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The Grand Estate - Chapter Eleven

In the dimly lit bedroom Romeo and Li-Anne face off against each other. The two glare at each other, their finger on the trigger.

"What took you so long?" Romeo asks Li-Anne.

"It's been a while hasn't it?" she responds. He grunts at her. "I'm bringing you in" she says coldly.

"Is that so?" he says taking a step towards her.

"Stay where you are" she speaks up.

"Shoot me then" he says taking another step.

Soon after he makes his way directly in front of her. Their guns side by side aiming in opposite directions. They stare at each other. Their fingers pull away from the trigger. Romeo quickly pushes Li-Anne's gun to the side and kisses her. Their guns fall to the floor as they embrace.

The Next Day:

"Why'd you call me over so early?" a disheveled Geoffrey stands in Nancy's doorway.

"Oh, please. Don't be so hostile, please come in" she requests. Even dressed in a floor length robe with her hair tied up she was still quite the hostess.

They walk into the kitchen. Nancy places her mug on the counter and sits down crossing her legs. Geoffrey stands in the archway.

"Why are you all the way over there?"

"It's not even seven in the morning. Can you tell me why you called me over?" he asks.

"Fine… I've decided that you should come back home and forget about your little fling with that beach house tramp" Nancy says.

"Just wait one minute" Geoffrey interjects.

"Not permanently, of course" she says. Geoffrey stares at her with confusion. "Look, you requested divorce and I will gladly grant you one if you do me this one favor" she explains.


"The board of directors look kindly on a family and not a broken one. If we parade our relationship around during this 'contest' I have a higher chance of coming out on top and when I do I will grant you the divorce you so desperately need."

"And if I don't?" he asks.

"Hmm, if you don't, what will happen?" she says before taking a sip of her coffee. "I will drag you through the mud. Oh, not only you. I will drag that Wolff woman in too. You will lose custody of Malcolm and when I'm through the hospital will most likely throw you out too" she says rearranging her robe. She then looks at him and smiles. "So do we have a deal?"

Jeffrey slams his hands down on the table making Li-Anne jump.

"Where the hell is he?" he shouts at the red-haired police officer.

"Sir, wouldn't it be more suitable to bring him in instead of…" she says with her voice cracking before being cut off.

"Instead of what?" he asks. "Wait until he turns up on my front lawn and mows me and my wife down?"

"Sir, I would never of. I just meant bring him in and serve justice for what he did to you."

"Li-Anne, you're a smart woman and I'm a powerful man" he says calming down. "You bring justice to dozens of criminals" he says walking over to the window looking over Bridgeport. "You can also serve justice on your own" he advises her. "Make your choice and don't come back here until you have something to report" he says dismissing her.

Later That Day:

Morgana stands in the bathroom staring at herself in the floor length mirror. The positive pregnancy test lays in the garbage pail She lifts her shirt up and feels her stomach. She runs her hands up and down. Smooth and flat… for now. She hears the front door.

"Honey" she calls out running downstairs. She realized she didn't know who she was calling too, it be Thornton or Geoffrey. "Thornton" she says seeing him.

"Hey" he says walking over and kissing her on the cheek. She smiles pushing her waist length black hair behind her ear.

'What are you doing here aren't you suppose to be working?"

"With Nancy? She asked me to take a break. She had something important to talk to Geoffrey about."

"Oh, really? Any idea what about?" she asks.

"Probably something about the board of directors meeting. Hey, how about I take you out for lunch? It's been such a long time since we had any time together" he says.

"Sure" she says forcing a smile trying to get Geoffrey off her mind.

That Evening:

"I'm sorry for the late and such short notice event" Holly says standing at a podium located in the Llama Maja business center. Her auburn hair tied in a bun to match her feminine tailored suit. A much different and transformed look than her high school innocent days.

Down the hall Nick and Vita Alto get word that their daughter is doing a press conference. They rush into the conference hall and search the room.

"Where is she?" Vita asks frantically to her assistant.

"On the podium" he responds.

Nick and Vita's eyes shift to the stage. They both nearly fall down in shock not recognizing Holly at all.

"Again I am sorry for the late notice. I just want to inform everyone that the information they received of my dropping out of the race was incorrect and I am very much involved and intend to win" she announces.

The crowd starts to mumble and gasp at the revelation. Camera's flash as Holly smiles.

"I would like to invite my parents to the stand now. Nick and Vita Alto. Even though we've had our differences they supported my decision and we are looking forward to the friendly competition" she says.

Everyone turns looking at the bickering couple. They stop and graciously smile and make their way to the stage.

"What the hell is she thinking?" Vita says to Nick.

As they walk on stage Holly smiles and grabs their hands and poses for the cameras.

After The Conference:

The three make their way down the hall into a private room.

"What the hell are you thinking?" Vita shouts at Holly after clearing the room of their assistants out.

"What exactly were you thinking when you removed me from the vote?" she retorts.

"You ungrateful brat!" Vita shouts. "And exactly what is this getup? Who do you think you are fooling?" she says.

"Fooling?" Holly asks confused.

"You'll always be a daughter or a wife, You will never be a woman in charge. Go back to being in the shadows" she shouts.

Nick stands watching as his wife and daughter hassle each other.

"What's going on in here?" Jeffrey walks in.

"Oh, oh, oh, Mr. Cook. How are you?" Vita asks.

"Just arriving to see my wife" he says walking over to Holly.

"Of course" Nick says walking over to Vita.

"Her speech was great, wasn't it?" he questions the Altos.

"Speech?" Vita asks. "Yes, it was… despite its unexpectedness."

"Sorry, to cut this short but we really need to get going. We have a big few weeks ahead of us" Jeffrey says as he and Holly walk out. Holly smiles before she turns with Jeffrey. Nick and Vita have a look of disgust.

Back In Bridgeport:

"I was surprised and satisfied to see you like that" Jeffrey says to Holly.


"I am an older man. I married you. A young wife. Who knew how long it would last. As I see you grow I want you more as a woman and not just as a young wife but as my woman" he reveals. "I've become impressed with you" he continues.


Late That Night:

"What is she doing?!" Vita shouts. "Is she trying to give me a heart attack!"

"Will you stop shouting!? You're going to give me one" Nick shouts back.

"You're not even worried about what you're daughter is doing? She is going to ruin is" she shouts in a high-pitched voice.

Nick hits Vita causing her to fall on to the floor.

"What are you thinking!" she shouts at him.

"Shut up for one minute and let me think" he shouts leaving the room.

Morgana lays in bed next to Thornton. His arm wrapped around her. Her phone make a noise. She quietly sneaks out of bed and checks her voicemail. It's Geoffrey. She hangs the phone up with a tear falling down her cheek.

Nancy sits in her office going over paperwork. She looks out into the hallway and see's Geoffrey playing with Malcolm. She smirks before gong back to her work.

Holly and Jeffrey share a bed in their intimates in their Bridgeport mansion. Holly knows she has a rough road ahead of her.

This is the first night Nick and Vita have not spent together in years. Vita lays in their master bedroom. She can't sleep. Her dark brown eyes gaze at the ceiling. Nick is nowhere to be found as he plans his next move.

Gunther Goth was hard at work in the Goth manor. Cornelia and Gunther have become increasingly distant despite their brief reconciliation and revelation. But what exactly was Gunther working on?

Li-Anne sits on the edge of her bed. A shoebox lays next to her. Papers and photos are scattered everywhere. Photos that show Li-Anne and Romeo together. She takes the gun laying on her nightstand as she makes her decision.

I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. I worked hard on it and I know it took a while to publish but there has been so much going on over here and I am really sorry for the wait. I hope I still have my readers with me! Enjoy!