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"Ape!" yelled Beth, her small hand slamming down over the playing cards with a giggle.

Sherlock sent John an irritated look while grinning at the little girl he adored. "I cannot believe I let you talk me into this." the detective complained.

John laughed as he helped his daughter gather up her winning cards. "You said you were bored."

"Yes, but this is so tedious." Sherlock murmured laying another card on the floor where they sat crossed legged across from one another, Beth cradled in John's lap.

"He's just throwing a moody because you're beating him." John said close to Beth's ear. "And we all know he hates to lose."

John grinned as Sherlock scowled, trying to ignore the taunt and focusing on the game he was playing. He knew the detective was letting her win, he could see it each time he hesitated over the matching cards, his gaze lifting encouragingly to Beth. And each time he did, John's heart skipped. He found himself staring at the slightly younger man's delicate features, his smile, the way his bed hair lay crumpled over his forehead. He wasn't turned on by the sight, at least not physically, but he couldn't deny that his heart was beating faster than usual and he felt happy, really happy, the kind of happy he hadn't felt in years. Not since Sherlock had taken that leap off St. Bart's roof. For three years John had been existing in a grey world with no light and no idea why he felt so utterly empty. Even after having Beth and then Junior, he hadn't felt whole, complete. It wasn't until Sherlock had walked back into his life almost three months ago that that hole had been filled, that light had returned to his world. Sure it had taken him to the edge of his own sanity at times, it was even now making him question who he was, but he couldn't deny the feelings having Sherlock back invoked in him.

But as much as he couldn't deny those feeling, he wasn't ready to admit what they meant. He'd lived too long thinking himself one thing; he couldn't imagine himself as something else. It was just too much for him at this moment in time. Right now all John Watson wanted to do was enjoy a peaceful Sunday afternoon with his family. Whatever else was going on in his unsettled confused head could wait. It would sort itself out eventually, when he was actually ready to deal with the emotional baggage that came with whatever realization was waiting in the wings. He knew one day he'd have to face up to the truth, to just why it had almost killed him to lose his best friend, to why he lay awake in the morning just watching Sherlock sleep. This would all need to be faced at some time. – Just not now.

"John!" Sherlock snapped. "Are you paying attention?"

John shook his head, dislodging the thoughts and glanced down at the pile of cards. "Sorry." he smiled tightly. "Beth…" he whispered into the little one's ear. "….snap."

"Ape!" Beth cried, her small hands slamming down once more on the pile of cards.

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