'Not your father, of course we killed your father?' Gideon said, and his words almost enraged her before she realised he lied. He was the keeper of lies.

'You speak truth demon shouldn't you be feeling agony? I know you killed my mother, my father told me all about you and the disasters you cause. And now you are willing to kill a defenceless woman? That's real big of you boys,' she said and as she spoke she saw Gwen shaking her head but had no clue why.

When her sister tried to speak but couldn't because of Sabin's arm choking her windpipe, she tried to claw at it to no avail.

'Let her speak or I will gut you where you stand demon,' Samantha threatened, baring her claws in front of her chest and her teeth, which felt more like fans. What was she?

The second he removed his arm Gwen raced to her side, ignoring all the other immortal females who were crying and shaking with fear from the new men. Thankfully or not they had Paris to charm them into relaxation. In Samantha's opinion it was an unfortunate event for them.

'Samantha…' she coughed and she realised, to her anger, that the lord had choked her. 'Our mother still lives, though sometimes I wish she did not.' Samantha heard the first bit but her concentration waned after that as she mulled that thought over. Their mother still lived? Did that mean her father, their father, the man who had captured all of these women, had lied? So if he'd lied about all of that what else had he lied about?

Maybe he kept you in the dark about your sister all this time on purpose. A voice spoke inside her head. Maybe he stole you from your mother because he knew how powerful you would grow if you knew what you truly were. Maybe he is the evil one and despises his whole family and that is why he captured Gwen.

'Sabin!' she growled a warning but he only shrugged helplessly.

'Sorry can't help it.' He apologised and that gave her a thought.

'What are you doing here?' she asked and he headed towards Paris to help him up when he answered.

'We came here because we heard there were hunters here and we wanted to kill them. When we found these women we were shocked to our core that they would stoop so low. That Galen would need to breed half-lings to do his dirty work for him. We were trying to save these women.' He snarled, baring his teeth.

'How dare you speak of…' my father, she thought. The man who has ruined my life with lies, maybe the lords aren't even evil. 'My boss in that way.' She didn't know why she didn't just admit that he was her father. Something made her stop. Was it the thought that these men were good and they would criticize her for being sired by someone who was this evil?

'Hey sorry honey but we call 'em as we sees 'em,' Sabin replied and when he reached out a hand to Gwen, Samantha could hear his heart beating twice as fast as was normal. For anybody. What did he think of her sister?

'Hands off!' She snapped and went to hold her sister; she would not have them contaminated by these evil men. No they weren't evil, she recalled now. They had come here to rescue these women and that could not make them evil. They only killed the hunters because of what they'd done to them.

When a rather loud rumbling sound echoed in the catacombs, Samantha turned to Gwen with a sympathetic smile. Her twin really was hungry, bless her. Her less violent and wished to be mortal, but was immortal twin, was hungry.

'It's okay Gwennie I'll get you something to eat. I have some energy bars and some water in my truck,' she assured the hungry young woman.

'You have water?' she asked, seemingly hopeful and then she turned away. 'No I'm fine I don't need water,' she replied disdainfully, licking her dry lips and Sammy knew that she did indeed need that water. But more importantly she wanted that water now she knew there was some available to her, and after being in captivity for a year then surely she would need it. Why would she reject the offer?

'Gwen you need water, even an immortal can't carry on for too long without water.' As she spoke she grabbed the other woman's hand and attempted to lead her out of the research lab.

She didn't get too far when Sabin grabbed Gwen's other arm.

'Hey!' Gwen let out a startled cry. She wasn't brave enough to muster indignant. Her ordeal must have taken all of the brave fight out of her. Samantha would give this strong immortal, what was it Sabin had called her, Harpy, her fight back.

'We'll take care of her, I have no idea what you'll do to her, and maybe you'll continue this work that was done here.'

'Excuse me!' Sammy shrieked and everybody present gasped. What? Why? What'd she say?

'Her eyes,' Sabin commented.

'Are not black.' Gideon.

'She's a harpy?' Amun signed and it was her turn to gasp. She was a what?

'What on earth is a harpy?' she asked, confused. They all seemed to think she was some kind of creature, she'd never even heard of.

'I'll tell you everything later,' Gwen promised, 'for now can we just get out? Please.' The frightened plea of her sister somehow penetrated Samantha's hatred for the Lords and she decided to treat them as allies. They'd both tried to rescue Gwen and these other women after all.

'Okay. You know what I'll make a deal with you boys,' Samantha said. 'We need to work together to get Gwen and these women safe. Agreed?'

'Hell no. I'm not working with a Hunter,' Sabin refused and Samantha sighed, just as Gwen loosened her grasp on her hand and ran over to the lord.

'Please, Sabin. More warriors mean more protection,' Gwen begged, and somehow Samantha could tell that her sister, her new found sister, had feelings for this lord. The keeper of Doubt. But did she even know what they were? If not, she'd let Sabin inform her of that little fact.

'I'm sorry Gwen but she is my blood enemy,' Sabin replied at the same time a thought popped into Sammy's head: you have no idea how true that is.

'I decline the role of hunter now that I know the truth and know that I know the organisation was just a cover up to hurt innocent people. My sister has shown me the way and I will follow it,' she informed them but they all just shook their heads.

'You still have their mark,' Amun signed and Samantha looked down to her wrist.

'Oh in that case,' she trailed off as she raised her hand to her face and stared at the claws that were as sharp as anything she had ever come across, and twice as deadly. Then, without even a second thought, she dug her claws into her wrist, just above her tattoo and sliced her skin all the way down to the bone, she would get rid of that tattoo if it cost her, her life. She was no longer a hunter, she had a family and she was a harpy. Something that Gwen would explain to her later.

'Oh gods what are you doing?' Gwen shrieked running over with her black eyes and trying to cover up the blood, blood that was pooling onto the floor and running everywhere.

'I refuse to be a hunter, even in death,' Sammy explained, growing woozy as she did so. She was losing quite a lot of blood. Well that was a consequence of ripping through her veins.

'You can't die from this, but gods the blood, does it hurt Sammy?' Now that Gwen had asked that Sammy did feel an excruciating amount of pain. However she knew her sister, was fragile and gentle, she wouldn't reveal her pain and hurt her like that.

'I'll be fine,' she didn't lie; she wouldn't lie to her sister, not after she'd been lied to for twenty five years. Then she turned to the lords and held up her wrist. 'I no longer have the mark; do you deny me as an ally still?'

'I don't think I've ever seen anybody harm themselves to get what they want,' Amun signed.

'No, he totally did not just sacrifice his ankle.' Gideon.

'Okay in that case, you're in Harpy girl.' Sabin spoke and turned to leave the catacombs, obviously expecting them to follow him. Samantha had to keep a tight grip on Gwen's arm, because she would have fallen down otherwise or her sister would have raced into Sabin's arms. But when they both fell to the ground passed out, from blood loss or hunger, Sabin returned and scooped Gwen up gently into his arms and the look on his face could be described, by anyone still conscious as tender. Then Amun looked away and begrudgingly picked up the other harpy, the one who like to threaten and stab.