**Spoilers** Just a little one shot based on a scene from the episode '200'.

As Gibbs sat at a table with his wife and daughter he wanted to stay. His two beautiful girls were there with him and he felt happy

"You can't stay, not yet" Shannon said her voice filled with sorrow.
"I've missed you Daddy" Kelly said moving closer to her Father.
"Me too"
"But I want a baby brother" Kelly said matter of factly
Gibbs looked at Shannon, his face full of confusion.
"Its okay" she said half "We'll always be with you, and she knows that" Shannon smiled at her husband "She understands more than you think" Shannon looked over her shoulder to the black heard beauty sitting in the corner.

Gibbs followed her gaze, sitting in the furthest booth was Abby "I…"

Shannon reached across the table "it's okay to love again Jethro, It's okay to love her, let her in."
"I don't know that she feels the same"
Shannon gave Gibbs 'that look' "what does your gut tell you?"

Gibbs smiled and shook his head, Shannon really did know him better than anyone, well not anyone, Abby also knew him pretty well. Gibbs kissed the top of Kellys head, rose from his chair and kissed Shannon on the cheek. "Thank you"