Broken Slowly and Bleeding Red

Chapter 11: Finally I'm Whole

After their father's death, Lovino and his brother struggled. There were legal things that had to be taken cared of. There were emotional issues that had to be handled. In the end, Lovino continued to living with Francis and for a year Feliciano lived with them as well, but moved in with Antonio after that.

It was hard. It was difficult. With Francis' help, Lovino was able to persevere. There were times, Lovino laid in bed crying after nightmares. But over the years, Lovino realized how much stronger he really was.

The same year that Feliciano went to live with Antonio, Lovino decided that cooking was something he enjoyed. Cooking with Francis, watching people's smiles grow as they took a bite of his food, he loved. Not only that, but he was good at it. So Francis made a deal with him, Francis would pay for culinary schooling, if Lovino continued to work by his side.

Lovino agreed.

It's six years later that he then agreed to marry Francis.

Lovino was sleeping next to Francis, the Frenchman's arms wrapped around his body like a cocoon. His nightmares weren't near as frequent anymore, they were a rare occurrence now. However, sleep still wasn't easy. During the night, Lovino tossed and turning, finally waking up, and waking up a very tired Francis in the process

"Are you alright, love?" Francis whispered. He blinked his eyes open slowly, and tried to focus his gaze on his fiancee's face during the night.

"I'm fine, Francis. Go back to sleep. We can't have you falling asleep while making soup at the restaurant, idiot." Lovino said, pushing hair from Francis face. "I just couldn't sleep well."

Francis softly whined, nuzzling the other man's cheek. "Let me help you go back to sleep..."

Rolling his eyes, Lovino snorted. "I'm not having sex with you..." He said as his olive toned cheeks turned a soft shade of red. He wasn't stupid. Francis was a seducer. While their first time together had been very sweet, and slow, showing Lovino what making love should really be, times after that had been all about sweet seduction and passion.

"You said it, not me." Francis purred, kissing at Lovino's chin.

Lovino tried not to smile, and failed. "Maybe after work tomorrow. Now go to fuck asleep."

Francis rolled over onto his other side, curling into himself. He pressed back against Lovino's body, waiting for the other man to hold him as he had done. "I will as soon as you sleep."

Those were the nights Lovino appreciated the most. The ones where Francis would stay up with him all night, even though they ended up being very tired the rest of the next day. He was able to look into Francis' blue eyes, and see nothing but love in them. It was something Lovino loved getting used to, even though he wouldn't always say it.

Most of all, Lovino could honestly say that Francis had kept his promise. Lovino never loved anyone more in his life, and in the first time in his broken life, he felt complete and happy.

I apologize for the rush ending. I was no longer invested in this particular work and even more so with the fact writing has become a lot harder for me. However, I wanted to give you guys some kind of closure and ending. If you have any question about what happened exactly after their father died, let me know and I will answer them for you. I might even write a little something extra for you. :

Thank you for reading.