Marcy Macfly was sit on delorin "GREAT STOCC!" SHOted Dock and timed himself to the samurai times.

"OHNO! Shoted Marcy and timed to samurais in delorin"

Theere was samurai and he said "I will kill you Dock!" But it was Japanese so dock dint no and said "OK" and then dieed but he was timed to make a not dead by Marcy who had DELORIN!

"I am to save you dock marvin!" Welled Marcy Mcfly and he drove over the samurai

"Noooo I was your father" Samurai sayed and Marcy sayed back "OH NO HE WAS MY FATHER!"!

And Marcy started to not exist.

And then Marcy dint exist so Old bif came

Back and helped defeet the samurai father and Marcy Came

Back and then he not existed again because they killed the samurai again.