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Edward and I spent the morning together as I resumed my usual duties. That man sure can pull off the cowboy look. Every chance I could snatch, my eyes wandered his body appreciatively, drinking in every ounce of pure man that stood before me. He caught me a few times, responding with a delicious leer of his own and his trademark lopsided grin. My panties were absolutely ruined by the end of it and sorely needed changing.

By the time we headed home to grab some lunch, everyone else also gathered for Angela heavenly meatloaf and corn chowder. All through the meal, Edward chatted with me, acting as though we were the only ones at the table. I, on the other hand, felt the constant tingle of being watched, forcing a blush to my heated cheeks. Edward didn't help with the situation any as his hand rubbed my thigh sensually and lazily dragged his eyes over my body.

When we finished, I thanked Angela as well as I could while Edward practically dragged me up to my bedroom. With all the heat rushing through my body, I hoped it was either for throwing me into bed or so I could take a cold shower. Either way I needed to cool down.

At my door, he surprised me by turning and telling me we had a date tonight. I had thought maybe he'd forgotten that the day I was injured we were supposed to have a proper first date. He kissed me chastely, told me to meet him in the foyer at 5:30 dressed up.

I closed the door, sighing happily with a goofy grin slapped on my face. That's when the nerves set in.

Edward. And I. Are gonna be alone. ALONE. Tonight. ALL night. Holy shit!

Running for the bathroom, I mentally put together a list of everything I needed to do: Shave, trim, wash, lather, condition, scrub, brush, wax, pluck, clip, paint, apply, whiten, curl, spray, lotion, and clothe. Ugh! I may need more than just 5 and a half hours.

I jump in the shower, throwing on the water for a cool rinse to get rid of the stupid full-body blush, then lathering shampoo through my hair, shaving my underarms, and trimming my lady parts before scrubbing my face with exfoliate and rinsing everything off. Then I slather in some conditioner, rub on some shaving cream and mow down my legs before washing my face with some moisturizing wash and covering my body in some exfoliating body wash that smells of freesias. Turning the water back to a refreshingly cool temperature, I rinse off and jump out, scrubbing my body with one towel while my hair is wrapped in another.

Pulling out my collection of hair products, I choose a smoothing cream and super natural hold hair spray. I turn on my curling iron and dig out my home waxing kit.

Hot wax, four tugs, and some pain later, my lady-ness looks impeccable—well, let's be honest, as good as genitals can look, because they're just naturally weird looking—and I'm smoothing out my hair before curling it. I stand in the mirror, trying to decide between an up-do and leaving the curls down when a gentle knock sounds at the door.

"One minute!" I holler before rushing to slip into my robe. Pulling the door open, I find Alice with a box and garment bag. "Oh, hi again, Alice."

"Hey," she says shyly. We stand there awkwardly for a moment, not knowing what else to say. "Um, Edward sent me here with this for you. He said that he promises that he hasn't laid eyes on it. Angela picked it out."

"Oh, thank you. Come on in." I moved aside, letting the tiny girl in.

Alice walked in and set the shoebox down near the bed before opening the garment bag with a flourish. We both gasped as a royal blue satin gown poured from the comparatively dull and rough bag.

"Come over here and pull that robe off. I'll help you into this amazing dress." Alice's demure side was easily hidden by her passion for fashion.

Once she helped slip me into the soft I couldn't stop her. She fixed my hair into a beautiful chignon, allowing a few curls to spill out and frame my face, while still showing off my bared shoulders in the dark blue strapless number. Then she lightly dusted my face with some powder, rimmed my eyes in black liner, mascara, and deep blue shadow. Then she added some blush powder to my cheeks, musing it wasn't really necessary, but better to be safe than sorry. Finally, she finished off my face with a dark pink gloss. She added some silver earrings and a necklace before finally allowing me to look in the mirror.

The woman looking back at me widened her eyes as we met. I had always been the country girl who loved a good pair of jeans and a well-used t-shirt over anything fancy. However, mother always made sure that I took all the manners/etiquette courses and ballroom dancing lessons. She also forced me to learn about fashion and make-up and other things I rarely needed. But now, looking in the mirror at the beautiful creature I had become, I silently thanked her for being so hard on me. The way I looked now, all polished and done up to perfection, I actually looked like someone that belonged on Edward's arm.

"You're so gorgeous, Bella. Edward won't even want to let you out of the house once he catches sight of you." Alice smiled at me in the mirror before remembering something and pulling me back into the bedroom. "One more thing before you're all finished." She opened the box still lying on my bed to expose a beautiful pair of silver peep toe Louis Baton pumps.

"Oh my, these are almost as beautiful as the dress!" I exclaimed, sitting down to slide the art-like shoes onto my feet.

"Now you're perfect," Alice whispered as she helped me stand. We both glanced at the clock as it clicked to 5:25. "And just in time." We smiled at each other.

"Before I go, Alice, I want to say thank you. I know we've only just met, but I've enjoyed our short time together. If there is anything I can do for you, just let me know, I am definitely in your debt." I hugged her tightly as she laughed.

"No need to thank me, Bella. I can always use more friends, and this is what friends do." She winked. "Now get that gorgeous ass down the stairs before Edward comes looking for you and traps you in here. The people in town need to see how stunning you are, give them something to talk about after the ball." She swatted my rear as I headed out of my bedroom. I smiled and took a deep breath, staring down the stairs. Here I go, I thought before gathering my skirt in one hand and stepping onto the first step.

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