It was midnight here in Sitia. I should've been sleeping but, instead I was thinking about what had happened in the last few days. The battle against the fire warper had been depressing. It had caused a fight between me and valek and we hadn't spoken till I jumped into a fire. We both had lost pretty much all our hair but, there had been improvement in the growth of it. My hair had reached till my breast and valek's had reached till his ears nearly as long as it had been before.

Right now we were laying in the bed. Valek had his arms around me, his face buried in my neck and was sleeping peacefully. The fact that Valek was staying for a week instead of vanishing in the morning had left me in peace.

I forced my eyes to close and drifted of to sleep haunted by the fire warper, roze and Reyand.

"Yelena, love, wake up "I felt valek saying.

I opened my eyes to see Valek leaning over me, fully dressed.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Early in the morning, and besides you should get up since we have to leave to travel to the zaltana clan to meet your parents." Valek replied with a smile.

I groaned and rolled over. My parents had wanted to meet the person I was in love with. When they found out who it was they were shocked but, still insisting to have a chat. They called it a bonding chat. I was pretty sure they were going to ask about the time when I was a food taster. The thought had bothered me but now I realised this conversation between us and my parents was going to come someday why not now.

" Yelena come on we'll have breakfast and then we'll leave" Valek said

Valek had found my behaviour amusing but, I could not think of one reason why it was.

"no" I said with a groan.

With a sign and one quick swift move Valek had picked me up and was heading toward the living room.

When he placed me on the couch I realised what I was wearing, a basic tank top , gray shorts . when did I put this outfit on. Valek put our breakfast on the table and we started eating.

"lets go" valek said

I didn't move.

Valek signed and came over. He bent his knees and took my hands in his and asked

" what are you worried about"

" how my parents are going to react to find out that marrying a man 10 years older than me " I said

'that why we're going there' he said

" why are acting like it doesn't matter what if they say no" I said

This was the main reason why I didn't want to go to visit them.

"love, I don't know what's going to happen but we are going to marry" Valek said. His eyes were full of honesty and I knew he would try his best.

I looked down in my lap

"I don't want to lose you" I said a tear slid down my cheek

"You'll never lose me" valek said as he kissed me.

"Come on" valek took my had as we took off to the zaltana clan.

My heart was pounding loud in my chest as we walked to the front steps of the Zaltana clan in which my parents lived.

Valek entered but my feet were glued to the ground. I couldn't go inside, I just couldn't. I mean what if my parents said to our no to our relationship. Did I have the strength to ignore them and continue on like nothing happened?

"Love, come on don't worry every thing will be fine" Valek said.

"Okay "I said and entered.

"Yelena!' a cheerful voice said.

I and Valek spun around to see Nutty coming over to hug me.

"Hey, how are you" I asked

"Oh you now the usual, making clothes" she replied "and whose this?"

"This is Valek" I said. I was a bit nervous but curious at the same time to see how Nutty will react.

"Hello, nutty" Valek said.

"Hi" nutty said.

I was relieved that nutty didn't act as every one usually does at their first meeting with valek.

"Ok come on let's go to my see mum and dad" i said

"They'll be delighted to see you" Nutty said.

We started walking towards where my parents lived. I remembered the details I had seen when I first came here but, that seemed ages ago.