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Ginny could see Lily walking towards the graveyard, and she reached down to touch the mound of snow that Harry had piled around whatever it was he had seen on the path. She knew something was under it, but couldn't work out why it was invisible to her; that was complex magic.

'What is it?' Lily called, closing the gate behind her. Before Ginny could answer, Lily gasped and stood stunned, looking over at the flower growing from the path. The snow around it had completely melted, and she couldn't resist walking towards it. She could hear Harry and James arriving in the graveyard, but the pull of the flower was impossible to resist.

'Lily? Is everything alright?' James hurried after her, reaching out to hold her wrist. She smiled at him and gently took her hand away, moving even closer to the flower. James looked in the direction she was heading; he could see nothing but a melted patch of snow on the path.

Harry watched his parents, then turned to Ginny.

'Can you not see the flower?' he asked, his eyes wide.

'There's obviously something linking your Mum and you to it, I can't see it and I'm not sure your Dad can either.' She replied, taking his hand.

'Stay back from whatever it is Lily, it's dangerous!' James took Lily's wrist again, firmer so she couldn't break free as easily this time. To the surprise of both of them, the hairpin untucked itself from her hair and continued slowly towards the flower, at the same pace she had been walking.

'My pin!' she cried, but James held her back.

Harry and Ginny joined them, watching the pin levitate closer and closer. Time seemed to stand still and they all held their breath in anticipation, but the pin stopped precisely above the flower and for a while, nothing happened.

'James….' But Lily didn't need to finish her sentence; he knew what she meant, and let go of her hand.

Just one step forward and there was a deafening rumble. The ground shook as they dived for cover, and light flashed bright white around them. Lily peeked through her fingers, and where the lily had been, stood Snape.

'Sev!' she ran towards him, leaving the others behind. They hugged tightly and she couldn't help but weep into his shoulder, but she looked up at his face when he started to laugh.

'I should have known, Potter looks as stupid as the day I last day I saw him.' He looked over at the little huddle of people further down the path. 'Both yours?' he said, focussing on Harry and Ginny.

'No, I think she'll be my daughter-in-law sometime soon though.' Lily stumbled over her words, annoyed that Sev had left her for twenty years and then only wanted to ask questions about her family. 'Where have you been?' she came to her senses, hitting him in the shoulder.

'I couldn't live without you, dearest. I always loved you. I had to give you that pin, but it was cursed, so I suffered the effects of the spell so that you could have my blessing.'

She looked up at him, speechless. 'But….'

'You don't have to say anything, Lily.' He smiled, holding her cheek. 'Tell your son about me, hmm?'

She gripped his arms as he started to fade, but he continued smiling. He bent to pick up the pin, turning it in his fingers before handing it back to her.


But he was gone. Lily fell to the floor as she had done the night before her wedding, and wept. Her family rushed around her, confused and full of questions, but still she knew, despite her feelings for James, she'd always regret not telling Sev how she felt.


'Daddy?' a quiet voice asked, and Severus felt a hand on his cheek. He did not know where he was and so instead decided to keep his eyes firmly closed and remember seeing Lily's face in the graveyard as she realised what he had done. He allowed himself a small smile, but before long the voice spoke again.

'Daddy, wake up!' The hand became more insistent, poking and prodding at his face. He opened his eyes a little, and saw a boy almost identical to himself as a child, albeit with better fitting clothes.

'Good, you're awake. Did you forget you're teaching me lemonade potion today? You promised!' The boy demanded, and Severus sat up slowly, confused. He raised a hand to his forehead, feeling for fever.


'Mummy already went out and got the stuff, so we HAVE to make it!' the boy continued, but Severus was distracted. Amazed, he dropped his hand to his side and walked over to Lily, who was carrying a basket of laundry into the room as if she didn't have a care in the world.

'Still asleep, eh? I told you not to stay up too late working on that latest book of yours, but do you ever listen? Of course not, I'm just your wife.' She said jokingly, starting to fold away shirts.

'Lily?' Severus gasped, putting his hand on her arm to stop her. Check she was real.

'Mmm?' she turned to him, and furrowed her eyebrows at his bewildered expression. 'You don't mind teaching him how to make lemonade, do you?' she said quieter, so the boy could not hear. 'He's been watching you experiment with new recipes to go in your book, and he insisted that you teach him, but we can't have him around dangerous ingredients just yet. He's not even four yet and he wants to make potions, can you believe it?'

Severus walked over to the boy, why by now had lost interest in his parents and was instead turning round on the spot, saying 'I'm apparating, I'm apparating!' over and over again to himself. He reached to catch his son's arm and stop him turning. The boy looked up at his face, squealing in delight as he was suddenly picked up off of his feet and into the air, Severus carrying him over to Lily and hugging them both as tightly as he could.

Severus was home.

The End

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