. Luffy is seven when Shanks is twenty seven. When Luffy is seven, Ace is ten. Doing the math means that Shanks was seventeen when Roger was executed and fourteen when he first joined Roger's crew. Ace technically should be eleven, but was born eleven months late on Jan 1st. Shanks' daughter and Ace were technically conceived within the same time frame (late April, early May) which means late January, early February as their birthdays. Makino wasn't victim to the World Government's purge because of the lack of officials and the closeness of the community and it is East Blue not South Blue. She was also born on time, unlike Ace and thus is eleven months older. Due to Roger knowing about Ace being conceived the absolute earliest Roger could have known was June since I doubt they had reliable pregnancy tests available. According to the One Piece wiki, Roger died late September or early October.

3. As for why its ten years ago instead of eleven or twelve is because Shanks and crew had been visiting for about a year before manga start. This means that Shanks and Luffy first meet when Luffy is six or just newly seven and Shanks leaves after Ace turns ten but before Luffy turns eight. Math, I hate you. Why couldn't I do this in chronological order so I don't have to worry about math? I blame the muse.