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The Grand Estate - Chapter Twelve

One Day Later:

The board of directors set up press conferences, consecutively, of the families up for vote. Starting with the Landgraab family.

Nancy and Geoffrey stand together, holding hands. Flashing lights with reporters shouting questions at them. They smile and wave to the cameras before exiting the arena.

"They're back together" Vita shouts throwing her glass at the wall. She turns the television off. She storms out of her bedroom. She calls Nick on her cell phone.

"Where are you?! We have a conference in two hours!" she shouts, leaving a voicemail.

Later That Day:

Vita stands at the podium addressing the crowd.

"I'm so sorry for my late arrival" she starts before the crowd breaks into questions about her husband.

"Nick? Oh, my husband is sick with the flu and he couldn't…"

She stops herself as the crowd turns to the door. Holly, Jeffrey, and Nick all walk in together.

"Nick…" Vita stutters.

They make their way to the podium.

"I am truly sorry for the delay" Holly starts. "We had some last second delays as my father, Nick Alto, arrived at my house and told me that he wanted to be by my side at this stressful time and that he believe I should be the new face behind Llama Corp." she states.

"What did you just say?" Vita blurts out staring at Holly. "Honey, say it isn't true?"

Nick walks over to the podium. "The only person I can truly believe has the drive and ambition to make Llama Corp. flourish is my daughter…"

"Hey!" Vita shouts.

The crowd becomes silent. Everyone gazes at Vita as she nervously scrambles to get herself together. She calms down. She smiles at the crowd before exiting off the stage.

"He ruined me! He ruined us!" Vita shouts at her assistant in the dressing room, waiting area.

"Mrs. Alto?"

"He ruined my chance!" she shouts at her.

"That went fabulous" Nick says to Holly in their waiting area. Holly looks off with disgust. She glances at her husband.

"Went off without a hitch, right Holly?" Jeffrey asks.

"Of course" she says switching her frown upside down.

That Night:

"I'm sorry…" Geoffrey says.

"It's alright, really. Me and Thornton are trying to work things out, so, no worries" Morgana tells the married man.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive" she says, holding back tears. "I have to go now" she says hanging up.

"Who was that?" Nancy says, standing in the doorway.

"No one" Geoffrey states.

"You agreed to…" she starts.

"It's over. I ended it" he reveals. He walks out of the room brushing against Nancy.

The Next Day:

Geoffrey reassumes his work at the hospital, as he normally would. He runs into Jamie in the hallway.

"How are you?"

"Mr. Landgraab. It has been a while, hasn't it?"

"Yes. How are you?"

"I'm good… Working on some new cases. Keeping busy" she says.

"That's good."

"I don't have to tell you about keeping busy. I've heard about all the things going on with you" she says clutching folders against her body.

Morgana comes out from an office. She watches as the two talk.

The conversation becomes quiet.

"I should really get going" Jamie says.

"Oh, before you do. I would regret if I didn't ask. How are we?"

"We're… good. We're good" she says smiling as she walks down the hall.

That Afternoon:

"Were you able to contact Li-Anne?" Jeffrey asks.

"No, she hasn't been answering her phone" his assistant responds.

"Send some men out. Find out" he orders.

Holly walks into his office.

"Excuse us" he says to his assistant.

"How are you, darling?"

"I wanted to talk to you about my father" she says walking over to her husband's desk.

"What's your concern?"

"Are you sure he won't find out?' she asks.

"Don't worry. He won't and you will become head of Llama Corp." he says smiling. She smirks at him.

That Next Day:

"Geoffrey, be ready at seven. We've been invited to a dinner hosted by the board of directors regarding the corporation" Nancy says on Geoffrey's voicemail.

"Mrs. Alto, you've received an invitation on behalf of the directors" Vita's assistant informs her.

"Holly, we got an invitation for you" Jeffrey informs her.

She grabs the paper and looks through it.

"Looks like I should get ready" she tells him.

Nick walks in. "What's going on?"

"We're having dinner" Holly responds to him.

"We've been invited to a dinner" Cornelia tells Gunther.

"I won't be making it" he responds.

"But it's straight from the board of directors. I think you should come home for this…"

He pauses. "I'm sorry. Go in my place. I'll be home tomorrow" he says hanging up his phone. He sighs. "Are we almost there?" he asks his driver.

Later That Day:

The families begin to gather at popular eatery, Londoste, which was rented out for the entire evening to host the families.

Vita arrives wearing a knee length black cocktail dress and sunglasses. She walks in and removes her sunglasses placing them in her clutch.

Nancy and Geoffrey arrive. Nancy clad in a pantsuit, matching Geoffrey's tailored attire.

Cornelia arrives wearing an ankle length very dark black (plaid) dress.

Holly arrives wearing a red cocktail dress and understated heels. Jeffrey matches with his deep blue suit and Nick in his pinstripe formal getup.

That Night:

Morgana stands at her dresser looking at herself in the mirror. A loose top to conceal her small bump. Thornton comes up behind her and hugs her, noticing her bump.


"I'm pregnant" she reveals.

"You're pregnant?" he asks, stepping away from her.

At the dinner the guests (attempt) to converse with one another. The board of directors attended to review the candidates interactions towards the other. Jeffery excuses himself when he gets a phone call.

"Yes. You found her. Keep an eye on her" he tells his assistant before returning to dinner.

Li-Anne sits in her car about a mile out from Romeo's hideout. Jeffrey's hired help spies on her. She pulls a gun out from her bag. She grips it tightly before exiting her car.

The group laughs as a member of the board cracks a joke. Vita then looks across the table at Nick. Nancy glances over at Geoffrey. Jeffrey whispers into Holly's ear. Cornelia looks down awaiting a text from Gunther. The board members watch the group, making mental notes of the candidates.

"We're here, sir" Gunther's driver informs him.

Gunther gets out of the Limo and walks up to the front door of the large estate. The housekeeper welcomes him in automatically. He sits in the living room. Two people, a married couple, walk down the stairs. They enter the living room.

"I need your help" Gunther says to them.

Catarina Vanderburg stares at her husband Renauld and smiles at him.

I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter! So much is going to be happening in the coming chapters and as you notice I added the Vanderburg family, which is a family from Hidden Springs. I remember one of my reviews asked for their inclusion. I am also planning on making another family (from Sunset Valley) included in the coming chapters. So, I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. Thank-you for staying with me!