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A small toad leaped through a crack in the wall and landed softly on the ground, behind some bushes. The toad croaked which earned the attention from a nearby guard who leaned down to inspect the toad, "Cute little thing aren't you?" smiled the guard while reaching out to stroke the toad.

A hand shot out of the toad's mouth and grabbed the man's face and dragged him inside of it. A second later Naruto crawled out of his companion and dusted himself off, "Probably didn't think it was cute anymore, huh." Smiled Naruto mischievously. The toad croaked in agreement and then disappeared back into its realm. He crouched low and created a clone which assumed the identity of the fallen guard in order to not raise suspicions of other guards. The clone took the position of the defeated guard and continued its watch.

Naruto stalked around the bushes and inspected his surroundings. There were 5 patrols with 4-man cell patrolling the grounds of the mansion. Their route is probably random so figuring out an opening won't be easy. There were spotlights at each tower that were illuminating the grounds. There were guards on the wall who stalked every corner of the grounds. Nothing misses their attention. It seems these guys aren't amateur after all. It seems Shinji paid good money.

Naruto inspected every inch of the compound with a keen eye. Every hole, every crack, every guard was memorized and soon he had a plan.

"Tōton Jutsu! (Transparency Jutsu!)" whispering the name of the technique, Naruto suddenly turned invisible. Despite being a super pervert, Naruto has got to give credit where it's due and Jiraiya definitely deserves credit for inventing this technique. What was at first meant for perving on women became Jiraiya's jutsu for infiltration and now also Naruto's.

Naruto looked at its hands and saw that they were transparent. He nodded to himself in satisfaction. Learning this Jutsu was a pain in the ass for him. For the technique to be fully effective one needs a good amount of control. For an average ninja that wouldn't be a problem but for a man with chakra on the level of a Tailed Beast, well let's just say it wasn't a walk in the park. He failed numerous infiltrations in the past because his technique wasn't perfect but after a dozen or so failed infiltrations and numerous wounds later he finally perfected it.

But the technique had its flaws. While he was invisible to the naked eye, if one were to be right next to him he would be spotted immediately because the light bends differently when it hits him and blows away his cover. Luckily for him, it is dark now which minimized the chances of being caught.

Naruto inspected the patrols and waited for the right moment. Seeing the nearest patrol turn away and walked away from his position he dashed forward with grace befitting his fame. He weaved through the patrols and stayed away from the spotlights. The patrols were unaware that they just failed miserably at their job.

Naruto hid behind a low wall inside the garden which he spotted before. He took a sneak look over the wall and saw that the patrol didn't notice him much to his relief.

His eyes widened a moment later when he heard rustling behind him and he turned around in a flash. Reacting on instinct Naruto embedded a kunai in an unsuspecting man's throat. Naruto got a closer look at the man who was gurgling blood. He saw that the man was in the process of zipping up his pants before Naruto shoved a kunai in his neck.

Naruto put a hand over the man's mouth to muffle his screamin and placed him on the ground and concealed him with some grass and twigs. Creating another clone which once more took the guard's identity, he finally let out the breath he was holding. That was a close call.

Now that he was closer, he examined the garden a bit more thoroughly. There were plants of every kind, flowers, trees, bushes and a pond in the middle of it all. He spotted a path that split into two different directions. One headed into a green house, the other towards the main house, through a walkway.

His Transparency Jutsu still on Naruto chose the path towards the mansion. Dashing from cover to cover Naruto hid behind a pillar right by the entrance. Two guards moved past him unaware that he was only a meter away from them. Naruto sneaked a glance around the pillar and saw a couple of guards patrolling the vicinity of the house. There were two guards in front of the entrance itself. Walking upwards on the pillar, he was now directly above the two guards guarding the entrance. He was about to make his move when the door opened and Naruto halted his movements.

A man came out of the house and spoke to the two guards, "Report!"

The two guards snapped to attention and saluted their commander, "Sir, no unusual activities detected."

The man nodded, "Good."

The man walked back inside the house and Naruto took this opportunity to sneak inside while the door was still open.

Naruto entered the house and was now above the commander who turned around and inspected the closing door with a scrutizining look. He shook his head a moment later and walked further into the mansion.

Breathing in relief, Naruto dropped down and hid behind a plant in the corner. He inspected the room around him. It was a massive hall. There were doors on either side of the hallway, each leading further into the mansion. There was an ornate stairway in the middle of the hall that led to the second floor.

Having successfully infiltrated the mansion, Naruto could now focus on finding Asuma and on the escape plan. He didn't really have an escape plan. It was more in the lines of just blowing everything to kingdom come while he and Asuma make a dash for it.

Naruto dashed from his cover towards the pillars that held the stairway in place. He slapped an explosive paper on each of them and then proceeded to search the first floor for Asuma. Dashing from room to room, Naruto inspected every possible place they could keep Asuma. While doing that he also searched for possible weakpoints in the infrastructure. Places where a simple explosive paper would do considerable damage to the structure.

Having thoroughly inspected the first floor, Naruto made his way to the second one where there was a lot more guard activity than in the first one.

Naruto hid behind a corner and listened to a conversation between two guards, "Man, that kid from Konoha still won't shut up. I just came from guarding the little fucker but all he does is scream 'to let him go or someone will come and kill us all'." Laughed the guard.

"Wishful thinking. Boss Shinji has everything covered even the arrival of someone like Uzumaki Naruto. Anyway, it's time for my shift of guarding the little bugger." The guard walked down the hall and disappeared around the corner.

Naruto dashed from his cover and chopped the unsuspecting guard in the neck and dragged him into the nearest empty room. A clone took its place for the time being.

Naruto made his way down the hall where Asuma was being kept. He looked around the corner and saw the guard from before guarding a door with another guard.

He could hear Asuma's screams from here, "Let me out! Let me out! Naruto will come for me and then you'll see!"

Naruto smiled proudly. For a 5 year old to not lose his spirit in a situation like this is nothing short of remarkable.

The guard that was there the longest finally snapped after countless hours of listening to the boy's irritating voice.

"OH yeah! Let's see him rescuing now when I beat the shit out of you!" yelled the guard while grabbing the door handle.

That's where his life ended. The other guard looked towards him and wondered why he became so silent. He saw the guard shaking and wondered why. A moment later the invisible hand inside the guard's chest became visible and the other guard panicked, "You!..." His life ended right there.

The two bodies slumped to the ground while Naruto looked at them with no remorse. They deserved none.

Naruto turned towards the door and opened it gently. He took a tentative step forward and looked inside the room. The room had one window, a bed and a bucket which probably functioned as a toilet.

The thing was, there was no Asuma. He took another step into the room when he was attacked from up above by none other than Asuma.

Asuma beat on him relentlessly, "Eat this!"

Naruto laughed to himself and then caught the little boy's wrist and turned around to face him.

He gave him a warm smile, "I certainly did eat it. Hey there!"

Asuma stopped and his breath hitched. He started tearing up when he saw who was in front of him. He crashed against Naruto's chest and cried uncontrollably.

Naruto chuckled and patted him on the back, " Miss me?"

More sobs were his answer. After a minute or so Asuma calmed down, "Are you okay?" asked Naruto

Asuma nodded and smiled afterwards, "Yeah, those guys had nothing on me."

Naruto chuckled, "That they didn't. I'm proud of you, you know. Now, leave everything else to me. It's time for us to leave this place."

Asuma nodded and then jumped on Naruto's awaiting back, " I want you to close your eyes, okay Asuma?" Asuma nodded. He didn't want him to see the two dead guards in front of the room. It was bad enough he was kidnapped but seeing death at such an early age would traumatize the kid.

The two walked outside the room and Naruto was about to initiate his escape plan when he heard a shrilling scream from further down the hall. The person was a woman and she sounded like she was in pain.

Naruto cursed his bloody heart, "Asuma, we are going to be making a little detour. Remember, eyes closed the whole time, okay?"

Asuma nodded and strengthened his grip on Naruto. Naruto ran down the hall and stopped at the next corner. He inspected the hallway and found nothing. He could hear the screams coming from one of the rooms down the hall.

Seeing no one, Naruto dashed towards the room where the screams were coming from. He created a clone and handed Asuma to him for the time being, "I'll be right back Asuma. Eyes closed."

Naruto slowly opened the door. Inside he saw a man whipping a woman, hard. The man ignored the woman's screams of plea, "You disgraced your father! You had one job to do and you failed!"

The man was about to whip the woman once more until a hand shout out of his stomach and sprayed blood all over the place, "No, you are a disgrace to humanity." Spoke Naruto coldly.

The man wheezed his last breath and slumped to the ground.

The woman cried in the corner and wondered if death took her already.

Naruto slowly walked towards her and gently put a hand on the woman's shoulder who flinched at the contact, "It's okay. You are safe now. He can't hurt you anymore." He pulled out a kunai and cut through the chains holding her in place.

Naruto caught the woman before she could fall to the ground. He slowly turned her around where his eyes widened, "Ami?"

Ami, the daughter of Shinji Nakamaru, looked up at her savior weakly, "Naruto?"

Naruto smiled caringly while on the inside he was seething. Having your own daughter wiped! What kind of a father does that?!

"Yes, it's me. You are safe now. Can you walk?" asked Naruto.

Ami nodded while letting out a few tears of joy. She grabbed Naruto's extended hand and slowly stood up.

Naruto took of his jacket and wrapped it around her, for which she was thankful.

Ami took a step and almost stumbled but Naruto was quick to catch her. She thanked him and leaned on him for support. They walked outside where Naruto's clone was waiting and Asuma who was a good boy and had his eyes closed.

Naruto motioned to the clone to follow him down the hall, away from the dead bodies where he could hatch a new plan. They entered an empty room which was currently being renovated.

"Alright Asuma, you can open your eyes now." Asuma did and he almost had a heart attack when he saw two Narutos.

Before he could start drooling Naruto spoke, "It's one of my techniques Asuma. Now, I need you to pay attention. Can you do that?" Asuma nodded fervently and listened carefully.

Naruto smiled, "Good. Asuma, this is Ami. She will be joining us."

Ami tried to put up the biggest smile she could despite the burning pain in her back, "Hello there Asuma. Pleasure to meet you."

Asuma smiled back, "You too Ami. Uhm, are you okay?" asked Asuma in concern.

She waved him off with a gentle smile, "I'm fine. Just a bit tired."

Naruto interrupted at this point, "We can talk more later. For now, I need you to listen carefully. I wasn't planning on escaping with two people so I'll have to modify my plan a bit."

Seeing that he has their full attention he continued, " Alright, this is how it's gonna go. I'll create a distraction and you two while riding my clones will slip away unnoticed. What I want from you two is to be as silent as possible. No screaming, no talking, no whispering. Just keep your head straight and don't look back. Got it?"

"What about you?" asked Ami in concern.

"I'll be fine. I've been in far worse situations than this. Trust me." Responded Naruto confidently.

He then turned to Asuma who was about to cry again. He kneeled down and enveloped him in a hug "Hey, hey. It's going to be okay. You'll be home with your Mommy in no time. I promise."

Asuma sobbed, "What about you? Will you be right behind me?"

Naruto smiled, "Of course. I'll be there in a flash. Hey, you know what? If you be a good boy for me, I'll teach you a cool technique afterwards. How does that sound, huh?"

Asuma nodded through his sobbing and Naruto ruffled his hair, "That's my boy. Ready?"

Asuma cleaned his eyes and nodded with a serious look.


The door to the mansion opened and the two guards guarding it turned around only to die a moment later. Naruto strolled outside, like he didn't give a damn. He walked ahead until he deemed he was at a good distance. He started pulsating his chakra which earned him the attention of the shinobis currently inhabiting the mansion grounds. It also served as a beacon to his clones that the plan is starting.


He smirked when he saw the entire army of guards and shinobi swarming his position. 'Perfect.'

Naruto started channeling wind chakra throughout his body which the approaching guards didn't notice. What started as a subtle wind then turned into a raging typhoon. Naruto levitated off the ground and started spinning which in turn created a powerful suction. The unsuspecting guards never stood a chance. They were picked up and sucked into the powerful typhoon. Their bodies were cut into pieces. Those who were still far away from the typhoon were safe, at least that's what they thought. The previously immobile technique now became mobile and it was heading straight towards them. They tried to escape but the power of the suction was too great for them. Trees, rocks, parts of the protective wall, everything was pulled inside of Naruto's typhoon. The typhoon raged for a few more moments until Naruto stopped spinning and landed gracefully on the ground.

He saw that most of the guards were dead. He saw a few shinobis loitering around, those that were lucky and smart enough to stay away from him.

He saw them glaring at him but he couldn't care less. He smirked, " Come and get me boys."

'Too easy' thought Naruto when he saw the remaining shinobi attack like mindless beasts. He muttered 'Kai' and the mansion behind him exploded in a shower of debris and fire. The attacking shinobis had no time to process this new development, instead they continued with their assault.

He formed his favorite seal and said, "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu." 30 Narutos appeared in the clearing and engaged the Shinobis in battle while the real one slipped away unnoticed.

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""The Forest Near the Mansion"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

"Miss me?" laughed Naruto and was then assaulted by Asuma who buried his head in his neck. Naruto patted him on the head and put him down on solid ground, "You did good Asuma, both of you did good. Now, who's ready to go home?"

Two tiny hands shot up and Ami and Naruto shared a laugh. That is until Naruto's expression turned serious. The trio could her clapping behind them. Naruto turned around and saw a familiar face, "You…."


The contingent from Konoha which dubbed themselves as 'The Killers of Baby-Kidnappers' courtesy from Anko was racing towards their destination. Kakashi was upfront acting as the leader of the whole party. His experience to keep calm in these sorts of situations made him the best choice for the leader. Anko is too unstable, even more than usual, to lead this mission. But that was alright with her. As long as she gets to kill the people that kidnapped her cute little nephew then she doesn't mind.

Kiba who was right behind Kakashi, sniffed the air around him. His eyes widened and immediately screamed out, "Stop!" The party responded like a well oiled machine.

They stopped right before the path that leads to the forest. They just passed the point where the river splits into two and they were supposed to turn east.

"What is it Kiba?" asked Kakashi who was scanning the forest in front of him.

Kiba once more sniffed the air just to be sure and then turned towards Hinata, "Hinata, check the forest in front of us."

Hinata nodded and activated her Bloodline. Her eyes widened once her sight reached the edge of the forest, "There are 8 people waiting to ambush us as soon as we enter the forest. They are hiding behind some sort of barrier."

"Which direction?" asked Kakashi. Hinata pointed a little bit to the left of him and Kakashi pulled out a kunai and send it flying in that direction.

There wasn't that resounding clang when someone blocks a kunai or shuffling of feet indicating that they dodged instead there was nothing. He would have dismissed this as a false alarm but he didn't survive in this world as long as he did if he did that.

He heard a voice, "Impressive. We should have figured Konoha would send a Hyuuga."

The party tensed and got into a defensive formation.

From the forest appeared 8 figures. A man in the front of the group was twirling a Kunai in his hands, the one thrown by Kakashi earlier. Before anything really could be said the male figure in the back of the group went through some handsigns, "Doton: Doryuusou no Jutsu!" Slamming his hands on the ground, the man manipulated the ground below him. Konoha ninjas aware of what was going to happen scattered. Moments later, spears made of rock erupted from the ground where the Konoha ninjas previously stood. As soon as their opponents scattered away from the deadly technique, the group of ninjas each appeared in front of their chosen targets, preventing Konoha to regroup and work out a team strategy for which they are so famous for.

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""With Kakashi""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Kakashi was facing a man with hair similar to his own. They were white with black highlights, an unusual color to say the least. He wore a sleeveless red jacket with its zipper open in the front showing off his lean figure to the world. He had a scar going down his chest area right down to the belly button, an indicator he has seen his share of battles. He wore black cargo pants and black ninja sandals.

Ignoring him, Kakashi scanned his surroundings and saw that his comrades were being assaulted by their opponents and led away from his position. He thought of going to help but he had a feeling his opponent wasn't a slouch.

Having his entire attention once more, the white-haired man spoke, "What an honor to be able to face the famous Copy Ninja in battle. You have no idea how long I've dreamt of this." The disturbing looking grin on the man's face further showed his desire to fight Kakashi.

Kakashi responded in his usual lazy voice, "I'm not sure if I should be flattered or concerned. You are not a stalker are you?"

The smirk remained on the man's face despite the jab from Kakashi, " You don't have to worry about me being a stalker, you should worry about yourself right now. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Masaru Ochi."

A slight widening of Kakashi's eyes meant that he recognized the name.

"An A-rank missing-nin from Iwa. You defected because you killed your entire squad during a mission for unknown reasons. " Said Kakashi, memorizing the man from the Bingo book.

"Oh, I see you know who I am. I'm flattered but enough chit-chat. I waited years to kill you not to talk to you." The man sprung into action while Kakashi uncovered his Sharingan, wanting to end this as quickly as possible.

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""(With Anko)""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Anko was currently facing a bulky man with short brown hair. She recognized him as the man that separated them with his Earth techniques which means he has an Earth element in his arsenal. He was wearing blue cargo pants and white sandals. He left his torso exposed which showed off his formidable figure. Anko wasn't impressed.

The man grinned devilishly and licked his lips, "My name is Yuudai and you must be…." He never got to finish his sentence. A large snake coiled around his body from under the ground and bite down on his leg.

Anko spoke, "I don't give a damn. You are in the way." The man now known as Yuudai fell to the ground unmoving. Anko started walking away until her eyes widened and jumped out of the way of a spear made of rock.

She turned around and saw the man grinning like a fool towards her, "Did you really think it will be that easy? My body is as hard as the earth you are standing on. A simple bite from your precious snakes won't do a thing to me, Anko-hime."

Anko growled silently to herself. She got careless. The anger clouded her judgment and she almost lost her life because of it.

She took a deep breath and then gave Yuudai a wicked grin of her own, "Let's play!"


"Troublesome. Why do we have to fight women all the time?" muttered Shikamaru while facing down three women who looked exactly the same, triplets it seems.

"Stop complaining and get that mind of yours to work. We have a nephew to rescue." Yelled Ino at him.

"Oh my, look what we've got here. The Ino-Shika-Cho formation. Known for having the best teamwork in the world. How splendid." Spoke the women in the center while being flanked by her two sisters.

Black hair, green eyes, puffy lips, an innocent look. Some of the features the triplets shared.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Naomi." Said the one in the center.

"Atsuko." Said the left one.

"Haruka." Said the right one.

"And we are your downfall." Spoke the triplets in unison.



"Who the hell are you?" growled Kiba dangerously while his opponent grinned and showing off his elongated canines, similar to Kiba's.

"Glad you asked. My name is Daisuke and you must be from the Inuzuka clan judging from your partner. Yep, I chose well in you. You will prove great to test my abilities." Grinned Daisuke ferally.

Akamaru growled at the man but Kiba rested a hand on his trusted partner's furry head which calmed him down.

" I do not care about your wishes or desires. You are in the way of me and my friends. I don't have any time to waste with you. SO, bring it!"

"Gladly." Grinned Daisuke.

"Hakke Kūshō!" yelled Hinata while releasing a blast of chakra to the left of her and was aiming at… nothing. That is until someone spoke, "Amazing. You truly can see me with those eyes of yours, little missy."

A man appeared out of nowhere. He was young, in his mid-twenties with brown hair done in a mohawk. His eyes were green and tattoo of a dragon trailed down his left eye. He was of lean figure. His body didn't scream power instead it smelled of speed and agility.

Hinata stared at him with her cold Byakugan eyes, a far cry of how she usually looks, "Who are you?"

The man chuckled, "I wish I knew. I have no name. I am a nobody."

Hinata's features softened and she deactivated her all-seeing eyes, "What do you mean?

"I was left in the woods when I was but a child. It seems I was undesired by my parents. I survived and thrived in the woods until one day my savior came and showed me my potential. I owe him my life and he has my loyalty until I die."

"I do not wish to fight you. I only want Asuma back. We do not have to fight." Said Hinata truthfully.

The man shook his head, "I'm sorry. I can't do that. If I let you go I would betray my master and that is something I have no intention of doing."

Hinata sighed and then reactivated her Byakugan, "I am sorry."

"So am I."


"Is that the best you can do? Come on, I'm not even trying." Yelled a man with dirty blonde hair while dodging insects from his opponent.

Shino remained unfazed and stared at him with an impassive look. He ordered his insects to fall back.

The man stopped with his acrobatics and grinned madly, " If that is all you can do, sending insects to attack, then this fight is over. I will enjoy seeing you burn in the deepest fires of hell."

"I think it's cordial to at least introduce ourselves before we start making threats." Said Shino calmly, his hands in his pockets.

The man scoffed, "Like telling you my name matters. But as you wish, you are witnessing Hotaru in all of his fiery glory." Grinned Hotaru in the end.

"Aburame Shino. And this fight is all but over." Stated Shino.

Hotaru raised his eyebrow and then felt something crawling on his skin. He raised his hand in front of his face and saw numerous bugs biting down on his arm and he could feel his chakra leaving his body.

The confused look turned into a murderous grin and he yelled, "DO you really think that will work?! WRONG!"

Hotaru's skin turned fiery red and the insects caught on fire. Shino raised an eyebrow at the strange development while Daisuke grinned like a madman on crack, " Whatever touches my skin gets burned. Your insects are no match for me."

"We shall see." Said Shino who took out his hands from his pockets and got into his fighting stance.


"Asuma!" Kurenai shout up in her bed after experiencing a bad dream which she realized was actually reality when she saw that she really was in the hospital.

Shizune was by her side immediately and tried to calm her down, "It's okay Kurenai. You are safe."

Kurenai turned towards Shizune and grabbed her by her shoulder and shook her frantically, "Where is Asuma? Where is my son?" She was on the verge of tears.

Shizune looked at her sadly and Kurenai broke into tears, knowing full well what happened. Shizune put a hand on her shoulder, "I'm sure he's okay. Naruto will make sure of it, I know it." Smiled Shizune gently.

Kurenai looked at her with puffy eyes, "Naruto?" inquired Kurenai.

Shizune nodded, "Yes, as soon as he saw to your safety he set out to find your son. He felt it was his obligation to try and correct his mistakes. I think he blames himself for Asuma's kidnapping. Anko, Kakashi, Team 10 and your team followed after him."

Kurenai shook her head, "It's a trap. This is all a trap to capture Naruto. The Ninjas that attacked me were to capture either me or Asuma to lure Naruto to them. They've somehow been spying on us and saw that we spent a lot of time together and thought we were the perfect bait."

Shizune adopted a fearful look for her adoptive brother but a voice behind her calmed her down, "He knows that." Said the voice of Tsunade who just entered the room.

All eyes were on her, " Naruto knew full well he was walking into a trap but he had no other choice. You know full well how he is when it comes to his friends and precious people. Trap or not he couldn't let this slide. Besides, he's a grown man, he can take care of himself." Smiled Tsunade.

"But what about…" Kurenai was caught off when Tsunade spoke sternly, "But nothing. Do you believe in Naruto?" asked Tsunade. Kurenai nodded. "Then everything will turn out fine. Your son is in capable hands."

Kurenai looked down, "I know that, it's just… What if he gets hurt while protecting Asuma? I could never forgive myself if that happened."

"Him getting hurt?" scoffed Tsunade. "Nothing can hurt that little gaki. If Madara and 7 Bijuus couldn't kill him then nothing can. I'm starting to think he's indestructible." Laughed Tsunade.

"I hope you are right, I really do..." muttered Kurenai under her breath.


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