Samantha Lord, only daughter of Galen Lord, looked up at the colossal ancient pyramid and wiped the sweat off her brow. Perhaps the black skinny jeans and baby pink t-shirt she wore was too much for the scorching sun of Egypt.

Well how was she supposed to know what the weather in Egypt was like? It had been raining in England when she'd gotten on the private jet, and besides she'd never been here before. Until now when her father had texted the coordinates to this location, telling her he had a very important test for her. In a freaking pyramid! A freaking booby-trapped pyramid.

'I can do this,' Samantha reminded herself, patting the many weapons she had concealed beneath her t-shirt, strapped to her stomach and thighs. If those demon possessed Lords showed their ugly faces and their butterfly tattoos in these catacombs she'd know what to do.

'I'll kill them. I'll kill them all, for you Daddy,' she vowed and stroked the tattoo on her wrist. She stroked the midnight black tattoo of infinity that made up part of her identity. An identity which she would never trade for all the money in the world, for she fought for the good of the world, to rid it of the demons that caused pain and suffering every single second of every minute of every day.

Stroking the mark Samantha let her thoughts drift back to the evening of her eighteenth birthday when she'd made the journey from spoilt little rich girl to Hunter extraordinaire.

'Sammy, dear are you sure you want to be a part of our team honey? I must warn you that you could be seriously injured or even killed.' Her Daddy, Galen, had tried to explain the consequences to her of joining the family business.

Sammy didn't need the warning, she'd wanted to be a part of the team since the day her father informed her that Death a.k.a Lucien, one of the Lords of the Underworld, had been the cause of her mother's demise. The pain she'd felt from the knowledge of her mother's death and the loneliness she felt made her an easy victim for Pain, a buddy of Death's known as Reyes.

'Daddy how could I not?' She asked him, holding out her slender pale white wrist to the man who held the tattooing equipment, her boyfriend Dean Stefano. At the young age of twenty the pale, midnight haired man was Daddy's second in command. 'Those demons took my mother from me and they caused me ruin my perfect arms.' Tears sparkled in her amber-gray eyes, the extent of her grief turning them mostly gray.

'And what part of the team is she going to play Galen, perhaps maybe the damsel in distress?' The man's name was Christopher something or other, tall, blonde, pale and idiotic he was beneath her.

'I would be obliged to train her,' another Hunter announced almost jumping onto the end of the question Chris had asked.

'You can keep your filthy hands off of her,' Dean snarled, his emerald eyes narrowing on the jerk as he pressed his dagger blade closer to the man's throat. One move and the insignificant man would be dead.

'That isn't really necessary. Samantha will be fighting for our cause, not seducing the lords to kill them. And she will be more than an asset to the company. Dean would you kindly do the honours,' Daddy explained and automatically the room and Sammy was filled with hope.

But when the many needles pierced her skin and ink was permanently added to her cells the feeling of hope became feeling of pain. She would not scream, she would show that she was strong and capable.

Unfortunately she had screamed, Samantha remembered, and the other Hunters (mostly male) had thought her weak and incapable, thankfully she'd had many chances to redeem herself.

Taking a deep breath and palming the dagger her father had gifted her with on that fateful day; she took off into the pyramid on a quick sprint. Her father had asked her to be in the middle of the pyramid before noon and it was now ten o clock.

As she ran Miss. Lord thought about the test and what it would mean if she passed it. Would she finally be welcomed as a part of the research they were doing in this ancient wonder of the world? Perhaps she would be allowed to lead an army of her own to attack the fortress in Budapest, because, and god damn it she was worthy enough.

Samantha encountered many booby traps throughout the pyramid and trick walls but somehow she managed to speed past them all. She put her super speed down to adrenaline and the need to be alive. And as she ran, and dodged and ducked she heard a voice. A voice in her head that was somehow familiar to her, though she had never encountered it before.

So so somebody help me; don't let them do this to me. Oh my god what are they doing now? Someone help!

'I'm obviously going insane,' Sammy told herself and sped up feeling that she was closer to the centre. After alls he hadn't inherited her father's ability to know the insides and outsides of a building without using a map.

Wh Wh who said that? Oh god they've finally done it. I've finally become insane.

'How many Hunters are in there?' A masculine voice dripping with contempt asked as she reached the final corridor into the research facility. She'd been speeding along thinking herself insane, but she stopped abruptly when she heard the noise.

'Seven.' With so much surety and confidence the voice could only belong to Amun keeper of secrets, and if he heard her thoughts then she'd be found out, so she cleared her entire head.

'We can take 'em.' Misery, the only female lord known as Cameo, spoke and Samantha wanted to claw out her ears and pin them to the wall. And then kill herself.

When she heard the doors slide open and the warriors' war cry filled with anguished cries of her falling comrades she knew she had to do something, and so joined in.

'Eight Hunters your demon was off the mark Amun,' she spoke, tormenting, before she pulled out her daggers and joined in the fray...