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Chapter 7

I was dragged out of the room. Just great!

"Come on Yelena, wear the dress" opal said.

I went in the bath room and tugged the dress on. Opal and nutty fussed over me. In the end I couldn't recognise myself , the dress made me look beautiful ( even though opal said I was beautiful NATURALY , that I didn't need a dress to make look so).

My hair was pulled up in a loose bun with some strands across my face, I wanted it left open but, opal and nutty insisted that it'll look good in a bun because it'll show off my bare back good, also because I was tanned so the white and the tanned skin colour attracted more attention.

They got some flowers for my hair and applied some make up on me.

The result was amazing, I could hardly recognise myself. I wondered how valek would look in a tux.

Suddenly, my mum came in the room.

"Oh my goodness, Yelena, sweetheart you look so beautiful" she said.

My father came in to take me.

"You look beautiful, Yelena" he said.

As they applied some last minute make up on my face, I started to wonder how the wedding would be…. I mean…. it is a mixed religion wedding, Sitia and Ixia.

But I didn't have time to think as it was time to go down the isle.

I slipped my arm through fathers. To be honest I was very nervous. There were butterflies dancing in my stomach.

I got ready as the noise outside started going down and there was pin drop silence. I took as deep breath and walked. The place was all decorated in white flowers. The commander, the master magicians. But... My eyes were searching for a sapphire blue. At last I found them, I looked at valek ,he was look so handsome in the tux. I'll have to make him wear that often. As I climbed up the stairs the priest began.

I mostly tuned out the whole part except when he started saying

"Do you, Valek ixia accept Yelena liana Zaltana as your wife"

"I do" valek said.

"And do you Yelena liana zaltana accept valek as your husband"

"I do" I said

"You may kiss the bride"

I was so glad I wasn't wearing the veil.

Valek didn't waste any time in that.

He grabbed me by the waist and kissed me.

I was having the best day in my life when I saw someone by at the end…


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