Prologue: "initialize"

"Listen, Burst Linkers of the Six King's Legions!"

High above the heavens, Her voice rang throughout the virtual realm with a deep, resounding tone.

"I am Black Lotus, the one who rebels against thrones!"

The stark contrast of her deep black and purple laden avatar against the silvery white hue of the one carrying her, with fleeting wings as pure as the holy light, could be seen as something straight out of a fantasy novel. Quite unbelievable, he thought.

"Me and my Legion, Nega Nebulas, have emerged from hiding to put an end to this fallacious peace! Take up your swords and raise your torches!"

To the ones watching below them, it's a sight to behold, it was next to majestic. The 'Black King', Black Lotus, the Accelerated World's biggest and most wanted traitor, has been miraculously revived, and is now declaring havoc against the cyberspace realm.

"It is time to fight!"

She ended strongly, making her monologue a very powerful instrument of war.

With the cries and panic of those below her, the one called Silver Crow, who just bashed Cyan Pile into submission slowly descended, and amidst the confusion, with communication being transponded in an out as well as the initial shock of the open channel wide broadcast, the trio, Black Lotus, Silver Crow and Cyan Pile quietly Linked Out.

Against the dusty wall that he leaned in to, the bulk of the shadowy jet-black started moving. His gauntlets smashed the dusty concrete it landed on to as he propelled himself up. [i]"Why, Why now of all times, Black Lotus?"[/i] With a ghastly voice that emanated from deep within the void-like structure of his face plate helmet, his voice rang deep and low.

Beside him was a more slender-framed female-looking silver avatar, lightly armored and with a slight radiating white aura swirling, she started picking herself up from sitting down. "Heh, so it begins." She said, whispering as she dusted herself off and started walking away. "What are you gonna do now, Noir Eraser?" She added.

"It should be pretty obvious right now isn't it, Mercuric Void? As with the previous agreement, and in-line with the goals of The 7th Rift, I will..." The black avatar grumbled as he started walking away as well. "...Utterly destroy Nega Nebulas, and subjugate Black Lotus's throne." He finished with an almost regretful tone of voice, as if something was holding it back.

"Hoohh... So even you have regrets..." Glancing back, the silvery avatar gave him a smirk, just as the words Accept Duel? appeared in front of their interfaces. "...But never mind, I know you will never take your words back, so I trust you.".

After their eyes met, the black and the silver avatar then placed both their index fingers over the respective Yes option.

"I will destroy this world. And in return, I shall create a new world, a world full of colors. If selling my soul to the devil is the payment for this, then it is a price I will gladly pay." The black avatar said as he pressed the Yes option at the same time as the silver, followed by the appearance of the words Duel Start! in a flaming font, together with an additional two sets of HP and Special Attack Gauge bars under under the names Oxide Rain and Sunburst Frenzy, their respective opponents.

"Heh, I would like to see your "world" someday". Whispered Mercuric Void softly as she held up her right hand up, conjuring a mass of silvery colored mercury, as it bubbled and fizzed, she placed her left hand over it, then slowly glided it away to split the liquid. "Gun form, activate." With that command, the swirling mass suddenly took shape, two silver colored handguns on each hand.

"It will surely take form..." Noir Eraser exclaimed as he twirled his black spear around, kicking up the dust around him, obscuring his stance. "...Once Black Lotus starts to beg for mercy under my hegemony." He added shortly before he charged head on towards the two Burst Linkers in front of him, spearhead at the ready to impale.

Taking the cue, Mercuric Void started dashing closely behind him, raining mercuric bullets against the now-confused Oxide Rain and Sunburst Frenzy, guessing as much as that they were pretty under leveled, but she didn't care, she will cut down all the enemies in front of her, be it weaker or stronger.

"Haaaaaaahrh!" The black nightmare called Noir Eraser screamed in full force as he drove is cursed spear into Oxide Rain's chest, skewering him helpless as he started raising him up, the spear gradually sinking deeper into his bland, whitish armor, blue liquid spattering out of his armor's supposed "mouth". "Time to perish. Remember the name Noir Eraser as you walk through the shadows of the valley of death!" He added as he began twisting the black spear, now partly covered in blue-bloodlike stains, sending the poor Burst Linker into a slow and agonizing death as his HP meter started dropping gradually.

All his partner, Sunburst Frenzy could do was stand in watch as his comrade's life force started draining. He could do nothing against these monsters. They were wrong to think that they were weaklings, and they are paying the price for it now. Feeling the closeness of death in his own front door, his mind simply went numb and, drawing his twin shot swords up, he began to slowly accelerated towards Noir Eraser, who was still holding Oxide Rain high up in the air -but he couldn't get that far.

"Katana form, activate." Giving the command just milliseconds before he took off, the twin handguns in Mercuric Void's hands quickly fused as one, briefly turning back into it's original liquid mercury form before it took another shape, this time, a curved-edge katana. It shone with a magnificent color, reflecting and effectively amplifying the low light density around them, one of mercury's outstanding qualities, before being stained yellow -as it cut cleanly, severing Sunburst Yellow's head from ear to ear, with yellow liquid splattering all over. With a sadistic laugh, Mercuric Void used her feet to step on the severed head which was lying a few feet away from the body. "Yes, show me, show me how Gods destroys and creates worlds! Show me! Show me how!" She shouted, still laughing in joy as her foot smashed the head, turning it into blue pixels before evaporating into thin air.

"A God? Hahahahahaha! Don't joke around. There is no "God" inside this hellish place!" Noir Eraser shouted back, this time with a sarcastic tone as he swung his spear downwards, releasing Oxide Rain from the impalement a few meters away from him. "There are only demons, people who are thirsty for blood, for conflict, for destruction! There is no peace, only madness and retribution!" The words Noir Eraser shouted were too much for the battered Oxide Rain, and holding his chest which was gushing out with white blood, he started to pick himself up and run away but...

"Splintered Wings!" The command reverberated through his ears, and a second later, he could only look down on himself as a black, snake-like object binded his body, it's grip gradually being tighter and tighter until he couldn't breathe anymore. He could no longer mutter any words as the pain of his chest wound inflamed him while the air is being forced out of him, all he could do was glance up the sky, looking at the sunless horizon, before his vision shattered, with blue pixels raining down on him as he last thing he saw.

"I told you, there is no peace and retribution here. Only death exists for the weak." Noir Eraser said as he retracted his spear, putting it back into it's original form, glancing at the System Notification in front of him which read Congratulations! You have reached Level 7!. With a smirk in his mouth hidden deep within his jet-black armor, he swung his spear sideways, splashing the ground with Oxide Rain's white blood one last time, before saying: "...Gods only exist in places where they are loved. But down here, there is no love, only hatred. And I will drag them down to this hell and I will be the one who will pass judgment to them." As his own avatar started to shine blue and evaporate as well.

In a few seconds, Noir Eraser disappeared from the match list,effectively logging out from the game.

"I will surely enjoy this show." Mercuric Void followed up as she too went and did the same action.

The Godless place stained with the blood of the defeated.

The world where time accelerated a thousand fold.

This is the cruel and merciless world of Burst Linkers.

This is Brain Burst.

A/N: This fic is my very first fic that I've actually published, so be a little bit considerate about the ratings and reviews, but please do so and look forward to the continuation!