Chapter One


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I know I'm still working on 'I Believe in You', but this story has been nagging at my brain since the fake tsunami episode so very long ago. Steve and Kono are caught up in a real tsunami.

Kono kept asking herself why it was that she didn't have a significant other to take her away from headquarters today. The minute the tsunami warning went off Steve let Chin go check on Malia and sent Danny to get Grace.

He and Kono would continue to follow up on the case they were working on. That's when they got the call from some officers on patrol that they had spotted Caffrey's car. Rick Caffrey was a wanted felon in connection with drug smuggling. Steve and Kono were out the door in no time. Steve drove like a bat out of hell, but Kono loved speed and she didn't mind at all. It was exhilarating.

Steve grinned when he looked over at her face and saw her grinning. He liked this woman a lot. She was a kindred spirit and he delighted in watching her career. She was a great friend too…loyal to a fault.

They screeched up to the harbor just as Caffrey tried to start his boat. He pulled a gun and fired on them as they came down the gangplank. Steve and Kono returned fire and eventually Kono took him out. Steve was impressed with her shooting skills. She was a good sniper too…another thing they had in common.

They boarded the boat and checked Caffrey only to discover that he was dead. They checked the boat out below deck and found it was loaded with illegal drugs. That's when they felt the boat lurch and seem to run aground.

They looked at each other and sprinted up to the deck. What they saw sent fear into both of them. The water was receding rapidly and the boats were starting to bump into each other.

"We have got to get out of here now!"

They tore up the gangplank and as they reached the street they looked back to see every boat in the harbor resting on sand.

"We have to find a tall building now!"

"There's a parking garage two blocks from here. We have to run for it."

They took off as fast as they could go making the first block and spotting the five-story garage ahead. The next block took longer. It was as if the building was getting farther away. That's when Kono looked over her shoulder and saw the water coming in.


"Keep running and don't look back!"

They sprinted now and hit the stairs together making it up two floors before water started following them up. By the time they got to the fourth floor, the first wave had hit the building and swirled around it. They continued until they burst out onto the roof of the garage where a few cars were still parked. Steve looked around for shelter other than a car and found a metal janitor closet at the top of the stairwell that was unlocked. They looked inside and Steve watched Kono's face grow pale.

"Um…Steve? I don't exactly like small dark places. There's no light."

Her face was so open in that moment. He felt his heart clench. His voice was soft.

"So we won't get in here unless we have to. Okay?"

Kono's eyes met his and he could see the relief flood her face.


They ran over to the edge of the roof and watched the water swirling around the building. It came up to the third floor.

Kono sighed with relief.

Steve hated to burst her bubble.

"Kono. The first wave isn't always the biggest wave."

Her hands gripped the edge of the roof and her knuckles turned white. Steve reached over and covered her hand.

"We're in this together. Okay?"

Kono looked up at him with those doe eyes of hers and nodded.

Steve tried to joke.

"I mean if I have to die today, I'm glad I'm with you. "

"Gee thanks."

"Think about it. Can you imagine this with Danny? He'd be going nuts about how I deliberately planned this and I don't stop to think and..."

"But you don't stop to think. That's what I lo…like about you."

Kono laughed at the image and for a few moments they were able to ignore the obvious truth of the danger they were in.

They watched the water carrying cars, bicycles, surfboards and all kinds of debris. Fortunately the sirens had gone off early enough and there were no bodies floating in the water. That's when they saw it. A wall of water headed straight for them. It had to be at least fifty feet high.

"Looks like we have to."

Steve grabbed her hand and they raced to the closet. It was barely big enough to hold them and Steve hurled things out of it as fast as he could. Thank God the closet faced away from the beach. They shut the door just as they heard the water hit the building.

Steve wrapped his arms around Kono and she buried her face in his neck. He could feel her trembling.

"It'll be okay Kono."

They could see water coming in under the door, but they had no way of knowing if the building was under water or not. Kono's voice was muffled.

"What if the water keeps rising and we drown?"

"Once it surges past it will go down. Let's take it easy for now."

Kono turned her face up to Steve's in the dark and admitted something she could never remember saying to anyone before.

"I'm scared Steve."

Steve reached a hand up to brush her hair back and tip her face up to his.

"I'm here Kono. I'm right here and we do this together. Right?"

Her voice came out shaky. He kind of liked this side of her. In all the time he had known her he had never heard her this vulnerable.


He knew it was probably the wrong move, but he couldn't help himself.

"Want something to take you mind off things?"

"Sure. I guess so, but it would have to be pretty big. What could you possibly do to keep my mind off mother nature and what's happening outside that door?"

"Trust me?"

Her eyes shown in the darkened closet.

"You know I do."

Steve pulled her tightly against him and covered her lips with his.

Kono was stunned, but she kissed him back. She sighed into the kiss and eventually Steve pulled back and smiled down at her.

"See. It worked."

Kono punched him hard in the ribs.

"I can't believe you just did that. You're my boss and my friend."

"But you have to admit you forgot about the wave and look, the water has gone down. I'm going to open the door."

Kono clutched him tightly.

"Are you sure?"

"Well, as much as I've daydreamed about being in a tight space with you in my arms…"

"You have?"

Steve grazed his fingers up her sides and into her hair briefly.

"Most definitely, but we can talk more about that later. Right now I need to check."

Steve opened the door slowly and discovered the water had receded again. He reached back for Kono's hand and pulled her out of the closet. They walked over to the edge again and could see the water had already receded to the fourth floor about twelve feet below them. Hopefully it would stay that way.

"Let's check the cars and see if we can find any food, but keep an eye on the ocean."

They found a pick up truck with camping gear in the back. That was good news. They would have someplace to sleep tonight. It was getting dark and there was no way they were getting rescued until the morning, if not longer.

They found a car with a couple of bags of groceries. There was cereal and snack stuff, a loaf of bread and some peanut butter. They would be okay for a while. There was even a case of bottled water in the back of the truck with the camping gear.

"Hey, we scored. Looks like the worst of the waves has passed too."

They looked over the edge and saw the water was up to the top of the fourth floor, but holding steady. If the garage had only been four stories they would have been swept away. They looked at each other and realized how close they had come.

Together they gathered everything in the back of the truck and made a pass of the remaining vehicles bringing every snack they could find back to the vehicle they would make their shelter for the duration . It was at that moment they heard the roaring and saw a monster wave bearing down on the building. Steve slammed the truck hatch closed.

Once again they sprinted for the closet and as they shut the door they felt the building shake with the force of the wave. Water rushed under the door and it swiftly climbed to their knees.


"Come here."

Steve pulled her as close to him as he could and held her tightly.

"Kono I want you to know something. I didn't just kiss you for a distraction earlier. I've wanted to for a long time."

"Well, I wanted you to kiss me and I've wanted you to for a long time. I just hope we live long enough to get another chance."

As the water climbed to their hips, Steve once again captured her lips with his. The kiss continued and took on a life of its own. If they were going to drown, then they weren't going to leave any doubts with the other about how they felt.

Kono moaned as Steve deepened the kiss and his answering growl made her want him even more. It wasn't until they both broke for air that they became aware the water was once again receding.

"Wow! That was some good-bye."

"Yeah, except we're still here."

Steve pulled her tightly to him again.

"Well, just to be safe we should give it a few minutes. Don't you think?"

Kono lifted her face to his again.


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