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"We need to retreat!" yelled out a ninja, ANBU judging from his attire and animal mask on his face. His clothes were thorn in numerous places, most likely from a battle with another Ninja. A small line of blood was flowing down his left arm, probably a cut from a Kunai or a sword of some kind. His breathing was ragged, his posture indicating he was exhausted. He was yelling at the Ninja in front of him.

The said Ninja was a very exquisite being. She was one of the most beautiful women a man could ever hope to meet. She had long, beautiful, black hair that really made her stand out from the rest. And the eyes... Oh, the eyes! The eyes are a story of their own. Those beautiful twin orbs of perfection. Twin pairs of the strangest and most beautiful eyes the world has ever seen. Right now they were staring defiantly at the group of men glaring at her with hatred and lust in some.

It was supposed to be a routine mission. That's why she took it. It was supposed to be risk-free and a simple retrieve the package mission. Oh, how cruel the fate can be.

She along with her escort, the ANBU standing next to her, went to the Grass Country to retrieve a report from a spy in that area. It sounds simple, right? Well, things got ugly. The said spy was actually a double spy.

A spy for a group of Ninjas that hate Konoha with a passion. The spy's mission was to lure Konoha Ninjas to them so that they could torture them, kill them and some 'other things'. Once the spy's mission is done, he moves to another country, changes his identity and repeats the process. A scumbag of a man, that's for sure.

This time, Kurenai and the ANBU are the victims of this conspiracy. At first they chose to run away from this particular group of Ninjas. They knew they were outmatched and outnumbered, so they chose to run. It was a logical choice and a wise one. It went well for the first couple of minutes. The Anti-Konoha Ninjas were firing Jutsus at the Konoha Shinobis, but none hit, until a mistake from Kurenai's part changed the whole scenario.

Kurenai lost her momentum for a second and paid the price for it. A stray water Jutsu hit her and made her stumble on the ground. And that's how they end up in the situation they are in now.

Kurenai was a panting a bit. The run was more taxing on her than she realized. Damn her sloppiness. This wouldn't have happened if she continued to train regularly. She allowed herself to slip in her training and now she is hitting herself over the head for it.

After the War of all Wars, aka. The Fourth Shinobi War, the Nations stabilized and a true peace established itself among the Nations. But despite this peace, there will always be someone out there that holds a grudge towards someone. It just shows how cursed this Shinobi World really is.

"Just surrender already! You can't win this. Don't make this harder than it already is. If you surrender now, we'll make your death swift and painless. Well, after we have our 'fun' with you, that is!" grinned evilly and full of unrestrained lust the leader of the group of Ninjas.

Kurenai and the ANBU glared on, now with more determination than before. Kurenai couldn't die now. She had someone back home that depended on her. She couldn't and she won't die.

The Leader scowled, "So be it!" yelled out in anger the Leader. With a sign, most of the Ninjas prepared their Jutsus. They wanted to end this as quickly as possible. If they are lucky, the woman will survive and they could have their 'fun' with her.

With a unanimous cry, they unleashed their Jutsus at the desperate Ninjas.

Kurenai knew she won't escape from their attacks. It was futile to even resist. She closed her eyes and waited for the end to come. A single thought went through her mind, her baby boy Asuma. Her pride and joy, her sunshine, her reason for living, her reason for smiling and laughing. He was her life.

A lone tear escaped her fortress, 'I'm sorry Asuma. I love you!' declared Kurenai in her mind. This was it for her.

"Doton: Doryūheki!"yelled out a lone voice, the voice of her savior. It was her partner, an ANBU she knows nothing about, not even his name.

The ANBU stood in front of her and the now erect wall of Earth. The Wall was massive and easily towered over the trees. The ANBU was breathing heavily and soon feel on his kness, exhaustion apparent on his face and body. The Jutsu took every single drop of power he had left and it was barely enough to hold the combined power of the enemy's attack.

A second cry could be heard from behind the protective Wall. A second later the Wall crumbled under the force of the enemy's attack. Debris flew everywhere. The duo from Konoha braced themselves and tried to remain unharmed from the assault from the rocks. Easier said than done. Kurenai managed to evade all the projectiles but the ANBU wasn't so lucky.

Exhaustion took its toll on the ANBU and was hit by a particular large section of rock and flung backwards into the trees and was knocked out.

Kurenai was now alone and was facing against men that would do unspeakable horrors to her body and mind. She would rather die than let that happen to her.

She picked herself up and took her stance. She'll take that as many of them as possible before she lets death take her.

The leader grinned in victory, "Well, well. It seems our luck played out today. Your partner is out cold and you are all alone. Boys, what say you? Don't we have a fine specimen of the female gender here before our eyes?"

The said boys yelled out in agreement.

"What say you? Shall we show her a good time?" grinned lustfully the bastard.

Another cry was heard in the clearing.

Kurenai was glaring at them with the hatred from the Gods. These bastards aren't worthy to be called men. They are freaks, cowards and nothing more.

They all started to take a step forwards which in turn made Kurenai take a step backwards. The process repeated itself a couple of times. And then the Ninjas all jumped at once at Kurenai.

Kurenai's mind was working in overdrive, trying to think of a possible solution. Running was out of the question, there were too many of them and she was tired. Genjutsu wouldn't work, again too many of them. Ninjutsu also unavailable. Besides, Ninjutsu wasn't her strong forte.

Her mind was blank. She had nothing. All the training she did in her life and she comes out empty. Well, she won't go down without a fight. She readied herself for the final battle of her life.

The attacking Ninjas leapt at Kurenai, who was waiting for them with vigor in her eyes. The ninjas were already grinning victoriously. The mission paid off for them. They will have such a wonderful time with this woman, either dead or alive.

In a second everything changed. Something was different with the clearing they were in. The wind was acting funny, like someone or something was controlling it.

The Ninjas didn't have time to react. They were suddenly blown away by a strong hurricane of wind that came out of nowhere. Some of the Ninjas managed to regain their balance and landed elegantly while others skidded a couple of times off the ground, pain revealing itself in their bodies.

The Leader looked around frantically for the intruder, for the bastard that will soon be dead.

"Reveal yourself!" yelled out in anger and irritation Leader.

Nothing. No answer was given. But then it came. It seemed like the wind was talking to them.

And it said, "As you wish."

The Ninjas and Kurenai waited for the intruder to reveal himself. Kurenai was overjoyed for the arrival of this stranger. She was thinking of just picking up her partner and make a run for it. But she knew better. She wouldn't make it half a mile before they caught up. Right now, she rests her hopes and her life on this new arrival.

The eyes of every Shinobi were focused of any sudden movements and soon they got what they wanted.

Kurenai's eyes widened. He was behind her. She turned around but remained on guard for the Shinobis in front of her.

The figure emerged from the forest, walking slowly and with power in his steps. The wind was surrounding the figure, like it was waiting for its master to take control of it.

The figure was wearing a white robe with a hood over his face, making his identity unknown. What little of his face could be seen, was hidden by a white mask with red and orange streaks on it.

The figure walked casually towards Kurenai who remained cautious of this new figure. The figure stopped walking when he was beside Kurenai. He was looking towards the enemies in front of him, ignoring Kurenai for the time being.

Kurenai took that as a sign of trust and temporary alliance. She faced the ninjas again.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" yelled out the Leader, a scowl on his face.

The figure answered, power emanating from him, earning some sweat from his enemy, "Just a man taking a walk through the forest."

This earned another hateful scowl from the man, "Don't play games with me! This doesn't concern you! Leave this place!"

"Nah, I like it here. It's peaceful. I think I'll stay here for a while. " answered the figure nonchalantly.

The Leader was fuming with anger. Who does this man think he is! He will die for his insolence!

Kurenai was thinking that this man is either the biggest idiot she has ever seen or the bravest. Probably a little bit of both.

"Look! We only want the woman! Just step aside and let us do our thing!" yelled out once again the Leader.

The figure once again answered calmly and confidently, " Now why would I want to do that? You have the lady outnumbered. I don't think that's fair. What do you think?"

"You are testing my patience! Move aside or die!" threatened the Ninja.

"I'll take Option Number Three." Answered the white figure.

"And what's that?" asked the Leader, reaching for his Kunai.

"Your death!" declared the figure who took his battle stance. Two clones formed beside him, shocking the occupants of the clearing. You have to have skill to perform a clone without seals.

The original figure started a string of hand seals and so did his two clones.

The original and the clones finished the seals at the same time and yelled out together, "Katon Renkeijutsu: Karura!"

The leader's eyes widened, recognizing the name of the Jutsu. When the other Ninjas heard the word Katon, they all started preparing any Water Jutsu they knew. They knew Fire was weak against Water. They made one mistake. This was no ordinary Fire!

The figure's technique formed into a long string of fire, forming into a magnificent Dragon. The Ninjas never stood a chance. Their Water Jutsus were obliterated upon the moment of impact and the Ninjas evaporated along with their Jutsus.

A large explosion occurred upon the impact of the Dragon made of Fire against the earth upon which now deceased Ninjas stood.

When the dust settled, there was a surprise among the rubble. The Leader of the Ninjas still stood, still among the living, although he had seen better days.

The Leader was breathing heavily, his protective dome made of earth all but shattered. His right side of his face was badly burned and so was his right arm. The dome absorbed most of the damage but even that wasn't enough.

The white figure started walking towards his injured enemy, making him sweat and have a fearful expression on his face.

"WHO ARE YOU?" yelled out in anger and desperation the Leader.

The white figure stopped about 50 meters away from his target.

"Who are you?" yelled out again Leader who was on his knees now, the wounds taking its toll.

The white figure raised his arm to his face and touched his mask. He slowly started to remove it. The Leader was focused on the face of the man that ruined everything for him. Months of planning and this guy comes in and destroys everything in seconds.

The mask slowly came off and the face became known to the enemy. Kurenai wished to know who the man was as well but she was behind him and couldn't see his face. But judging from the look in the man's eyes it must be someone famous and powerful.

The Leader was wide eyed in disbelief, surprise and fear. He knew this man, who wouldn't? Everyone in the world knows who this man was and what he did. This is a man that shouldn't be trifled with. A man that other Ninjas give wide berth of space because they don't want to anger him or insult him. This is a Shinobi even the Kages respect and acknowledge. This is U…

"Satisfied?" asked the figure, breaking away the leader's thoughts. He put the mask back on his face, the request completed.

"Why are 'you' here? Why? Why? Why? This was supposed to be easy!" despaired the Leader, knowing that he is doomed to fail. These are his last moments in the world of the living.

The figure started walking again, slowly, like a man on a mission which he was.

Fear etched itself on the man's face and eyes, "Get away from me!"

"There is no escape for you. Your crimes are unacceptable. I cannot allow you to remain living. You cause too much suffering. I'm sorry." Said the figure still walking.

"No, no, no! I won't die here! You will die!" yelled out in one final attempt to get out of this alive. He started making handseals for his most powerful Jutsu, "Katon: D…". He never got to finish the name of his Jutsu. The man in the white robe was suddenly in front of him, a kunai in his hand which was now imbedded in the man's heart.

Blood pooled out of the man's mouth, his eyes hurt and losing life rapidly. His body was trembling, going into shock.

He whispered, "This…was…supposed…to…be…easy…"

He collapsed to the ground, his breathing stopped. The man was dead. The world is free from another man causing suffering to people.

The white man looked down at his now deceased opponent, "You dug your own grave. May you find peace in the afterlife."

He turned around and walked back towards the stunned Kurenai and the still unconscious ANBU. Kurenai was speechless which doesn't happen often. His movements were so fast, way faster than anything she had seen so far. Not even Kakashi or Gai could move so fast. Not to mention his prowess in the Ninjutsu department. He unleashed a high level Jutsu which obliterated most of the opponents and he wasn't even winded. What kind of man is he?

"Konoha-san, any injuries?" asked politely the white figure.

Kurenai woke up from her stupor, "Oh, uhm, no." said Kurenai but the truth was she was exhausted. All the running and evading enemy's jutsus, it took its toll on her stamina. She is on the verge of chakra exhaustion. And her partner is in even worse shape than she is. He is also suffering from chakra exhaustion which could take a week or more to recover from. Not to mention any other injuries he sustained from protecting her.

"So you are shaking because?" asked the figure, dragging out the final word.

Kurenai looked down and saw that she was trembling, her knees were shaking slightly and she could feel her strength fading.

"Here, catch this." Said the figure, throwing her a small Soldier Pill, to help her with her exhaustion.

Kurenai caught the pill and eyed it carefully, looking for any anomalies.

The figure noticed that and chuckled a bit, "Don't worry, it's safe. Besides if I wanted to kill you, don't you think I would have done it already?"

He was right, she was no match for him, not in this exhausted state or any state for that matter. This man was in a class of his own.

She swallowed the Pill and she could feel some of her strength returning, not much but enough to keep her going for a while.

The figure nodded and started walking towards the ANBU somewhere in the tree line, "You are far from home, Konoha-san. Far from the safety of the confines of your village. It's not wise to travel in your condition and with the sun setting all the more. If you choose so, you can follow me to my camp." He let the statement hang in the air while he went to check on the ANBU.

He wasn't a master in the Medical Field but he knew a thing or two. The ANBU probably had a concussion and some broken ribs and some other external wounds. It will take a while before he will be able to move normally.

Kurenai meanwhile pondered whether or not to take his offer. The man had a point. She was exhausted and hurt. Her partner was down for the count and she wouldn't make it with him slowing her hack and she isn't about to abandon him here. Right now, she would have to take his offer and move on from there.

"I accept." Said Kurenai. The figure didn't make any signs of hearing her answer. He just made a clone and made him pick up the ANBU and motioned to Kurenai to follow him. And she did.

They were jumping across the forest for a while now. Kurenai was sweating profoundly, her exhaustion from before reappearing. Her eye sight was becoming blurry and she could feel the unconsciousness knocking on her door.

A moment later she missed her step and was sent tumbling down to her death. Midflight, she was already unconscious. The last thing she saw was the ground upon which she will impact a moment later. And then everything went black.


Kurenai groaned. The world around her was black. All of her body was in pain. Her head was on fire.

"Am I dead?" asked Kurenai no one.

There was a slight chuckle to Kurenai's left, "No but you probably feel like you are."

Kurenai moved her head to the left and saw the figure from before, indicating that she was indeed still alive. She also noticed something cold and wet on her forehead. It was a cloth of some sort.

The figure noticed she was eyeing the cloth he put on her, "You have a high fever. That's the only thing I can do to lower it to a safe level." Answered the figure.

Kurenai gave him a small nod of appreciation. She turned her gaze back towards the sky which wasn't there. She was in some sort of house or something like that. She stored that thought for later to ask.

She contemplated her next decision and what went wrong in the mission. If it weren't for this mysterious man she, along with her partner, would have been dead. And she would have been a toy for them to use.

She shuddered a bit thinking what could have happened to her. She didn't have many fears but rape was one of them. It was the most vile and despicable thing in the world.

"Your partner is out for the count for at least a week if not more. He has severe chakra exhaustion and some broken ribs and a concussion. It's up to him how long it takes to recover."

Kurenai once again nodded at the man. Here he was, a complete stranger, helping her and her comrade. Who does that?

She asked, "Where are we?"

The figure answered, "Somewhere in Grass Country. You are in my house. Don't worry, this place is as safe as it gets."

Kurenai nodded once again, her body was all stiff and any movement sent pain through her body.

"Who are you?" asked Kurenai, the million dollar question.

The figure chuckled again, "Just a traveler."

"Bullshit." Snapped Kurenai which was very unlike her. She was usually a very calm and logical person but it seems the events from before made her snap a bit. Who wouldn't? She was going to be killed and raped. Believe me, you would be angry and jumpy too.

The figure raised his eyebrow, not that Kurenai could see it. The man was obviously surprised by her outburst and waited for her to continue. And she did.

"That man recognized you which means you must be someone well known even to a scumbag like him. No traveler is as strong as you. If there was, I would have heard of him."

The man chuckled at her answer, "Yes, I am famous as you say. But I'm still just a traveler. I travel from country to country helping people in need and people like me."

Kurenai raised her eyebrow, "What do you mean 'like me'?"

"I help people that live the same life that I did." Smiled the figure from behind his mask.

"And what kind of life is that, if I may ask?" said Kurenai now a bit calmer.

"Orphans, outcasts, people like that." Said the figure sadly.

"Why would you do that?" asked Kurenai, confused by his helping nature.

"Because I can. I have the power to help them, so why not." Answered the figure calmly.

Kurenai nodded and stayed silent for a few moments. It was the man who posed a question this time, "Do you have anyone waiting for you back home?"

Kurenai looked towards the man, thinking why would he ask her that, "Why?"

"I figured you would like them to know you are alive and safe."

Kurenai bit her lip. She did want to tell her baby boy and her friends that she was fine but this man could be a spy himself. The man answered the question she was asking herself, "Look, it was just an offer. If you don't want to tell me then so be it." Said the figure.

A moment of silence ensued but Kurenai answered him ,"My son…"

The figure nodded at her," See that wasn't so hard, was it?" chuckled the figure, earning a scowl from Kurenai.

"Where can I find your son and what's his name?" asked the figure again.

Kurenai answered, "His name is Asuma Jr. Right now, he is staying with his Aunt."

The man nodded, "Alright, since I don't know where this Aunt lives, I'll just send this letter to your Hokage and she can give it to your son."

"Thank you." Said Kurenai humbly and appreciatively.

"Mah,mah, no thanks necessary." Said the figure who walked into the dark corner. A poof smoke erupted in the corner and the man said, "Take this to the Hokage but be discreet about it. Don't let anyone see you, not even the Hokage. Got it?"

Kurenai didn't hear any response but whatever it was it was gone in another poof of smoke.

The figure walked back towards his chair and sat on it.

"What was that?" asked a still lying down Kurenai.

The man chuckled at her nosiness,"Now, now, I can't tell you every secret of mine, now can I?"

Kurenai pouted adorably, like a baby who was denied a candy or something like that. The figure chuckled at that and thought it was very cute.

Kurenai blushed when she realized what she did but was thankful it was dark and the figure couldn't see her blush.

She asked afterwards, "Where are you from?

"You know, from here and there." Sighed the figure.

"You know, you are being very elusive in answering my questions. Why?" asked Kurenai suspiciously.

"What kind of Ninja would I be if I told you everything there is to know about me, hm?" smiled the man.

"A trusting one. I told you I have a son so at least you can answer me this one question." Said Kurenai kindly.

The man was contemplating whether or not to tell her his origins. In the end he decided it wouldn't hurt to tell her a bit about himself, "Fire Country."

Kurenai nodded at his answer. It wasn't much but it will have to do for now.

"How did you find us?" asked Kurenai.

"Well, it wasn't hard to see and hear the explosions caused by those amateurs." Chuckled lightly the mystery man.

"But why did you save us? We don't know each other. You don't owe us anything so why?" asked Kurenai still baffled why she was saved from her fate.

The man had a hardened look on his face behind his mask, his tone serious and powerful, "Those men were the worst. I'm sure you know what they would do to you." This made Kurenai wince a bit.

He continued, "There are very few things I hate in this world but rapists and rape is one of them. I couldn't live with myself if I let them have their way with you."

Kurenai was touched by his proclamation. Not many people would do that. Most of the men out there would probably join those scumbags and do the same thing to her.

"Thank you." Said Kurenai meekly, shyly. A tear wanted to escape from her but she reeled it back in. Just the thought of being raped shattered all of her defenses.

"No one deserves such fate. Now rest, we'll talk more in the morning." Said the man who also went to bed which was next to the bed in which was the ANBU was sleeping.

Kurenai nodded and closed her eyes and let her dreams take her away.

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