My first story in what feels like forever! I chose The Sims because its been one of my favorite games since the original. My story takes place during The Sims 3 timeline so young Mortimer and Bella. It's mainly focused on the power struggle between the Landgraab and Alto families. I am also trying to add a lot of the other characters from Sunset Valley. I really hope everyone enjoys the storyline! If anyone has any suggestions or any characters they want to see, tell me and I will try to find a place for them! Enjoy and don't forget to review! Thank-you!

The Grand Estate - Chapter One

As the sun sets over Sunset Valley the residents of this small suburban town flocked to Goth Manor for an event of a lifetime. Gunther Goth accompanied by his prudish, mousy, wife Cornelia hosted this event. On one side of the room Nancy Landgraab sipped wine and conversed with her doctor husband. On the other side Nick Alto and his wife Vita Alto.

Vita held a glass of wine taking a sip here and there, trying to resist.

Nick was just about to make his move to Mr. Goth and secure his promotion as CEO and finally crush his rival family the Landgraab's and his nemesis Nancy.

"Mr. Goth" Nick greeted.

"I'm happy you could make it" Gunther says. Cornelia nods while burying her face in her wineglass.

Nick stays quiet trying to pry information out of Gunther.

"You're wondering about the announcement?" Gunther starts.

"Of course" he replies.

"I hear that he's almost a lock in" Morgana Wolff says to Vita by the bar.

"Is that so?" she says looking over the variety of drinks.

"Gunther supposedly had a meeting with the board members. I'm sure he put in a good word" she says ignorantly.

"That couldn't hurt" she says not paying much attention.

"You're not at all worried?"

"Even if things don't work out… they will, eventually" she says picking up another drink. "Have a good night, Morgana" she says walking away.

"Well, don't drink to much, Vita. I'm sure it's a night to remember" she calls after her.

"How long is this night going to last?" Geoffrey asks his wife Nancy.

"Geoffrey, stop it. We have to be here so just suck it up."

Everyone knew Nancy wore the pants (as they say) in the family. Geoffrey become much more of a pushover after marrying Nancy.

A disgruntled Geoffrey walked into the Goth's foyer. Hot-tempered Nancy followed.

"Geoffrey, what are you doing? We need to be presented as a couple. Gunther's just not going to sign the company off to some single mother."

"This is all about you. You don't even care about..."

Nancy cuts him off, shushing him with her finger.

"They're making the announcement" she says walking into the living room. "Come on honey" she says plastering a smile on her face.

"How'd it go?" Vita asks Nick.

"Not good actually."

"Gunther is a… tyrant" Vita alleges.

"I'm sure that wife of his has something to do with this" Nick suggests.

"We have bigger things to worry about. Morgana has been running her mouth."

"We'll have to take care of her" Nick says.

"Oh, they're making the announcement" Vita says as they creep closer in the living room.

As all the attendees closed in, Gunther started his speech.

"My wife and I are so pleased that all of you could attend. As you know Llama Maja has been going through some crucial times and my position as CEO has been questioned along with the rumors circulating around my wife and myself."

"I have to leave" Geoffrey whispers to Nancy.

"Hold on one second" she says raising her hand not even bothering to turn to him. He leaves.

"As most of you have heard the board of directors summoned me and we had a very long… discussion of the future of Llama Maja and I am proud and relieved to announce that my retirement has been postponed until certain matters have been resolved."

The attendees start whispering and gossiping as Gunther continues to speak.

"Were going to have to do something" Vita tells Nick.

They look over and Morgana is staring at them. She smirks and raises her glass to them.

"Honey, you're right about that" Nick replies.

I really hope everyone enjoyed. The story will definitely pick up and more characters will be brought in to the mix. Don't forget to review!